World 54: Dishonored


Previously: The Price of Betrayal

Themesong: Stand by R.E.M

“Ah. Hello. You’re awake I see.”

I didn’t recognize the voice… initially. 15,000 years of memories are a lot to sort through all at once, and I’ve never really heard voices as more than information strings… but this one… this one was triggering all kinds of warning bells, despite being soft spoken.

It continued as I looked around, the setting a near featureless expanse of deep sky blue in all directions, except down, where grey and ill fitting cobblestones were under my feet. “It is not often that a soul traverses the Void so frequently, and your actions have drawn me to you. Your benefactor is but one of many who fill their time with hobbies and observations, and should you continue on this path they will not be the last.”

The Void? Why did that term have special resonance. I looked at the source of the voice… a white male, medium tall, serious face, black eyes and hair… closed stance… I looked within and all I saw was mirrors… it was a projection, not the reality. The face was familiar too… and the strange grey-brown jacket more so. It had a certain feel… but I still wasn’t placing it.

“Futures, however, have a habit of requiring present action. Which brings me to you. You are one who has done great things. Your experiences and choices make you a person of immense interest to me… it is for this I have chosen to watch you with a more personal investment, and will be bringing you to a world of my own choosing.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You will, will you? What does the Banker think of this?”

He shrugged, “That is unimportant. What is important is that, for the next ten years you will live in Dunwall, where my name is whispered in dark tones, and reviled by many.”

“Ah… the Outsider… Dishonored.”

“That is what the chronicals of my chosen are named. Though I believe you’ve only witnessed Corvo’s little passion play. Understand that your efforts here will not go unrewarded, for in exchange I have gifted you the extraordinary blessing of my Mark.”

I looked down at the back of my left hand and growled likely as golden fire burned the Outsider’s mark onto my flesh. “You dare…” I muttered, keeping my growing fury under control, if only just.

“I care not in which way you use it, only that you do. To ensure my Mark is used to its fullest, I also gift you these Runes, crafted of whalebone and leather, each containing a small fragment of my power. You may use these Runes to improve the abilities of my Mark… the abilities you improve do not concern me.” Twenty-five chunks of butchered sophont bounced off the stones around me, scattered like a casting of fortunes.

“Count your gifts carefully, and know that my Runes contain power only because I will them to. In exchange for the advantage I give you now, the Runes you find within Dunwall will be useless to you. I advise you to not try to work around this… for your sake, and my own. Choose your blessings with care, as many of these powers are taxing upon your soul. Should you ignore this warning I give you, then you will find yourself drained, and unable to use them without a period of rest. But for now… what will you choose, I wonder?”

“I won’t.”

“You… won’t?” He sounded halfway between befuddlement and amusement.

“To take your Runes, to spend them… that would contaminate me with the power of another one of you entities… allow you to get your hooks into me.”

“Paranoid.” He grinned. “I like it.”

“I’ve dealt with some of the Banker’s… friends. I have no idea how you spirited me from the Pillars of Time but-”

“Oh. That was simple. They pass through the Void as they move between realities. Once disconnected from that wonderful Dresden Place, I simply allowed you to enter the Void instead of passing through to your… Warehouse? I think you call it.”

“Great. You can just undo it and send me back there… and get your mark off of me.”

“Why should I do that?”

He was just about to get his answer when reality rippled and one of the Pillars rose out of the ground next to me. “Wait! Oh good, I caught up with you. Don’t worry, we’ll get this sorted out… just a little glitch in the system, nothing major… why do you have that mark on your… You! You’re behind this, aren’t you? Of Course. Of course you are. Just your style, you smirking self-righteous… where are you? You can’t hide from me forever!”

Silence responded.

“You know the Outsider?”

“Yessss…” the Pillar hissed in the Banker’s voice. “He’s a creature of the Void… the space between realities.”

“Like you and Mensarius?”

“No!” the Banker paused, then sighed “Imagine the Universe you know as many boxes. Some boxes are inside other boxes. Some Boxes are next to other boxes. The bigger the box, the higher order reality. The space outside of any given box is The Void. Above all the Boxes… that’s where I am.”

“Ah. In a box so big even you can’t see it.”

“Maybe. Maybe. Maybe it’s boxes all the way up. No way to know.” He agreed waay too fast… changing the subject fast.


