SJ-Chan’s Comprehensive List of Jump’s with Mass Companion Import Options
You may freely import companions to join you in Mahora Class 2-A, though they will probably not appreciate being turned into a 14-15 year old girl; Any companions you import are so converted, but do not count against the 8-companion limit in this Jump, and gain the memories and powers associated with their new form.[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=Forgotten Realms]Your Companions Have Arrived -600CP Aristocrat Discount: You may import all of your previous companions, each gains 300CP that can be used on backgrounds, classes, races and perks. You may improve their starting CP at a rate of 1CP for every additional 2CP spent. For Example if you purchase this perk and spend an additional 200CP, each imported companion would have 400CP available to spend.[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=Tower of God]Companion Creation/Import (50 CP each/ 200 CP for 8/ 400 CP for all/+100-400 CP): A companion granted a free background other than Irregular, with 600 CP to spend. Each 100 CP you spend further will grant them all an additional 100 CP to spend on themselves. You may spend up to 400 CP, or 200 CP in the case of Chosen Regulars, in this manner. They may take up to +600 CP in drawbacks each.
[Spoiler=Touhou Project]
Group Import (600 CP) – All your companions gain 600 CP to spend for perks.
More Meddling Kids: 400CP – You can import all your companions, giving them a history in the world. They have tracking device placed in signature items of clothing in the event of kidnapping and gain “Run for your Life” and one ability worth 200cp or less for free.
[Spoiler=Fairy Tail]
Because I Have My Friends [300 CP] – With this, all of your traveling partners (if you
have any) gain one free C-Class Magic, as well as 400 CP worth of Magic, Skills, or
Items to purchase. They gain a Discount on anything that you already have, as well.
[Spoiler=Kerbal Space Program]
Kerbal Kompanions Assemble (-200) Exploring the Solar System alone is boring. Why not bring some friends along? Choosing this inducts your companions into your Kerbal Corp of Pilots, Engineers, and Scientists ontop of the current 20. As a bonus, they gain the same benefits of Espirit De Kerbal – what perks you pick in this jump, they gain as well, barring those chosen from the Drop-In tree. They do, however, all count as separate companions still. As a bonus(?), they even gain a Kerbal Alt-form so they’ll fit in better.
[Spoiler=King Arthur] Party Call (100CP) Even a king cannot run his kingdom all by himself. You probably could but it’s bothersome to do it yourself. So why don’t you bring in some help? Every single one of your companions can be imported if and if you wish will gain a human form along with any of the backgrounds. They get all free skills & items as well as 300cp to spend as they wish. This can be purchased multiple times increasing your companion’s point pool by 100 each time.[/spoiler]
Multiplayer Server (200, Discount DropIn): You came here with some friends, didn’t you? This world normally works the same way for everyone that’s here, so any perks you take here apply equally to all of your companions. Multiplayer Bonus Chests (100, Requires Multiplayer Server): Your companions all get their own Bonus Chests, which contain their own personal copies of any items you take here.
[Spoiler=Assassin’s Creed]
Brotherhood (300CP): You can import as many companions as you want into the roles of Templar or Assassin, and they each benefit from 300CP to spend on alignment specific perks.
[Spoiler=Lyrical Nanoha]
Special Duty Jumper 6 (Cost: 900) You may import all of your companions. Yes, all of them. They get the same benefits as Companion Immigration. They all get 200cp. You may pay additional cp to raise the pool by that amount.
[Spoiler=Killing Floor]
The band of merry fellows -200 discount Mercenary: Import all companions into the world with the Mercenary background and 600cp to spend on Specializations, perks, and items
[Spoiler=Killing Floor]
Research Assistants -300 discount A Part of the Problem: when you left the lab you didn’t leave alone. Import all companions with the A Part of the problem background and 600cp to spend. They don’t receive any freebies but may buy them.
[Spoiler=Warhammer 40K – Imperial]
Crusade 600cp: Import all your companions with any background and 600cp each.
For free! That’s right; Aqua is always ready to welcome more visitors! You can import up to 8 companions for free, each of which gets a free background and their basic perk. If you have more companions than that who want to come along however, you’re going to have to pay a customs tax. Finding lodging for that many people can be a bit of a hassle.
Any additional companions you have work in a rather peculiar fashion, for each 50 CP, an additional 4 companions can be introduced into your entourage, without any upper limit. Past 16 companions though, you should probably start looking ahead for real estate…because even lodging on the residential islands isn’t unlimited!
Admittedly, with it being so complex, I hope that you won’t see this as an obligation to bring your companions along, sometimes vacations should be a time spent in solitude – and I understand that.
