SJ-Chan’s list of 1-Up’s & Life Preservers
[spoiler=Kisk Stone (Aion) – Teleport Away]500 CP – This special kisk stone can be placed anywhere and instead of death you will be teleported to it upon receiving a mortal wound, You will awaken in weakened condition and will be unable to use your powers for a day. It must be in the same dimension as you to work however. It also cannot be copied by any means and can only be used once per jump.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Reyvateil Origin (Ar Tonelico) – Open to Interpretation]?? – The first Reyvateils, they are incredibly powerful artificial life forms created to administer the three great Towers. There were only known to be three created, Eolia, Frelia, and Tilia. Though they appear and act human, substantial portions of their bodies are made entirely of completely synthetic components and the remainder is either almost human biologically or comprised of an inert biofluid energised and given shape by energy from their Tower. Origins are effectively immortal as long as the Tower they administer exists, though they could be killed by misadventure. Given that this has never happened, the consequences of such an event are guesswork at best. If their physical bodies were to die, their consciousness would continue from their Tower – and creating a new body would not be beyond them.
Since the tower joins with your Warehouse/Bay after the jump, you should be able to resurrect there.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Clan Magic / Doppleganger (Ar Tonelico) – Technical]300 CP – the blood of dragons divides the Teru into 12 tribes, with their own unique magics and familiars. By taking this, you have advanced your training and status, moving past the basic magics all are capable of, claiming a Familiar and the right to bear your tribe’s name and learn their secrets. Low | Doppelganger | Reincarnation – The ability to survive fatal wounds, by possessing the body of your Familiar. This effectively merges you together, and you gain their superficial shapeshifting abilities. You may then claim another familiar, but it is no easier for having done it before. Rumour has it there are secret arts to allow you to possess anyone you desire…[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Tower of Naraka (Asura’s Wrath) – Challenging] 400 CP – After suffering a fatal blow, your soul will appear in the white void between life and reincarnation. This is Naraka, realm of infinite towers. To leave it, you must ascend the tower, and no amount of flight or power allows you to cheat the distance. The journey back to the living world is as long as it needs to be to attain the necessary enlightenment. It will take you anywhere from 12,000 years to 1 year to climb back out to your lifeless body (which has regenerated and been rendered indestructible in the meantime). Mortals might build a shrine around your fossilized form. Mantra directed to you helps you ascend faster. If you’re still in Naraka and not in your body when the current jump concludes, the Jumpchain ends. Falling off the tower, failing to ascend by jumpend, you reaching fail condition, or ten years passing also ends the chain. Alternatively, instead of outright killing an opponent, you may send their soul to Naraka and require them to climb out.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Joker Immunity (Batman TAS)]600 CP (discount Drop In) – Just like the Joker, you seem to survive pretty much everything and anything that happens to you- it would take deliberate action for your life to be ended, and even then your would-be-killer had better confirm his kill and not just drop you in a vat of chemicals. Maybe you’re just too popular to kill off?[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Red Hot Shot (Bayonetta) – Leaves you in Jeopardy]500 CP – A VERY powerful trinket that any Witch worth her salt should have. By purchasing this you have a device which can save you from the brink of death! When you take an attack that should have normally killed you, the item is expended automatically and you’re left with a bit of extra health. Works once per jump.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Reincarnation (Bleach)]600 CP – Should you die in this world your spirit emerges, but that’s not the Reincarnation I’m talking about here. Once per jump you may choose to wake up a day later in the closest spot to where you have died. One purchase only.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Backup Plan (Cortex Command) – Technical]600 CP – All commanders make use of Backup Brains to ensure trivialities like death don’t put them out of business. As a Jumper, your nature makes taking advantage of this… problematic. With this perk, however, you can cheat the system and make use of a single Backup per Jump without breaking your Chain. You still need to provide all the standard tools involved in the procedure. To make use of Backups, an allied Transplantation Station must be in operation upon death, within a range that will not cause signal degradation. The process may also fail if the death is quick and thorough enough that the personality data doesn’t make it out before the implanted transmitter is wrecked.