World 36: Bleach


Previously: War & Remembrance

Themesong: Zoot Suit Riot by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Being myself again took… adjustment. Same for the others, to various extents, though Zane and I coped the best I think, thanks to Astral Layers (ironically enough). It wasn’t a sudden shock, it was like waking up from an extremely vivid dream, but with an adjustment period, two personas merging… though the older, wiser, and much more dominant personas absorbed the smaller single lifetime ones like a flavoring packet adds to a soup.

Victoria said “It feels like climbing out of a box you didn’t realize you were in.” which said it best. Ryoga said, “It feels like I spent 40 years eating cheese.” which said it… not best. Zane said “Wanna see something cool?” and transformed into a giant freaking 8 foot tall owl… then into a normal snowy owl and back and forth for several seconds… which started a whole round of transforming back and forth from barely anthropomorphic human-sized animals to normal animals and back again.

“Jinkies” said Velma.

“Bleach?” asked Joy. “As in the Chemical?”

I looked over to where she was, head tilted as she examined the Vending Machines of Destiny. “Yes and no. Bleach is about a redheaded Japanese boy named Strawberry who becomes a substitute Soul Reaper or Shinigami… think Samurai version of Grim Reaper… katanas instead of scythes, kimonos instead of hooded robes, that sort of thing.”

“So, hunting ghosts and demons, that kind of thing?”

“Heh… no. This world is beyond bad news. Soul Assassins called Quincies, Soul Eating Ghosts called Hollows, Soul Eating monsters called Bount, Giant Energy Beam blasting mega-ghosts called Minos Grandes or Gillians, much smaller and much more dangerous giga-ghosts called Adjuchas and Vasto Lordes that feed on the Minos like they were snacks, Renegade Shinigami Captains with powers that make normal Shinigami look like children armed with rubber swords, Insane Shinigami Captains who – in theory – are on the side of angels, mutant Adjuchas and Vasto Lords called Arrancar who have all the powers of Captain Level Shinigami as well as their giga-ghost powers…. And Fullbringers, mortals who bring out the innate powers of objects…. plus, if we’re unlucky, parasitic swords, non-parasitic sword spirits that think they should be in control, and… that most dreaded thing of all… filler episodes.”

“That’s a lot of terms… and enemies… but how are filler episodes dangerous?”

“Because they screw with the timeline. I don’t know if we’re jumping into the Manga or the TV series, I don’t know what the continuity is, and it is entirely possible we will find ourselves in the middle of a fight one moment and enjoying a whacky side story the next. I don’t know how to handle a setting that actively generates non-canon events within its own timeline.”

“Oh. So… is this setting as dangerous as it sounds?”

“No. It’s much, much more so. As in, if we fuck things up too much, the Quincy might end reality, or the Arrancars’ leader might find a way to make himself god. Shit, this is going to be really not a fun jump.”

Zane growled from the machine, “And there’s no import feature. A set of mysterious blueprints that look like they might teach you how to make Arrancars, Bounts, Quincies, and Shinigamis… but they don’t come right out and say it. That means just three people with native powers.”

“Huh. That sucks. But Ichigo… sorry, Strawberry… has powered norms fighting on his side… two of them… though not the most interesting of the norms, which is a shame.”

Yoiko laughed, “Let me guess… this most interesting of norms… she’s the energetic flatchested toyboy.”

“Mmmm… I wouldn’t call Tatsuki flatchested… she’s got breasts, just not anywhere in the huge range… Tite Kubo is clearly fond of big boobs, but the show has a very large variety, ranging from actually flatchested adults to huh… how does she walk upright?” I shrugged. “But yes, toyboy, trained in martial arts. Only mortal Japanese girl in the show who does fighting. Kubo might not be the biggest sexist, but he’s still a pretty massive sexist. Lots of Damseling, lots of guys stepping in to fight for their girl or just the girl.”

“For instance, the best fighter of the Shinigami? He’s the head of the squad that does most of the fighting… his second in command is a little girl who does almost none. Biggest traitor of the Shinigami? His second in command is the most emotionally vulnerable character in the series… and female. Of the 13 Court Guard Squads (the primary Shinigami military and the only real leadership we see) two of the original 13 Captains are female… the Spy Squad Captain… and the Healer Squad Captain… though she’s a reformed psychopath. Among the original Lieutenants, there are… ummm… 6… They include brainwashed emotional girl, crazy little non-fighter girl, a homunculus who is constantly being tortured and experimented on by her psychopathic Captain slash father, and the woman with the largest breasts in the series… whose Captain is a teenage boy.”

