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Jump #81 – Yu-Gi-Oh! w/ Generic Roleplayer

  • Name:  Sebastian Johansson
  • Location: Domino City, Japanese Baltic Fishing Zone (Definitely Not Finland), 1974
  • Age: 18
  • Total Runtime: 90.1 Years + 14,505.02 Years = 14,595.03 Years
  • Gender: Penis-Bearing
  • Log: One Hundred and Eight is a Good Number
  • World #: 74
  • Unfinished Business?: None
  • Yugioh Document, Generic Roleplayer Document
  • Jump 81 - Yugioh
  • Collector [Free] (Deal Price): You know almost every card and card effect. You start with three sets of the same card deck. You have an itch that can only be scratched if you collect cards. You live in a prestigious household, your parents are rich people, snarky and pun driven. Most of the time, you have nothing to do and thus have a lot of free time. You have some friends but you don’t converse with them much. Duel Academy, Obelisk, hope you like boy/girl separated dorm rooms.
    • Malfunction Duel Disk [+50/1050]: Whatever you try to do, every duel disk you touch breaks and always in the same way. You can only live with this Bad Luck. Duel Disks can only accept 40 cards in Deck and 5 in extra Deck.
    • Bald [+50/1100]: Forget about your hair. You have none. Good thing you have that Chewed Up Hat. Override’s crazy hair and normal hair.
  • Casual Gamer [Free]: You show up in this world with no friends or family. You have enough of a paper trail to live legally, an apartment paid up for the next month, and a flyer for a local gaming group looking for new members.
    • Supplement Mode [Free]: You can choose to use this Jump as a Supplement to another Jump. All locations and starting time are based on the base Jump, and CP is kept separate. Drawbacks are adapted as needed to the base Jump.
    • Prehistory [+200/1200]: Your time here starts in 1974. Dungeons and Dragons is just getting started, resources and groups are very limited, and many of the ideas taken for granted by later generations of gamers do not exist yet.
    • No Gygax [+200/1400]: It is 1974, but there is no Gary Gygax to be found. He never left the Marine Corps, and therefore never invented Dungeons and Dragons. You had better get to work, because you have just 20 years to make Roleplaying Games into an industry at least as developed as it was when Gygax left TSR in 1985. Yes, this gives 10 more years then it took Gary, but he had connections and friends to help him, as well as a lot of luck. This removes the need to actually game on a regular basis, since you might have trouble finding gaming groups that do not exist yet.
    • Mazes and Monsters, Part Two [+500/1900]: In 1982, an anti-gaming film called Mazes and Monsters was released direct to television. Now, before your time in this world is done, you have to create a sequel, one that reverses all the anti-gaming propaganda of the first film, showing the hobby as the fun and stimulating activity we all know it is. This film can be direct to television, or a theatrical release,but cannot be limited solely to a gaming audience. For an additional +200cp, you must get Tom Hanks to star in the sequel.
    • Extended Stay x8 [+400/2300]: Your time in this world is extended by an additional ten years. Your other drawbacks persist through this time. This drawback can be taken as many times as you desire. 90 Years.
  • Real Starter Deck [Free]: It’s Yugi Mutou or Seto Kaiba starter deck. Meaning it’s full of normal monsters and forbidden cards that can’t be used in official tournaments. Number of cards? 50. (Oh, good, useless but fancy cards)
  • Original Deck [100/1000/1100 CP] (FD 100): You get your own deck suited to your own style with your own unique monsters, spells, and traps. No one in existence has these 40 unusual and 4th dimensional breaking cards but you. Choose the other 10 for free. Number of Unique Cards? 40. Number of Existing Cards? 10. Total: 50.
    1. Soul of Ice
    2. Silent Judge
    3. Spirit of Twilight
    4. Hypersonic Ice
    5. Entropic Goddess
    6. Bend it Like Aang
    7. The Magi Manifestation
    8. Light of Heaven
    9. Windjammer
    10. Preemptive Retaliation
    11. Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
    12. William Shatner
    13. Sixty Pounds of Rule Books
    14. Sugar Doppleganger
    15. Fork of Nature
    16. All You Can Eat
    17. Three Big Rats
    18. Psychic Storm
    19. My Friend the Goddess
    20. Armor Victoria
    21. Cherry Tree Super Computer
    22. Black Eyes White Ferret
    23. Red Eyes White Ferret
    24. Green Eyes Purple Ferret
    25. Three-Headed Ferret of Doom
    26. Ark Magna
    27. Faustian Bargain
    28. Wings of the Dark Hawk
    29. The Righteous Choir
    30. The Lost Choir
    31. The Dire Weasels
    32. Disco Moon
    33. Stabuchadnezzer
    34. Big Fluffy Doggy
    35. Bigger Fluffier Doggy
    36. Biggest Fluffiest Doggy
    37. Butler of Doooooom
    38. Genocidal Half-Wit
    39. Richard Garfield, TCG God
    40. The Jumper’s Warehouse
  • Crazy Hair [Free Collector]: You get your hair colored from 2 to 7 colors. Extreme spikes included. Color palette limited to human color comprehension. It’s your natural hair now. Hair Craziness is a respectable trait.
  • Outside Battle Luck [Free Collector]: People are stupid or you’re just lucky. You find cards on the ground that no one looks for. They’re more often found than coins on the ground. Oh, you’ll also five 5 dollars worth of currency every month.
  • Spirit Partners [150/850/1100 CP]: one to three of your cards will be Duel Monster Spirits. You can talk to them and somehow understand each other. You can see other Spirit Monsters including Astral Projections.
    • Soul of Ice
    • Silent Judge
    • Spirit of Twilight
  • Expanded Card Box [Free Collector]: It’s bigger on the inside, it only accepts Duel Monster Cards, up to 10,000 of them. Essential for collecting and story cards. Every Card Box you own will have this effect.
  • Destiny Cards [250/600/1100 CP]: Your cards that you own cannot be destroyed by anything. If they’re stolen or lost they come back into your currently equipped card box.
  • Anti-Shadow Realm [600/0/1100 CP]: You have a force field from anything evil in this universe. Shadow Duels, Pocket Dimension Traps, just don’t affect you. You are granted 100% peace in this universe. Also, anything to do with games and life bets are always in your favor. Guess who always wins in Russian Roulette? You.
  • Booster Packs [Free Collector]: It’s 5 booster card packs of your choosing, must be the same kind.
  • Attire [Free for All]: A set of clothing suiting your persona. It fits with your crazy hair. Comes with a Duel Disk, Deck Box, Legal ID and a Chewed up Hat.
  • Superb Gamer [Free]: You are an excellent gamer, easily keeping track of the progress of the story and the action of the scene. You excel at describing your character’s actions, can easily remember details about your character, especially the abilities the character possesses, and the game itself, and have no difficulty separating character knowledge from player knowledge. You have the patience needed to wait when it isn’t your turn, are skilled at getting other players to speak up and get engaged with the game, and never spill your drinks or snacks. In addition, you are very good at learning new games, and at teaching other people how to play roleplaying games.
  • Ambassador of Games [50/2250/2300 RP]: You have a special talent for inducing a passion for gaming in others, and a sense of what games are ideal to pull a person into the hobby. Players that you introduce to the hobby quickly learn the skills to be an excellent gamer, and never turn out to be “That Guy”.
  • Master of Masters [100/2150/2300 RP]: While no player is more important than any other, there is one that has more responsibility and does more work than the others. The Dungeon Master, the Game Master, the Storyteller, the Director, whatever that player is called, he is the linchpin of the group. Now, you have the talent to be among the very best. Your campaigns are always creative and interesting, your actual game sessions are well run and you can always evoke the atmosphere and ambiance perfect for the scene you are portraying. Your rules decisions are always appropriate, and you can easily switch your focus between being rules perfect or adjusting the rules to fit the flow of the game. You never forget a detail about your campaigns, and can easily engage your players into the game. Any form of multimedia or technology used to enhance a game session will work perfectly and be easily controlled. As a minor side-benefit, you can always catch anyone cheating in any type of game you participate in.
  • Quick Learner [Free Casual]: You are good at picking up the basics of new skills or topics. You could learn enough of the rules of a new RPG to play in just a few minutes, but really mastering it will still take time and effort.
  • Looking For Group [100/2050/2300 RP]: You can almost always find people who enjoy the same hobbies as you, or even just cool people to hang out with. If there are any people around, odds are, you can find a group.
  • Hell of a Nice Guy [100/1950/2300 RP] (FD 100): You are incredibly charismatic, people enjoy spending time with you, and will often listen to your ideas. Even if you are not really part of a social group, you will be treated like you were a long time member, just because they like you that much. They will forgive small foibles, faux pas, or missteps, the same way they would forgive a longtime friend. You will also quickly pick up on the inside jokes, anecdotes, and traditions that define the group you are joining.
  • Dungeon Master’s Girlfriend [300/1650/2300 RP]: You might not actually be dating the DM, but he still seems to like you an awful lot. Enemies will target other people, you will tend to find items that you need, NPC’s will favor you, things will tend to go your way, as much as possible without it seeming like blatant cheating. This applies in real life as well, with random chance working in your favor. You will never experience bad luck, unless someone is directly causing it.
  • Crown Royal Bag [50/1600/2300 RP]: This attractive drawstring bag is perfect for holding your dice. It contains an unlimited amount of any type of dice needed, as long as those dice exist in the real world and the dice you want will be what you retrieve.
  • Core Rulebooks [Free All]: These are the core books required to play your favorite RPG. Not all the splats and expansions, this is just the basics. For example, D&D 3.5 would require the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual, while Vampire: The Masquerade will provide just the single core book.
  • Bare Necessities [500/1100/2300 RP]: You have a job of some kind, a home of some sort, a decent vehicle of an appropriate type, and the various basic sundries needed to live. Basically, you have a life, set up and waiting for you. The job will be something you are capable of performing, and that works with your background, and the schedule will be flexible enough that it will not interfere in your gaming. You have a trust fund that pays in whatever the local currency is, equivalent to two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000.00) per year. Your home, vehicle, and other possessions are upgraded to be appropriate for this level of income. This money is legal, with all taxes paid and all documentation needed. No one will question where it comes from. This item follows you to all future jumps, adapting as needed, and can be toggled off for a jump. Any other form of income you receive, including from other perks or items, can be added to the trust fund, and will also be completely legal with all taxes paid and documentation needed.
  • Character Sheet [100/1000/2300 RP]: This Character Sheet represents the holder’s actual abilities, in the best approximation possible using an RPG system of the holder’s choice. This system can be changed at will. This can also display the abilities of anyone that can be seen by the holder.
  • Con Registration [100/900/2300 RP]: You have VIP Pre-Registration at any Convention you want to go to, as well as a reserved place in any event, panel, or game session you want to attend. This includes needed hotel reservations and travel arrangements. These are all contained in a handy document folder that will have everything you need inside of it when you decide you want to attend a ‘Con.
  • Quick Start Rules [Free Casual]: You have a set of Quick Start Rules for any game you want to try. These rules are not the full game, but they are sufficient to play a session or two, giving you a feel for the game. In the case of simpler games that could be explained in a page or two of text, this does include the full rules.
  • Magic Writing Implement [100/800/2300 RP]: This device can be a pencil, mechanical pencil, ink pen, calligraphy brush, or any other tool meant for writing, changing form as the user desires. It never runs out of lead, ink, or whatever other medium is being used. More importantly, when used to fill out a form, it will always do so correctly, with the proper information and correctly making all calculations required. For example, if used to fill in a D&D 3e Character Sheet, it will fill in the Ability Scores rolled or purchased, and properly calculate all Saving Throws, Attack Bonuses, Encumbrance Levels, and other derived statistics. It does this according to the rules of the form being filled out. This writing device appears in your hand whenever you need it, and disappears whenever it’s not needed.
  • Create/Import x4 [800/0/2300]: You can create new Companions or import existing Companions. They get an Origin, with all freebies and discounts, along with 600 points to spend. These Companions cannot take Drawbacks, but you can transfer points from yourself to a Companion, at a 1:1 ratio. You can create or import as many Companions as you are willing to pay for. 32 Slots.
    • Fearsome 6 – Zane: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], World of Imagination [100/600], All The World’s a Stage [200/400], Bullshit Level Keikaku Doori [300/100], Master of Masters [100/0]
    • Fearsome 1 – Kendra: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [100/600], Analysis [200/400], Synergy [300/100], Character Background [100/0]
    • Fearsome 2 – Uriel: Casual, Superb Gamer [Free], Quick Learner [Free Casual], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Quick Start Rules [Free Casual]Hell of A Nice Guy [200/500], Dungeon Master’s Girlfriend [300/200], Ambassador of Gaming [50/150], Snacks & Drinks v2 [150/0]
    • Fearsome 3 – Bao: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], All The World’s a Stage [200/500], Bullshit Level Keikaku Doori [300/200], Magic Writing Implement [200/0]
    • Fearsome 4 – AJ: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [100/600], Analysis [200/400], Synergy [300/100], Con Registration [100/0]
    • Fearsome 5 – Francine: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Analysis [200/500], Hell of a Nice Guy [400/100], Character Background [100/0]
    • Amazon 6 – Toph: That Guy, Superb Gamer [Free], Rude Crude Dude [Free That Guy], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Honest Dice [Free That Guy], It’s Lonely When You have No Friends [100/600], Cheaters Prosper [200/400], Dude, What The Hell? [300/100], Snacks & Drinks [100/0]
    • Amazon 1 – Buji: Casual, Superb Gamer [Free], Quick Learner [Free Casual], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Quick Start Rules [Free Casual] Dungeon Master’s Girlfriend [300/400], All the World’s A Stage [400/0]
    • Amazon 2 – Reggy: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [200/500] (2M$/y), Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], All The World’s a Stage [200/300], Bullshit Level Keikaku Doori [300/0]
    • Amazon 3 – Gaius: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [100/600], Analysis [200/400], Synergy [300/100], Character Sheet v2 [100/0]
    • Amazon 4 – Kohina: Casual, Superb Gamer [Free], Quick Learner [Free Casual], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Quick Start Rules [Free Casual], Hell of A Nice Guy [200/500], Dungeon Master’s Girlfriend [300/200], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [200/0]
    • Amazon 5 – Petra: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [100/600], Analysis [200/400], Synergy [300/100], All the Books [100/0]
    • Dreadnaught 6 – Kagetane: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [100/600], Analysis [200/400], Synergy [300/100], Rude Crude Dude [100/0]
    • Dreadnaught 1 – Caine: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], World of Imagination [100/600], Bullshit Level Keikaku Doori [300/300], Master of Masters [100/200], Looking for Group [200/0]
    • Dreadnaught 2 – Bart: That Guy, Superb Gamer [Free], Rude Crude Dude [Free That Guy], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Honest Dice [Free That Guy], Cheaters Prosper [200/500], Dude, What The Hell? [300/200], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [200/0]
    • Dreadnaught 3 – Simon: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [100/600], Analysis [200/400], Synergy [300/100], Tactical Map [100/0]
    • Dreadnaught 4 – Beth: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], Bullshit Level Keikaku Doori [300/400], Rules and Standards [400/0]
    • Dreadnaught 5 – Booker: Casual, Superb Gamer [Free], Quick Learner [Free Casual], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Quick Start Rules [Free Casual], Dungeon Master’s Girlfriend [300/400], Analysis [400/0]
    • Invincible 6 – Amelia: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], All The World’s a Stage [200/500], Bullshit Level Keikaku Doori [300/200], Master of Masters [100/100], Speed Reading [100/0]
    • Invincible 1 – Anne: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], World of Imagination [100/600], All The World’s a Stage [200/400], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [200/200], Character Costume [100/100], Speed Reading [100/0]
    • Invincible 2 – Lizzy: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], World of Imagination [100/600], All The World’s a Stage [200/400], Tactical Map [200/200], Character Background [50/150], Character Costume [100/50], Miniatures [50/0]
    • Invincible 3 – Brigid: That Guy, Superb Gamer [Free], Rude Crude Dude [Free That Guy], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Honest Dice [Free That Guy], Cheaters Prosper [200/500], Dude, What The Hell? [300/200], Character Costume [200/0]
    • Invincible 4 – Raven: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [100/600], Analysis [200/400], Synergy [300/100], Master of Masters [100/0]
    • Invincible 5 – Tokimi-Chan: Casual, Superb Gamer [Free], Quick Learner [Free Casual], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Quick Start Rules [Free Casual], Looking For Group [100/600], Hell of A Nice Guy [200/400], Dungeon Master’s Girlfriend [300/100], Master of Masters [100/0]
    • Calamity 6 – Carwyn: Casual, Superb Gamer [Free], Quick Learner [Free Casual], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Quick Start Rules [Free Casual], Hell of A Nice Guy [200/500], Dungeon Master’s Girlfriend [300/200], Master of Masters [100/100], Get the Voices Right [100/0]
    • Calamity 1 – Franchesca: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], World of Imagination [100/600], All The World’s a Stage [200/400], Character Costume [100/300], Snacks & Drinks [100/200], Con Registration [100/100], All the Books [100/0]
    • Calamity 2 – Minerva: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], Bullshit Level Keikaku Doori [300/400], Analysis [400/0]
    • Calamity 3 – Cirno: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Know the Rules to Exploit Them [100/600], Analysis [200/400], Hell of a Nice Guy [400/0]
    • Calamity 4 – Velma: Casual, Superb Gamer [Free], Quick Learner [Free Casual], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Quick Start Rules [Free Casual], Looking For Group [100/600], Hell of A Nice Guy [200/400], Dungeon Master’s Girlfriend [300/100], Get the Voice Right [100/0]
    • Calamity 5 – Maggy: Power Gamer, Superb Gamer [Free], Speed Reading [Free Power Gamer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Miniatures [Free Power Gamer], Analysis [200/500], Synergy [300/200], Master of Masters [100/100], Quick Learner [100/0]
    • Calamity 7 – Alex: That Guy, Superb Gamer [Free], Rude Crude Dude [Free That Guy], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag v2 [50/650], Bare Necessities [Free], Honest Dice [Free That Guy], Cheaters Prosper [200/450], Dude, What The Hell? [300/150], Correction Pen [100/50], Perfect Gaming Room [50/0]
    • Calamity 8 – Amaryllis: Roleplayer, Superb Gamer [Free], Get the Voice Right [Free Roleplayer], Core Rulebooks [Free], Crown Royal Bag [Free], Bare Necessities [Free], Game Journal [Free Roleplayer], World of Imagination [100/600], All The World’s a Stage [200/400], Hell of a Nice Guy [400/0]
  • Ahab’s Auto-Import [X]: Roleplayer, Trader, World of Imagination [100/0 RP], Starter Deck [Free Trader], Real Starter Deck [Free], Crazy Hair [Free Trader], Attire [Free All], Booster Packs x2 [Free Trader], Forbidden Cards [Free Trader], Super Rare Cards x4 [Free Trader], The Card [Free Trader], Phone with Subscriptions [Free Trader], Expanded Card Box [Free Trader], Custom Duel Disk [Free Trader], It’s A Trap [100/0 CP]
  • Joy’s Auto-Import [X]: Roleplayer, Technician, Master of Masters [100/0 RP], Real Starter Deck [Free], Crazy Hair [Free Technician], It’s A Trap [Free Technician], Duel Gazer [Free Technician], Outside Battle Luck [100/0 CP]
  • CHAIN DRAWBACK – Single Shot [100 FD]: Death is no longer a revolving door for your Companions. Companions that die in a Jump stay dead until the end of the Jump, rather than respawning after a day or three. If they have a Perk, Power, or Item that allows them to respawn (a 1-up), that works as normal. If you have Rez abilities, you can use them, though it is actively draining to do so. All your Companions gain 100 CP automatically every jump this is active for.  If a companion is not imported, they do not get freebies or origins. Baseline Import Rule does not count for this.