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Down, Rebirth (Custom Robo)] 600 CP – The thing about Custom Robos is, they don’t actually break very easily. Battles are won via a hitpoint system, and in the end the Robo is probably a little dirty, but not damaged. Flat out breaking a Robo is either something done outside of battle, or as a consequence of illegal parts. You can take this a step farther. Once per jump – or once every 100 years – you can self resurrect yourself – or, ‘Rebirth’, if you prefer – with thirty seconds of invincibility.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Blessing of Death (DC Occult)]400 CP – Don’t fear the reaper, baby. Death is not exactly what you’d expect. Oh, she once was, but then she took a tradition of becoming mortal and facing a mortal’s death one day a century and her entire perspective changed. Now, instead of appearing as something unnerving, she appears as a rather attractive and upbeat goth girl. After all, everyone deserves one last hot date. As Death favors you, she will turn a blind eye to your death once per jump, reviving you and healing your wounds in the process. After all, why rush things? All will eventually find themselves before her one final time, no matter how many come before.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Self-Sacrifice (Disney Princess) – conditional]600 CP – You are truly dedicated to your goals, and
have no problem taking bullets for those you love, so fate has a way of making it all work out in the end. Once per jump when you risk your life to save someone from something that would (not could) kill you, you miraculously survive. You might need to recover for a few weeks, but the Hero always lives to see the sequel.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Jumper-grade Cortical Stack (Eclipse Phase) – Live Preserver]400 CP – Unlike the standard cortical stack, this one is Jumper-grade: not only does it store a continual backup of your ego, but in the event of your bodily demise, it also captures and stores your soul, powers, perks and other traits; everything that makes you, well, you. This makes it possible for other people (such as your companions or in-jump friends or allies) to retrieve the stack from your corpse and resleeve you into a new body by installing this stack into a new morph. Forks or other copies of your ego made from this stack without putting in into a new body are standard forks. Time spent stored in your cortical stack counts toward time spent in-jump. If you are stored in your cortical stack when the jump ends, you are considered ‘dead’. Do note: While a cortical stack is difficult to destroy, it is mostly a case of effort: viruses and nanites designed to sabotage stacks exist in this setting, a contemporary diamond-edged saw or drill bit could compromise it with a bit of effort; and even diamondoid will melt, fragment or fracture under enough heat, energy and pressure. If you are killed by non-corporeal means (soul-destroying magic, for example), the Jumper-grade Cortical Stack cannot store something which no longer exists.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Music Lives! (Elite Beat Agents)]600 CP – Should you die or be rendered unable to continue the dance, the Rhythm Energy of those you’ve helped will revive and restore you, and grant you a temporary boost to power magnified by them. This risky maneuver can only be attempted once per jump.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=A Shot Through Time (Enter the Gungeon) – Erases the Day]600 CP – Hoo-boy. So, while you’re here, you’re probably going to be finding yourself feeling like a target in a veritable shooting gallery, and you can add yourself to your list of aggressors. With this perk, just like the temporal mechanics of The Gungeon itself, where your future self, who has reached and used The Gun that can Shoot the Past, murders your failed timelines in one fell swoop, should you die in a future Jump, you’re allowed a single extra bit of wiggle room. A bit of oversight, if you will, as a future version of yourself assassinates the timeline where you failed and died, scant instants before your untimely death, resetting you back to the beginning of that day. This ability functions a maximum of once per Jump, from here on out.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=God Hand (Fate/ Servant Supplement) – No Details in Document] A Noble Phantasm whose details are poorly explained in the jump document. Apparently B Ranked and costing 50 SP.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Thrice Setting Sun (Fate Servant Supplement)] Price Variable – a skill that is used to revive oneself when falling in battle up to three times per activation; it is similar in nature to God Hand, but it must be prepared beforehand. It is a skill born from emperor Nero’s final anecdote. Only grants one extra life per jump whilst in pre-spark.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Worm That Walks (Fate Stay Night) Life Preserver]600 – Centuries ago now, one man discovered a form of immortality that approached the perfect ideal so many strove for. A pair of the ability to take life from others to extend his own lifespan and to split himself into countless bodies to make violent death almost impossible. But he failed to account for what the passing of time would do to his mind and soul and thus he rotted to a wretched facsimile of the great Magus he once was. But what Makiri Zolgen, also known as Matou Zouken, failed to do, you gained in truth. You’ve become a lich of sorts, one formed of the bodies of dozens of pests, such as worms, spiders, rats, snakes or a similar sized mundane creature, though these are twisted so as to obviously be magical