“But Kubo does call out sexism too. One of the Espada, the leaders of the Arrancar, is a base jackass and scumbag who took out another Espada because he didn’t like the fact that she was a woman. So blatant sexism is bad… but Kubo was raised in a very sexist society and was selling comics to teenage boys… so I guess it’s a good thing any of the females can fight at all. Rumiko Takahashi doesn’t always score great on the anti-sexism scale and she is female.”

Joy nodded, “You said ‘Original’… is this a GoT type setting?”

“Not to that extent, but there is a fair amount of turnover in the secondary cast… though none of the primary cast consisting of Ichigo (half-Shinigami, half-Quincy Fullbringing Visored), Rukia (Royal Shinigami by adoption), Renji (Shinigami), Chad/Sado (Superhuman), Orihime (Superhuman), and Uryu (Quincy)… have died. Additionally, a few of the Captains and Lieutenants also seem immune to authorial homicide, either through plot armor or just insane levels of badassery.”

Velma asked, “Is this a defeat means redemption setting?”

“No. Nor is it a defeat equals friendship one. This is a fairly structured kill or be kill setting, with the bad guys getting progressively more and more hellaciously overpowered with every passing season… though those Badass Captains never really seem to grow in power even as they are demonstrably more badass than before, even though the main cast does. Seriously, the main cast fight some of the badass Captains to a standstill early on, but even after multiple level ups, they’re still barely the BAC’s equals… if that. Apparently getting a BAC to go all-out takes actually motivating them and the first time they fought, said Captains just weren’t that motivated.”

“You say that as if it’s hard,” Ahab commented.

“Shinigami are, by human standards, extremely long lived if not functionally immortal. Several of the eldest are more than 2000 years old. They live for combat and are seldom challenged either internally or externally. Until the show starts.”

“Ah. Ennui?”

“Pretty much.”

“So, are we doing this?”

“I don’t know. I mean, clearly we are, there’s no “Skip this Jump” button, and the price for failure is the same as the price for wimping out, so Yes, we’re doing this. But I’m uncertain about bringing non-imported individuals into the setting. This isn’t a “The worst that can happen is death” type place. These people play for souls. Uriel, Kendra, both of you are technically dead in your home reality. A Soul Reaper might be able to send you along to the afterlife, and even though this takes place in the spirit realm, we’ve no idea where the actual afterlife is. Also I’m pretty sure anyone who lacks the ability to see Ghosts will be at a disadvantage… of course, Chad did okay using someone else’s eyes, but… I won’t tell anyone they have to stay behind, but this world will be dangerous.”

While the others began reviewing the episodes and manga scans from my archive, as well as the Book of Riddles which was a nice little cheat-guide, even if it didn’t cover everything… I went to the machine and began plotting.

Soul Reaper [100] (900/1000) was a given. Quincies were vulnerable to Yhwach, Fullbringers were nuts… though I could in theory steal the powers of all the other Fullbringers without a huge outlay of power… but Fullbringer power was fundamentally Hollow in nature… as was that of the Arrancar. Best steer clear… plus… I already had a Zanpakuto ready and waiting to be awoken. Also, going Soul Reaper guaranteed that my physical boosting gear would be applied to my spirit form and not a gigai… Probably. I wondered, idly, if Hollows and Heartless were at all similar. I could do with a keyblade right about now. Soul Reapers have the native ability to use our internal spiritual pressure to create “melee” weapons… I’d start at the rank and power of a 20th seat Court Guard Member… at least before everything else was applied. It also allowed me to start in the Soul Society instead of Hueco Mundo (Hell) or Karakura Town (fictional Japanese City).

There was a strange universal free perk called “Keikaku Dori” which I’m pretty sure is a reference to Death Note… but regardless, it is “the ability to make whatever I plan turn out as despair inducing as possible.”  Not sure why anyone would want that, except to be a dick, but I’d shove it back in the ability toolchest to be forgotten about. Maybe I could reverse engineer it.

I picked up “More Power” for [400] (500/1000) which, in theory, would double my spiritual power… and considered buying Spirit Power as well (which increased power regeneration rates)… but that was another 400 and I wasn’t thinking I needed both.

I also picked up “Soul Builder” for [200] (300/1000), which would allow me to build machines that would run on spiritual power and granted the basic skill of artificery (Creating Artifacts).

