Yuzuha, The Tree of Darkness – Tenchi Muyo Native


  • Origin: Tenchi Muyo
    • Yuzuha is the manifestation of the Royal Jurian First Generation Tree known as The Tree of Darkness. She is a dimension hopping, shapeshifting, creature of chaos and darkness. She is bound to me inextricably, and it is through her that I can generate Wings of the Darkhawk.
    • Status: Little bit crazy, little bit overprotective, very bratty.
  • Star Wars: KOTOR Import
    • Form ?: a female Togruta Sith Assassin
      • A common species in the galaxy, Togruta are carnivorous humanoids with colorful skin, long stripped head tails, and horns. They can speak galactic basic bluse their native language. Togruta possess passive echolocation that grants them better perception and spatial awareness.
    • Sith: You left the Jedi at some point during your training, believing that they were weak and foolish and that you were destined for greater things. You embraced the dark side of the Force and became a dark Jedi. You also met another young Padawan who agreed to be your apprentice. You’re both currently hiding out on your starting planet in a luxurious home that you “acquired”.
    • Enhanced Physiology: Your body becomes incredibly strong, flexible, and durable
    • Sound Dampening Stealth Unit: Personal Invisibility Belt. Only works while you’re moving slowly and deactivates completely once you engage in combat. Quiets your movements to make you even more hidden.
    • Balance Path: The path of the Jedi Sentinels and the Sith Assassins. both your physical and mental abilities are strengthened by a small degree, and you have improved talents in all skills.
    • Force Cloak: A Force Power that allows the user to become invisible by bending the light and sound around them. This power works on both living beings and droids.
    • Force Sensitivity, Force Heal, Persuasion, Force Speed, Force Sight, Precognition / Farsight, Force Empathy, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Mind Trick, Force Stealth, Lightsaber Training, Pistol Training, Single-Bladed Lightsaber
  • Firefly Import
    • Drop-In: Well, here you are. Now, where is here? There’s a lot of people running around, and they seem to be speaking both poor Chinese and poor English. Oh well, that ship looks nice. Might as well head over there until you get your bearings.
    • Leaf on the Wind: Well, there’s one place you feel at home. In the cockpit or bridge of a ship, or behind the wheel of a hovercraft, you just fit. You have an intuitive understanding of orbital mechanics and have the reflexes to make them useful. You’re an excellent pilot when using your gut feeling and fast hands, though you may not quite be up to snuff with all the math. While you’re quite skilled, there are some limits you just can’t break; there are always hardware differences you can’t overcome, unless you happen to know a skilled mechanic…
    • Big Damn Heroes: You have a truly miraculous combination of luck and timing. You always rely just in the nick of time to save the day, though you do have to genuinely be trying to do so; you can’t lollygag around and still expect to be the angels swooping in, you should be at full burn doing your best. You always make it just before the bad guy’s gonna shoot the hostages, right as the villain puts the final step of his plan in motion, or even in the nick of time to grab the last cookie on the tray. You may not be able to stop it, and you certainly can’t stop Phase 1, but you sure won’t miss the final showdown. You also can’t prioritize the use of the perk; If some crime lord is about to destroy a planet, and also has one of your crew in torture, you’ll arrive just in time to stop him killing the planet but not necessarily fast enough to save your crew.
  • Teen Titans Import
    • G Imma Tree
    • Mystery History [Free]: You’re dropped into this world with no memories or history. You’re a stranger and that can be both helpful and detrimental.
    • Probability Manipulation [300/500/800]: Control over good and bad luck. You can make things more or less likely to happen, for example, you could make a car hit your opponent if you’re on a busy street, cause a building to collapse if it’s old or damaged, make your shots more likely to hit or cause electronics to short-out and crash. This includes a passive effect that makes you slightly luckier all the time.
    • Super Speed [400/100/800]: You can run up to mach 1 and react fast enough to keep up with your own movement speed. You also become immune to the harmful pressures and temperatures that build up while you’re running. Your enhanced reactions are only active while running.
    • Xenothium [100/0/800]: A small container filled with a rare and highly unstable chemical compound that can serve as an extremely powerful energy source. It’s not radioactive but it will explode very violently if not properly handled.
    • Costume & Themesong [Free]: Regardless of what you decide to do this unique piece of attire will be essential for your career. Your costume tells people who you are and although it doesn’t provide much protection it’s still better than going around naked. You also get a personal soundtrack that will play whenever you enter combat or do anything else worthy of music.

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