Tokimi-Chan – Depowered Tenchi Native


Lady Tokimi – Tenchi Native normal form


  • Origin: 23rd Dimensional Over-Deity
    • Nigh Inconceivable Quantum Power
    • Status: Slumming… also technically my fiancee
  • Star Wars: KOTOR Import
    • Form ?: a female Togruta Grey Jedi of the Intelligence Path
      • A common species in the galaxy, Togruta are carnivorous humanoids with colorful skin, long stripped head tails, and horns. They can speak galactic basic bluse their native language. Togruta possess passive echolocation that grants them better perception and spatial awareness
    • Grey Jedi [Free]: You were taught the ways of the Force by your parents who had abandoned the Jedi Order years ago. You learned that things shouldn’t be categorized into black and white, and gained insight into both the light and dark sides of the Force. You’ve recently left home to find your place in the galaxy.
    • Persuasion [Free for Grey Jedi]: You gain a natural affinity to speech and psychology. You can easily make people do what you ask them to, and you get better deals from merchants.
    • Datapad [Free]: a personal computer tablet equipped with a journal, map, digital storage drive, holoprojector, calculator, and sketchpad. The datapad can wirelessly connect to any nearby computer network and runs on a rechargeable battery.
    • 50,000 Credits [Free]: Galactic Standard currency, tax free and legally owned by you.
    • Intelligence Path [Free]: The path of the Jedi Consulars and Sith Inquisitors. Your mental abilities are stronger and you have an easier time learning skills and force powers.
    • Force Heal [Free w/ Intelligence]: A Force Power that rapidly accelerates the natural healing process. It can be used to mend injuries and cure diseases.
    • Force Sensitivity, Force Heal, Persuasion, Force Speed, Force Sight, Precognition / Farsight, Force Empathy, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Mind Trick, Force Stealth, Lightsaber Training, Pistol Training, Single-Bladed Lightsaber
  • Firefly Import
    • Shepherd: Your time away from the world is at an end. You, and some other brothers, have got to get back out there and see how things work away from the Abbey. Hopefully, your old skills won’t be needed. But there’s a nice girl, and she’s hawking for a nice ship. Might as well go this way?
    • Friends in, Well, Places: You find you always have friends and connections all over the place, including some you’d completely forgotten about. No matter the ‘verse, you have the same connections: Alliance Citizens have connections in the government or military, Browncoats have connections with criminals or those who live in the fringes of society, Drop-Ins have allies amongst the honest businessmen and traders (yes, there are always a few) and Shepherds always end up with a friend at the local church / temple / monastery / place of worship or magic.
    • Mysterious Box: You have a small box, in which is some fresh fruit. Mysteriously, you keep having sources for fresh foods and spices; never enough to keep you from starving if stranded in the desert, but enough to make meals interesting and avoid the monotony of protein slop.
    • Machines, They Just Speak to Me: You might have no formal schooling, but can fine-tune and repair engines with nothing but shoe polish. You might not know what the parts are SUPPOSED to do, but you know how to make them work the way you want. You could diagnose a faulty part in the power core  just by listening to the AC cycle, and can fix pretty much anything with naught but a wrench and some duct tape. It may not be pretty, and it may not last long, but it’ll work.
    • Some People Juggle Geese: You can reach a state of zen calm, ignoring distractions. Not the scary or painful ones, though; you’ve still got to learn about scary. You can handle all the annoying or just plain weird little things. People juggling geese? A criminal as folk hero? An alien cow? What else is new? Your tolerance of annoyance and random hilarity is high; in a normal world, you’d have a career set as a comedy straight man.
    • Sonic Screw You: You have a high-tech and complicated sonic weapon. It’s tiny, and easily concealable. When activated, this device can function in two modes; it can fire off a stunning pulse once every few seconds, knocking unprotected humans within 10 feet and 20 degrees unconscious, or it can emit a continuous and lethal infrasonic buzz. This droning sound damages the organs of unprotected listeners (a single pair of high- tech earplugs is included with the weapon) and will cause fatal hemorrhages in all major organs within a few minutes.
  • Teen Titans Import
    • Lightfoot
    • Athlete History [Free]: Over the years you’ve a become a pro at sports and other physical activities. Your skills alone could’ve made you a superstar athlete but after developing your powers you realized that you wanted to leave a real impact on the world, both literally and figuratively.
    • Martial-Arts [Free]: You have complete mastery over a single form of hand-to-hand combat.
    • Super Speed [200/600/800]: You can run up to mach 1 and react fast enough to keep up with your own movement speed. You also become immune to the harmful pressures and temperatures that build up while you’re running. Your enhanced reactions are only active while running.
    • The Library [300/300/800]: A collection of books and documents that provide information on magic and other supernatural subjects. Nearly all the tomes in this collection contain common knowledge, things you could find in the library of a magical school or in the study of an apprentice magician, but occasionally you may find a rare book containing forbidden knowledge, the location of a valuable artifact or notes from a true master. Because of it’s arcane nature the library will constantly adjust itself to fit inside of your bedroom, for example, it could appear as a single 10ft tall bookshelf while you’re living in a huge mansion then transform into a collection of cardboard boxes if you’re forced to move into a small apartment. Keep in mind that many rare books are extremely dangerous, some may even contain ancient malevolent entities. The Library will automatically update every time you travel to a new universe, adding more magical knowledge to your collection. It’s outward appearance will increase to match the amount of knowledge collected and eventually you may find yourself with a fully-fledged library building following you around.
    • Mental Gateway [300/0/800]: A magical object that will allow you to enter your own mind. You can change the environment, control and create objects, teleport, and even summon other aspects of your personality while you’re in your mind. Other people may use the gateway if you wish but they’ll be subject to your control while they’re in your mind. Individuals with great willpower or strong magical abilities can escape your control while they’re in your mind and leave back through the Mental Gateway without your help.
    • Costume & Themesong [Free]: Regardless of what you decide to do this unique piece of attire will be essential for your career. Your costume tells people who you are and although it doesn’t provide much protection it’s still better than going around naked. You also get a personal soundtrack that will play whenever you enter combat or do anything else worthy of music.

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