As a Soul Reaper, I could take any one basic Soul Reaper power for free.  There were some nice ones: Strength, Humano-form Sword, Flash Steps… but I already had strength, didn’t really want a human form sword, and could either already do flash-steps, or (if it was a different technique) learn it. Ichigo had. “Kido Trainee” it was “You have the innate talent to cast Soul Reaper spells (Kido & Hado). These can do anything from binding an opponent to generating blasts of blue fire from your hands.”

Then I saw all the Zanpakuto Abilities… and how much they cost… and froze.  I was going to need a bigger allowance…. A much bigger allowance. Unfortunately, the only way to get that looked to be making myself a Quincy Target… Which meant going up against Yhwach’s minions. But then again, I was going to be a Soul Reaper, and Yhwach is a dick… I don’t like dicks. The Wandenreich were powerful, no doubt about that… and Quincies were dangerous as fuck… no doubt about that either… but they could be beaten… and they were on the wrong side of history, the genocidal fuckwits. Taken them out was even more high priority than dueling Zaraki Kenpachi or Byakuya… the two biggest badass Captains on the block.

In fact, for all the suck of being a Quincy Target, I’d rather take that than the much less point intensive other drawbacks. Not only did none of them appeal to me (Not Lost, i.e. the Hibiki Curse, was the only other one I’d consider) but Hollow Target was a recipe for 10 years of constant battles and Soul Reaper Target would make the Gotei 13 Captains and their thousands of minions attack me… and was not worth anything like the amount of points it should have been.

At least with Quincy Target I had a small grace period (it said within 2 years).. But I could, theoretically, destroy them all. They weren’t a naturally occurring and endlessly respawning mob… and it was 1000 points. I’d probably regret this, but faint heart and all that.

Zanpakuto powers came in two tiers… Shikai (first release) tier and Bankai (final Release) tier. Shikai Empowerment [200] (1100/2000) would mean that when I released my limiters, my abilities (strength, speed, endurance, etc.) would be much stronger than before. It was essentially dumping energy into my physical/spirit body stats. Shikai Element Ice [300] (800/2000) would give me an Ice Elemental AoE covering 50 meters in all directions. That was huge… and bolstered by my already formidable control over hydro and thermodynamics… but I wasn’t finished yet. Shikai Dissolve [100] (700/2000) would allow Soul of Ice to dissolve into a cloud of monomolecular perfect giant (1-5cm across) snowflakes. And all that was just Shikai.

For my next trick, Bankai. Bankai Greater Dissolve [300] (400/2000) effectively doubles the Shikai’s Power. Bankai Range [200] (200/2000) effectively doubles the AoE, and Bankai Damage (200) (0/1000) makes everything hurt way more. If course, this was all predicated on the idea that I could hit Bankai. Nothing in this was a guarantee. I certainly hadn’t found my Semblance in RWBY and hadn’t had it in me to take the default condolence Semblance. Someday, hopefully, I’d find it.

I also got Hell Butterfly Eggs and Portal to the Spirit Realm for free. The first allowed me to direct spirits to the different spiritual realms, and keep them from getting lost. They also double as a way to send messages. I’ll get three eggs to start with and another egg is added to the stash every week. Dunno how long they live, hopefully more than a couple days. The second allowed me to use a summoning technique normally only available to high rank Soul Reapers, allowing me to create a portal that leads to the Soul Society or the Realm of the Living… but not Hueco Mundo. Alaso.

Joy took Soul Reaper as well, with the Zanpakuto and the spiritual power of a 20th seater and the Kido Training. “Magic… sounds like fun.” I had the sneaking suspicion she was planning on trying to become a Visored… which, to be honest, I was damned tempted to try myself. Not just for the power… but honestly… because I really wanted to get in touch with my inner rage. We needed to have words, she and I.

Ahab, on the other hand, went for Arrancar. It came with a nameless setting specific perk (Lower ranked hollows are almost bound to your will, and – as such – will follow your orders without question.) that might come in handy if Hollows and Heartless are, in fact as nearly identical as they look. (I suspect a Heartless lacks only the skull mask to be a hollow, since Heartless are made from still living mortals.) I wonder if that meant the Mask was contained within the Heartless’s counterpart Nobody. How Dream Eaters and Unversed fit in, I wasn’t sure…. But giant black spiritual monsters with holes in their chests… come on… totally the same thing, right? They were even powered by the same existential rage and ennui.

