Atura – Avatar Native


  • No Form – Origin Spirit
    • Soulbound to SJ
    • Spirit of Twilight
  • Scooby-Doo Import
    • Ventriloquism: You have excellent vocal control, able to throw your voice and mimic others with ease. Oddly, this does not improve your ability to sing at all.
  • Touhou Project Import
    • Leader Background: You’re the undisputed head of a group you represent, a position you earned and maintained by your skills and talent. Your group consists of a band of loyal followers, all with unique strengths and weaknesses, but with the unified mindset of helping you further your goals and ideals. Though you may not be as influential as more prominent groups in Gensokyo, you definitely have the means to rise up and rank among the greats if you give it your all. Among your servants, there is one in particular you could entrust anything to beyond the shadow of a doubt, a person who has proven time and time again they are up for anything you ask of him or her. Though you would never admit it, perhaps a little less responsibility burdening you would be nice once in awhile…
    • Spirit Camera: By simply willing it so, as long you have any kind of device capable to producing an image, it will display a picture, or even a video if the device is capable of it, of any person, place, or thing you desire in their current state. You may be able to find just where they are with some detective work based off the picture, but their actual location will not be known by you naturally.
    • Scarlet Destiny: You will experience almost unparalleled luck, along with the assurance that your foes will suffer terrible misfortunes as well. This however, is a completely subconscious process at first, though with years of practice, you may be able to gain a finer control of it. When do you develop your power to that degree, you may even be able to view and manipulate the strings of fate consciously, allowing for you to orchestrate moments where nothing is left to chance. Consciously observing and affecting fate is a tiring process however, so one needs to be mindful when and where to use it. Note that no matter what, you cannot make the statistically impossible possible, but as long as there is a chance for something to happen, exert enough magical power, and it shall surely come true.
  • Fairy Tail Import
    • Title: “I remain as I am, the part inside, the part unseen”, Spirit
    • Chaos God Slayer Magic: An S-Class magic lost to time, once wielded by the followers of Zeref long ago now rests in your hands. Like Devil Slayer and Dragon Slayer, it is meant to combat its namesake using the natural elements. Curiously, like all of the Slayer magics and their targets, it is more effective when used against a God of the same element as the wielder. With that said, this gives you the means to fight gods… winning is another matter, for just as many Dragon Slayers have floundered against Dragons in the past, you may not be as strong as you think.
  • Mistborn Transformation
    • Absorbed a small amount of both Ruin and Preservation, mixed it with the Deep Grey Soul Mist from Demon’s Souls. Became a Soul Egg.
  • Soul Eater/Three Star
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Okami Transformation
    • Hatched from the Soul Egg, merging fully with The Heart of Winter (my Transcendent Essence) to become my Godhood Manifest. Atura, The Unflame of Entropy and Enthalpy, The Divine Melody Which Will Fill All Existence.
  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood