• A VI installed in a Starfleet Assault Shuttle that’s been upgraded with Bastion & Mass Effect Tech.
  • In the world of Avatar, VIncent became a Phantom Riverboat.
  • Classic Muscle [Supernatural]: This car is in immaculate condition despite its decades of age. You can select any classic muscle car you would like, and will never need to worry about stopping for gas. Impala, Camaro, Firebird… if you want it you can have it. The spacious trunk capable of stashing a person armory comes with an optional Devil’s Trap painted within for the easy storage and transport of demons. Through this option you can import a previous vehicle and give it the appearance of a classic muscle car while letting it retain its former abilities in the new form. If it uses a type of fuel beyond that of a normal modern day car, you will still need to provide it to run those functions.



Vi - VIncent Muscle Car.jpg