Also free was Cero (devastating energy beams fired traditionally from the mouth), Hierro (a toughening of skin and body so great it could withstand tank rounds without more than a scratch.), Resurreccion (a signature weapon with a linguistic scrambling & flesh necrotizing venom), and 300 CP for free. Huh. Interesting. Then he selected something I wasn’t previously aware he could do… He selected Childish… a drawback for 400. “It didn’t turn off… It’s a background specific drawback. It specifically targets me and no one else.” Well, the Faunus companions in RWBY had origin specific drawbacks…

With his 700… he bought the A-Mysterious Blueprints for 350… the Suppression Cloak (an article of clothing that completely or partially hides your spiritual pressure) for 50… and Regeneration (the ability to regenerate from wounds almost instantaneously.) for 300.

I looked up from reading over Ahab’s build to see Joy considering. Which is always scary. “What are you planning?”

“If I take the New Recruit Drawback, I get 500 CP, can ignore my Zanpakuto entirely for this trip… but my power level will go back up and I’ll get an unlocked Shikai after the jump.”


“Well with those points I could take the S-Mysterious prints… which should allow you to turn others into Shinigami.”

I nodded. “Are you certain?”

“We’ll need more allies, and better late than never.”

I had to agree…. But I had a better plan. “No… Don’t take that. Take the Quincy one.”

“What? Why?”

“Because they are the enemy. Information on the nature of what they can do is important. And I think I know how to get my hands on the S Blueprint in jump.”

So she took the Q-Mysterious Blueprint for 350, an Ejector for 50 more (a device that knocks a spirit out of a body. Instant Soul Eviction.). With her last 100 points, she bought Unconventional Weapon and gained… in theory… the ability to transform her Zanpakuto into flintlock soul pistols. Cool, piratey. I liked it. Were Western Soul Reapers Pirates?

I turned to the others and said, “Look… Like I said, I’m not your keeper or your overlord. I’d like to think of us as friends… though yes, ultimately I’m in charge. So I won’t order anyone to stay in the warehouse… within the limits. I don’t know if you’ll be able to exit into Karakura Town or not since I’m Shinigami, but we shall see. If you do go out, stay safe. Remember, this is a world as dangerous as Fairy Tail… without the lighthearted goofery. There are genuine superpowered demigods… and gods, for all intents and purposes. Yhwach is essentially Evil Japanese Christ… with all the insane powers that implies.”

I looked out at them and hoped that this wouldn’t be the last time we were all together. Sometimes knowledge can be a curse. I hit the drop button

Step one… Find Yhwach and his Hidden Empire… Resource… one Rolodex that lists all the ways to get in touch with and the home addresses of World Leaders… even if that world leader lives in a secret bunker hidden within the afterlife. Probably wouldn’t have worked if I wasn’t a Shinigami, but it had contact info for everyone who was anyone in the Soul Society… even Tier Harribel, the ruler of Los Noches… at least until Aizen showed up and turned her into an Arrancar… and then Yhwach showed up and turned her into a trophy. A woman leader dicked over by two men… maybe that was commentary… or maybe Kubo was an ass.

Step two… figure out how to actually get into the Hidden Empire… without tipping off the Wandenreich… of course, it was entirely possible that doing this would be what made Yhwach come after me… but the great thing about prophecy is they aren’t that specific… No matter what Yhwach thought his reasons were, he was going to come after me because I’d ticked a specific box. Had I not done so, he might or might not have come after me, because I would still have had a mad on for a genocidal, nihilistic, egomaniacal fucknugget like “A”… seriously, who makes that his nickname?

Getting into the Hidden Empire wasn’t going to be easy. They’d hidden inside the Soul Society for centuries without anyone catching on, despite, you know, there being Court Guard Squads and Intelligence Agencies designed to actively look for enemies… but then again, Shinigami are beyond smug, superior, and self satisfied. They’re a Japanese-style warrior cult with thousands of years of living memory, institutional memory, and the active knowledge that their job is not only vitally important, but that they serve an actual living god by doing it… and since they destroyed the Quincy (or so they thought) no one else could do it. That lead to incredible esprit de corps… and egotism to match.

But Step 2 meant gaining the freedom to act, and I couldn’t do that while saddled with a 20th seat… it was kinda an officer position… inasmuch as there are a couple hundred members of every squad (~3000/13 or about half of all academy graduates)… but the squads were arranged more on a dojo system than anything else. 20th seat is the lowest of the officers, but multiple people could fill the same seat (as long as it wasn’t seat 1 or 2… well… mostly just 1… but in the Gotei 13 skill mattered more than seniority.

