Hiruko Kagetane – Black Bullet Native

Companion - Kagetane 2

  • Origin Form: Male Cyborg Human Promoter
    • Original World: Black Bullet
    • Status: Asshole, Psychopath, Father of Kohina
    • Varanium Cyborg: His body is extremely fast, tough, and capable of dealing incredible damage in hand to hand combat. He possesses enhanced speed, strength, reflexes
    • Promoter Abilities: Superior ability to analyze and supervise combat situations, as well as possessing enhanced combat skills
    • Spanking Sodomy: A custom Varanium Beretta. , is a black, oddly-shaped gun. Prominent features from Spanking Sodomy are the three spikes surging from the top of the gun’s barrel and a Sabre-like metal elongating from the ejector rod to the gun’s muzzle; using it to mortally wound his opponents by stabbing them. Kagetane has displayed expertise over said weapon, remarkably shooting three policemen whilst having his back turned to them and whilst on the phone. He has also shown great reflexes when holding said gun, shooting rapidly while at the same time changing his aim.
    • Psychedelic Gospel: A custom Varanium Beretta  is a silver, intricately-shaped gun. Prominent features from Psychedelic Gospel are the three spikes surging from the top of the gun’s barrel and a Sabre-like metal elongating from the ejector rod to the gun’s muzzle; Kagetane is noted to utilize the sharp object to mortally wound his opponents by stabbing them when at a close proximity. He has displayed great skill over said weapon, firing multiple bullets whilst maintaining his balance, and successfully inflicting a severe wound on Initiator Enju Aihara.
    • Mechanical Soldier Martial Arts: He is a master combatant in cyborg-augmented martial arts.
    • Repulsion Shield: Kagetane is able to emit a transparent shield that can block off any and all attacks coming from any direction. The shield can also return attacks and projectiles such as bullets from the original opposing side, as well as elongate enough to protect more than one person at a time. It has also been stated that the shield is capable of blocking incoming attacks from Stage IV Gastrea, earning its title as the “strongest shield.”
    • Maximum Pain: Kagetane recites several words; lighting up the area within reach, creating a sphere encompassing them and pushing the target into nearby structures. Kagetane is able to increase the pressure of this technique, causing tremendous pain to the opponents upon contact. This technique has been noted to be an ability of the Repulsion Shield, with Kagetane freely being able to expand the sphere protecting him at a remarkable speed and utilize it as a form of offense, proving versatile when in means of combat.
    • Endless Scream: Kagetane gently places his palm on his opponent’s abdomen; electrical-like waves emitted from within as the technique commences charging. A bright light surges, encompassing and illuminating the area around Kagetane, and the opponent, shortly enough taking the shape of a spear which soars high above the ground, fading and becoming thin as it continues to tower the opponent. After the technique’s initial invocation, the thick, transparent layer of the spear surrounding Kagetane’s palm slowly vanishes. The spear effectively manages to create a sizable void where Kagetane desires, and additionally prevents those who possess superhuman recovery from achieving such feat of instant recuperation. Endless Scream is formulated from the Repulsion Shield, allowing Kagetane to point the shield itself towards the favored location and release the mighty spear towards the acknowledged course.
  • Tenchi Muyo! Quasi-Import
    • Form 2: ‘Khando Lai’, an elderly Male Tibetan
  • Firefly Import
    • Browncoat: Aw, hell. Things just aren’t going your way since you lost the War. At least you’ve got your skills with a gun to fall back on, even if the Alliance won’t let you work. Well, there’s a ship going the right direction. Might as well see if you’ve got enough coin.
    • Shoot’em Politely: You’re a good shot with pretty much any small arm. You know how to operate and maintain both ballistic and energy weaponry, and can generally keep your head under fire. Of course, you may not have much of a head for tactics; after all, you lost the War.
    • Brown Coat: You have a genuine Independence War Browncoat, issued by the militia of one of the Rim planets. It may be Shadow suede, Deerskin, or some exotic leather, but some characteristics are the same; it’s comfortable, it’s tough, it keeps you safe in any weather, and it marks you out as a malcontent to any Alliance Feds who might want to hassle a “rebel.” Of course, some on the other side (not sure it’s the wrong one) might count that as a positive. Also comes with free sheet music for “Rally Round the Banner, the Banner Yellow, Black, and Green.” (Singing ability not included).
    • Gorram Creepifyin’ Psychic Government Assassin: You have, unfortunately, come to the attention of the Academy or a similar program. You can now read emotions well enough to serve as living lie detector, and even have brief flashes of precognizance. Further, if the right triggers are hit, you can turn into a killing machine, a deadly dervish of blade and gun. However, this isn’t all to your benefit; you can’t necessarily filter out the emotions or precognitive flashes, which might make you a little nuts. Further, your triggers can be manipulated; if you see the wrong image at the wrong time, or someone knows your triggers, you could be forced into a rage, or to drop into a dead sleep. Also, you can threaten to kill people with your brain, and some might just believe it.

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