Hiruko Kohina – Black Bullet Native

Companion - Kohina 2

  • Origin Form: Female Cursed Child
    • Origin World: Black Bullet
    • Status: Axe Crazy, Daughter of Kagetane
    • Mantis Model Initiator: due to the Gastrea blood in her system, Kohina has tremendous physical strength, able to swing her swords through solid rock with little effort.  She has incredible agility and speed, able to survive leaping off of a skyscraper without effort and easily able to kill trained humans in seconds. She also recovers from injuries extremely rapidly.
    • Swordsmanship: Skilled in using Wakizashis in combat.
    • Varanium Short Wakizashi Pair:
  • Strike Witches Import
    • Callsign: “Psycho” (Fuso Strike Witch)
    • Familiar: A Shiba named “Baka-Inu”
    • Bomber Jacket: Discount Army Surplus, offering customised bomber jacket for free to any and all of our STRIKE WITCH HEROES. Call through and give your Regiment, Callsign, and Address and we’ll mail out in a day with Regiment patch and Callsign embodied. Go get ’em girls!
    • Striker: Fighter unit
      • Loadout: Pistols x2, Unguided Bombs x6
    • Defensive Sign “Directional Shield”: All Strike Witches are trained to produce a 2 dimensional circle of energy a short distance directly in front of them which can deflect light attacks.  You cannot fire a weapon through a shield.
  • Tenchi Muyo! Quasi-Import
    • Form ?: ‘Yuri’, a juvenile female Juraian
  • Star Wars: KOTOR Import
    • Form ?: a female Twi’lek Grey Jedi of the Balance Path
      • The second most common species in the galaxy, Twi’leks are omnivorous humanoids with colorful skin and long head tails. They can speak galactic basic plus their native language. Twi’leks are one of the many races in the galaxy that are often enslaved, females especially so.
    • Grey Jedi: You were taught the ways of the Force by your parents who had abandoned the Jedi Order years ago. You learned that things shouldn’t be categorized into black and white, and gained insight into both the light and dark sides of the Force. You’ve recently left home to find your place in the galaxy.
    • Persuasion: You gain a natural affinity to speech and psychology. You can easily make people do what you ask them to, and you get better deals from merchants.
    • Datapad: a personal computer tablet equipped with a journal, map, digital storage drive, holoprojector, calculator, and sketchpad. The datapad can wirelessly connect to any nearby computer network and runs on a rechargeable battery.
    • 50,000 Credits: Galactic Standard currency, tax free and legally owned by you.
    • Balance Path: The path of the Jedi Sentinels and the Sith Assassins. both your physical and mental abilities are strengthened by a small degree, and you have improved talents in all skills.
    • Force Cloak: A Force Power that allows the user to become invisible by bending the light and sound around them. This power works on both living beings and droids.
    • Force Sensitivity, Force Heal, Persuasion, Force Speed, Force Sight, Precognition / Farsight, Force Empathy, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Mind Trick, Force Stealth, Lightsaber Training, Pistol Training, Single-Bladed Lightsaber
  • Firefly Import
    • Browncoat: Aw, hell. Things just aren’t going your way since you lost the War. At least you’ve got your skills with a gun to fall back on, even if the Alliance won’t let you work. Well, there’s a ship going the right direction. Might as well see if you’ve got enough coin.
    • Shoot’em Politely: You’re a good shot with pretty much any small arm. You know how to operate and maintain both ballistic and energy weaponry, and can generally keep your head under fire. Of course, you may not have much of a head for tactics; after all, you lost the War.
    • Brown Coat: You have a genuine Independence War Browncoat, issued by the militia of one of the Rim planets. It may be Shadow suede, Deerskin, or some exotic leather, but some characteristics are the same; it’s comfortable, it’s tough, it keeps you safe in any weather, and it marks you out as a malcontent to any Alliance Feds who might want to hassle a “rebel.” Of course, some on the other side (not sure it’s the wrong one) might count that as a positive. Also comes with free sheet music for “Rally Round the Banner, the Banner Yellow, Black, and Green.” (Singing ability not included).
    • Leaf on the Wind: Well, there’s one place you feel at home. In the cockpit or bridge of a ship, or behind the wheel of a hovercraft, you just fit. You have an intuitive understanding of orbital mechanics and have the reflexes to make them useful. You’re an excellent pilot when using your gut feeling and fast hands, though you may not quite be up to snuff with all the math. While you’re quite skilled, there are some limits you just can’t break; there are always hardware differences you can’t overcome, unless you happen to know a skilled mechanic…
    • Fuzzy on the Subject of Kneecaps: It takes a good shot to hit a man. It takes a better shot to hit him and knock him down. It takes a truly exceptional shot to hit him, knock him down, and let him get up in the morning. That’s you. You may not be as exceptional as a trained soldier at the more dirty parts of combat, but you’re good with a gun and can contrive to shoot people in nonlethal but disabling areas. Or make them knock themselves out by startling them. Also, you’re not bad at intimidating people, which is always good when it gets time for those “hellfire and damnation” sermons.
    • Chain of Command: You have a certain charisma about you. You just kinda become the leader in a crisis, without anyone electing you; you’re just the one who takes charge and does what needs to be done. You almost never have to prove your superiority; people just start taking your orders when the bullets start flying, even if they hate your guts. Further, if you lead a suicidal charge, expect every one of your allies to come with you (even if you’d rather they stayed safe).
    • Friends in Places: You find you always have friends and connections all over the place, including some you’d completely forgotten about. No matter the ‘verse, you have the same connections: Alliance Citizens have connections in the government or military, Browncoats have connections with criminals or those who live in the fringes of society, Drop-Ins have allies amongst the honest businessmen and traders (yes, there are always a few) and Shepherds always end up with a friend at the local church / temple / monastery / place of worship or magic.

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