“To appear is to imply I have left, and to steal is to imply I have claimed ‘your’ Jumper. My mark is merely… to ensure their role. Your subject has taken many roles in their journey, like an actor takes to a stage. It is more interesting to me, for the players on this stage to be marked for the role they will fill here.”

“You could have ASKED! Honestly, have you never learned the difference between sharing and stealing?”

“I do not ask who takes part in these events, only that they do. Fate is an ever present force, direct and unforgiving… I merely present the roads they may take, as much as you have done for this curious being.”

“Just… ASK! Ask permission. I did! Okay, you can have your fun, but from now on we’re doing it my way.” The Banker paused, then read through a precis as if reminding himself of what the setting on the Dishonored game was all about. It was refreshing in a frankly terrifying way, to hear an entity like the Banker reading cliffnotes to itself. “Lemme run through the basics. You’re in city of Dunwall, which is Victorian era London if it was even smaller, was surrounded entirely by oceans, and had a steampunk vibe. Dunwall is situated on the island of Gristol, and is united with the islands of Morley, Tivia, and Serkonos, known collectively as the Empire of the Isles. It is a time of technological wonder, and societal decline. Oil harvested from whales-

“They’re not really whales, trust me” The Outsider confided in me, smirking and leaning against a half pillar.

The Banker continued as if the Outsider hadn’t spoken, “is refined into a powerful energy source called Trans. The advent of Trans has sparked an industrial revolution in Dunwall and beyond. However, as of late a horrible rat plague has swept through the Isles, leaving it’s infected, known as Weepers, to die slowly and painfully. Worse, the Empress of the Isles, Jessamine Kaldwin, has been assassinated seemingly by her own bodyguard: Corvo Attano. The assassination, plague, and advances in military technology have led to the rise of an oppressive government backed by the Church. The religion of Gristol, known as the Abbey of the Everyman, forbids the worship and teachings of the Outsider as heretical, punishable by imprisonment or even death.” The Banker paused and I could feel the Pillar’s optical sensors regarding the smirking Void Entity.

The Banker laughed, “Seeing as you now have his emblem emblazoned onto your left hand, that means you’re automatically guilty of high heresy! Congratulations! Wear gloves.”

“It’ll still shine through if she uses it.”

“Perhaps, but for social outings, it’ll keep them from trying to lock her up.

I raised the hand in question. “We’re going along with this?”

The Banker chuckled “You object?”

“I object to being treated like a toy being shared between two brats. I object to being branded like cattle. I object to potentially contaminating myself with the essence of a second… Gardener. Will these things even work outside of Dunwall?”

The Banker considered. “That’s a good point. Very well, hand over the Runes.” A tray opened up in the Pillar and I TK’d the runes into it. “She raises a valid concern, and so I’ll just swap these.” the tray slid back in, then out again. It now contained 25 glowing blue whale-shaped gummy candies… and a stack of ten 50 CP tokens. “There, all nice and tidy.”

“You’re giving her more of your little… CP?” the Outsider asked, sounding offended, as if the swap between Runes and Gummies was unimportant, but the addition of CP was a deal breaker.

“Think of it as a bribe to get her to play your little game. And not obliterate all of Kirkwall-”

“Dunwall” the Outsider growled.

“Whatever. Out of hand. You haven’t seen the feed of what she gets up to… I don’t sindicate it down on your level.”

I chuckled “ooo… buuurn. Wait, only 500 CP? That’s half of what I usually get!”

“Yes, well, he’s subsidizing half this little joint, so you get 500 CP from me and 25 whale bites from him.”

“What about Drawbacks?”

“Oh, I’ll still fund those for CP. Maybe he’ll give you some more whale bites if you agree to play by some of his rules.”

“What rules? I am the Outsider. I don’t make rules. If she wants to turn everyone in Dunwall into cabbages, she can. Chaos and Order don’t matter to me.”

“Remember… you asked for this.” The Banker said, laughing wickedly as the Pillar sank into the cobblestone, replaced by a wooden kiosk whose sign, made of hovering letters of fog, said “WHALER SHOP AND TACKLE”. On the counter was a catalogue and, touching it, I instantly gained complete knowledge of everything both of them were offering.

I looked over at the Outsider and said “You sure about this, bub? Because I can one shot planets. My tech tree is waay past Trans tech. And I’ve played this game on Ghost.”

