Caine ben Adam – World of Darkness Native

Ben Barnes

  • Origin: World of Darkness / Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
    • Caine is the Patriarch of the Western Vampires of the World of Darkness. He is over 6,000 years old, probably much older, immortal, and possesses the Mark of Caine, which is supposed to keep people from harming him. In worlds where the Abrahamic God is present, it may work.  It definitely works in WoD or CofD/GMC worlds.  He is and is not a vampire.  Rather, although he is Vampiric, he is not undead and has none of the limitations of a Vampire, though his blood can turn others into Vampires.  He also has access to many of the Vampiric Disciplines of Vampire the Masquerade, though none of them at 10 with the possible exception of Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence.
    • Ghoul: As Caine is technically still human, he is technically my Ghoul.
    • Form 1: Primordial Vampire Patriarch
  • Tenchi Muyo! Quasi-Import
    • Form 2: ‘Samraat Aziz’, an elderly male Urdu
  • Firefly Import
    • Form 3: Human Male
    • Shepherd: Your time away from the world is at an end. You, and some other brothers, have got to get back out there and see how things work away from the Abbey. Hopefully, your old skills won’t be needed. But there’s a nice girl, and she’s hawking for a nice ship. Might as well go this way?
    • Friends in, Well, Places: You find you always have friends and connections all over the place, including some you’d completely forgotten about. No matter the ‘verse, you have the same connections: Alliance Citizens have connections in the government or military, Browncoats have connections with criminals or those who live in the fringes of society, Drop-Ins have allies amongst the honest businessmen and traders (yes, there are always a few) and Shepherds always end up with a friend at the local church / temple / monastery / place of worship or magic.
    • Mysterious Box: You have a small box, in which is some fresh fruit. Mysteriously, you keep having sources for fresh foods and spices; never enough to keep you from starving if stranded in the desert, but enough to make meals interesting and avoid the monotony of protein slop.
    • It’s Called Stealth: The first rule of the battlefield is never let your enemy know where you are. You’ve learned that lesson well, even if you’ll never say where. You’re able to move without a sound even in rubble-strewn wreckage, and might even manage to surprise people in a crowded room if you’re given a distraction. This might help you avoid fights, or it might just let you start them (and finish them) quicker.
    • Can Stop the Signal: You are a master hacker, a ghost in the Cortex. You can, given the appropriate equipment, edit security logs while on the way to the server, preventing people from knowing you were ever there, or implicate Members of Parliament in scandals involving underage hookers. Even with the cheap Cortex-access pads you can get on a street corner, rewriting transponder codes and forging landing permits are child’s play. The world of data is your world to rule.
  • Dresden Files Import
    • Faerie – Rank & File
    • Creature Features (Dullahan)
    • Glamorous
    • Day Job (Mayor of Chicago)
    • Consummate Rule’s Lawyer

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