  • GLOBAL COMPANION IMPORT RULE [Not Invoked]: 400 CP buys 8 Imports with 600 CP and a free origin with cost not to exceed 200 CP, plus all applicable freebies and discounts.
  • BASELINE IMPORT RULE [Invoked]: All companions who desire it gain a free baseline import into all jumps. This means they gain an identity with basic or drop-in memories fit for the setting, a temporary form for the setting, and any perks or items required to survive in the setting. Use of the Baseline Import Rule locks out all non-defensive or utility abilities and limits utility to non-overt forms. Memory and LOS telepathic communication are not hampered by this.

Jump #82 – Worm

  • Name: The Complete Arsenal Shard / Genady Silveira (Atura)
  • Location: Goa, India
  • Age: Not applicable / 14 years old (Atura)
  • Total Runtime: 10.1 Years + 14,595.03 Years = 14,605.04 Years
  • Gender: N/A Shard / Female Parahuman (Atura)
  • Log:  The Events That Led Up To That MondayIn Which Kurt Vonnegut does not AppearIn Which Business is Gotten Down To
  • World #: 75
  • Unfinished Business?: Abaddon is on Probation and Humanity still is Annoying
  • Document
  • Hero:  After triggering you decided to use your powers for the betterment of mankind. You can choose to be a part of the Protectorate or Wards if you wish, or remain independent. Going solo means you don’t have regulations, superiors, or a PR department to answer to, but it also means you don’t have the resources, backup, and training they provide either. Your level of experience will vary with your age, whether you’re a seasoned hero who’s walked the streets for years or a teenager who’s just taken to the job is up to you. No matter what you have a familiarity with your locale, the local capes, and enough experience that you at least know what you’re doing. Fight the good fight, and hope you can make a difference.
  • Shard (Requires taking the Passenger Drawback): You remember the flickering images of uncountable worlds, and the relentless pull that drew you to a single speck upon but one of them. Something in them connected with you, and in a moment of true distress you felt your bond form. You are but a presence within a person’s head., bonded with someone who will need the strength and power you can give them. You’re a source of power, and hopefully not something that will drive them to self destruction.
    • Personal Problems [+100/1100]: You have some personal circumstances that are less than ideal. Maybe the bullies who made you trigger are still around, you and your only parent are still distant, or maybe your life situation just isn’t all that great. Drop-Ins suffer from arriving in probably the worst parts of their starting location, and will be running into trouble right out of the gate. Dealing with this is simple enough in theory, but it’s gonna be a thorn in your side that takes up more of your time and effort then you’d like to spare. You also tend to just suffer these sorts of issues more than normal. Enjoy the Drama.
    • Passenger [+200/1300]: Congratulations, you are now somebody’s Shard. Your origin and rolls are kept to determine the details of your host (Drop-In’s being the passenger of some freshly triggered amnesiac, or freshly abandoned case-53 if they’ve taken that drawback as well), but they are otherwise a typical person. Just like a normal passenger you can influence them subconsciously, but your peculiar nature means you can also directly communicate with them as a voice in their head. You can share all of your powers, perks, skills, and knowledge with them at will, (basically treating them as you for having any of your abilities, qualities, or traits you’d like) and you have final control over all of these. You can only directly control your host’s body and actions if they allow you to, otherwise you’re just the power manager. You’re still capable of taking purely mental actions. If your host dies then so do you, and your chain is over. If taken with Being Taylor is Suffering, then instead of its normal effects you’re Taylor’s passenger, and may God have mercy on your soul. You can grant access to your warehouse, and call up your companions from there. If you’ve imported a companion you may instead choose to be their passenger.
    • On the Radar [+200/1500]: Cauldron knows about you and you are officially a person of interest to them. Expect things to be manipulated behind the scenes to influence you in accordance with their agenda. Granted they’re technically on the side of humanity, but they have a distinctly ends justify the means attitude. Hopefully you fall into that sweet spot where you’re equal parts too useful/dangerous to kill or try and forcibly draft. Unless you’re a serious threat to humanity they shouldn’t want you dead. You aren’t one of THOSE jumpers, are you? Note: The main difference between this and just catching their attention through normal Jumper shenanigans is you get their scrutiny right off the bat, and you’re effectively on their top ten priority list. Why this is depends on the individual circumstances, but you’re not gonna just coast under the radar this jump. For Cauldron Conspirators this means that you’re effectively on a short leash, and under more scrutiny than you would otherwise be a target for. Ranging from constant oversight to more demanding expectations.
    • Wanted [+200/1700]: Well I guess you’d technically be wanted by the law anyway if you were a villain, what this drawback means is that right out of the gate you’re a primary target for whatever the local powers that be are, and they’re taking it seriously. Time and resources are openly dedicated to hunting you down specifically, with other priorities falling by the wayside. Barring very pressing matters you’re on the top of somebody’s shit list. Heroes and Rogues are targets for a local criminal faction, and will have to deal with open attempts to take them down. Villains can have either other criminals or the heroes after them, and Drop-Ins wind up making some powerful enemies rather quickly.
    • Kill Order [+300/2000]: I don’t know how you did it, but there’s a kill order on your head. Anybody in the world can murder you with no legal consequences whatsoever, and in fact will be rewarded for doing so. Heroes especially will be gunning for you whenever they have a chance. All those unwritten rules which discourage actually killing someone in a cape conflict no longer apply to you, and your opponents will be going all out. Best go to ground and keep out of sight. This includes your identity being known, so just trying to live out a civilian life isn’t going to keep you safe either.
  • Outside Context Problem [Free for All]: It’d be boring if you were to just die right at the start so for free you’ll have a selective immunity to the powers of a few rather nasty plot device level opponents that by all rights would probably want to kill you right out of the gate. Contessa, Ziz, and Zion’s precog doesn’t seem to be able to pick you up, instead returning a zero-sum error whenever they try to force the issue. They won’t notice this until you garner enough attention for them to try and then they might take further measures to see what the problem is. But at the moment you’ll be safe from being instantly killed due to the threat you pose to their plans. This works on all shard/entity derived precog. Your peculiar inter-dimensional nature just messes up their ability to predict you. Coil is an exception due to the weird nature of his power.
  • Lessons of Adversity [Free Shard]: Regardless of the type you find that conflict is the perfect stimulus to learn and train yourself. You always learn or grow at least a little bit from a confrontation or conflict, no matter what form it takes. The more intense, risky, and the higher the stakes the more you’ll take away from it. This applies to general development as well. Fighting for your life is the perfect exercise regimen for you, and pushing your abilities to their limits in such situations is the best training you could ask for.
  • Root of Distress [Free Shard]: Everybody has faults, weaknesses, seams along which certain kinds of pressure can break them. You have an intuitive ability to sense these in a person’s psychology and personality as you observe them. You can tell what stress they can handle, what would break them, and in what manner. You can also tell what kind of pressure would make them grow. Beyond this being able to spot the faults and flaws of a person always comes in handy, let alone knowing exactly how they’d respond to different types of strain. This sixth sense won’t necessarily give you the means to capitalize on this knowledge, but you can tell where the chinks in their armor are.
  • Tooth and Nail [100/1900/2000]: You thrive when things are at their worst. The worse the circumstances and situation, the better you are at pretty much everything. Your instincts are infallible when it comes getting yourself and others out of something alive, and the more of a disadvantage you’re at the quicker, cleverer, and more skilled you are. Being trapped in a dead end with no escape, almost dead from blood loss, exhausted, alone, and with the entirety of an enemy’s forces bearing down on you just means you’re at your most dangerous. This doesn’t make you invincible; you just thrive under pressure when other people break.
  • Perfect Communication Skills [600/1300/2000]: Your communication skills are god-like. People around you are all but literally an open book for how easily you understand them. Every action and word expressing infinitely more than its surface meaning. You know exactly how to best express and communicate even the most complex and nuanced of ideas, letting you talk people into or out of nearly anything physically possible for them. These skills render you immune to misunderstandings or miscommunication unless you’ve done so on purpose, and your ability to convince and manipulate people is the next best thing to mind control. These skills even work on beings that aren’t human. As long as it has the cognitive capability (even if only in theory) to comprehend something, you can not only communicate with and understand it, but manipulate it as well. You are easily the equal of Jack Slash and Dr. Yamada in your ability to influence people. Which of the two you lean closer to is up to you.
  • Forced Evolution [200/1100/2000] (FD 100): It’s not the scope of what you’re capable of that lets you truly grow and learn, it’s your limits. Something you’re perfectly suited to exploiting. You can at any time put any kind of arbitrary limitations on your abilities, or weaken them, even turning them completely off as if you just didn’t have them. But when you really want to grow you can use this perk to effectively hinder, weaken, or even selectively cripple some of your capabilities in order to force yourself to grow or develop them along new lines. The limitations put into place with this will force you to push against them and break new ground in some manner. This could be suddenly hitting an entirely novel way to think outside of the box, shoring up holes you didn’t realize were there, or even just using the enforced limits so that when you finally break past them you’ve managed a leap forward in raw power. This second use effectively locks in the limits and it will take time, use, and effort before you manage to break past it. You can undo this at any time if you need or desire to, but it will sacrifice all progress you’ve made and will require that you start over.
  • Shard Administration [300/800/2000]: With this, you’re certainly overstepping the bounds of your nature. Mentally, you’re at all times perfectly aware of all of your perks, abilities, powers, and the like and their status with no conscious effort or attention needed on your part. This is just a side effect however, what this perk truly enables you to do is package such things together either in part or in whole, with whatever additional limitations you might desire to add in, and then temporarily grant this package to anybody you can directly perceive. You can revoke this at any point, returning these abilities back to you none the worse for wear regardless of what happens or has happened to the host, and this will happen automatically on the event of their death or otherwise permanent incapacitation. This comes along with knowledge of how they used these abilities and any potentially creative uses or new tricks they may have learned using them. You lose the abilities as long as they’re given to another person, but no matter what happens you can never truly lose them permanently or have them damaged.
    • Flesh of Eden [ACQUIRED]: By consuming the remains of the Entity known as Eden, I have (by virtue of Savage Salvage applied to biotech) gained the ability to use all of Eden’s Shards, as well as to create new Shards. These Shards can then be Administrated.
    • Power of Five [DEVELOPED]: By serious abuse of Shard Administrator, I can split my own abilities into discrete packages and apply those packages to myselves, spinning off my multiple Personas as individual autonomous individuals in the real world. Doing this makes them vulnerable to being killed until End of Jump, though this seems to be a limitation installed by Higher and not a function of the ability.
  • Seeds of Conflict [150/650/2000]: Without strife things are just going to stagnate, and it won’t serve your purposes at all. Thankfully you know how to change that. You can intuitively spot and understand all the fulcrum points that might cause, influence, or decide a conflict. Whether you want to cause one to blossom between certain parties, nudge things to influence how it goes and ends, or just to nip it in the bud where it would be destructive and self-defeating. Best to keep things dancing to your tune.
  • Parahuman Ability – Trump – Enhanced Mastery [Free]: Your ability allows you to master any skill or field of endeavor you care to name at an incredible pace, and to keep growing your skill from there. Within a few days of studying or practicing something you’ll be on the level of the professionals in the field, and within a week you’d be among the experts. Your growth slows down from there but your ability to learn means that you always see noticeable increases in your skills whenever you put effort into them, with continual refinement always possible. Aside from that however your ability to learn and improve your skills is superhuman. You also possess perfect technical retention and execution, meaning that your skills and knowledge never degrade, and you always perform at the top of your game. As a rough guideline treat hours as months for learning and training time. This power only affects your skills, developed attributes like strength or energy pools aren’t affected.
  • Power Armor System + Integration [350/300/2000]: Import VIctoria. A Suit of Power Armor, physical enhancements equal to a mid-tier brute rating, plus a Blaster – Sting system. Each morning it is completely restored, including any expended resources such as ammo. Appears in your warehouse in pristine condition if it was destroyed or lost.
  • The Butcher’s Bill [ACQUIRED]: The Butcher was a Parahuman who possessed the ability to transmit a weaker copy of his powers (this ability and the ability to cause horrific pain at a distance) to whoever killed him. This had happened 12 times when I caught up to the 13th Butcher and killed her. My various Personas then ate the vastly outnumbered Butcher Personas. Comes with six-stacked super-strength, pain induction, explosive teleportation, the ability to bend space so projectiles always hit, short-range anti-physical danger sense, unrefined matter shaping, immunity to pain, the ability to see the cardiovascular system of people through walls, increased durability, the ability to cause mindless rage at short distance, and the ability to cause festering wounds.