“On… Ghost?”

“That’s a perfect run through with Corvo. No kills, no detections. Maximum Order. And I did that while a normal mortal. I could lock the city in winter, killing most of the rats with cold, then send in hunter-killer nanites to swarm every metric inch of the countryside, killing the rats dead and probably cure the plague in a matter of weeks while placing everyone in medical stasis. This really isn’t going to be a problem for me.”

“What do you offer?”

“Now we’re talking. I’ll leave all the advanced tech… everything, inside the Warehouse… for 5 more gummies. I’ll agree to use limiting my companions to purely mortal limits, and limit myself to the same transhuman limits as others marked by you for another 10. Oh… Banker. I want carte blanche guarantee that nothing that happens here ends the chain. Because I’m pretty sure nothing here could unless I nerf myself hard… except maybe him.” I hooked a thumb at the Outsider who was considering. “Otherwise I just go ghost for a decade and haunt the city.”

“Sounds like there’s no challenge for you. No challenge for you means no excitement for us,” the Banker drawled through the mouth of a stuffed marlin on the wall of the kiosk.

“So that’s a no?”

“That’s a no. Outsider?”

“I will not be held hostage to these threats. Do as you will.”

“Oookay. You asked for it.” I sat down and considered what the pair was offering, and what I could do to Dunwall to pay them back for their little… game… and for refusing to deal.

“She’s being silent. Is that supposed to be as worrying as it its?” The Outsider asked the Marlin.

“You invited her here. Shouldn’t take people’s… friends… without finding out what said friends can do first.”

I tuned them out. The Outsider was offering 13 powers similar to those he’d granted Corvo or Daud, each with two power tiers. Of them, only ‘Blink 1’ was free. It was instantaneous teleportation of up to 10 meters forwards and 5 meters upwards in any direction, and was mildly draining to my spiritual reserves. Though it was far shorter ranged compared to Apparition, it was an improvement in speed and, unlike Apparition, it was completely silent. I could upgrade it to Blink 2 for [3/22/25WB], doubling the range and meaning that time would stop for up to three seconds while I selected a destination. Three seconds for me is pretty leisurely, and the power was interesting enough to make it worth taking. Not like any of the powers on offer were game changes, let alone game breakers.

‘Pull’ was the second power on offer, which, even upgraded, would barely be more than was needed to hoist a human body off the ground and immobilize or throttle them. If I couldn’t do that with bloodbending, airbending, the Force, or TK… I still wouldn’t have spent the points… er bites on it, since it really wasn’t that powerful. Another power, Windblast, was pretty much the exact opposite and I discounted it for the same damned reason.

Dark Vision wasn’t any more powerful, but it would allow me to see through walls and similar objects. At the lower level, it would highlight living beings in yellow and indicate their sight cones… it wasn’t much for a mind reader… but psi-protection wouldn’t do anything to stop this power. The upgrade, which would cost me a total of [3/19/25WB] meant that machinery would highlight in blue, while weapons and other items of interest would highlight in green. Color-coding… always nice.

Devouring Swarm did exactly that, summoning a swarm of rats to attack enemies and eat corpses… ewww… gods… yuck. Blood Thirsty would give me an adrenaline boost whenever I used powerful execution moves… ugh. Just… no. Shadow Kill reduced slain enemies to ash… which was messy… and again, it was a fundamentally disturbing power that would barely help in the “real world” of Jump and would increase Chaos if I used it here. Killing in Dunwall just made things worse.

On the other hand, Possession, which would allow me to possess the bodies of animals as large as a wolf… though it would be very draining… and would kill smaller animals and disorient larger ones once I released them. The upgrade could possess people, but picking up both would cost me 8 and I didn’t think they were worth that. Still, I could see shelling out [3/16/25WB] more for the starting value.

Next up was Bend Time, a power that slows or stops time but is very draining. I could do that already, and to a far greater degree, especially if I tapped into the Heart of Winter, though doing that in Star Wars had left me cold for months. The effect of Bend Time lasted 12 seconds at slow, or 8 at stop and neither were worth the investment.