The Resistance [600] (Discounted for Sense Offenders): You may import all your companions as Sense Offenders. They get all Sense Offender Freebies and 200 CP to spend on anything they like. They may not buy Debuffs.
[Spoiler=Strike Witches (Maybe)]
Any companions you bring in with you are given the freebies and a striker of the Generation as you. They can be outfitted with a different type of Striker (IE if you have a Fighter they can have a Super Fortress or a Bomber). You can also give them weapons to their maximum carrying capacity. You cannot exploit this, and any weapons assigned to your companions that you haven’t bought for yourself cannot be used by you. You can import the maximum amount of companions Jumpchain allows for. They default to female unless you’ve paid the 100cp amount to change your own gender and age. They will change back at the end of the jump.
[Spoiler=Circle of Magic]
The Living Circle [400] (Discount Novice): Import all your companions, with each
gaining the Dedicate Background and all associated freebies. You also gain the Living
Temple Upgrade to your warehouse, which transforms the entire thing into a walled
circular compound with gardens, greenhouses, practice yards, and storage for all your
stuff. The storage space remains the same, but with gardens and greenery in between.
No sky is provided, but a soft ambient light fills the space. If you disrupt the pattern of
the Living Temple by disregarding its harmonious balance, the light fails and all the
plants will eventually wither and die. When the last plant dies, the Living Temple
Upgrade is gone and your warehouse reverts back to it’s old state, for good.
[Spoiler=Kung Fu Hustle, must know martial arts]
United as One [200] (Free for Pauper): You may import any and all companions that are skilled in martial arts. They gain their choice of an origin, as well as 400 CP to spend on Perks, but cannot buy items or take drawbacks. In this jump only, and only if you’re a pauper, when fighting as a group against a common enemy, any pauper member of your team can choose to intercept a blow aimed at any other, whether the original target was a pauper or not.
[Spoiler=Kung Fu Hustle]
Minions [200] (Free for Gangsters): Snap Fingers, mooks appear (Conservation of Ninjutsu applies). You can import as many companions as you have, and each of your companions becomes a squad of 108 mooks for this jump, and keeps the ability to split into up to 108 copies of himself after the jump… but all their abilities, powers, and prowess are divided equally across all copies (specifically there can be 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 27, 36, 54, or 108 copies). A copy can be no weaker than a normal human and there is no “prime” copy. For the duration of this jump each companion imported this way is locked into this mode, but after the jump, it takes only a second to split into 2 or 3 copies (108 is 2x2x3x3x3). Merging back together is essentially instant. However, if a copy is killed, the companion’s maximum copy total is also decreased by that fraction (e.g. a 9th copy is destroyed. 1/9th of 108 is 12… that companion can only split into 96 copies for the next month). What one copy knows, all copies know. The ability to spontaneously summon your mooks with a snap of the fingers only applies to this jump and only if you’re a Gangster.
[spoiler=Hyper Dimensional Neptunia]DLC Adventuring Party (50/200): Import 1 companion per 50 CP, or all for 200. They each receive a free Race and Faction background, as well as 800 CP to spend on appropriate perks.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Magical Girls]Extra allies (First Free, 100 Cp, Discount Innocent) Your magical team has two more members, bringing it to five. can be taken more than once, doubling your number of allies each time (4,8,16…) Remember, larger teams of magical girls tend to get more powerful enemies. On the other hand, more friends means more people to cover for you, and help patrol for enemies. You can choose if these extra allies are fellow magical girls or animal companions. As with the first two allies, if you’ve got companions from previous jumps, they can be assigned these roles.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=The Gamer]Guild Up – 300 CP, You may import all of your previous companions into this world. They each gain a free origin of their choosing and 600 to spend as they please. They may take one drawback for half of its cp value.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon aka Danmachi]Familia (-100cp-600cp, Gods ONLY) You may import as many of your companions as you wish, each with as many cp as you spent on this (between 100 and 600). They receive a free background as an Adventurer or a Supporter and can spend their remaining cp on Race, Perks and Items.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=World of Warcraft]Looking for Guild (400cp) Is 8 companions not enough? Perhaps you would like to bring in that elusive 9th, or maybe that illustrious 100th companion? You can import any number of companions past the 8 companions from Looking for Party. So if you wish to import your mass of little girls then go ahead. Every companion you import gets a race, class, and a set of uncommon gear. The catch is that before you can have a guild, you must have a full party. TO TAKE THIS YOU MUST HAVE 8 COMPANIONS IMPORTED WITH LOOKING FOR PARTY.