  • Full Line Up [300/200/2000]: You may import up to 8 companions, each one gaining an origin for free, including their associated freebies. Beyond this they have an additional 900 CP to spend, but in all other aspects function as the Cape import above. This may be purchased once.
    • Zane (The Adjustor): Drop-In [Free], Outside Context Problem [Free], Case-53 (No facial features or hair. Eat by portals) [+200/200], A Bad Influence [+100/300], Personal Problems [+100/400], Single Shot [+100/500], Import [+800/1300], Munchkin [50/1250], Well-Adjusted [50/1200], New to the Crew [150/1050], Spanner in the Works [300/750], Seeds of Conflict [300/450], Worm [Free DI], Identification [Free DI], Powered Armor System (Brute, Breaker-Phasing, Tinker-self-repair & adaptation, Shaker-gravity gun)  [450/0], Doormaker – You are capable of opening portals to any destination you can think of. These portals may remain until you decide to dismiss them, and their size is limited only by your powers growth and the effort you put into them. These portals are capable of crossing dimensional boundaries, and into alternate mirror worlds. Post Jump you can still reach such destinations, but note that peculiarities of the particular world may change the fundamental nature of how these might function. Post-Spark these portals can connect anywhere in the multiverse/omniverse.
      • Worm [50/0/1000]: A tablet computer that contains the entirety of the Web Serial along with an archive of every statement Wildbow has ever made about the setting. Fairly useful if you haven’t read the series yourself. Releasing this on the internet could be fun for a laugh or two, maybe even worth it despite the scrutiny and chaos it would cause. If you don’t mind ruining a whole lot of lives in the process…
    • Meetra (Wrecker): Rogue [Free], Outside Context Problem [Free], Personal Problems [+100/100], Meh, I can take her [+200/300], Gang Pressed – Cauldron [+100/400], Case-53 [+100/500], A Bad Influence [+200/700], Bent to Broken [+200/900], Single Shot [+100/1000], Import [+800/1800], Opportunist [Free Rogue], Leave Me Alone [Free Rogue], Nothing Personal, Just Business [150/1650], Always a Market [150/1500], Enlightened Self Interest [300/1200], Best in the Business [300/900], Forced Evolution [600/300], Funds [Free Rogue], Costume [Free Rogue], Little Black Book [Free Rogue], Business [Free Rogue], Tinker Data Cache [300/0], Warp Spasm – By activating your power you are able to enter a berserker rage that warps you into a monstrous and incredibly destructive form wreathed in fire and lightning. This transformation continues to build over time, with no upper limit as long as you don’t calm down, and have the stimulus to feed your aggression. Lacking actual meaningful danger will cause your growth to stall, while lacking any form of conflict or stress will cause your power to reverse its effects quickly. This rage doesn’t impede your intelligence, skills, awareness, or cunning, perhaps even sharpening them as time goes on, but while you are in this state the only methods you can bring yourself to use involve violence, aggression, and destruction. You can snap yourself out of this rage at any time you want, although this doesn’t stop you from losing yourself in it if you are not careful. The exact details of your monstrous state is up to you, whether you want it to be a demonic winged monster, dragon like, or something else. The intense heat and electric discharge you are generating is controllable by you, and gets stronger as you do.
    • Carwyn (Hive Queen): Drop-In [Free], Outside Context Problem [Free], Bent to Broken [+100/100], Being Taylor is Suffering [+200/300], Personal Problems [—], A Bad Influence [+200/500], Single Shot [+100/600], Import [+800/1400], Spanner in the Works [300/1100], Perfect Communication Skills [300/800], High Risk Guarantee [300/500], Dimensional Breach Controller [300/200], Identification [Free DI], Worm [Free DI], Category Change [200/0], Queen Administrator – You have an absolute awareness of and control over not only insects, but pretty much any and all invertebrates in a radius around you that begins at roughly the size of four city blocks and will grow with time. You receive their sensory input and are able to flawlessly interpret it despite the differences between you. Your control even extends down to involuntary processes of your targets, such as breathing, heartbeat, and hormones. This power comes with infinitely scaling multitasking, letting you keep track of any number of different things at once and micromanage your swarms down to the movements of each individual limb. This also means you’re incapable of being overwhelmed by the vast amount of sensory input your power gives you. Targets can be made to continue to follow a single order or directive even after they’ve left your range until its either complete or no longer possible.
      • Permanent Fusion: Carwyn & Taylor are now a singular being.
    • Frankie (Demos): Cauldron Conspirator [Free], Outside Context Problem [Free], On The Radar [+200/200], Personal Issues [+100/300], Case-53 [+200/500] (felimorph), Bad Influence [+100/600], Single Shot [+100/700], Import [+800/1500], Costume [Free Conspirator], The Numberman [Free Conspirator], Little Black Book [Free Conspirator], The Hard Decisions [Free Conspirator], Needs of the Many [Free Conspirator], Meh, I can Take you [300/1200], The Importance of Leverage [150/1050], Spanner in the works [600/450], Balance Formula [150/300], Cauldron Vials [300/0], Alexandria Package = You have the standard flying brick powerset, insane strength, durability, and flight. You can toss around over 30 tons, your strength enough to tear through solid steel like tissue paper. Your durability is incredible, requiring high explosives before you even start to feel it; and your flight tops out at around five hundred miles per hour. As a secondary power you possess enhanced intelligence and perfect memory. Your power also enforces the Manton Limit on things that try to affect you, meaning that even elsewhere a telekinetic can’t pop your brain, or somebody who can conjure flames burn you from the inside out. Yes, this explicitly includes Behemoths kill aura, and will even protect you from Ziz’s telekinetic brain fuckery.
    • Mini (Phobos): Hero [Free], Outside Context Problem [Free], Bent to Broken [+200/200], Personal Issues [+100/300], Meh, I can take her [+200/500], Wanted [+200/700], Bad Influence [+200/900], Single Shot [+100/1000], Import [+800/1800], What I Fight For [Free Hero], No Such Thing as Collateral [Free Hero], Containment Foam [Free Hero], Costume [Free Hero], Weapons [Free Hero], We Stand Together [300/1500], Seeds of Conflict [300/1200], You are Not Alone [150/1050], Public Relations [150/900], Category Change [200/700], Well Adjusted [100/600], The Needs of the Many [100/500], Roots of Distress [100/400], Munchkin [100/300], Meh, I Can Take You [300/0], Iterative Improvement – Each day you gain a certain amount of charge, which you can spend to effectively “enchant” objects with superpowers. The more charge you invest in a particular object, the more you can improve and expand its abilities. A single days charge would give an object a minor power, but over time you can increase it with no upper limit beyond your investment. These objects only work for you unless you make it otherwise. As you use your power, experiment with it, and it matures from conflict and experience, the amount of charge you gain per day will increase. You can hold about a month’s worth of charge at any one time, any more will be wasted.
    • Petra (Exodus): Villain [Free], Outside Context Problem [Free], Case-53 [+200/200] Looks like a Cherubim, Bad Influence [+200/400], Bent to Broken [+200/600], Gang Pressed [+100/700], No Respect [+100/800], Single Shot [+100/900], Import [+800/1700], Tooth and Nail [Free Villain], Grit Your Teeth [Free Villain], Meh, I can Take You [150/1550], Welcome to the Underside [150/1400], Parahuman Feudalism [300/1100], Bolstering the Boardwalk [300/800], Forced Evolution [600/200], Costume [Free Villain], Weapons [Free Villain], Lair [Free Villain], Category Change [200/0], Quantum Evolution: Your body exists in a perpetual state of quantum uncertainty, and suddenly warps and evolves based on the stimulus around you to better fit your needs and desires, primarily survival. Falling off a building would result in you growing wings, bullets find themselves flattening on bio-armor that wasn’t there when the weapon was fired, and strikes in combat will find natural weaponry perfectly suited to their target shaped by the time they land. The nature of this power means you can casually switch back to your base form, and regenerate at high speeds. Retaining a change will result in its constant refinement and enhancement, the effort and energy that would be spent on adapting instead being constantly funneled into improvement. Issues like muscle memory and being unused to your forms changes aren’t a problem, you are able to use them instinctively. You can exert conscious control over your power’s changes, either total or simply guiding it in your preferred directions. Your power can evolve anything physically possible for a biological system, although its an admittedly generous definition. Your power is a lot like Crawler’s, you’re just not permanently mutated. You do not possess a core, relying instead on your regeneration and adaptation, though you’ll never suffer negative effects from needing to regenerate your brain or similar issues. Too much of you being destroyed or damaged at once can still end in your death if you’re not careful.
    • The Luteces (Columbia): Cauldron Conspirator [Free], Outside Context Problem [Free], Bent to Broken [+100/100], Personal Issues [+100/200], Case-53 [+100/300], A Bad Influence [+100/400], Wanted [+200/600], Single Shot [+100/700], Import [+800/1500], Hard Decisions [Free Conspirator], Needs of the Many [Free Conspirator], Behind the Scenes [150/1350], The Importance of Leverage [150/1200], Necessary Sacrifices [300/900], Crucible of Strife [300/600], Spanner in the Works [600/0], The Numberman [Free Conspirator], Costume [Free Conspirator], Personal Force Manipulation – Within a the space around an inch from your body you are aware of all forces currently active, and you may magnify or lessen them. This lets you turn blows against you into mere taps, while increasing your own into incredibly destructive attacks. You can extend this power to targets you are touching, up to the size of a very large vehicle. You’ll get more bang for your buck by increasing or decreasing multiple forces at a time, like increasing the kinetic force of your strikes while decreasing the physical resistance of the target at the same time. This requires no small amount of finesse, but if properly mastered you’d be a nightmare.
    • Atura (Twilight): Hero [Free], Outside Context Problem [Free], What I Fight For [Free Hero], No Such Thing as Collateral [Free Hero], You Are Not Alone [150/750], Public Relations [150/600], You Can Be More [300/300], We Stand Together [300/0], Costume [Free Hero], Weapons [Free Hero], Containment Foam [Free Hero], Personal Issues [+100/100], Case-53 [+100/200] (Feathery white hair, pink eyes), A Bad Influence [+100/300], Single Shot [+100/400], Import [+800/1200], Corona Stimulants [300/0]
      • We Stand Together [300]: In anything you are personally involved in, you can instill effectively perfect cooperation and teamwork among those around you. Even bitter enemies who want nothing more then to see each other dead will stand side by side and work together like they’ve been doing so all their lives as close comrades. The results of this cooperation tend to be the best physically possible with everyone involved. The effects of this perk will tend to rub off over time if you allow it, encouraging cooperation and discouraging infighting or conflict when there are more serious matters that require everyone to work together. As a final added benefit casualties always seem to minimal for any dire situation in which this perk takes effect.
      • Parahuman Ability – Trump – Complete Arsenal [Free]: You are a poor man’s Eidolon. You have three slots which if given a minute will be filled with a power that somehow fits your current desires or needs in some way, starting out at mid range for a parahuman and growing to high mid range over the course of five to ten minutes. You have no control over the specifics of these powers beyond keeping or releasing a power, and while they will always be of use to your needs and wants these are not tailored to your exact whims. This doesn’t change the incredible versatility this power grants you, but these powers won’t be on the same level as the others on these lists. You have an innate understanding of what these powers are and how to use them as normal.
  • Joy’s Auto-Import [X]: (Typhoon Tycoon) – Villain [Free], Tooth and Nail [Free Villain], Grit Your Teeth [Free Villain], Lair [Free Villain], Costume [Free Villain], Weapons [Free Villain], No Respect [+100/100], On The Radar [+200/300], Meh, I can Take Her [+200/500], Wanted [+200/700], Bent to Broken [+200/900], Bad Influence [+100/1000], Single Shot [+100/1100], Out of Context Problem [Free], Meh I Can Take You [150/950], Parahuman Feudalism [300/650], You Can Be More [600/50], Friendbringers [50/0], Air Control – Don’t laugh at it, the power to sense and manipulate air within a large radius is incredibly potent. The range of your power is roughly several city blocks, and its strength is enough to shred stone within an instant and metal shortly after. Of special note is your ability to compress air to the point that it’ll act like a liquid or solid, granting it incredible strength from the raw pressure. Releasing this compressed gas makes for incredibly dangerous aerokinetic explosions. Your power’s strength and control is much greater in areas with large open spaces and strong winds. If an airborne opponent was stupid enough to fight you high up in the atmosphere in the global slipstreams you’d be a living force of nature.
  • Ahab’s Auto Import [X]: (Gunstar Shard) – Shard [Free]. Lessons of Adversity [Free Shard], Roots of Distress [Free Shard], Passenger [+200/200], Personal Issues [+100/300], A Bad Influence [+100/400], Case-53 [+200/600], Wanted [+200/800], Single Shot [+100/900], Out of Context Problem [Free], Forced Evolution [300/900], Crucible of Strife [600/0], Assimilation – You are capable of merging technology or non-living materials into your body, your power recording their properties and allowing you to manifest them at will. These objects require a little time to digest, but once that is done you can manifest them with your body in any way you care to imagine. Assimilate titanium and turn your bones into it, turn your arms into weapons, bud computer systems along your nerves to add processing power, and overall transform into an ever-shifting cybernetic monstrosity. Larger pieces of technology are possible but you’re limited to being about five times your base size, spaceships and the like are probably beyond you. Expendable resources will be provided by your power assuming you have assimilated a sample of them. Ex: Bullets, fuel, etc. Doesn’t work on magic, but does on magi-tech, since it is sufficiently “science”.
    • Permanent Fusion: Ahab & Emma Barnes have fused in a two minds / one body kind of way. The result is kinda bitchy.
  • CHAIN DRAWBACK – Single Shot [100 FD]: Death is no longer a revolving door for your Companions. Companions that die in a Jump stay dead until the end of the Jump, rather than respawning after a day or three. If they have a Perk, Power, or Item that allows them to respawn (a 1-up), that works as normal. If you have Rez abilities, you can use them, though it is actively draining to do so. All your Companions gain 100 CP automatically every jump this is active for.  If a companion is not imported, they do not get freebies or origins. Baseline Import Rule does not count for this.
  • GLOBAL COMPANION IMPORT RULE [Not Invoked]: 400 CP buys 8 Imports with 600 CP and a free origin with cost not to exceed 200 CP, plus all applicable freebies and discounts.
  • BASELINE IMPORT RULE [Invoked]: All companions who desire it gain a free baseline import into all jumps. This means they gain an identity with basic or drop-in memories fit for the setting, a temporary form for the setting, and any perks or items required to survive in the setting. Use of the Baseline Import Rule locks out all non-defensive or utility abilities and limits utility to non-overt forms. Memory and LOS telepathic communication are not hampered by this.
  • Cauldron Vial Powers
    • Alexander / The Invigilator: Stranger 7 – The Inquisitor Shard. Alex can asks questions that must be answered. Simple fact questions bypass higher thought, merely consulting the information network (machine or otherwise) while computation questions will continue to consult higher computation resources as the situation allows… but the longer the time the question persists unanswered, the greater the drive to solve the question becomes. If Alex posses an answer, right or wrong, this resolves the stress caused by failing to generate an answer… and the higher that stress was, the more likely the questioned individual is to accept Alex’s answer. This is a form of memetic attack and relies upon compulsion and telepathic suggestion. If someone else provides an answer, it must seem reasonable to the questioned to resolve the compulsion.
    • Maggie / Roadhog: Master 6 – The Dispatcher Shard. Maggie can control mechanical vehicles touched as long as they remain within a confined traffic network. Controlling cars and motorcycles is relatively easy, but the bigger the vehicle, more strain this puts on her. Like Regent, once she’s gained control of a vehicle, she does not have to touch it again to regain control.
    • Amaryllis / WoollyBully: Brute 7 – The Cocoon Shard.  Amaryllis can wool out, generating a regenerating coat of wool that protects her from almost everything as it ablates away. She can tangle people up in her wool and the wool adapts to what’s attacking it as it grows. She can harden the wool to provide incredibly dense and hard shapes, though this takes time and concentration, as the wool is essentially carbon nano-fiber. Although she cannot generate diamond edges on her own (yet) by teaming up with someone who can use fire or when fighting a fire generator, the wool can rapidly be hardened to diamond hardness and edge.