Then there were the closest thing to a companion import on offer this time around, Arcane Bond (which allowed me to grant a lesser version of the Outsider’s Mark to other people) and Summon Assassin (which allowed me to summon those so marked to my side). Arcane Bond level 1 was 6WB and granted those marked with Blink I and Vitality I, if I had those powers. Level 2 cost 4 more and granted Blink 2, Shadow Kill 1, Pull 2, and immunity to the effects of Bend Time… but since I didn’t have Shadow Kill, Pull, or Bend Time… it would have been worthless to buy it, and I wasn’t redoing my build to get them. Summon Assassin at level 2 cost a total of 6WB and allowed me to summon up to 5 Marked to my side, fully equipped… and worked anywhere within the same Universe. So that, between them was [12/4/25].

And speaking of Vitality, there were two stat boosts on offer as well; Vitality and Agility. I needed neither of them. Agility allowed double jumping as well as improved jumping, sprinting, climbing, and swimming power. Vitality would allow me to take more damage and recover from damage quicker. If I was facing Kenpachi again, I’d be worrying about that… but unless Daud started DPSing at Speeding Trucks per second… I didn’t need the boost… but between the two levels of Vitality, it was 4 bites and I was having trouble finding anything to spend the last four on. Buying Vitality 1 would allow me to confer it upon those I marked, which made sense to buy it. Which left me with 3. I could use those last 3 to get Bend Time 1 and Shadow Kill 1 so I could grant the second and grant immunity to the first… or Pull 1… But I wasn’t certain if the lesser mark would grant Pull 1 without Pull 2. If only the Outsider had agreed to deal… but he hadn’t. And taking them would be pointless, since I couldn’t afford the upgrade to Arcane Bond if I did.

“Hey Outsider, how about-”



Well then… fuck it. I took Vitality 1, Bend Time 1, and traded Possession for Arcane Bond 2… it felt like a waste, but time would tell. That was the Outsider’s contribution.. The Gummies tasted like… electricity and sugar, but weren’t too terrible. I could feel the sparking as whatever the Banker had done to mediate the energy of the Outsider and could almost trace the nature of what had been done as the power flowed, then settled inside the mark… which faded away to nothingness.

The Outsider noticed too and seemed to grow visibly angered at that, and the Marlin laaaughed. “You didn’t think I’d let you actually leave your mark on what is, at least for the time being, mine?”

“This was not the deal.”

“None of us are getting what we want out of this. But fear not. The Mark will appear whenever she’s in your little world… or for branding purposes when she’s in other realms, but we’re already doing an end run around marketing here.”

“Now, just to be clear. I get to leave once Emily Caldwell is restored to her throne, right?”

“Yes. Or dead.” the Outsider said, still not completely mollified.

“Great. Let’s spend some CP and get this game started.”

“I can’t really set you up with a history and a life in Dunwall like I normally would do, so instead I’ll hook you up with an Affinity. That confers the training and knowledge needed for one of four respective professions… and offers a discount on the respective perk tree. Best I can do, really.” The Banker said, sounding apologetic, but I could tell he was secretly mocking the Outsider. Four Drop-In options. It was tantamount to saying the setting wasn’t deep enough to bother investing.

The Outsider sneered, “Knowledge is a tool, neither good nor evil. It can be used to save or kill, just as a knife can be used to spread butter or spread blood. I do not coat my words in kindness, for that is not my place to decide its purpose. That decision rests in your hands… I look forward to the outcome.”

I wondered what he meant by that as I considered the four Affinities. They were all free and consisted of Philosopher (inventor), Watch (bodyguard), Overseer (church thug), and Whaler (assassin). I settled on The Watch Affinity. They were the bodies who’d served to guard both the Empire and its Emperor or Empress for generations, and from their ranks came the Lord Protector, the Empress’s personal bodyguard. Corvo Attano, the protagonist, was merely the latest of these… though with his apparent death and the death of the Empress, the Guard had descended into corruption and crime.

Being of the Watch gave me ‘Respect the Badge’ for free, which in turn made me more likeable and trustworthy to civilians. As long as I did nothing to convince them otherwise, the man in the street would trust me enough to do whatever I told them to do as long as I acted from a position of authority.

Aside from that, I only picked up the capstone, the [200/300/500] point (yeah, cheap, I know), ‘Whirlwind’, which granted me flawless ambidexterity, allowing me to, as the text put it ‘Shoot a crossbow bolt into the eye of a man ten feet away while holding off three swordsmen with naught but a steak knife? Why not?’ Hand-Eye-Coordination Upgrade Get!

I also selected the Whaler freebie, ‘Shadow Walker’, for [100/200/500], which gave me an instinctive knowledge of where to hide and the best path to move so as to avoid detection… and the Whaler [300/-100/500] point ability ‘And Then There Were None’, which would allow me to sense who among a group was the easiest target… and the best way to remove him or her without alerting the rest. It wouldn’t work against more savvy and well trained targets, but with most groups I’d have relatively little trouble picking them off one by one.

There were several other freebies… a Basic Kit (a sword and whale oil powered pistol, ten bullets, a nice coat, and a face mask to keep away germs… that would in no way prevent me from catching the plague), a supply of Coinage (1,000 coins, freshly minted… no indication if they were counterfeit or not), and ‘His Interest’… which meant that, as long as I remained in Dunwall, I’d have to deal with the Outsider popping up and monologuing at me whenever I stumbled across one of his shrines… stopping time and freezing me in place while he did so. And the Banker was offering to invite him along to continue the practice in the future… no.  Nooooo… In the immortal words of… I dunno… someone… fuck that noise.

I also got one Bone Charm free. Bone Charms were mystical objects made from the bones of ‘whales’ and normally were tokens of bad luck and misfortune, but for people like Corvo, Daud, and… now… me… they worked as intended, granting special bonus powers. I selected the Blood Ox Heart Charm… it granted a 20% increase to maximum mana and had been one of my favorites… and then I shelled out another [50/-150/500] to buy another of my favorites… the Spiritual Pool Charm, which granted slightly faster mana regeneration. It wasn’t much… but on the other hand… it didn’t cost much.

Speaking of things that didn’t cost much but were probably worth it, I scooped up a Potions Bag for another [50/-200/500]. The bag contained 3 of Sokolov’s elixir (healing for the body) and 3 of Piero’s spiritual remedy (healing for the mind), and they replenished weekly… not when used… just… poof. More. I just had to set a robomaid to pull them out every week and stack them with the other consumables in their stasis cabinet.

I was, frankly, astonished at how well the Item list for this jump was put together. It was full of small, inexpensive items that would actually be useful. Nothing overwhelmingly powerful, nothing overpriced, and all of them with a purpose. Such as the Overseer Music Box, which cost [100/-300/500] and would generate music that disrupted the magical abilities of those Marked by the Outsider… but not me… and in the future would disrupt the concentration of anyone who tried to use magic in the box’s ambient. Or ‘The Heart of a Living Thing’ for another [100/-400/500], which was a copy of the one given to Corvo by the Outsider, and… like the original… it would beat faster when pointed at supernatural objects and when squeezed it would whisper secrets of the surrounding area into my mind. If pointed at a person and squeezed, it would whisper their secrets to me… or anyone else I allowed to use it. I had other ways of learning personal secrets

That exhausted the must have list… but there was one more thing on offer that I very much wanted. It was called ‘Stronger Soul’ and it could be purchased multiple times. Every purchase would grant my mind and soul greater resistance to the draining effects of the Mark, allowing me to use its powers more before being drained… and incidentally boosting my spiritual powers, soul energy, and manna all in one basic (and extremely affordable) package. Each purchase cost 50… Now I just had to find out how many points I could get from drawbacks.

I consulted with the Drawback commitee of myselves and they presented their report. There was no limit to how much CP I could have and they were chuckling, because sooo many of the drawbacks were completely doable

Among the 100s were Noisy and Dreary. Noisy meant that every shoe I wore would be tap shoes, every door would creak, and my armor would be noisy. Very well, no shoes, no armor… if I even bothered with stealth. Dreary just meant it would be raining twenty-four seven. Oh noes… wet! What am I? A cat? I took both for [+200/-200/700].

Among the 200s were Bottle Street Woes… which would send street gang after street gang after me. Not mortals! How will I cope? And Public Enemy, which meant that the Abbey (the local religion) would have noticed my arrival and informed everyone about me. Guards would show up regularly whenever the citizenry reported me… and the Watch would attack me on sight. Oh, dear… mortals. How will I… oh, I said that already. [+400/200/1100]

At 300 was Assassination Target. It meant that Daud and his Whalers would be trying to kill me because someone (Probably the Abbey) had hired them to do the job. At 400 was ‘Granny Rags’ and ‘Delilah’. One was a crazy lady who could summon rats and wouldn’t stay dead or trapped in any prison, the other was a witch who would try and steal my body… once a year… and I’d know whenever she was trying the ritual and have a couple of days warning each time. I skipped the 600s, one of which was easily doable, but meant I’d have to kill Corvo and Daud… neither of which I was super eager to do. [+1100/1300/2200]… but I had 1300 points to sink into Stronger Soul… and that’s what I did. That was 26 purchases.