To make matters slightly worse… I was in the squad of one of the three Traitor Captains, Squad 9, commanded by the blind Kaname Tosen. I could wait out my time and he’d eventually be replaced by Kensei Muguruma… one of the Visored… but that was a year or so down the line. What I needed was a promotion… and that meant proving myself. Unfortunately, the best squad to jump to in terms of asskicking would have been the combat squad, number 11… but I was most definitely a Kido user… as well as magics and powers the Soul Society had no names for.  

For once I wasn’t holding anything back… and the power level around me was frightening. Each Captain was probably a match for Raiden without going Bankai. And I had no way of knowing if I could face one of them… so I’d have to fight my way up. But like I said, Squad 11 was the combat squad… and you know the old saying… if you can’t join em… beat em.

But first a trip to the outskirts to hunt Hollows. I had to be sure I had the basics down first, right? And I had to get a feel for Hollows if I was going to turn myself into a Visored… If I was going to have to deal with the freaks around here, I’d need the power… like I said, I needed to have a face to face with my darker side. Sure… I could do that anyway… we were quite a collection inside our skull… but it wasn’t the same thing.

As I’d almost known it wouldn’t, Soul of Ice hadn’t imported as my Zanpakuto… which wasn’t a very hard fix. Soul of Ice imbibes that which makes it stronger… and placing a spiritual sword atop an artifactual one… the results were… horrifyingly painful I believe is the word. It was like having one’s arm disintegrated one molecule at a time, pulled apart and put back together again without ever losing sensation. But it had to be done. If I didn’t bind my soul to Soul of Ice, it almost certainly would have simply absorbed the first Zanpakuto I used it against. I’d done everything I could to make the two compatible… but a weapon import hadn’t been offered… so I had to do the fusion manually.

I still wasn’t at all certain that Soul of Ice wouldn’t just continue to drink up the reiatsu of nearly everything in the area… but for now Soul of Ice was transformed, becoming a blade of blue water glass, the purest densest form of ice, the kind of ice normally only formed under the pressure of 30,000 atmospheres. Its shape flowed as the blade remembered every form it had taken, then settled into that of something closer to a burmese dha than a katana… though with a thought it could become a katana… or a bastard sword… or a rapier… or a pulse rifle.

But now I had to Jinzen… to meditate upon the sword… that’s what they did in the show to speak to the spirit of their sword. Which was bullshit. I didn’t have to meditate crap to go into myself. I had real estate inside there… but that wasn’t a reason to be rude. Soul of Ice had served me long and hard, through thick and thin, and I’d just given it… for lack of a better word for it… a soul… part of my soul to be precise… plus a bit of Atura and Victoria too most likely.

I prepared a welcome inside the Palace of my mind and sent a message to Soul of Ice, inviting it to join me. I got no response. I sent another message to Soul of Ice, suggesting we should talk. No response. This wasn’t going well. I’d expected to have a fight against my inner demons… not against my own sword. I knew the damned thing’s name, I could Shikai… couldn’t I?

I stepped out of my mind and Shikai’d the shit out of the forest. Yup, Shikai.  I tried Bankai… nothing. Fuck. Well, I didn’t major in Energy Bending for Nothing. I opened my energy bending senses… and nearly blacked out from the sensory overload. Fuck… stupid… I was in the Soul Society… everything here was Spiritual Energy…. Wait… everything here was… I put the quest for Bankai on hold for a few minutes as I began to reshape a nearby tree, and some grass, and the rocks… crap… I could bend… everything here. This was… worrying… This was like the Spirit World of Avatar… without spirits everywhere. Just Soul Reapers, the righteous dead, and Hollows (and Quincies… fucking Spirit Cancer Psychos).  

But back to the issue at hand. I focused on my blade and… reached… into it… and pulled, gently, but firmly, the spirit within into my Mind Palace with me. Where I found myself with a sulking child.

“You’re a big meanie.” she said to me.

I blinked. “I am?”

“You keep making me drink all the nasty stuff. It tastes icky.”

I laughed. “Yes, well, it’s medicine to help you grow up big and strong. Is there anything you’d rather I gave you to drink? Tea?”

She made a face. “I like Orange Soda.”

I blinked again… “When have you ever had Orange Soda?”

“I haven’t… but you have and you never share!” She threw a shoe at me… impressive, since she wasn’t wearing any.