    • Velma / Papercut: Changer 6, Mover 2, Striker 2, Stranger 2, Shaker 1, Brute 1, Breaker 1, Blaster 1 – The Inbetweener Shard. Velma can flatten herself into a nearly 2-Dimensional form. This has a number of useful and strange effects, but few of them are particularly useful. In her 2D State, she is considered a Mover 2 because she can pass through almost any crack or gap. She is considered Shaker 1 by virtue of being able to use herself as a form of trap as she can grow quite large in this state. Similarly, she is a Brute 1 because she is highly durable in her flattened form, being nearly undamagable by anything that isn’t a piercing effect. This entire effect has a Breaker 1 effect, since it does apply to anything inorganic she’s holding or wearing. An odd effect is that she can inhale a very large amount of air, apparently compressing it in her lungs, and then expelling it to cause strong but very localized wind gusts, thus qualifying her, barely, as a Blaster 1. She is also a Striker 2, since her physical blows, although not any stronger than normal, can slide through the thinnest gaps in defenses. Because it is virtually impossible to see her in this form, the power is ranked Stranger 2. Changer 6 by virtue of the primary effect.
    • Cirno / Cheesecake: Tinker 6 – The Chef-Technician Shard. Cooking and Food based technologies and Techniques. Nanotech Candies, self-cooking meals, food pills, everlasting gobstoppers, food preservation technologies.
    • AJ / Galad: Mover 5, Master 5, Brute 5, Thinker 5, Striker 5 – The Dawnforged Shard. Galad has a pair of charges that can produce a number of beneficial constructs to manifest around him. These constructs seem to be formed out of a golden glow, and can be broken with sufficient force, which dissipates the effect of a single charge apparently at random. It takes approximately ten seconds for each charge to replenish once it’s used, and both charges have to be used (on different effects) before any effect manifests and before the replenishment timer begins. We’re not exactly certain why this is, but it seems to be a hard limit. The charges, when used, generate or upgrade one of five construct effects. These sub-powers are referred to by the names: Wings of Dawn, Eyes of Light, Righteous Defender, Radiant Glory, and Stalwart Avenger.
      • Wings of Glory manifests as Hermes-style winged boots and grants Mover abilities, either superhuman speed and reflexes at one charge or flight at two charges (which causes the wings to octuple in size). Speeds up to 320 mph have been documented on a straight way at either charge level.
      • Eyes of Light manifests as a golden cast to his eyes, turning them a solid metallic color at the second charge, grants Thinker abilities. The first charge grants increased combat processing and directional danger sense. The second grants improved situational awareness and a combat gestalt that makes him a superb field tactician, understanding how to move allies to best effect.
      • Righteous Defender manifests as golden weapons or handheld item crafted of solid light and confers a Striker effect. These weapons / items are always medieval themed and never ranged weapons for some reason, but have manifested as everything from maces to swords to halberds to shields to goblets to semaphore flags and from every culture from mesoamerica to macedonia to mongolia. At the first charge, they’re as effective as supernaturally sharp steel, and nearly indestructible. At the second charge, they grow fuzzy around the edges and cause a kind of burny-rippy damage that is similar to that generated by a vibroknife. A charge can generate up to two seperate objects at the same time, though it need not. And a charge can be expended to change the shape of the weapon or item at will.
      • Radiant Glory manifests as a Golden Banner like a Samurai’s Sashimono or Uma-jirushi at the second charge and generates a Master effect. At both charge levels, it generates a pair of emotional / mental influences, one targeted at the ‘enemy’ and one targeted at ‘allies’. This can (for example) cause fear or despair or a desire to surrender in enemies and courage, daring, or resolve in allies. Any single concept can be applied as long as he can encapsulate it a single concrete thought or word. Charge level 1 works on line of sight. Level 2 works on both LOS and on everyone within 100 meters. It has no lasting effect outside of its area of influence.
      • Stalwart Avenger is the only part with more than two charge levels, and manifests as progressively more and more durable and all encompassing golden armor, which grants Brute effects (increased strength and durability) which are not limited to merely being a squishy in a can, but extend pervasively through Galad’s entire body. The first level merely changes everything he’s wearing to a kind of golden glow and turns him into a Brute 2. The second charge increases that to Brute 3 and manifests a Roman Centurion’s Lorica and Galea (armor and helmet). The third charge increases him to Brute 4 and manifests as Scale & Chain Saracen warrior. The fourth and final charge boosts him to Brute 5 and manifests as full gothic platemail. No matter the degree of helmetage, his vision and hearing are not impaired. Although he doesn’t possess direct regeneration, a charge can be expended at any time one is available to cause a ‘healing surge’ which restores him to either full endurance or full health or repairs a single major injury.
      • All aspects of this power can be turned off at will and without any of them active, Galad is indistinguishable from a normal person. With 12 charges to reach full power, it takes just under 2 minutes for him to fully power up.
    • Francine / Haberdasher: Thinker 7 – The Network Operations Shard. Can co-opt part of the mental processing powers of anyone around her, as well as utilize their senses. Rejected the nickname ‘Panopticon’. This doesn’t give her control over them, nor does it allow her to read their minds… but it does allow her to make use of their knowledge and skills as if she possessed them natively, as well as their muscle memory. Potential Master, Stranger, and Trump elements, but not strong enough to rank. Overuse of her power causes Thinker headaches in those she co-opts.
    • Amelia / Swapmeet: Trump 9, Shaker 5, Thinker 2 – The Exchange Shard. Swapmeet exchanges powers randomly between individuals using the same power types (Shard Powers, Magic, Mutations). Since this covers a wide area it is considered a Shaker effect, and since she gains knowledge of who had which power and who got which power, it is considered a Thinker effect. The effects wear off after a time. An S-Class Threat.
    • Tess / Hyperkinetic: Brute 7 – The Speedball Shard. The more physical damage she soaks up, the faster she gets. She is functionally immune to any attack that relies upon any form of vibration transfer (kinetic, sonic, light, fire) and absorbs all of them to fuel her speed. The fact that she is immune to kinetic damage means she can hit things as hard as she wants to without damaging herself.
    • Yuzuha / Mirror Maze: Stranger 7, Mover 5, Master 2 – The Fun-House Shard. Can generate mirror-like planes which cause extreme disorientation in those who look into them, as if they were looking into a fun-house mirror and having their sense of self warped by what they see. Can move between each of these mirrors at will, giving her a localized form of teleportation that is line of sight, as she can create a mirror wherever she can see. The mirrors are semi-solid collections of solidified carbon-dioxide and it takes a few seconds for each mirror to form, and she can only form one mirror at a time, and mirrors are not mobile. While intact, her mirrors are largely immune to other aerokinetic effects.
    • Kendra / Photocell: Changer 4, Tinker 5, Shaker 3, Mover 4 – The Monster Mash Shard. Photocell’s power is directly tied to movie technology, specifically costumes & cinematography. By used of photographic technology, she can transform into a facsimile of a variety of classic movie monsters (Complete with their powersets, though not always at full power), can create portals from any photograph to a location it perfectly depicts, change something’s color with a high degrees of specificity, and trap people in photographic images… though they aren’t terribly hard to overcome. Although classed as a Tinker, her technology isn’t hugely cutting edge and seems to rely on optics and light constructs. She rejected the nickname ‘Monster Mash’. Her portals can also be done using highly detailed drawings. A Grab-Bag. (Special Thanks to Ursine.)
    • Anne / Trendsetter: Thinker 6 – The Social Butterfly Shard. The ability to transform information sets into patterns and use that as predictive values. The more information she has access to, the greater the accuracy of her predictions, and the information need not have a direct connection to what she predicts. Unfortunately, focusing on a single area to make a prediction causes thinker headaches, and most of the time a new piece of information about cloth manufacturing might allow her to make a prediction about next season’s fashions… or it could allow her to predict coffee futures.  She has an instinctive ability to determine the veracity of facts, but even untrue ‘facts’ can lead to breakthroughs. Incredible data-retention and the ability to read as fast as she can see new words. Side effect of this power is that she can intuit parts of data sets from incomplete data… such as extrapolating an entire language from only a hundred words.
    • Doc Tennenbaum / Mitochondria:  Trump 4 – The Powerhouse Shard. Boosts the powers of those she touches, transferring health and endurance as well. She recovers her own stamina incredibly fast and has Brute 2 level regen. Fairly bad description. Bad SJ.
    • Toph / Toros: Shaker, Breaker, Changer – (I don’t have a good Shard Name, or ranks, feel free to suggest. also, this is not a good description.) Can turn into a bullmorph and scramble the battlefield and wrap ends of locations back upon themselves.
    • Bart / Soulmate: Stranger / Changer – Bart’s power makes him extremely attractive to other people. When alone with another person, his body will change to become more and more inline with their ideal, without them noticing the transition. When in a crowd, he will shift to be either more anonymous or more the gestalt ideal over time, depending on desires. If he’s attuned to someone already, he can override this adaptation and slide into their ideal at will. He cannot read what people’s ideal is on a conscious level, merely becoming it. The process takes about an hour and a half if he’s able to focus on the individual, more time if there are others present and the target isn’t focusing on him, less if either of those are true and much less if both are. *Very similar to Oliver’s, based on the same vial. Hopefully different enough.*
    • Dyna / Hardshell: Brute 6, Changer 3, Striker 2 – Armadillo plates and claws. The plates have a fairly decent adaptation effect and the claws have a mild matter disrupting effect that grows stronger towards the tips.
    • Rayray / Induction: Shaker / Trump / Thinker – Can turn people into electromagnets if she can touch anything they’re touching. The thinker element comes from being able to extend her senses through any electrical network she’s in contact with. The trump element I’m lacking. Blah. Ranks too. I can do better.
    • Bao / Skatagory:  Stranger 4 – The Babylon Shard. In his presence it is extremely hard to match the names of objects with those objects. This is caused by some kind of interference in the corpus callosum of the human brain, blocking communication between left and right hemispheres. Prolonged contact can make people begin to forget the words they use most commonly. Neither effect is permanent, but the longer the exposure, the longer it takes to wear off. If he concentrates on someone, the forgetfulness happens more rapidly. Does work on people with eidetic memories, doesn’t work so well on Thinkers with advanced mental processing. Absolutely fucks up non-quantum computers.
    • Uriel / Popcorn: Blaster 4 – Can cause non-living matter to puff up explosively. Doesn’t work on material larger than a few cm on a side. Carries a variety of small objects since they can be launched and exploded at range or exploded directionally to cause a rocketing effect. Can explode part of an item and not all of it. Considered to be Shaker to a lesser extent because of the wide extent of the area covered by the explosions.
    • Kohina / Catseye: Master 4 / Thinker 2 – Kohina can control cats, see through their eyes, hear through their ears. Cats she hangs around with grow smarter, larger, stronger, and tougher over time. They do not revert outside of her presence.
    • Caine / Epidemic: Trump 5 – Creates viruses that cause short lived powers. Need more comprehensive description, dumb dumb.
    • Reggy / Vortex: Mover, Blaster, Shaker – Teleports via collapsing singularities, leaving behind a implosion effect, which is both Blaster and Shaker in nature. The longer she concentrates the further she can go and the smaller the vortex, but rapid ports can rip apart an area. Need Power Ranks.
    • Gaius / Afterglow: Blaster 7 – The Photo-echo Shard. Generates lightbodies that act like strikers, attacking people in melee and causing radiation damage. They burn out rather rapidly, and are semi-solid. They are as fast as a normal human being, but since they’re largely immune to gravity and inertia, they can accelerate without limit. They are nearly massless however, so aside from the heat and intense glow and radiation, their blows are not damaging.
    • Ziggy / Naptime: Stranger 5, Stranger 3 – The Zonk Shard. People just want to curl up someplace comfortable and sleep when he’s around. This is far more effective when he himself is sleeping. When people spot him, they have the desire to pet him and give him treats.
    • Vita Zero / Hammerfall: Mover 3, Shaker 2, Blaster 2, Striker 2, Breaker 4, Tinker 3. Makes and Summons Hammers with weird effects. Can cause hammershaped objects to form out of raw materials but doesn’t seem to have particularly good control of the effects of the rapidly created hammers. She can cause these hammers to fly around and augment them with various minor reality warping effects when she’s directly holding them.
    • Lilith Carthagos / Cheshire: Mover 4 – The Uncertainty Shard. Cheshire, can translocate parts of her body at will. Each piece is always somewhere, but not necessarily in relation to each other. Each piece can rotate freely in midair and she seems to be aware of every piece of herself at all times. She can use this to teleport as pieces can leapfrog. Each piece must remain within 137 meters of each other piece, and currently the smallest piece she can separate is her pinkie toe, but each piece seems to need to be a complete unit (eg. nose, ear, eye, finger). If she breaks a link that connects multiple pieces to the main network, all those pieces will snap back to her primary location, where primary is defined as ‘Largest biomass’. She does not seem to have a core and can move organs outside the body. Moved sections do not seem to suffer environmental exposure beneath a certain threshold, but direct attacks usually do cause damage, though lower damage than they should, indicating that they aren’t, perhaps, completely ‘there’ in some currently unmeasurable way.
    • Kagetane / FOOF 5: Striker 4 – The Oxidizer Shard. FOOF – Can generate a substance that is a hyperoxidizer, a substance that can burn practically everything. Described as Clorine-Trifloride’s evil twin, the one saving grace of this substances is its lack of toxic fumes. Although completely impossible to put out by conventional means, he has to deliver it via touch or, often, buy coating a sword in it. It can be extinguished by conceptual means or via vibration suppression. Magic is fully effective against it. He can dial in exactly how burny he wants his goo to appear and can, as long as he is in contact with it, render it inert or keep it from burning.
    • Paradise / Outfitter: Trump 5 – The Blacksmith Shard. She possesses the ability to imbue others with specific defenses against any threat she is familiar with.  ‘Suiting up’ takes a minute for full effectiveness, but she can imbue others with a more short-term (10 minutes instead of 20 hours) form of defense with only a few seconds. she calls this process ‘Rubbering Up’… in reference to the boots. She can Bespoke, which provides even longer protection, in theory indefinite, but this takes her exposing the subject to varying degrees of the danger and adjusting their system to be more in tune with the protections. Can apply these defenses to herself, but seems to have a limit to how many different defenses she can have active, though she can Rubber herself Up extremely rapidly… as in faster than her conscious mind can register a threat, though this does present a potential weakness as it is possible to run out her slots and cause the oldest to cycle, leaving her vulnerable. The more specific defense, the more absolute it is, but the less effective. In fights one on one, however, she has enough slots to render herself functionally immune to everything that enemy can throw at her unless that enemy has an extremely varied attack set.
    • Catryn / Papermoth: Master 4 – Origami Kami Shard. Papermoth creates swarms of silk-like constructs. While not particularly strong, they are extremely durable and she can control a huge number of them. They are very light. Creating them takes time, so she usually covers herself in tens of thousands of them as a costume. Unlike Skitter / Hive Queen, they are not alive and do not have senses, but they are also not limited to practical lifeforms. She creates the silk-like substance from her own skin and the process is painless. They resemble tattoos while growing and she can convert her entire body surface area to constructs in about 6 minutes. Using this power requires a large amount of protein. She can also coat her hair in the silk, allowing her to control it telekinetically. She can cause them to bond to exposed skin. Her own skin is usually impregnated with as many as three millimeters worth of papersilk.
    • Nurgath / Knifehand:  Striker 6 – Ginsu Shard. His hands can generate planes of force that have fractal edges that are capable of cutting nearly everything made of matter. They are all but useless against energy fields and nearly useless against self-reorganizing matter, but beyond monomolecular edges can be generated, and they aren’t simply smooth, but rather a kind of transmono-molecular chainsaw.
