These are Abilities I’ve developed by crossing multiple techniques.

  • Mental Arsenal: By using pre-constructed Enchantments that I have stored inside my Memory Palace, and the ability to craft almost any shape out of Hyperfractal Ice, I can craft magical arms, armor, and devices essentially out of thin air.
  • Project Nascent: Nanite-Swarm Summoning, Casting & Enchanting.  By shaping slaved nanite swarms to my cybernetic systems, I can craft spells, summoning circles, and enchantments in mere moments.  The power fluctuation meant that the nanites used in the system (at least in the first five generations), fuzed solid, but that was merely a matter of finding the right conduit material.

Bending Techniques

  • Waterbending Basic Techniques: Breath of Ice, Iceblades, Ice Bullets, Ice Claws, Ice Creeper, Ice Disc, Ice Gauntlet, Ice Hook, Ice Shield, Ice Spear, Iceberg Spike, Phase Change, Steaming the water, Water Bullet, Water Cloak, Water Filtering, Water Jet, Water Knife, Water Manipulation, Water Pressure manipulation, Water Wall, Water Shield, Water Whip, Wave, Ice Shackles
  • Waterbending Master Techniques: Bubble, Ice Dagger, Ice Dome, Ice Drill, Ice Floor, Ice Prison, Ice Ramp, Ice Tunneling, Maelstrom, Multiple Water Whips, Octopus Form, Partial Ice Whip, Razor Rings, Water Ball, Water Boxing, Water Dome, Water Drill, Water Gimbal, Water Pinwheel, Water Ring, Water Spout / Vortex
  • Entity Level Waterbending: Ice Fissure, Remote waterbending, Tsunami, Water Compression
  • Waterbending Special techniques: Bloodbending, Cloudbending, Condensation, Healing, Plantbending, Spiritbending, Solutionbending, Steambending, Water Run,
  • Firebending Abilities: Blazing Rings, Blazing Arcs, Blocking Fire, Fire Blade, Fire Bomb, Fire Circle, Fire Daggers, Fire Lash, Fire Streams, Fire Whip, Fireballs, Firejabs, Flame Redirection, Shield of Fire, The Dancing Dragon,
  • Master Level Firebending: Charged Attacks, Fire Augmentation, Fire Comet, Fire Missiles, Fire Pinwheel, Intertwined Fire Stream, Jet Propulsion, Pressurized Fire Stream, Wall of Flames
  • Entity Level Firebending: Long Range Multiple Fire Whips.
  • Special Firebending Techniques: Blue Fire, Breath of Fire, Combustion Bending, Dragon Fire, Energy Reading,  Heat Control, Lightning Bending, Lightning Redirection
  • Energybending: Astral Projection, Granting Bending, Removing bending, Spirit Energy Manipulation.
  • Invented techniques: Glass Bending (possible by using the high thermal viscosity of glass to trap water vapor inside the glass), Thermobaric Blast (ice version of Combustion, caused by ripping thermal energy out of the system to the degree that the sudden drop in air pressure causes an explosion), Tornado (caused by simultaneous manipulation of heat and cold to produce cyclonic, uncontrolled winds), Magnetic Shield, Coil / Rail Gun, Magnetization, Magnetic Attraction, Magnetic Repulsion, Magnetic Levitation, Cloud walking, Ice Flyer (standing on ice and using it to fly), Plasma Bending (The ability to generate plasma, made possible only through Waterbending’s thermal cooling effects), Soulfire (Energybending combined with Firebending), Infusion (Grants regeneration for a time by combining Energybending with Healing), HyperIce (Superheated Ultrahigh pressure ice), Life Scanning (reading the lifesigns), Hydrosonar (mapping an area using water droplets), Ice Golem, Wall of Ice Knives, Ice Titan (Power Armor made of Ice), White Fire, Hydro-telescope, Emotional Healing (Rage Bending)

Copied Techniques

  • Chi Blocking – Learned from Ty Lee in Avatar The Last Airbender


  • Heart of Time: I can stop time on a interstellar level… or universal if I have a large enough power supply.
  • Heart of Winter: I can become Anti-Heat
  • Ice World: By unlocking the Heart of Winter I can swell to the size of a subjovian ball of hyper-ice comprised entirely of computational substrates.
  • Alpha & Omega: By creating and then annihilating Electron-Positron pairs, I can, in theory, unleash a limitless Annihilation field… or create anything I want to… at the expense of creating a huge mass of radiation
  • All of Me: My Semblance, Bankai Final Release,  & Ultimate Limit Break combined into an ungodly attack