Meetra Surik – Star Wars Native

Companion - Meetra hood

  • Origin: a Female Jedi of the KOTOR era
    • Status: Rescued from her timeline
    • Jedi Power Set
  • Firefly Import
    • Form 2: ‘Millicent Smith’, a human female Bodyguard
    • Browncoat: Aw, hell. Things just aren’t going your way since you lost the War. At least you’ve got your skills with a gun to fall back on, even if the Alliance won’t let you work. Well, there’s a ship going the right direction. Might as well see if you’ve got enough coin.
    • Shoot’em Politely: You’re a good shot with pretty much any small arm. You know how to operate and maintain both ballistic and energy weaponry, and can generally keep your head under fire. Of course, you may not have much of a head for tactics; after all, you lost the War.
    • Brown Coat: You have a genuine Independence War Browncoat, issued by the militia of one of the Rim planets. It may be Shadow suede, Deerskin, or some exotic leather, but some characteristics are the same; it’s comfortable, it’s tough, it keeps you safe in any weather, and it marks you out as a malcontent to any Alliance Feds who might want to hassle a “rebel.” Of course, some on the other side (not sure it’s the wrong one) might count that as a positive. Also comes with free sheet music for “Rally Round the Banner, the Banner Yellow, Black, and Green.” (Singing ability not included).
    • Encyclopedia: You have a very expensive trinket, known as an encyclopedia cube. A small cube roughly 3” a side, it contains the sum of human knowledge as of the year 2517 (And is constantly updated via the Cortex). Secrets of terraforming technology, history, and medicine are all yours, as are bits of trivia from the history of every moon and planet to the winners of every sporting event in the last 700 years. With a complex holographic display and all kinds of I/O ports, you’re sure it can be accessed anywhere.