    • Sabine san Leor / Bliss: Striker 6, Stranger 3. Sabine can reflect physical damage she receives in melee onto those who caused it. She feels pain as pleasure and this bleeds into those who are damaged by this mirror effect. Damage she can’t reflect (from ranged sources for instance) builds up and is transferred to the first person to damage her in close quarters. Fighting her can be addictive.
    • Decima / Gestalt: Master 5 – The Overwatch Shard. Gestalt grants a perfect combat gestalt to all allies within her range and is constantly aware of their condition and can move around vitality at will, acting as a conduit. What she knows, everyone in the gestalt becomes aware of. Acts as a sink for despair, fear, or rage that might impair others in the gestalt. Her range depends on her emotional state, and requires her to be calm and focused to work optimally. She thinks this is MONDO BOGUS! Max range ~300m radius sphere. minimum range ~120m radius sphere. Must be able to see the individual to add them to the gestalt. Can add unconscious people to the gestalt without their permission. Cannot kill directly with vitality shifting, but can make death a virtual certainty.
    • Dewitt Bookstock / Myriad: Master 6. Myriad creates quantum clones of himself, like Naruto’s Shadowclone Jutsu, but as durable as he himself is. Damage done to any Myriad can be shifted to any other Myriad and there’s very little way to determine if you’re dealing with the original or a q-clone. The current number of clones is in the mid-thirties, but it’s expected that will grow over time.
    • Jaan / Verisimilitude: Shaker 5. Verisimilitude: creates highly photorealistic illusions over a large area, making the area look completely different to all visual senses. These are essentially hardlight holograms that are strong enough to interact with, though she has trouble generating copies of any living thing more complex than plants or normal scale bugs.
    • Manfred Booker / Revenant: Changer 7. Revenant is a Resurrection Brute) Whenever killed, he rips out of his own corpse like it’s a cocoon, becoming progressively more withered and twisted with each iteration. His blows sap vitality which restores him to looking human, but the more ‘undead’ he appears, the faster, tougher, and stronger he gets. He can choose to slough off his outer layer any time he likes, removing any damage he’s taken effectively instantly. Clothes do get in the way of this, but he possesses a rudimentary ability to change his outer appearance as well, mimicking clothing at will, or (more often) wearing the half-mummified shreds of earlier forms.
    • Black Jenny / Transformica: Changer 9, Blaster 6, Brute 7. She turns into a massive  (6 stories tall seems to be the maximum) formica ant that spits formic acid and has bit ol mandibles strong enough to casually crush tanks. She causes huge ant infestations around her as her icor literally transforms into black ants of all sizes and species, including giant ants on the order of large dogs. She cannot control ants in any way. Her stench in combat is considered a Shaker effect by itself. As a Brute she heals incredibly fast, relying on regeneration rather than toughness, though she is tougher than she seems, just very easy to damage superficially, as her exoskeleton can be easily pierced by mundane attacks. This is deceptive, as such damage is effectively meaningless to her. She is an S-Class Threat.
    • Sakura / Weaponeer: Striker 7. Sakura can form any weapon she can imagine as long as it is physically possible and hand held. She has complete mastery of all weapon related skills from all of human history, and prefers to use melee weaponry as she cannot easily generate ammunition and the weapons she generates adapt to the defenses of whatever she hits them against over time.
    • Stern / Equilibrium: Shaker 6. Generates subsonics that cause loss of coordination, disorientation, and even pain over time. Cancels out most other sonic effects, including making speaking difficult.
    • Dearche / Van De Graaf: Blaster 7. Creates an insubstantial sphere around herself that can be several hundred meters wide that becomes progressively more and more filled with purple-blue lightning. Can amp this lightning from harmless to lethal. The sphere is visible to the naked eye as a blueshift. It moves with her and fades only gradually once she is rendered unconscious.
    • Levi / Follow-On: Striker 9, Brute 5, Master 2. Creates after images behind her that mimic her own actions. She’s extremely dense and very fast, deflecting most blows that manage to hit her. The after-images sometimes have a mind of their own, or at least seem to. It’s like a form of ADHD when she’s not focusing on combat. This causes them to knock things over, play with passers by, doodle on things, and, if annoyed, the after-images can lash out even without Follow-On being aware. She is an S-Class Threat if not kept focused. In times of stress, as many as forty after-images have been generated.
    • Fredrika / Trauma Center: Shaker 4. Trauma Sends out quasi-substantial shockwaves that cause more damage the more damaged the target already is. In effect, it uses existing damage to inflict more damage.
    • Lizzy / Riftripper: Blaster 5. Riftripper generates bolts that are actual dimensional tears, capable of bypassing most material defenses to cause ripping damage along the edge of the seam… essentially like being caught by the edge of an unshielded portal. The bolts are not particularly fast and don’t have huge range, but she can fire quite a lot of them at a time, more if she stands still while doing so.
    • Iana Faust / Blork: Blaster / Mover. Blork covers herself in a sheath of greasy protons that allow her to ignore inertia, gravity, and surface-friction selectively. She can also generate greasy photonic blasts which have a lingering effect that interferes with the target’s surface-friction and inertia if it’s inorganic (i.e. it makes surfaces slick and objects loose interia, making them easy to move… and easy to stop.)
    • Whitey Brightside / Wildfyre: Striker / Brute / Blaster. Wildfyre coats himself in a kind of bioplasmic gel that shocks people, allows him to generate plasma blasts, and absorbs impacts. He’s generally very tough and strong too.
    • Korosensei / Bulletstorm: Thinker 5, Mover 5, Breaker 5, Stranger 5, Shaker 5. Bulletstorm Fires concentrated Chronogravimetric distortions and generates a chronogravimetric field around himself. Both have a similar effect which causes time to slow down around either the bullets or himself, making dodging them extremely tricky as the closer they get to you, the more wonky your sense of time gets. This effect also allows him to stand on any surface by changing how he interacts with local gravity. His sense of time is not slowed and appears to be largely time-independent.
    • Beth / Wakeup Call: Breaker 7. Imagine pouring the very idea of coffee into a sleeping person… now, imagine that person is actually dead… and the coffee works. That’s Wakeup Call. Beth’s power allows her to bring back the recently killed in a hyper-focused, hyper-aggressive state. Essentially she can turn other people into Resurrection Brutes. Not only does it work on the recently dead, but it also seems to work pretty well on the unconscious or dazed, though not as well. The effects of the boost, which turn the subjects into a temporary vanilla brute (Brute 4-5, Regeneration, Durability, and Strength), last up to 13 hours, but fade pretty rapidly if life or death stimulus is lacking. She requires a mostly intact body to make this work, but massive wounds, including head wounds don’t seem to stop the effect… although those who have suffered head wounds prior to being woken up are usually extremely confused and even more violent than others.
    • Caitlyn / Executive: Thinker 3/3. The Network Shard. She can see out of all nearby cameras (as long as they are on) and sense the contents of every nearby visual display unit (TV or Monitor).
    • Caerdwyn / Basset Hound: Thinker 5. She has incredible tracking skills. Could literally track a gull over the ocean. Hypertime perception and highly acute senses. Minor pericog effect in addition to sensory effects.
    • Sierra / Echo: Mover 4 / Blaster 5 / Thinker 3. Able to generate sonic blasts for both attack and movement. Has highly refined hearing and advanced equilibrium. Movement controls are fine enough for her to vector thrust with them and she can generate pulses with any part of her body. Is extremely loud when she fights and her blasts seem to echo better than they should.
    • Odwet / Venture: Mover 6. Venture can tunnel through solid matter without damaging it structurally, leaves holes that do not weaken. Can move through the air without friction because the air moves out of the way, creating bubbles of air and a semi-solid shockwave around him at all times while he’s moving. Doesn’t need to breath.
    • Buji / Migraine: Stranger 5. When those who can perceive Buji try to think about him, it causes them more and more pain like a thinker headache the longer they think about him. This effect persists even after he’s no longer within perception range, but fades over time. He does not like this power and thinks, rightly so, that it is bullshit. It can be dialed back and those familiar with him rapidly build up a resistance to the effect unless he’s angry, which makes the effect stronger.
    • Simon / Hesitation: Striker 7 / Stranger 2. Causes people to pause briefly before attacking, blocking, or reacting to him. Although technically more of a Stranger power, the incredibly short range of the power and the very short duration (less than a second per firing) make it very much a close combat ability. People who can perceive Simon with any known sense seem to be affected… and the duration of the hesitation does not seem to vary based on the reaction speed of the other. If he is close to someone, he can focus to throw them off their game against someone other than himself, but this only works at a range of three meters or less. It should be noted that every attack, block, or any other form of reaction or action directed at Simon gets dinged with a tiny pause.
    • Luna / Detonator: Blaster 9, Shaker 5, Mover 2. Luna can create spheres of force that collapse inward until they explode violently. The larger the sphere the slower it collapses but the larger the timed detonation is. Any non-living matter caught in the sphere is compressed (the larger the sphere the greater the compression), and when the sphere eventually explodes, it is expelled outward as shrapnel. By using micro-explosions she can move herself around the battlefield extremely rapidly. She can generate multiple explosives at a time and is largely immune to kinetic damage. The spheres all detonate at the same size and collapse at the same rate.
    • Windjammer/ Windup: Breaker / Brute / Master. Can Wind people who are stationary up as if they were spring powered. This transforms normals into brutes and boost brutes. Can apply this power to himself. Need not be in physical contact with the individual but must be able to see the individual and be closer than about 200m. Takes about an ever increasing amount of time the higher the brute effect is. 1 takes about 2 seconds, Brute 2 takes about six (6) seconds, Brute 3 takes about twelve (12) seconds, Brute 4 twenty, Brute 5 thirty… the effect lasts less and less time as well. Brute 1 lasts about 30 Minutes, brute 2 lasts 15 Minutes, Brute 3 lasts 10 minutes, Brute 4 8 minutes, Brute 5 6, Brute 6 5… and so on.
    • Verona Amicii / Secret: Stranger 4 / Thinker 4. Can determine how many people know a piece of information as long as she knows it. Can remove that knowledge from those she can touch. She also can tell if someone knows something she herself knows by looking at them. Is not a telepathic scan, but can be blocked by those immune to telepathy.
    • Alicia Domina / Haywire: Master / Tinker / Thinker. Causes machines to go berserk, giving them pseudo personalities if they’re computer driven. Haywire’s machines, if left alone, will continue to seek to upgrade themselves. Haywire is a Tinker at upgrading machines to get higher performance. powering off a machine she’s infected usually removes the infection, but it must be completely powered down to be effect.
    • Invidius / Sanctum: Brute 4. As long as he remains immobile, he and the area around him for a few meters in every direction is inviolable. While immobile he heals incredibly rapidly and extends a lesser healing effect to those within the area. While moving he’s as strong and tough as a stone building (Brute 4) but becomes Brute 9, Mover -1 when immobile.
    • Scipio / Jellyfish: Striker 4. Generates nematocysts like a jellyfish and can use them to deliver incredibly painful touch attacks that can be fatal to baseline humans. He can impregnate surfaces with these poison cells, though they degrade fairly rapidly.
    • Placida / Ball Pit: Shaker 6. Ball Pit can cause physical objects in the area to bud, generating spheres of varying composition and sizes. These spheres  fill the area, more and more as the fight continues. Ballpit can cause these balls to divide and merge at will, and can cause them to float or fall as needed. The extra matter appears to come from a parallel universe, and fades back to that universe once she leaves the area.
    • Lucida / Avatar: Stranger / Trump / Changer. Lucida seems to have many of the powers of a Messiah. She can heal wounds, raise the recent dead, transmute liquids and organics, walk on water, and manifest a variety of ranged weapons at will. She also has an extreme charisma aura which causes people to pay attention to her unless actively in danger from a different source.
    • Fleetwood Hale / Rabbit Hole: Mover 7. Can create a warren of extra-dimensional tunnels linking one or more places he’s been too physically. The distance inside this space is quite extensive, certainly large enough to hold several dozen people and their equipment. There is a limit to how many active locations can be linked, but once a location has been linked to the warren it is easier for him to reestablish an open link. He can open a hole into his warren wherever he is, but this takes a few moments concentration and initially just generates a side pocket. Once inside the warren, he can snap the link closed or extend pockets to join the main warren. This is not instant transportation, but seems to compress distances by a factor of at least 200:1… thus a distance of 1 kilometer outside would be 5 meters inside. The tunnel appears to be made initially of substances around the opening and is roughly 12 foot in diameter. It cannot cross dimensional boundaries.
    • Soffie / Charger: Mover 6 / Striker 4. The more she moves, the faster she goes, becoming harder and harder to stop, creating a kinetic wedge in front of her. Each time she shifts vector the space right in front of her gets hit with a burst of kinetic energy, but it has very little range. The greater the vector change, the larger the burst and the greater the velocity loss, but she can effectively reverse her vector with only a 75% loss of velocity. At 90 degrees it is a mere 50%. The wedge also protects her from air-resistance and impacts from the front proportional to her current speed. Can reach 20mph in half a second, or about four times the acceleration of Usain Bolt and tops out at over 300mph.
    • Alessa / Primary: Changer 5. Whenever stressed, Primary evolves into a more advanced human form. This isn’t limited to adapting to damage takin, as it is preemptive. This seems to be like a combination of PTV and Evolution, with her body reacting to approaching or potential threats and finding the best path to adapt to it.
    • Ladysmith Book / Indian Giver: Stranger / Trump / Changer. She can steal people’s powers and identities, with a touch, but can only hold two powers and one identity at a time. This doesn’t come with their memories or knowledge of how to use their powers, and when she takes another power one of the two she holds has to be released, snapping back to the original holder. When she takes someone’s identity, she becomes a perfect physical copy of them and they become a perfect physical copy of whatever she looked like at the time she took their identity. The physical change wears off on those whose identity was stolen slowly, slowly morphing back to themselves over the next three days.
    • VIvian / Autodidact: Thinker 5. Instinctively understands the how of skills, knowing the best way to teach anyone anything or the most efficient way to learn it herself. Can look at a piano and know how to go about learning to play it, build it, or repair it… and if she already knows those things, how to teach someone else to do so extremely rapidly. Her instructions for a kind of autohypnotic suggestion matrix in the learner so that the skills naturally reinforce themselves when used.)

Jump #83 – History’s Strongest Disciple / Ikki Tousen

  • Name: Sun Ji
  • Location: Yamigadani, The heart of Japan. A secret secluded glade high in the mountains. Its high altitude and extreme distance from any civilization make it an excellent place for training martial arts. The faint of heart and body however will likely starve to death as food supplies are limited and easily perishable
  • Age: 17 years old
  • Gender: Female Yao from Myanmar / Burma
  • Log: Not Ready For This, So Much Senseless Violence
  • World #: 76
  • Unfinished Business?: Where did this kid come from?
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  • Jump 83 - History's Strongest Disciple 1
  • Disciple[100/900/1000]: You are at the bottom rung of the martial arts world. A new comer who has just been apprenticed to a master­class martial artist. On the bright side, you have guidance. Whether one of the masters of Ryozanpaku or one of the dastardly one­shadow­nine fists, you have someone willing to guide you on your path if you’re willing to put in the effort.
    • The Superman [+300/1300]: you’ve pissed off Hayato Furinji, the invincible superman. Master of 108 techniques which border on the supernatural. Able to bend battleship cannons, flip tanks and defeat five hundred master class Shaolin warriors at once. In 5 years, he will find you no matter where you are. His sheer strength and worldliness allows him to instantly identify and counter any supernatural ability or power you may have before you can even use it. You must successfully engage him in a “conversation” with your fists lasting no less than thirty days. If you are able to survive this onslaught he will acknowledge your strength…only to challenge you to another rematch in another five years. He will have spent all of this time training and be roughly twice as strong. Failing either of these fights will count as a loss.
    • Fanservice [+100/1400]: No matter what you do, what you wear or how much you prepare, you will almost invariably find yourself losing your clothes. Battles where you are just getting into/out of a bath as well as when you are changing clothes will become increasingly frequent occurrences for you. When you do fight it is guaranteed that your clothes will be removed or destroyed in the process. Hope you don’t plan on wearing anything nice or fancy because it WILL end up in tatters.
    • Crippled [+200/1600]: You are crippled in some way. Atura and Higher have stripped me of nearly everything superhuman.