“Right… okay… fine. Let’s go to the mortal world and stab all the sodas in the shop… Fuck… I hope Karakura town has Orange Soda.” Turns out… Japan likes Fanta… how much you ask… there are 74 FUCKING FLAVORS OF FANTA SOLD IN JAPAN!… 74! I didn’t know there were 74 different flavors of anything! There was a shop in Karakura town… that sold nothing but Fanta! Fanta Orange! Fanta Honey Lemon! Fanta Club! Fanta Funmix! Fanta Strawberry (Heh… I left one for Ichigo in his school bag.)… Fanta Watermelon! Fanta Fantastic Five! Fanta Grape, Golden Grape, and Grapefruit! and Fanta Lychee! It was… beyond insane. I probably should have felt bad about haunting the shop… but I didn’t. We went from there to the Kit-Kat shop and I indulged my sword’s newly discovered sweet tooth. And from there we sample ALLLL the flavors of ice cream, sorbet, sorbeto, gelato, sherbet, frozen yogurt, and frozen custard we could find.

Afro-Guy (Karakura Town’s actual assigned Shinigami) asked me what I was doing and why I was in the real world without permission and why I was talking to my sword so I removed his memory of the event and went to see a movie. Much more sensible than fighting Soul of Ice… I outnumbered her, was older than her… kinda…, and ultimately had the power in the relationship and she knew it. But then… she was part of me. That’s what a Zanpakuto is, a blank soul which you shape into part of yourself.

What I wasn’t expecting was for the guy who made… aaaall the Zanpakuto… to show up just as we left the theatre and ask what the fuck I’d just done. I mean, seriously… I knew he’d said he could feel the location of every Zanpakuto… but this was… His name was Nimaiya, called the God of the Sword, and he’d invented the Zanpakuto and the process for making one. What Joy had wanted to take was essentially his primer on the process… this guy could do the real damned thing without any decoding. Of course, my first comment to him was “Wow… Nimaiya Oetsu…. you look good without a hole through your chest.” Great opening.

“You thought I was a hollow?” he asked, though it was clear he was also a bit confused as to how I knew who he was. Royal Guardsmen don’t normally mix with Court Guardsmen (despite the name).

“No… last time I saw you you were dead.”

He quirked one of his funky eyebrows at me. “When was this?”

“Little over 2 years in the future.”



“You could be lying.”

“I could. But I’m not. And you know it.”

“How odd. I do.”

“I have the power to speak the truth.”

“Huh. Well… that doesn’t answer the question.”

“No it doesn’t… but then again, you couldn’t understand what I’ve done. Let’s just say I took a little of what you made and… a lot of what I have built… and fused them together.”

“But it’s not…. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.”

“I know. Sorry about that. But I will tell you one thing. Find me again after the battle of Los Noches, once the holder of the crystal, he who is master of the Espada, and would be forger of the Key of Heaven in the False Town, once he has been placed in chains and sealed in a chair. Once that is done I’ll tell you everything I can. But for right now, you might want to get back to the Soul King’s Palace and try and come up with a way to turn Mortals into Shinigami without them dying… either before or after.”

“Oh? Dare I ask why?”


See, I hadn’t planned on this. Really hadn’t. When I’d jumped into Psychonauts I’d had the choice to specialize in any one psychic discipline… and I’d thought in terms of Dune, my all time favorite book. Movie too, for that matter. And Twilight, a fun read, but not good by any stretch of the imagination… and I’d realized just how powerful an ability being a Precognitive Blindspot would be. And that’s why I’d picked the ability to shield myself from Precognition. And why, ultimately, I had no choice but to make myself an enemy of Yhwach… he’d have made me one anyway.

Three years from now, Yhwach, whose power “Almighty” (Hence the A) was the ability to see and manipulate the future, would declare five people “Special War Powers”, presumably based upon their potential to derail his plans. Ichigo and Kenpachi were the only two I knew for certain, though I’d read on a wiki that Aizen was one as well… which probably made Kisuke Urahara one and Ichibei Hyosube (Captain of the Royal Guard and one freaky ass monk) the last. The second he realized there was an actually unpredictable variable throwing things off, he’d focus on me as well. I could have gone into hiding and just… waited until things blew over, but that wasn’t likely to work if anything I did swung things far enough that Ichigo and company lost the war.