and/or monstrous versions of the mundane being. Each of these bodies is a magically enhanced Familiar totally under your control, stronger than any natural version of itself, and each serves as a phylactery for you that you can use the senses and body of as if it were your one, all at once. As long as even a single one of these pests survive, so too do you. You may also uses these pests to drain the life energy from other living beings and extend your own lifespan in exchange. You will not experience the spiritual rot Zouken did but your mind has no particular protection against the hazards he faced, at least with this perk alone. Taking this perk with Worm Farm allows you to count, if they are the same type of familiar as what you have chosen here, every ‘Worm’ in your farm as being part of this perk’s effects. [/spoiler]
[spoiler=Eternal (Generic Creepypasta)]400 CP – First off, you’re immortal and unaging if you weren’t already. Second of all, while this can only happen once per Jump, you always seem to return from death; maybe some random person gets their body hijacked by your vengeful spirit, maybe a baby is conceived at the exact moment you die, maybe you just come back for no discernible reason, but in any case you’re back. Post-Jumping this can happen as many times as necessary, but it’s possible that someone could eventually come around that can prevent your resurrection, keep you down for good, or consign you to nonexistence, but even then… Post-Spark this can happen as many times as necessary, but you’ll somehow comeback even from the attempts of those much stronger than you, almost as if your life was essential.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Save-scumming (Generic Dungeon Crawler) – 24 Hour Memory Erasure]400 CP – Once per jump you may turn back time, anywhere up to a maximum of 24 hours, returning you to whatever location and condition you were in at that moment. This ability will activate automatically to save you upon dying, but Jump-chan has set a condition – when this ability is triggered, consciously or by your death, you will lose all memories and records of the intervening period. You will only know that the ability was activated, and the time in the ‘future’ that you did so.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Back From the Grave (Generic Universal Monsters) – Possibly not 100% effective] 600 CP – You’ve cheated the grim reaper once. The second time just gets easier. Whenever you die, you are guaranteed to revive eventually. Your allies can hasten the process with dread rituals, but even without their help blood will fall into your corpse’s lips, the full moon will shine on the dust you left behind on Friday the 13th, or some similarly macabre happenstance will herald your return just in time for the latest sequel. Those with true cosmic power can permanently end you, but the best mortals can hope for is to seal you away for a time. Even then, centuries or millennia from now, some poor fool will break into your tomb and read the scroll that frees you from your prison. Of course, it would be pretty boring if you abused this, so I’m sending you home if you have to rely on it more than once in the same jump.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Horcrux (Harry Potter) – life preserver]600 CP – An Object imbued with part of your soul. You cannot be killed entirely unless it is destroyed. Mundane object of your choice.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Respawning (Killing Floor) – Conditional]600 CP – It takes a lot to kill you doesn’t it? When you die, you’ll get another faint chance at life through your friends. Should they emerge victorious in the fight that you died in, you get back up, no worse for wear. This only works once a jump, though, and if your friends all die or run away, it’s game over for you.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Regenerative Stasis (Lovecraft)]200 CP – That is not dead which can eternal lie. You can cheat death, though not infallibly. The next time you are mortally wounded you will enter a regenerative trance. After 24 hours in this state you will rise again. This state is quite exhausting and you cannot enter it more than once a week.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Rewind (Madoka Magicka – Wraith Timeline)]600 MP – Do you want to set something right? Sometimes, we wish we could do things over again. You can, now. Once per jump, you may reverse time up to 24 hours, undoing all events leading up to that point. However, do note that fate is difficult to change – events will conspire to unfold in a similar if not identical way, with the sole exception of what you reversed time for. Struggling against this for long can lead to unforeseen consequences, as one Homura Akemi can attest. This power activates automatically if you are struck down by a fatal blow, undoing the events leading up to your death… but this power can still be only used once per jump. It will not save you again. Post-Chain, this power can be used as many times as you wish.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Reviver Seed Bag (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) Open to interpretation, requires manual use]200 CP – THis bag contains three Reviver Seeds. If thrown at a fainted/critically injured target, will revive target with full health and PP. If one is used, it will replenish in the bag four days later.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Martyr (Remember Me) – conditional]600 CP – You are walking in Edge’s shadow and It’s an unfortunate necessity that he needs to die for Humanity to prosper, but you are safe from that necessity, at least. If, for whatever reason, your existence becomes a problem for which you can find no other solution, you can convince one of your friends to end it, and they will be able to fulfill your request. You will, however, revive in a new form some time later, mind and soul intact, if your temporary death made the world (or universe) a better place. You can similarly recover from mutual annihilation with otherwise immortal threats. This process wears at the soul, and you may only pull this off once per jump (or every ten years, post-chain).[/spoiler]