    • The Shadow War [+0]: In this world there is a secret war between the martial artists of the Katsujinken and Satsujinken. In the modern era these polarizing philosophies have come to be embodied in the organizations dubbed Ryouzanpaku and YOMI respectively. You will prove an integral part of this conflict and will undoubtedly be drawn into the events of the main plot as well as be present for all major conflicts therein.
  • Katsujinken [Free]: Those who follow the path of “Katsujinken” or “life giving fist” hold that the true purpose of martial arts is to protect those who cannot protect themselves and improve the lives of those around them. People who follow this viewpoint view the death of their opponent as tantamount to defeat and shun those who purposefully kill. By embarking on this path, you develop a kind and calm demeanor, capable of setting just about anyone at ease. So long as you hold to this philosophy, you will be able to have a brief but significant dialogue with your opponent before any act of open combat.
  • Sei Ki [Free]: Sei​­ Those who utilize Sei Ki seek to focus their Ki inwards. In battle this results in an inner calm and centeredness that lends itself well to thoughtful action and awareness of surroundings. Those who have Sei Ki will be able to master techniques that do not rely on power or anger but on wits, talent and skill. Sei users will be more likely to come up with new inventive solutions in combat and will frequently have moments of insight that may turn an unwinnable battle in their favor.
  • Unarmed [Free]: Unarmed​­ Martial artists who choose the path of unarmed combat will seek to turn their own bodies into weapons and tools of martial arts. Prepared for any encounter at any time, these masters will likely be slightly less effective in combat than weapons users, but will never have a decrease in effectiveness as a result of losing their weapon. Whenever you fight unarmed you will find that you consistently deal more damage and are more accurate with your strikes than if you held a weapon.
  • Martial Art – Kalaripayattu [Free]: A very old martial art with roots in ancient India, perhaps it is the closest to the original martial art humans developed. It is more holistic than other martial arts, focusing on both ways to damage and restore the body. Its practitioners are usually incredibly flexible (usually practicing yoga in conjunction with it) and are experts in the use of oils and massage therapy for the treatment of injuries. It is both an armed and unarmed martial art.
  • Etiquette [Free for Disciple]: You are instinctively knowledgeable about the etiquette and deference that must be shown in any martial art or martial culture. You are aware of faux pas or mild signs of disrespect and will subconsciously avoid making them. You know how to show respect as well as where and when it is best to show it without being considered a sycophant or rude. So long as the culture is rooted in combat and discipline, you will never offend someone unless you actively seek to do so.
  • Combat Empathy [300/600/1000]: In battle, you can “read” the flow of your opponent’s movements, understanding where they intend to hit and their thoughts and emotions behind their attacks. While this may not be useful unless you are fast or strong enough to counter them, you will still likely know where it is the enemy intends to hit in advance of the actual strike, though the accuracy of these predictions decreases with the speed and number of your opponents. Alternatively, you could use this ability to have a civil conversation with someone, expressing complex feelings and emotions through a series of blows and spirited shouts.
  • Master’s Body [Free after 10 years]: You possess the body of a master. You are very near tireless, capable of fighting for days without sleep and only limited food. You never run out of breath, and will still be able to engage in vigorous physical activity even after extreme exercise. You now have access to a limitless logarithmic growth of your physical strength, durability, speed and agility.
  • Martial Arts Medicine [150/450/1000]: You may now apply your martial arts techniques to heal people instead of harm. Whether it be massage, chiropractic or acupuncture, you can now fix nearly any non­life threatening injury through a few sessions of your specialized treatment. You may even be able to regrow lost or severed nerves, restoring function to paralyzed limbs and reinvigorating aged bodies to near the prime of youth. There are limits to this and while you cannot do the impossible (regrow lost limbs or restore the dead back to life) nearly all of the accomplishments of modern medicine and then some are within your grasp using these techniques.
  • Enhanced Ki [150/300/1000]: Some have ki. You have KI​. You can feel it in you and channel it more easily, enhancing the normal effects of Sei and Dou ki to a much greater degree. Perhaps upon reaching the status of a master you may project your ki beyond your body, achieving techniques that can only be described as supernatural in nature. This perk stacks with any boost to ki, chi, aura or other general body­based energy field you may have.
  • Sword [Free]: You receive a “sword”. Not necessarily a literal sword; rather a tool that you carry into battle and which you place your heart, soul and trust in. If you selected unarmed, this “sword” takes the form of a set of forearm or foreleg protectors, allowing you to fight against weapons wielders on equal footing. While rather small and not augmenting your strikes in any meaningful way, they seem to grow alongside you, inexplicably becoming more durable and fitting your body better as you increase in skill and mastery. At the beginning of your journey they will function as normal but well made metal guards. By the time you reach master status, these guards will not impede your movements in any way and you will be able to block wrecking balls or tank shells without any damage to yourself. Their durability will also increase to the point where virtually nothing short of superheated plasma will be capable of damaging them. Victoria Import
  • Self Help Books [Free Disciple]: You possess a small bookcase filled with titles on self­help and “how to do X”. These books are mundane in nature but will be a good reference if you decide to take up a mundane profession or hobby such as gardening, cooking or carpentry. You will find that these books let you learn mundane skills more easily and quickly than normal, letting you read and retain the information in half the time as any other self­help book on the market. They may be shared with others.
  • Secret of Steel [300/0/1000] (100 FD): An illustrated guide created by the greatest master of weapons the world has ever known. It keenly details the techniques, methods and set­up required to create weapons using traditional Japanese techniques. This text goes beyond that however, and if the directions are followed perfectly it can be used to forge weapons, armor, and tools that are far better than anything that could possibly be made even with the most advanced metallurgical technology. Objects created—while still composed of steel—will be significantly stronger than steel and can withstand blows from a Martial Arts Master. Blades made using these techniques will be preternaturally sharp, able to cut through stone, steel and perhaps even more with proper strength and training. Such bladed weapons will almost never lose their edge and require virtually no maintenance. Armor made using these techniques is nearly indestructible and will never rust or corrode. Normal tools will work with such efficiency that even primitive tools can accomplish feats of scale equivalent to highly advanced modern technology. For example, a scythe made with these techniques could harvest an entire field in the same amount of time as a combine harvester or a simple hoe could do the work of a tractor­-towed plough.
  • Master: You have a master (or perhaps a friend who happens to be a master). As the name implies they have mastered their particular brand of martial arts and are capable of teaching disciples. Their appearance, personality age and background is roughly up to you but they will likely treat you as a student or underlying for the majority of your time here. They are of fair strength, able to stand against most of the threats in canon, but are not at the level of masters from Ryozanpaku or YOMI. As their student, they will seek to educate you to the best of their abilities, putting you through training and allowing you to grow in your particular style of martial arts. You will be expected to follow all of their commands; even the ones that seem (and likely are) suicidal. You must also treat them with the deference and respect a master deserves. They in turn will seek to protect you from master­class threats while you are in the disciple class. However they will expect you to handle disciples and normal martial artists on your own. Once you have left the disciple class and become a true martial art expert (usually in about five years of training), they will disappear from your life, leaving a mysterious note that you must become stronger on your own. You must then find your own path, honing your skills as a martial artist above and beyond the norm, fighting, training and surviving against Master­class threats alone. Upon surviving this period as a martial artist (usually another five years), they will rejoin you treating you as a peer and grant you the last bit of knowledge you require to reach the rank of a true master. You may instead choose a canon member of Ryozanpaku as your master (if a Katsujinken) or a member of YAMI(if a Satsujinken) but must take “The Shadow War” drawback for no points. You may purchase more than one master at a time but your studies will be split between them and you will only ever gain the benefit of one bit of masters wisdom.
    • Apachai Hopachai, Ryozanpaku Muay Thai and Muay Boran master, Muay Thai Death God.
  • Companion Import x2 [600/-600/1000]: Each person you import gains one origin free as well as 700 CP to spend however they choose. They may take a maximum of 200 CP worth of drawbacks.
    • Darkseid: Delinquent, Satsujinken, Sei Ki, Unarmed, Arnis, Animalistic Incorporation [Free], Delinquent’s Ambition [150/750/900], Berserker [300/450/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Strength and Endurance [150/300/900], Perception and Awareness [150/150/900], Sword [Free], Money [50/100/900], Entrance Fee [Free], Dojo [100/0/900]
    • Chamber: Prodigy, Katsujinken, Sei Ki, Armed, Chivalry, Civilian Skills [Free], Used to It [150/750/900], Ki Kneading [300/450/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Perception and Awareness [150/300/900], Stunning [150/150/900], Sword [Free], Victory Medals [50/100/900], Dojo [Free], Self-Help Books [100/0/900]
    • Cirno: Delinquent, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Unarmed, Lucha Libre, Animalistic Incorporation [Free], Berserker [300/600/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Ki Kneading [600/0/900], Sword [Free], Entrance Fee [Free]
    • Amaryllis: Disciple, Katsujinken, Sei Ki, Armed, Escrima, Etiquette [Free], Combat Empathy [300/600/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Strength & Endurance [150/450/900], Speed & Agility [150/300/900], Perception & Awareness [300/0/900], Sword [Free], Self Help Books [Free]
    • Amelia: Prodigy, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Unarmed, Karate, Civilian Skills [Free], Ki Kneading [300/600/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Perception & Awareness [150/450/900], Speed & Agility [150/300/900], Enhanced Ki [300/0/900], Sword [Free], Dojo [Free]
    • Sarah: Delinquent, Katsujinken, Sei Ki, Armed, Command SAMBO, Animalistic Incorporation [Free], Delinquent’s Ambition [150/750/900], Berserker [300/450/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Stunning [150/300/900], Martial Arts Medicine [150/150/900], Hidden Weapons [100/50/900], Sword [Free], A Gun [50/0/900], Entrance Fee [Free]
    • Anne: Delinquent, Katsujinken, Sei Ki, Armed, Fencing, Animalistic Incorporation [Free], Delinquent’s Ambition [150/750/900], Berserker [300/450/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Youth & Longevity [150/300/900], Perception & Awareness [150/150/900], Sword [Free]
    • Carwyn-Taylor: Delinquent, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Unarmed, Zui Quan, Animalistic Incorporation [Free], Berserker [300/600/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Ki Kneading [600/0/900], Sword [Free], Entrance Fee [Free]
    • Invidius & Scipio: Prodigy, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Unarmed, Jujutsu, Civilian Skills [Free], Ki Kneading [300/600/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Berserker [600/0/900], Sword [Free], Dojo [Free]
    • Placida & Lucida: Drop-in, Katsujinken, Sei Ki, Unarmed, Judo, Hidden Weapons [Free], Brainwashing [300/600/900], Used to It [300/300/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Stunning [150/150/900], Speed & Agility [150/0/900], Sword [Free], Data Book [Free]
    • Buji: Disciple, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Unarmed, Pankration, Etiquette [Free], Combat Empathy [300/600/900], Ki Kneading [600/0/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Sword [Free], Self Help Books [Free]
    • Simon: Disciple, Katsujinken, Sei Ki, Armed, Ninjutsu, Etiquette [Free], Combat Empathy [300/600/900], Berserker [600/0/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Sword [Free], Self Help Books [Free]
    • Kendra: Disciple, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Unarmed, Capoeira, Etiquette [Free], Combat Empathy [300/600/900], Sei Dou Goitsu [150/450/900], Perception & Awareness [150/300/900], Enhanced Ki [300/0/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Sword [Free], Self Help Books [Free], Manly Man [Wager Default]
    • Bao: Prodigy, Katsujinken, Sei Ki, Armed, Go no Sen, Civilian Skills [Free], Ki Kneading [300/600/900], Probing Eye [300/300/900], Perception & Awareness [150/150/900], Enhanced Ki [150/0/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Sword [Free], Dojo [Free]
    • Zane: Prodigy, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Armed, Kendo, Civilian Skills [Free], Ki Kneading [300/600/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Strength & Endurance [150/450/900], Speed & Agility [150/300/900], Enhanced Ki [300/0/900], Sword [Free], Dojo [Free], Otoko no Trap [Wager Default]
    • AJ: Prodigy, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Armed, Bushido, Civilian Skills [Free], Ki Kneading [300/600/900], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Enhanced Ki [150/450/900], Speed & Agility [150/300/900], Delinquent’s Ambition [300/0/900], Sword [Free], Dojo [Free]
  • Ikki Tousen Build
  • Warrior [Free]: You have come to inherit a magatama, a stone containing the spirit of a deceased warrior. Your family stresses upon you the importance of this position, but on top of that…they’ll also remind you of the destiny you have to fulfill. As with your ancestors who inherited a similar fate, you will suffer a similar fate to the historical spirit you inherited. Almost as if you were re-enacting history…you possess the willpower to resist the pull of fate – but you’ll find yourself facing countless trials to do so. Being a Warrior doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. Sure you’re going to find yourself fighting on a very regular basis, and depending on the spirit possessing your magatama, you might have to fight off fate’s machinations, but at the same time, you’ll never feel as alive as when you’re fighting for your life. Hopefully these skills work to actually keep you alive.
    • Arcana Strength [+100/1100]: A wise man once said, do not pursue Lu Bu. However, should Lu Bu be pursuing you, well there was no sagely advice for that. In your unfortunate case, a strange blue haired girl by the name of Ryofu Hosen has developed a deadly interest in you. Considering her interests are both perverse and martial in nature, you should likely be ready for a fight at all times, as she can appear out of literally nowhere.
    • Arcana The High Priestess [+100/1200]: As generally no student ever calls the police after a brawl, most of these fights end up with at least one or two fellows beaten up and left for dead. Oddly enough however, there are folks who seem to be actively working to save as many of these warriors as they can. And they’re really keen on recruiting you to join them, whether you like it or not. Essentially paramedics without licenses, these people will constantly contact you whenever they need help, whether it’s to keep people off their backs while they perform necessary lifesaving procedures, or if they simply need help carrying a body away. If you have a phone, they’ll contact you even if you never gave them your number. If you don’t have any  means of social communication, they’ll generally show up in person. You could always refuse them of course…but that wouldn’t be very humanitarian of you…
    • Arcana Judgment [+100/1300]: There are many academies within the Tokyo ward that are well aware that they don’t stand a chance against the big three. Many of these academies have no qualms about staying alive by using underhanded means. Why they’re targeting you specifically however, is completely unfathomable. Perhaps they see you as easy prey, or perhaps your existence provokes an inherent fear within them. Whatever the cause is, they’ve sent people after, the signs are very clear. The signs are also very clear that your assailant isn’t very competent. Many traps are placed in plain sight; many weapons are left lying around apparently discarded. The assailant themselves are never seen, but they leave traces of their plans for you to notice. Is this deliberate, or are they truly inept? Whatever the answer is, you can feel something watching you from the shadows…
    • Strike First, Ask Later [+100/1400]: The notion of verbal communication seems to be lost on the people of this world. Convinced that fists can solve any problem they have, don’t waste your time trying to talk them down. If you’re trying to negotiate, or even ask a question, prepare to first demonstrate your strength. Though normal people are slightly more sensible about this, don’t expect any sort of sense from Warriors.
    • Just a Cloth Wound [+100/1500]: Unlike 1800 years ago, wearing armour nowadays doesn’t seem to be in fashion. Granted, with the way people fight, fashion isn’t really much of an issue at all. In a fight between Warriors, clothes seem to be effective for about all of a minute until they are completely torn up. Don’t wear anything you particularly care about to a fight.
    • Fated Reunion [+100/1600]: A misunderstanding that you can’t quite comprehend, on your first encounter with any other individual, they will always mistake you for somebody else entirely. Unfortunately, this can be anything from their hated rival to their long lost lover. Be wary that nearly every Warrior you meet will be utterly convinced that you are bound to them by historic fate – and if that history includes them killing you… Well, you had best be careful. If you take enough time to repeatedly explain the situation over and over again, you might be able to overcome the effects of this – but after any extended duration of no contact, they will revert as though it’s their first time meeting you again.