Looking for Party (50cp+) – So you want your friends to come with you? Well you’re in luck, Azeroth could always use more heroes. You’re able to import a companion, or perhaps you’d like a new companion? Each companion cost 50cp. For each companion you bring, they get a cumulative 100cp, up to 800cp for each individual. This option also allows you to import less than 8 companions, and still receive the same benefits. All imports must be from same faction (IE if you’re Orc, you can’t have a Human buddy.)[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Generic Hentai]The Pink Tide (400 cp) Apparently 16 companions aren’t enough to sate your lust. You may now import ALL your companions, be it five, twelve, seventy-three, of eight million. Each companion gains 400 cp with which to buy perks and items. You may give them additional cp at a 1:1 ratio.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Dragonball, End Jump, depends on interpretation]Friends (4CP) You’re not in this alone. You may Import as many companions as you have slots and pods. They gain Ki Potential and Basic Training, the Savior Has Come, and Character Creator if you have those perks for yourself. If you have non of these perks, they get Ki Potential and Basic Training for Free.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Generic Xianxia]An Entire Country?! (600): Alternatively, you may choose to import ALL of your companions at once. Each and every one of them get the same benefits as Band of Brothers. Deal with this wisely.
Band of Brothers (300 for three, 500 for eight): You may import or create three or eight
companions with you into this world. All of them get 600 CP to spend as they like and any origin with all the discounts and freebies they grant.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Lost Odyssey]Kelolon Village People [400] (Discount Kelolon): You can import any number of
companions as Kelolons. Each of them gain 500CP for Perks (they can’t buy items or
drawbacks or other companions), but automatically gain a discount on all Kelolon
Upgrades. If you buy Immortal Companion or Mortal Companion, those companion slots
are filled first, then everyone else is imported via KVP.[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=Girls Und Panzer, Limit 32]
EGSDT: [0] Every Good School Deserves Tankers… And as such, you can Import, free of charge, up to 32 of your companions. However, any you import using this option are, for the duration of this jump, transformed into human school girls, locked into that form, and cannot use any out of jump abilities… they each gain Basic Tankery, one specialization, and 200 CP to spend on perks, gear, or canon companions (which become their companions and they may chose to add them to their own squads). If you don’t have enough companions (or don’t want to import some of those you have), you may make up the difference by importing schoolgirl versions of historical or fictional commanders, warriors, or leaders to join your cause…. With the notable exceptions of Julius Caesar, Erwin Rommel, Sanada Yukimura, or Narasaki Ryō. Note that companions that don’t import via this method are not powered down, but the companion limit for this jump is 32 individuals, not 32 companion slots.
[Spoiler=New Bleach, Limit 32]
Jumper Division – 500 cp, You may import a maximum of 32 companions into the jump, each with 300 cp. They gain any origin for free, and a basic race for free as well. They may also take an advanced race at a discount.
[spoiler=Legend of Mana, One at a time]
Companion Import (free, with a catch) This is going to work much differently from most
imports. You can import every single one of your companions free, giving them the effects
of Abilities & Techniques, Synchronize (being able to choose a synchro ability for free), and
Enchanted Instruments 101, as well as the basic starting equipment. The catch? You can
only have one imported companion active at one time. In Domina, you will find a seemingly
vacant house. Knocking on the door of this house will let you bring one of your imported
companions into the world. If you want to bring out another companion, you will need to
send the companion you already have back in. Companions not currently in use will be in a
sort of stasis, so don’t worry about them having to wait around for you to come and get
them. You can not enter the house yourself, so don’t even try.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Treasure Planet, limited by ship size]Trusty Crew (200) – There are some untrustworthy-looking scallywags in this port, and they don’t deserve a berth on your vessel. Instead, you can bring in some people you already know you can trust. Import up to 8 previous Companions, granting each of them a history in this world compatible with your own. Of course, that might not be enough to get you off the docks; if you have a (SHIP PURCHASE NAME), you can instead import the required crew for your ship, for the same cost. Note: the largest ships on offer in this jump cost 300 (200 if you’re Navy Background) and have a crew size of 35. [/spoiler]
[spoiler=Kill-la-kill]Classmates [150/-200/1000]: Don’t want to attend school alone? With this perk, all of your companions that have a human form will be enrolled in Honnouji Academy, and you’ll meet all of them on your first day of school. They will all retain their memories, and they will also understand the situation and importance of keeping a low profile, though the specifics will vary depending on your background. Your companions will all have clubs they must attend as well if they are students, but which club they attend is your choice. Without this perk, they won’t be allowed on premises… at least not without being chased off by the Disciplinary Committee. [/spoiler]
If you find a jump that has something like this that’s not on here, drop me a line or respond to this and I’ll update it.
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