I couldn’t help but laugh maniacally… I think it might have unnerved the Outsider, since he moved slightly away from me. “Oy, Banker. Are Ahab and Joy importing to this shindig?”

The Outsider asked “Who are Ahab and Joy?”

“Subjumpers… oh… you probably don’t know about my companions… you’ll like them. They’re chaos.”

“They are,” The Marlin said, chuckling slightly, “though they are not getting anything besides your mark and freebies from me.”

“Excellent, tell the two of them that if they say yes to bringing Smug Boy over here along, I’ll personally make sure they wear the Hat of Shame for the rest of time.”

“What is the Hat of Shame?” the Outsider and Banker both asked, nearly in sync.

“I don’t know… but I’ll invent one.” The Outsider took another step back.

“Ahab has made his purchases. He has selected Whaler Affinity, getting him Shadow Walker, the Basic Kit, Coinage, and he’s selected the Sustained Rage Bone Charm which makes Adrenaline last a little longer. And now Joy has finished. She’s gone with the Philosopher Affinity, granting her Resourceful and the Unnerving Target II Bone Charm which saddles those aiming guns at her with a moderate chance to miss.”

“Great. Let’s get this started.”


And thus began the great and glorious history of ‘THE STATUE THAT WOULD NOT DIE!’. Seriously. I manifested in Dunwall and promptly transformed into a full metal sculpture 22 feet tall and stood in the center of town… for the entire timeframe of the Jump. I didn’t move a millimeter. Not for anything.

Nothing in the entire setting could hope to punch through my layered defenses… nothing. My telekinetic shielding alone was strong enough to stop cannon rounds cold and even if they’d gotten through, my armor and picocite impregnated flesh would have shrugged off everything and anything the locals could throw at me. Flames? I ate them. Lightning? That too. Magic? Yup… though it wasn’t very filling.

As I stood there, my mind ranged across the Isles, finding those who could help make things better and those who would make things worse and ensuring that the first did exactly that while the second group quietly buggered off. I played by the rules… no killing (mostly), and guided Corvo in his quest while absolutely fubaring the plans of all the various conspirators.

Granny Rags I punted into planetary orbit. Delilah I dropped a house on. Daud’s Whalers kept coming back to him claiming they’d entered the square where I stood, posed like a disco-dancer, one finger pointed at the sky, and changed their mind. All of them.

Daud eventually came for me himself and he too changed his mind… right after I hit him with a telepathic “Bugger Off, you manky git.” He had to change his pants.  I also told him it would be ill-advised to go against Corvo and, really, he should try teaming up with the Lord Protector. His guilt over his deeds was easy enough to see. Billie Lurk, his second in command, would be taking a very long tour of Dunwall prison system, having locked herself in a cell and refusing to leave.

As promised, it rained every one of the 162 days I was forced to endure Dunwall’s pleasant clime. Why so long, you ask? Well, apparently little Emily felt it would be inappropriate to ascend to her mother’s throne until the plague had ended and a time of mourning had been observed, thus a proper celebration could be held. Reasonable, I guess… but it was still raining the day I finally left.

“I… cannot… believe… you.” The Banker said between gales of laughter.

“What? I wasn’t entertaining enough?”

“For me? Sure! I could see what you and your agents were doing. I think the Outsider nearly had a spiritual aneurysm!”

“Aww… poor dear.  Still, it was a good game, wasn’t it?”


“Disco is like Chaos. It will never fade as long as there is suffering in the world. I was just reminding them all of that fact.”

“And the motto on your pedestal?”

“What, you don’t think ‘And she shall lay waste to all who do not know the Groove?’ is a good legend?”

“You are no Kusco.”

“I am the Assassin of Dunwall!”

“No, you’re not. You’re very silly.”

“Yes, well… can we get on to the next regularly scheduled bit of mayhem… we’ve already lost 5 months.”

Next: I May Be Insane But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Crazy

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