    • A Lust for Combat [+200/1800]: Much like many of the Warriors you’ll come across, you have a burning desire inside you to fight everyone and everything that crosses your path. At first this comes across as an intense curiosity to gauge the strength of others, but with time it will grow into an intense need, one that is only momentarily sated when you win. The more you attempt to resist this desire, the greater the destructive impulses you’ll experience.
  • Resilience & Resolve [Free Warrior]: You’re going to need a fair measure of both given the trials that you’re going to be  facing in the times ahead. Without physical durability you won’t last in a fight, without mental tenacity you’ll break from the stress of the situation you’re in. Thankfully you’ll see a good boost to both of these, and on top of that, you’ll be hardened against the  attempts that other people make to control your actions and your thoughts. Even if your fate isn’t entirely in your hands, at the very least you’ll be keeping your own sense of self intact. Summary: *A slight boost to your willpower as well as your physical durability, and reduces the impact of mental control in various forms against you.
  • One Against a Thousand [200/1600/1800]: In practice, numerical superiority is generally the deciding factor in a battle. Ten men against one and the ten will likely win. A hundred men against one and the hundred will likely will. But this war reenactment was set in place by individuals, concentrated around the actions of individuals, and so in a war like this… the numbers don’t matter as much anymore. The masses might as well be faceless dummies. Let them come, in dozens or in hundreds, the greater the numbers arrayed against you the stronger you’ll become to answer them. As a warrior you stand as the antithesis to the idea of “numerical superiority”, and every man that falls will be a stepping stone towards the conclusion: your victory. Your body might grow stronger in response for each additional foe, but you’ll find that past a certain number of enemies… the difference is rather negligible. By then you’ll likely end up seeing them as another brick in the wall to punch out anyways. On the other hand though, for each opponent that you do take down, you’ll gain a small bit of strength back to keep the fight going. Summary: *Your abilities improve based on how outnumbered you are, though after a certain number you won’t see much of a difference. To a lesser degree, the more opponents you defeat in rapid succession, the stronger your body seems to become.
  • Experience Given Form [200/1400/1800]: Having copious amounts of experience is a good thing, especially when you’re participating in something that seems to be repeating itself over and over. After seeing the same pattern repeat long enough, it becomes easy to envision all of the possible conclusions. For this conflict and future conflicts that you come across, the more related information that you can collect, the more likely it will be that you can predict the final outcome with astounding precision.
  • Student [200/1200/1800]: Just because you’re a warrior doesn’t necessarily mean that you belong to an affiliated school. In this case however…well you do belong to a school, and that means you’re more tightly bound to this conflict than most people in Tokyo. Whether you like this lifestyle is one thing, but regardless of whether you like it or not, as a student within the district you should always be prepared to defend yourself. There’s no telling when a fight might break out after all.
    • Recognized Hoodlum: While hoodlum isn’t the most endearing term to be referred as, for better or for worse, with this you’ve effectively joined the ranks of many other students in the area, and will be recognized as such. Those who bear witness to your strength will quickly spread word of your prowess. As such, after each fight, your reputation in the local region will quickly increase, more so if you win, less so if you only put up a good fight. You’ll find that regardless of social status, even those who have only heard of your name will respect you, perhaps even fear you depending on your reputation. A reputation is still something that needs to be maintained however, so take care not to neglect it too much, or over time even those who once held you up high may forget your name.
    • Intensive Study: At the end of the day though, studying is still what a student is meant for. While certainly plenty of students will disagree, there’s no doubt that schools were made so that students could study and learn. Like most of the other students participating in these brawls however, your academics are the least of your worries. In fact cramming information at the last moment seems to be the most effective way for you to know. Your ability to digest large amounts of information under brief periods of exposure is improved drastically, and you can retain the absorbed knowledge for a longer period of time before it starts to fade.
    • Academy Enrollment: It only makes sense that if you’re a student, you belong to a school. But choosing that school that you belong to makes a substantial difference on your future. Some parents like to think that certain schools are better than others and in reality this may just be the case, depending on your natural tendencies. Regardless of your appearance or personality, regardless of the depth of your knowledge or your choice of attire, so long as you wish it, you can always pass as a student of a local academy. Naturally, people may not recognize you very well if you happen to be a foreigner, but in most cases they’ll presume you’re a transfer student. Be wary though, being a student may have its benefits, but if you push things too far… even students can face punishment.
    • Traditional Arts Successor: It isn’t the most glamorous thing in the world, being the successor to some sort of martial art. It takes a fair bit of effort to maintain the tradition, and it takes a strong level of commitment to continue practicing it, especially if the tradition happens to be no longer in favour as far as society is concerned. You may choose a form of martial art, provided that it has existed on Earth, and for this martial art you will act as its successor, learning it and developing it further as you go along. With this specific martial art, your ability to integrate other techniques with it has improved significantly, and your ability to teach this art to others has also seen a remarkable improvement.
  • Center of Gravity [100/1100/1800]: Warriors start off first by learning to use what they have before moving on to things that can be considered as extensions, like weapons and accessories. But the body always remains as the foundation from which we improve. While it takes most people a substantial amount of time to get used to their normal center of gravity, you possess a certain measure of flexibility with yours. At will, you can adjust your center of gravity, allowing you to maintain your balance even under infeasible situations. However, each time you shift your center of gravity, it takes a bit of time before you can shift again – so be wary of this. On the other hand, with practice, you’ll become extremely resistant towards attempts to disorient you physically, so even if your center of balance is roughly shifted, you’ll still be able to maintain control of yourself.
  • Magatama [1 Free for all]: The living proof of a warrior, the vessel for lingering spirits, the magatama looks deceptively normal, but within it dwells the force that gives their descendants strength – regardless of their role. Be wary of one thing. With great power comes great responsibility, which is to say, the magatama binds its wielders to a “similar fate” of their ancestors. Only those possessing both fortitude of body, mind, and soul may overcome this. Those who do not…well, history has spoken of their fate once already. Note that by default, the spirit dwelling within the magatama is from the Three Kingdoms era. If you were to change that, we’d have to tweak the jewel a fair bit, so don’t expect it to be free.
    • Soul Infusion Reinforcement x2 [100/1000/1800]: Even without a dragon spirit, the magatama possesses a substantial amount of  spiritual energy. It is this font of energy which makes manifesting the ancient spirit possible, and the same font of energy also reinforces the magatama bearer’s body, making these nasty brawls between warriors possible without as many fatalities as it could potentially have. It is possible to further strengthen the magatama before you leave, multiple times even, but naturally it’ll cost you. The reinforcement process will enhance your natural capabilities by roughly an extra tenth of your physical state every time it is conducted. Similarly, the spirit within the magatama will also be strengthened, rendering you more resistant towards attempts to sway your mind.
    • Adaptive Compatibility [100/900/1800]: All magatamas can be utilized by allowing the spirit to take over control of your body for a period of time in order to access their full strength. But sacrificing control isn’t something that sits well with everyone. This will take a fair bit of modification to the magatama, but after it is complete, you’ll retain partial control over your mind and body while accessing the spirit’s strength. With more experience using the magatama, your level of control will improve, until the point where you can master it completely. By the time this process is complete, you’ll be able to utilize the magatama’s power, even without having it on necessarily.
    • The Dragon Lies Dormant [300/600/1800]: For any normal Warrior, possessing a dragon spirit may well be suicide, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Subduing a dragon is a battle of wills, one that not everyone has the resolve to follow through until the end, and forcefully inserting a dragon spirit into a magatama can be described as creating a walking time bomb. But should you possess the necessary willpower to subdue the dragon, the strength that it possesses will far outstrip that of any normal spirit. Just don’t overestimate yourself.
  • Suzuki GSX1300R, Red Hare Custom [100/500/1800] (100 FD): It was once said that the Red Hare horse could traverse a thousand li in a day, all while far out speeding any other horse who would hope to compete. Emulating its namesake, this custom built motorcycle won’t need refuelling anytime soon – and its maximum speed is well beyond even other bikes of the same make. Naturally, you don’t need to keep the distinctive red rabbit logo on the chassis, but it does serve to make your bike quite distinctive.
  • Tamahagane Ki Forging Techniques, Complete Volume [200/300/1800]: The ability to transform jewels into steel that can channel spiritual energy isn’t particularly sought after nowadays, given that jewels are valued more for their appearance rather than any martial application. Still, the art of this forging technique hasn’t gone completely extinct. A student of Seito Academy still bears a Crescent Blade forged with this technique – a living testament to such workmanship. This manual will instruct its reader as to the forging method, though you certainly aren’t restricted to forging pole arms with it.
  • Adventuring Band [300/0/1800 for 8]: Urban adventures tend to be more enjoyable when there are people around, and having people you can trust around in a metropolitan city can make the daunting atmosphere much more manageable. Whether you only have a single companion or a full group, if you’d like us to arrange for their arrival as well, that won’t be an issue for us, though we’ll have to charge you a small fee of course. Import a companion for 50 CP; they gain 400 CP to spend on skills and the synthesis items. You may import in a batch of 8 for 300 CP, with the same benefits.
    • Sarah: Strategist, The Flow of History [Free Strategist], Adaptation of Legends [100/400/500], The Doctor [200/200/500], Medical Neutrality [Free The Doctor], A Play of Five Beasts [Free The Doctor], Spiritual Acupuncture [Free The Doctor], Pins and Needles [Free the Doctor], The Old Man [200/0/500], The Predecessor [Free The Old Man], Experience Given Form [Free The Old Man], Passing the Baton [Free The Old Man], Ask the Wind Where Your Destination Lies [Free The Old Man], Magatama [Free for All]
    • Carwyn-Taylor: Strategist, The Flow of History [Free Strategist], Marionette Messiah [200/300/500], Adopting Fate [300/0/500], Magatama [Free for All]
    • Velma: Strategist, The Flow of History [Free Strategist], Adopting Fate [300/200/500], The Doctor [200/0/500], Medical Neutrality [Free The Doctor], A Play of Five Beasts [Free The Doctor], Spiritual Acupuncture [Free The Doctor], Pins and Needles [Free the Doctor], Magatama [Free for All]
    • Mini: Strategist, The Flow of History [Free Strategist], The Doctor [200/300/500], Medical Neutrality [Free The Doctor], A Play of Five Beasts [Free The Doctor], Spiritual Acupuncture [Free The Doctor], Pins and Needles [Free the Doctor], Center of Gravity [100/200/500], Finding Your Center [200/0/500], Magatama [Free for All]
    • Frankie: Strategist, The Flow of History [Free Strategist], The Doctor [200/300/500], Medical Neutrality [Free The Doctor], A Play of Five Beasts [Free The Doctor], Spiritual Acupuncture [Free The Doctor], Pins and Needles [Free the Doctor], Center of Gravity [100/200/500], Unorthodox Handling [100/100/500], Cast off Your Chains [100/0/500], Magatama [Free for All]
    • Raven: Strategist, The Flow of History [Free Strategist], The Old Man [200/300/500], The Predecessor [Free The Old Man], Experience Given Form [Free The Old Man], Passing the Baton [Free The Old Man], Ask the Wind Where Your Destination Lies [Free The Old Man], Center of Gravity [100/200/500], Qing Nang Shu [200/0/500, Magatama [Free for All]
    • Brigid: Civilian, Among the Masses [Free Civilian], Close Game Life [200/300/500], The Shifting Fates [300/0/500], Magatama [Free for All]
    • Petra: Warrior, Resilience & Resolve [Free Warrior], One Against a Thousand [200/300/500], Wild Dance of the Spirit God [300/0/500], Magatama [Free for All]
  • Ahab & Emma’s Auto-Import [X]: Disciple, Katsujinken, Dou Ki, Armed, Marksmanship, Etiquette [Free], Combat Empathy [300/0/300], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Sword [Free], Self Help Books [Free]
    • Ikki Tousen: n/a
  • Joy / Planet’s Auto-Import [X]: Prodigy, Katsujinken, Sei Ki, Unarmed, Pencak Silat, Civilian Skills [Free], Ki Kneading [300/0/300], Master’s Body [Free at Jump’s End], Sword [Free], Dojo [Free]
    • Ikki Tousen: n/a
  • Atura’s Build
    • Name: Atura Argentum
    • Starting Location: Bari Shur Ruins
    • Specs: 31 Years Old, Female, Nano-Cyborg Bounty Hunter
    • __amitabha_buddha_and_xiao_mei_ling_tasogare_no_bussharion_drawn_by_takayama_toshiaki__e7d15ca5c9349383947a0bd4d58b0422
    • Bounty Hunter [Free]: Ain’t nobody seen you ’round here before. Nobody knows who you are, and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s as if you showed up one day out of the blue, with nothing but what you need to get down to business-Your weapons and your bounty hunting license. Of course, you know that’s exactly what happened. You don’t even have any memories of this place- Again, both a blessing and a curse.
      • It’s All About Me [+100/1100]: You’re a bit self-obsessed – Well, that’s an understatement; Narcissus himself would tell you to calm down. You’re so self-important that you can’t help but find others around you to be repulsive and beneath you. This probably isn’t going to win you any friends, but hey, all you need is the greatest person in the world- yourself!
      • Play For Keeps [+400/1500]: Say hello to Cybrid Joe, an extremely dangerous cybrid mech with strength, speed, and reflexes beyond that of any other combat robot, bad enough to give even the baddest of asses a serious run for their money. Normally prohibitively expensive, someone’s found a way to mass-produce an army of them. Someone who hates you, and has now devoted their entire army of Cybrid Joes to breaking your face. Have fun.
      • They Came From Underground [+200/1600 CAP]: You must have a beacon in your body that attracts freaks, because whenever you go outside a civilized area (which is often necessary, in your line of work) you find yourself swarmed by Mutants. They just won’t leave you alone for five goddamn minutes! Individually, they’re nothing, but there’s always something to be said for numbers…
    • MDK’s [Free for All]: To survive here, you’re going to have to fight. Like, a lot. As a result, if you don’t already know how to handle yourself in a brawl, you gain a baseline knowledge of how to fight- Basic self-defense techniques that let you handle groups of physically weaker hostiles, or a single evenly-matched opponent.
    • Ruthless [Free for Bounty Hunter]: No hopes and no fears, ’cause you’re Ruthless. When you wish to be, you’re very intimidating- Someone would have to either be very brave or very stupid to attack you, and weak-willed individuals will avoid conflict with you if they can, even if they have numbers that could easily overwhelm you.
    • Killer Weapon: While any good fighter will be able to hold their own with just their own two hands, it always pays to have a Trump Card- And here, that trump card is called a Killer Weapon. Everyone around here has at least one, and now you do too. Every Killer Weapon also comes with an elemental affinity- Fire, Ice, or Lightning, and your Killer Weapon comes with the ability to afflict your foes with its affinity- Setting them on fire, freezing them solid, or paralyzing them with electrical shock. If you have
      multiple Killer Weapons, they must all share their affinity.

      • Imported Weapon [200/1400/1600] – Soul of Ice: Already have a weapon you think qualifies as a trump card? Fair enough! You can import any weapon you already have into the role of a Killer Weapon, and it gains a new aesthetic to your pleasing while retaining all its old abilities, an elemental affinity, and the ability to transform into a compact storage form that makes carrying it easier. It even sticks to cybernetics! Elemental Affinity Lightning.
    • Unlimited Resources [200/1200/1600]: You don’t know what it means to quit- You don’t have any bones like that in your body. There’s nothing that can dissuade you from your goal, and no matter what, you have the resolve to see things through to the end- even if you have to drag your own limp corpse to the finish line.
    • Nanomachines [200/1000/1600]: Sometimes, it doesn’t really pay to have obvious cybernetics. They’re clunky, they need a lot of maintenance, and metal tends to be loud- And on top of all that, they’re identifiable. So, instead of substituting your flesh for metal, you put it in your blood- Nanomachines, son! Your nanomachines enhance your natural body instead of replacing it, giving you additional strength, speed, and durability, and enhancing all your senses. While Nanomachines won’t quite do the job quite as well as straight-up cybernetics on the physical side, it’ll still enhance your senses and your reflexes to superhuman levels, and all with you still looking like a regular ol’ human.