[spoiler=A Bad Dream (Rust)]800 CP 0 You are granted a single extra chance at life after your demise. you’ll wake up in any bed you own, or that another would allow you to use. Your death only strips you of the items you had at the time.  This works once a jump and only once, so make it count. If you have no beds, you can wake up on a random beach, but this will probably result in pursuit by rock wielding cannibals if you do that here. In later jumps, you’ll wake up in the warehouse if applicable.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=God Tier (SBURB) – conditional]400 CP – Now, normally, actually dying on your Quest Bed or Cocoon would still mean you failed the condition that your Jumping days are over if you die… however, with this, I’d be willing to make an exception this one time, allowing you to ascend to the God Tiers and benefit from their resurrective immortality for the duration of the Jump. Just this one through, after that you’ll have to make do with just your God Tier powers. Well… okay then, you can be resurrected once per jump, assuming you would die an unjust or unheroic death of course. And while it is possible to use the powers granted by your Class and Aspect before gaining this, being a God Tier player means you’ll be able to do it much easier and with more power and control. It does not grant instant mastery over all your powers through, simply the ability to use and develop them easier. It also grants you a nice set of hooded ‘pajamas’ also known as your god tier outfit, the ability to project a dream body in the Dream Bubbles, the ability to fly unassisted under your own power, as well as the ability to level up further beyond the usual Sburb level cap, gaining Achievement Badges in the process. Trolls also get the additional benefit of butterfly/fairy wings, due to a cultural ideal, which maybe be freely concealed/retracted at will. Now, since you companions don’t have any problems with dying, they don’t really have to pay for this perk. Which is a good thing, as gods do tend to work better with an entire pantheon behind them.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Soulbound (Seven Deadly Sins]400SP – A link has been formed, between your soul and your Treasure. When your body would normally be destroyed, but not your soul which will instead take up residence within the Treasure. So long as the Treasure is not broken, your soul will be able to continue to survive, even past the death of your original body. You are able to move around your Treasure with your will, though this option provides no ability to recreate your body on its own.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Self Porkrifice (Seven Deadly Sins) – Conditional]400 CP – Pigs aren’t the most combat capable of beings. Certainly, there are many famous Pig fighters in the long history of your great race but compared against the vast number of your porcine kind that exists, these lucky few are one in a million miracles. Still, even if you are weak and unskilled, it doesn’t mean you can’t try to support your friends when they’re in need. And at least that bulk of yours lets your protect them better than anyone else. Long as you can get in front of it in time, you’re able to take all of an attack that would normally hit an ally, suffering its effects and power yourself to spare them the pain. Pigs are tough and quicker than one might think, so as you stick by the side of your friends, they’ll feel safe and secure for sure. Even a Pig meets its match one day though and you might find some time that you are willing to give up your porky life to save another. With a self-sacrifice this noble, you’ll be granted a one-time reprieve from the death this would cause. You’ll be brought back from whatever attack you nobly blocked with your own life, as a smaller version of yourself that will slowly grow to full size once more. Only once per ten years can you do this however.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Extra Life (Scott Pilgrim)]600 CP – Oh man, it’s a f flat floating head. Your Head! Once per jump, when you normally have been struck dead, you will instead wake up a few minutes later, rejuvenated and ready to continue. You only get one shot per Jump though. Don’t waste it![/spoiler]
[spoiler=1-up (Super Mario)]600 CP – Once per jump, if you are killed, instead of ending the jump, you instead are restored to half health and moved out of danger’s way.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Mediumcore (Terraria)]600 CP – Normally, when you die, that’s it, game over; in your case, it’s similar, but you get tossed back to your home plane, alive, and you get to keep your stuff. Now, though, you get a second chance. The first time you die in any given Jump from now on, you snap to attention, at 100% of your base vitality (which is different from 100% of your total vitality), either in your Warehouse, or next to the last bed you slept in. There is a downside, because of course there is, namely that you drop literally everything you were carrying at your time of death wherever it is you died, and you have to make a mad scramble back to it if you want to get it back. For an extra, undiscounted, 200 CP, you instead only drop about 50% of your total money, keeping your other items.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Think of Life (The Old Kingdom)]600 CP (discount Drop In) – Everyone and everything has a time to die…but you’re not done in the world yet. Through force of extreme willpower, you can resist a single
effect that would kill instantly. Once used, this effect is depleted until your next jump begins.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Skull Rebirth (The Skullman)]600 CP (Skullman Only) – Exactly how he would repeatedly pull this off is unknown, but the Skull Man is an immortal, dying one day only to return the next. Now you don’t get exactly all of that (yet), but with this you gain a second life usable once per jump. This manifests by you reappearing at a random location within 5 miles of your point of death exactly 24 hours after your demise. Post-Spark this resurrection technique can be utilized at will.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=DETERMINATION (Undertale) Limited Utility]100 cp, Free Fallen Human – You’re too Determined to die without a fight. While this does not work nearly as well as the Determination that someone like Frisk has, you have the power to endure a fatal blow once per jump and remain barely standing – The proverbial 1 HP. And, in the event you should actually die, you’ll be able to hold on long enough to finish whatever it was you were doing – You have an hour left before you die for real and your chain ends. Use this time wisely.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Ranger’s Badge (Weird Wild West) – only works on projectiles]400 CP – Once a Jump, the badge will stop an otherwise lethal projectile from killing you. If used up, will be replaced by a new one next Jump. Can be worn just about anywhere.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Purified (World of Darkness – Mortal) Life Preserver… It’s complicated]500 CP – Immortality is one of those ideas that has led to much strife and terrible deeds across history both mundane and supernatural. Sometimes in the search for immortality one comes across the ageless spirits that inhabit the Shadow Realm and every so often one of those who seek immortality finds or rediscovers the ritual that turns them into one of the purified. Becoming one of the purified is a complex process and always includes one crucial step — death. If the person has prepared herself correctly, the power of the ritual transforms her mind and her body. Once she is dead, her mind successfully makes its way back to her body. When her mind re-enters her body, she becomes one of the purified. In this state, her mind has been transmuted into a more rarified and enduring state, as well as being forever tied to the mysterious Shadow Realm. Even more importantly, her body has become ageless and can be easily re-animated by her mind if it is ever killed again (You can still die by being drained of essence and then being slain, much easier if you are already in spirit form after your body dying). See notes for full details and a more in-depth explanation of the purified, their limitations, and inherent traits.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Divine Charm (Yusha Gojo Kumiai Koryugata Keijiban/Hero Union BBS) – Stockpilable]400 CP – A small cylindrical charm with the silver image of a praying goddess, this item has the property of saving the bearer from death a single time by taking that death upon itself. The charm breaks in the process and becomes unusable thereafter. You acquire one every jump and you must have it “equipped” (i.e. carry it on you) to protect you. You may stockpile as many of these charms as you wish and you may give extras to other people.[/spoiler]
Single Use
[spoiler=1up (Cthulhu Saves the World)]400 CP – This small green mushroom has a unique ability to warp time. When consumed, it will passively generate a field tied to your life force. When you die, the field collapses and you are dragged back in time to approximately five minutes before you began the fight that killed you. There are actually a number of these scattered around the world, but only this one will work on a jumper.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Wakestone Shard (Dragon’s Dogma) – Wording Vague] 100 CP – Three of these shards brought together will form a wakestone that can bring any recently dead back to life. Will automatically be used up if you are to die regardless of its location.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Death Flower (Sims 3)]200 CP – Instead of dying you will be restored to perfect health when something occurs that should end your life. One Use.[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=Stone of Ephemeral Eyes (Demon’s Souls)]300 CP – Can only be used in soul form and when used it allows you to regain your body. Outside of this jump it allows you to cheat death once before crumbling away and is lost.[/spoiler]
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