As far as my memory went, the series hadn’t ended when I’d left Origin Earth behind long long ago. The last chapter I’d read was something in the mid 650s and there would probably be at least 50 more chapters before the glacially paced arc ever ended (it had started at least 3 years previously). There was a stupid little story he related at one point about 60 chapters in that went something like “The sealed King of the Quincy regained his heart again after 900 years… regained his intellect after 90 more, and regained his power after 9 more… then regained the World after 9 days.” I knew that when he’d regained his intellect he’d been responsible for Ichigo and Uryu’s mothers’ deaths… and that was 6 years in the past. In under three years, the shit was very much going to hit the fan… But hopefully, I could get this taken care of before then.

But that brought me back to figuring out my Bankai… which even Soul of Ice was no help with, since she didn’t know anything about what her form might be… which meant we’d need to find out. And that meant battle… and battle meant Hollows… at least for now.

Fighting Hollows was fascinating, it really was. Each was a unique foe, each a new challenge, and I might have had the memories (mental and physical) of a Kido Adept and a Shinigami… but I needed to practice them… and to merge the Shinigami sword styles into the forms I’d spent thousands of years practicing. The skills one gained at insertion always had room to grow. Shinigami used four basic forms of combat; Zanjutsu (swordwork), Hakuda (hand-to-hand), Hoho (footwork, of which Shunpo… flashsteps… was the highest expression), and Kido (magic). I had the basics of Kido, another reality’s version of Hoho, and was almost certainly any Shinigami’s equal in swordwork and hand to hand… if only it had been entirely about skill… instead of a battle of spiritual power.

After confirming that, yes, I could kill a Hollow or 20, with my sword, I had to find out if I could do so without, with Kido and magic and martial arts and especially with Spirit Bending. As long as I carried water with me, I didn’t need a sword to perform the ritual to restore a Hollow into a soul and send it on its way. In that regard, they were much like the dark spirits of the world of Avatar. On the other hand, as Pokemon had taught me… fighting type moves weren’t too effective.  

Waiting for Rukia’s return from the mortal world, for Ichigo and company to invade, the Soul Society to save her… waiting to get the whole serious ball of wax rolling would have driven me insane if I hadn’t had so much to do. I’d read both Arrancar and Quincy blueprints cover to cover and begun plotting how I’d use them.

When the heroes finally came, it was a relief, allowing me to set aside makework (no matter how necessary) and do something. With everyone distracted, I ventured deep into the wilderness outside the walls of the Soul Society, out, out past the furthest districts of the slums, into the black as it were, leaving my weapons and armor safely tucked away in the warehouse. I found a distant valley, empty and still, and there I placed every ward and seal I could think of upon the landscape, to keep others and their prying eyes out and… more important… me in.

I pulled out the essence of Hollow I’d collected over the past couple months and drank the vile substance down, then dove deep into myself, feeling the darkness and pain and anguish rising up inside of me, all the emotions that made a Hollow a Hollow. The lust for power, the desire to survive against all foes, the need to be triumphant, everything that was purely animalistic and feral and vicious and mean… and I felt the change wash over me as she appeared.

She… was me. The old me, the me that had been there to whisper all those horrible things the voices inside your head whisper to you… you’re not good enough, you’re nothing, a quick flick of the knife…. Or if you kill them, no one will care. Or go on, laugh, laugh at the stuttering idiot… and there were more of them… She was legion. All the pain all my selves had ever gone through, the violence, the abuse, the fear, the terror, the violations both gross and fleeting. I looked at all of them, knowing I could wipe them from the face of the universe with a casual thought. I could scour away their venom as if I’d hit a delete key. But they were me, they were part of me… and they were the largest part of my motivation to do good, either because of all the bad I’d experienced or simply in defiance of their hateful mutterings.

If I’d been a native, there would have been a fight. There should have been a fight… it would have entertained the boss… and this was a Shonen Manga after all… but I wasn’t… and so I went to them, drawing each writhing nasty vicious thing into a tight embrace and a kiss of welcome and took them into myself, feeling their darkness coalesce with each, feeling my willpower fray a little more, my control tremble, my urge to lash out grow… but I maintained. I would not stop until I had claimed and reclaimed every part of me.

I had been a saint and a sinner, a murderess, a killer, an assassin, and a slayer of children and old men. I had slain tyrants and monsters, gods and demons, and simply way too damned many cyborgs, mutants, and robots… I was a work in progress… but I’d always believed enlightenment was attainable. Vajra or Bodhi, Evolutionary or otherwise, it was possible… Perhaps this was my first true step. With growing calm to match the growing tension, I embraced my faults down to the very last, welcoming them into myself and accepting that they existed. Pervert, Glutton, Prideful and Vain, Arrogant, Egotistical, Vindictive, and above all Judgmental. I accepted those things and many others, my anger, my Wrath, fading away as I stored its fuel away for later use.

