Virtual Intelligence: Victoria


  • Adaptive Datacrystal with all the files from my home PC
  • Omni-Gear VI, all the power of a VI in a fusion Pokegear / Omni-Tool.
  • Tricorder: {ST:TOS} A 24th Century Tricorder 
  • Pokedex / Pokelaptop
  • Magitech
  • Wand Imported: {Harry Potter} A delicate wand of Chinese Peachwood and Chinese Fireball Dragon Heartstring
  • Wonder Map: Automap, Displays Points of Interest, Teammates, and me.  Zoom’s from 10 feet to 10 miles.
  • Microfabricator Holdout Generators
  • Hypervisor: {Infamous} HUD Glasses with tactical display, minimap, and see through walls for 60 seconds, 5 minutes recharge.
  • Tracking System: {Infamous} Handheld locator, blueprints for more tracking devices
  • Megakat OmniMap: {SwatKatz} Has a complete and accurate representation of any city I’m currently in, its sewer systems, its back alleys. Automatically updates with construction, traffic jams, and similar obstructions.
  • Civilian Cyborg Body™: {MGR} This will allow you to walk around with the civilian population without being arrested for being a living disaster.  Of course, it still, doesn’t look like a real person so expect a lot of Uncanny Valley. Unlike most cyborg bodies, this one doesn’t require maintenance.  This is used by Victoria when I’m not wearing her.
  • Desperado Corporate Mascot Cyborg Body Armor: {MGR} Carbon Nanotube Muscle Fibers, armor strong enough to tank all non-Anti-Material Weapons… augmented with BastionTech MicroCores and 8 Materia Slots
  • Upgraded Vision: {MGR} Your new body comes with IR sensors, Enemy Movement Prediction, Energy Usage monitors, and Amplified Vision!
  • Electromagnets!: {MGR} With Electromagnets you can lift anything with metal components, so long as those metal components are magnetic. This has a fairly high energy costs and there is a 50-ton limit, but this can be improved if one knows how.  I knows how.  Limit increased 5-fold
  • Van-Der-Waal’s Footwear: {MGR} With these you can now run up walls by exploiting Van-Der-Waal’s Force.  Somehow.  With practice, you can even run on water!
  • Soulbound Kamui: {KLK} A Kamui is a Life Fiber garment composed entirely of Life Fibers… and as such, it is a being completely unto itself. A Kamui requires blood to unleash its true power, and will constantly drain the wearer’s blood until either the wearer’s body is dry or until they deactivate the Kamui.  Kamui are dangerous creatures, and largely act like wild, predatory animals- And unfortunately think of humans as their prey. Not only does wearing a Kamui require the wearer to give their blood to the Kamui, but it also requires immense concentration and willpower to keep the Kamui in check. Without the proper willpower to reign in the Kamui, it will consume its wearer completely, transforming them into a berserk monster until they bleed out and die. In addition, wearing a Kamui will take practice, and while they have many abilities that the wearer can master, it takes time and effort to get the Kamui to do as it’s told. Once a Kamui is mastered, its power is unrivaled by any other form of life fiber clothing. Your Kamui is not a mindless monster, instead being possessed of a reasonable, albeit naive, personality. Sane Kamui have a limited ability to prevent their wearer from moving, and can still consume their wearer if they so choose.
  • Elfin Enchanted: {LOTR} Infused with my lifeforce
  • Materia Slotted: {FF7} 8 Slots, Variable Inserts
  • Spirit Form: In the world of Avatar, VIctoria became the Maid of the House of Cherry Blossoms, a quasi-immortal semi-spirit.
  • Armor Enchantments: {Samurai Jack}
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