    • Find You [300/700/1600]: If you can’t find the truth, the truth will find you. This world is rough and tragedy is a part of life- But there are some hateful people who cannot be redeemed. When you find someone like this, you can sense the blood on their hands- By focusing on a person, you can get a feel for every act of selfishness and evil that they’ve enacted on another person. In addition, once you’ve seen someone in this way, you can follow the “scent” of their evil- By focusing, you can sense how far away they are from you and in what direction. You can only sense one person at a time in this manner, but you can switch your tracking between people you’ve sensed in this manner at will. This tracking depends on how wicked they are- Tracking an innocent in this manner is vague and inconsistent.
    • Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon [100/600/1600]: Bounty hunting might be all about bringing home the bacon, but this, well… It’s a bit too literal. This special frying pan comes with a lid, and has a bacon-shaped handle. Whenever you take the lid off, the pan is full of special, smoky bacon, pre-cooked to crispy perfection. Give this to a certain scrap dealer and you might be friends for life.
    • Play My Ass Off [200/400/1600]: Show me anybody’s ass, and I’ll beat it quick! Not only are you a complete badass, but you know how to make it look all kinds of good. You can style all over people without even trying to look cool, and pull off such ridiculous feats of awesomeness as fighting exclusively with breakdancing moves, and having it be just as effective as regular martial arts.
    • I Know U Want Me [400/0/1600]: A smart fighter uses all the tools at their disposal. Not only are you very adept at seduction and getting people who find you attractive to do what you want them to, you’ve incorporated sexy distraction techniques into your fighting style. Anyone who falls victim to your wiles will make for an easy target to finish off, or at the very least, they’ll have a much more awkward time fighting you…
  • Kagetane’s Build
    • Testin’ Me [+300/1300]: You have… issues. Your brain is inexplicably wracked with grief and guilt, to the point where you’ve developed a murderous split-personality that goes on rampages whenever you aren’t in control. Not only are you now the BPS’ #1 most wanted, but you must constantly fight with your split-personality for dominance, lest they destroy everything you love and care about.
    • Bureau of Public Safety [100/1200/1300]: Someone’s gotta keep law and order around here – Or, at least, just kill all the fools who think they can get away with whatever the hell they want to. You work for the Bureau of Public Safety, the closest thing this mad world has to a police force, and you have the training to match. You might have to answer to them, but you have their resources, too. BPS guys get all the perks.
    • My Town, My City [200/1000/1300]: You and your gang don’t take kindly to intruders. Whenever someone unwelcome is intruding on a place that you and your gang can rightfully call yours, you fight much harder- So long as it’s in defense of your territory, your followers will be stronger, faster, and more durable than they would be otherwise, and you’re excellent at using the terrain to your advantage.
    • Asylum [100/900/1300]: In your warehouse, there’s a door to a mysterious bar- By all appearances, it’s a regular old bar, albeit a bit futuristic. A bar with stools, a holo-pool table, good drinks and good food, Neon lights, some comfortable sitting areas to relax in, a holo-stripper, a poker table… The weird thing is, though, this bar’s door seems to go wherever it wants. Anyone from any jump you’ve been to can come to this bar to relax and take a load off, and every time you come in there’s a whole new crowd full of familiar faces. The exit will always lead you back to your warehouse and anyone else back to their home dimension, so you can’t take anyone you find in the bar outside. Or anything, for that matter- Drinks, weapons, clothing articles, computer data. All you can take back with you is the good times you had, because everything else disappears the moment you leave. And try not to start too many fights, because the cybrid bar-bot doubles as the bouncer…
    • Hand of Science [200/700/1300]: All we know now is that science reigns supreme. You’re a licensed surgeon, specializing in cybernetic implants. With the right tools, you can give someone a cybernetic arm or leg, whether they already had a missing limb or you had to chop one off to make room. On top of that, you know how to weaponize cybernetic limbs as well, and can integrate weapons into them without detracting from their function or aesthetic.
    • Find You [600/100/1300]
    • Fast Lane [100/0/1300]: When you gotta get somewhere fast, you know how to get there. You’re a virtuoso with a steering wheel, capable of driving just about any vehicle competently. You’re especially great at using cars, capable of using all of a car’s speed without any loss in handling or cornering.
    • Merciless [Free BPS]: It’s kill or be killed in these streets that you scout. No such thing as Police Brutality in this world, and sometimes you have to get your hands dirty for the greater good. When it comes down to the wire, you won’t hesitate to do what needs to be done- you can worry about right and wrong later.
    • Cybrid Arts [Free BPS]: Being on the good side of the law has perks: You have a state-of-the-art cybernetic body with all four limbs replaced with sleek mechanical ones. You have all the perks of a Cyborg Enhancement, except your body sacrifices a little bit of strength and durability for enough speed to outrun cars, and the reflexes to match. Your limbs are obviously cybernetic, but are aesthetically pleasing and merge seamlessly with your natural body in a way that people might just think you’re wearing powered armor instead.
    • Positron Blades [Free]: These specialized weapons require a specialized body, but oh boy are they worth it. Extendable blades fold out of your limbs and even your fingers, made not out of metal but of energy. Positron Blades can cut just about anything, and while they eat up a lot of power, the results can’t be argued with.
  • Caine’s Build
    • Sound the Alarm [+300/1300]: There’s a lot of scary things out there, but one of the scarier things is an enraged alligator- and you’ve got the scariest of them all mad at you. Jack Cayman the Deathwatcher thinks you were the one that killed his daughter. He will stop at nothing to see you dead, does not listen to reason, and will hunt you down no matter what gets in his way. Even if you kill him or imprison him, somehow he’ll be back within a month to keep hunting you down, and he gets faster and more skilled each time he comes back…
    • Gang Leader [100/1200/1300]: In this world where anarchy reigns, there needs to be someone who keeps things in order- Well, that’s not really you. You’re just here to be on top of the pyramid. That’s why you’re the leader of an organization of criminals-Everything you find is yours, and anyone who has objections can feel free to file their complaints with your two complaint departments: Your fists.
    • I Know U Want Me [400/800/1300]
    • My Town, My City [100/700/1300]
    • Over in a Flash [600/100/1300]: If you can feel the heat, then you’re already burned. You have immense skill in controlling your body, meaning your reflexes and precision are peerless. You can deflect bullets with a sword, shoot the wings off a fly with a handgun from across the room, and you’re even capable of such feats as running through open bullet fire and coming out unscathed by deflecting all of the ones that would have hit you with your hands as you run- Assuming, of course, that your body is fast enough and tough enough to keep up  with your brain.
    • Hideout [100/0/1300]: Everyone needs a place to stay, and that includes you… and your gang, if you’re feeling charitable. Fortunately, you have such a place- a building in a strategically advantageous position with only one way in or out. It’s also hard to find by the authorities, but easy to find by you and anyone you MIGHT consider your allies. In future jumps, you’ll always know the location of a place like this in or near your starting location, and how to find it.
    • Soon Enough [Free Gang Leader]: Gotta stay paid or you might as well die. You find it very easy to attract like-minded individuals and lackeys, whether your goals are something noble or just making money however you want. In addition, in this jump you’ll start off as the undisputed leader of a street gang with around 50 loyal gangsters.
    • Full Metal Gangster [Free Gang Leader]: Why stop at just an artificial limb? Make your whole body into a suit of armor! Your whole body has been replaced by cybernetics except your head, and in exchange you’re basically a walking, talking wall of steel. You get all the benefits of a Cyborg enhancement, and while you’re probably not going anywhere as fast as a baseline cyborg, you laugh at small arms fire and getting punched by you is like getting punched by a literal truck. An angry truck with fists. Okay, maybe not a literal truck- You get the point.
    • Limb Weapon [Free]:  It’s simple and logical – Replace a limb with a weapon, makes it more lethal. Incorporated into one of your limbs is a weapon like a double chainsaw, a huge drill, or even a pile-bunker. Whatever it is, it does a lot of damage.
  • The Bookers’ Build
    • They Came From The Underground [+200/1500]
    • Gang Leader [100/1100/1200]
    • Soon Enough [Free Gang Leader]
    • Full Metal Gangster [Free Gang Leader]
    • Play My Ass Off [200/900/1100]
    • Mortified [200/700/1100]: Better watch out if you’re mortified. You know how to use terror when hunting down a mark. Scared opponents make exceptionally easy targets to you, whether they’re fighting you or trying to run away, fear leaves openings that you can exploit for easy hits.
    • We Play [300/400/1100]: We play to make the world go round. You understand how your gang thinks- on a literal level. You can put yourself in the shoes of anyone who’s your willing subordinate in some kind of organization. You know what they know, feel what they feel- And know exactly what they want out of a leader. This effect tends to get foggier and more vague the farther down the chain of command you get, but you still get a feeling of what they’d want.
    • Jazz House [50/350/1100]: Your life has a soundtrack, and it’s all the slickest rap you’ve ever heard. Wherever you go, mysterious bodiless rappers rap about your actions. You can choose whether others hear this (they will never find this odd), and you can have them stop if you’d like.
    • Venom [50/300/1100]: Spittin’ with that Venom ’till they drop. You’re an excellent improvisational rapper, and your flow simply cannot be interrupted- You’ll never lose a rap battle again. You can even deliver lyrical beatdowns alongside physical ones.
    • Laughin’ At U [200/100/1100]: Fair fights don’t exist. You’re adept at ducking in and out of combat- you can hide nearby, and when a target shows weakness, swoop in for a deathblow, then duck back out without drawing attention. You could win a free-for-all full of people more powerful than you without ever taking someone head-on. This technique works best when two people you want dead are fighting each other- but also works well when one of your friends is fighting an enemy.
    • When Mind [100/0/1100]: Everyone who’s anyone in this world seems to have the physique of an olympian, and you’re no exception. Whatever you consider your ideal body, you have it (Within reasonable human limitations). Even if you’re fully cybernetic, your cybernetics still end up in an appealing shape perfectly suited to attracting whoever you want.
    • Transforming Weapon [Free]: Carrying around a big, bulky weapon is always a good idea for taking out big guys, but big and bulky isn’t always the best. Luckily, you have a custom-made weapon that can shift between three forms- A storage form that can be worn like a clothing item, a handheld form for quick attacks, and a big form for heavy attacks. For example, you can have a segmented whip that can be worn like a belt or can stiffen into a spiked bat.
  • The Dire Weasels’ Build
    • Days of Old [+100/1100]: You’re old, son. Like, not just old, you might as well be ancient. You now have to roll 5d8+150 for your age. Not only is your physical body old and failing, likely relying on machinery, any cybernetics you have are just as archaic. Now all you have to do is tell those mutants to get off your lawn, and the stereotype is complete…
    • Bounty Hunter [Free]
    • Cyborg Enhancement [Free Bounty Hunter: Men and machines morph to become new beings- And that’s exactly what you are. Outwardly appearing human barring a mechanical limb or two, you have several enhancements- An armored skeleton that gives you strength enough to effortlessly hoist cars over your head, cybernetic eyes that can see stuff with perfect clarity from over 100 feet away, the ability to casually run like an olympic sprinter, and enough durability to get punched through a concrete wall and actually be able to stand up and keep fighting. You’re still mostly human, though, besides the clunky cybernetics.
    • Ruthless [Free Bounty Hunter]
    • Mortified [200/900/1100]
    • Jaw [100/800/1100]: Who want it? The answer is nobody, because you’re the baddest man alive. At the very least, that’s what your rep says. You’re a lot better at advancing your rep than other people, and your actions will travel fast on the streets when you want them to.
    • Unlimited Resources [200/600/1100]
    • Fast Lane [200/400/1100]
    • I Know U Want Me [400]
    • Limb Weapon [Free]
  • The Righteous Choir’s Build
    • It’s All About Me [+100/1100]
    • Bureau of Public Safety [100/1000/1100]
    • Merciless [Free BPS]
    • Cybrid Arts [Free]
    • Merciless [Free BPS]
    • Cthulhu Blueprints [200/800/1100]: Don’t worry, this isn’t instructions to summon the actual Cthulhu. The Cthulhu is a big ol’ robot- After all, When all else fails, Nothing like a big ol’ killer robot to get the job done. These are just the blueprints, but the Cthulhu comes equipped with protective energy shielding, sweeping positron blades for claws, the ability to transform into a vehicular form and fly, two high-powered lasers, a huge fucking laser, a flamethrower, the ability to erect an arena with energy barriers, and the ability to teleport people into its arena. And it’s durable to boot. It’s one hell of a war machine- The only issue is getting all the shit you need to build it…
    • Over in a Flash [300/500/1100]
    • Hand of Science [200/300/1100]
    • Fast Lane [100/200/1100]
    • Play My Ass Off [200/0/1100]
    • Transforming Weapon [Free]
  • The Lost Choir’s Build
    • It’s All About Me [+100/1100]
    • Bounty Hunter [Free]
    • Cybrid Arts [200/900/1100]
    • Ruthless [Free Bounty Hunter]
    • When Mind [100/800/1100]
    • Powered Armor [100/700/1100]: This suit of powered armor is a technological marvel. While it requires the user to be a pure human without cybernetics or nanomachines, it offers durability, strength, and speed rivaling that of a Cyborg’s. It comes in Light, Medium, and Heavy variations. This suit must be custom-built for the user, so nobody else can use your armor- However, you can buy suits of powered armor for your human companions If you want them to get in on the action, too.
    • Jaw [100/600/1100]
    • My Town, My City [200/400/1100]
    • Hand of Science [400/0/1100]
    • Telsa Blitz [Free]: Nothing quite like just pumping someone full of electricity to make them drop dead- The problem is that it usually requires physical contact. No longer! With the Tesla Blitz, you can generate spheres of electricity to summarily electrocute anyone who might get in your way. For obvious reasons, the Tesla Blitz can only have an electric affinity.
  • Dyna’s Build
    • It’s All About Me [+100/1100]: 
    • Assassin [100/1000/1100]: So long as there are two people left in the world, one’s gonna want the other dead on some level. It’s how human nature works. Of course, leaving the art of killing to an amateur is just asking for trouble- It leaves a mess, and evidence, and then they get caught. Lucky for anyone who wants anyone else dead, you provide a vital service – Clean, efficient, and quiet.
    • Nanomachines [Free]
    • Gotta Get The Cash [Free Assassin]: Body for a price? Just say so! Job-searching isn’t a thing for you. You never have issues finding work within a mercenary field. Whenever you need dough, then a job will fall neatly into your lap so you can make your killing.
    • My Pride [300/700/1100]: All you do is annihilate enemies. Your pride in your weaponry is unlike any other- Pick a single weapon you own. You are unmatched when wielding that weapon (or other weapons of its kind), capable of wielding it with enough skill to perform insane feats- like wielding a sword using your feet. And winning while you’re at it.
    • We Play [600/100/1100]
    • Mortified [100/0/1100]
    • Drones [Free]: All the heavy-hitting weapons these days are physically-oriented. Guns aren’t of any use anymore unless you punch someone with them- And what kind of sense does that even make? In times like these, what’s someone to do when they want to hit hard from far away? Use these, of course- A set of six powerful, floating drones that are hooked up directly to the user’s Nanomachines, controlled by the user’s thoughts. They have a maximum range of ten feet, but can’t be more than five feet away from one another at once. It takes significant mental discipline to use them, and using them in concert with another weapon is exceptionally difficult, but when mastered they’re an elegant and very powerful set of tools.

Jump #84 – Honor Harrington (Details Withheld until Final Chapter)

  • Name: Solace-and-Justice Smythe / C-76a/169-11/11
  • Location: Mesa System, Planet of Mesa, Darwin City, Kappa Center
  • Age: 4
  • Gender: Female
  • Log: ?
  • World #: 77
  • Unfinished Business?: ?
  • Document
  • sample_2cde50a4cf9dcf9828de146b333c71fd
  • [PERKS]
  • Ahab’s Auto-Import [X]: ?
  • Joy’s Auto-Import [X]: ?

Jump #85 – Undertale

  • Name: ?
  • Location: ?
  • Age: ?
  • Gender: ?
  • Log: ?
  • World #: 78
  • Unfinished Business?: ?
  • Document
  • [Image]
  • [PERKS]
  • Ahab’s Auto-Import [X]: ?
  • Joy’s Auto-Import [X]: ?

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