I opened my eyes… looked around the valley… it was an empty bowl of dirt… everything within 500 meters was… gone. And days had passed… Almost two weeks in fact. I had missed the entire Ichigo Invasion… just as planned. Now I just had to wait through the Bount Arc and the Captain Amagi Arc (if they happened) before the Hueco Mundo Arc would begin. Now was as good a time as any to start dueling other Shinigami and testing myself. But first I had to hide my shiny new mask… It looked like the monkey king’s crown of control. I frowned at the bone white of it and tisked. “You can do better than that.” It shimmered and turned silvery-white, the color of fine white jade. I was now a Visored.

I could have attacked the members of 11th Squad one on one in ambushes, or tricked them into duels, but that wasn’t my style… at least not with “allies”. So I marched right into their compound, announced myself in a very loud voice, then challenged their 20th seats to a duel. To make the others mad, and to goad them into coming at me full force, I hit the first of the 20ths with Kido until he crumpled… then defeated the second without ever drawing my sword.

I got down to seat 8 before I hit someone who tried using Shunpo against me. I Ura Flashstepped behind him and Limited Broke him into a wall. He was fast… but I’d mastered Ura Flashsteps long ago and I could, at will shatter the sound barrier into fragments… when something says a mile a second, that’s 4 and a half times the speed of sound.

““Where is the Challenge?!” I demanded. “I thought you were Combat troops! Someone fight me!” It was ballsy as fuck, considering that could have drawn the attention of Kenpachi or even seat 3 Madarame or seat 5 Yumichika (the two members of the 11th who have actually mastered Bankai (the Lieutenant can’t, and Kenpachi doesn’t even have a Shikai as he’s never even spoken to his sword).

But it paid off with seat 7, who, after going into Shikai, actually managed to finally land a hit that caused me any pain at all. It was like getting a papercut across one’s cheek. I grinned. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” That fight lasted almost 30 seconds.

The first of three seat 6s was a brute with both speed and stamina. His footwork was impressive, as was his reiatsu… but his swordsmanship wasn’t. It was actually beginning to bother me just how poorly trained many of these Shinigami were. Far from being an elite army, the law of conservation of ninjutsu had hit hard, making the vast masses of them less impressive than the average stormtrooper. They might have been meant to be more than that, but thanks to the fiercely individualistic nature of their society and the focus on one on one battles of the storyline… as well as the glaring lack of anyone one for them to curbstomp and thus show their badassery to… they weren’t. They were essentially nameless drones there to be slaughtered just to give enemies bodies to stack. I put him down hard. And the two that followed. I still hadn’t needed to go into Shikai.

Standing with sword tip on the ground I looked at the gathered Squad 11, which now included both Peacock Head (Yumichika) and Baldy (Madarame). “This is pathetic. This is why you lost to a mortal with stolen powers, two freaks, and a Quincy! You’re nothing. I don’t know why I came here hoping for a real fight. Combat Squad? You wouldn’t know Combat if introduced itself formally. You’re thugs in robes. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

I looked out at the massed Shinigami. “I’m the 20th seat of my squad. I should have been stopped long before hitting single digits, let alone before breaking into your senior officers. You’d think a Squad that prides itself on being the best at Combat, eschewing Kido, would be better at this, but you’re not. And it’s holding you back! You’re obsessed with Combat and you stink at it. You’re like children who think “Ooo, Combat is cool!  I should do that!” but you’ve never bothered to actually learn what Combat really is!”

I pointed at their officers. “You’ve got Peacock Head, who’s so desperate to be cool that he lies about the name of his sword and hides the fact that he’s powerful enough to take out any lieutenant except for Squad 1’s. He’d probably master Bankai in a heartbeat if he’d actually talk to his sword instead of getting into sulking contests with what’s fundamentally part of himself. He could replace Tosen tomorrow if he wanted to, but no, “Combat is Cool. Kido is icky.”” I shifted to seat 4. “You’ve got a non-entity who only has his position because his betters are afraid of the number 4. You’re Shinigami… the Shi is in the name you idiots.”

I turned to Baldy. “You’re bald. Letting yourself get worked up about that is… ridiculous. You’re more childish than she is (indicating the lieutenant). And seriously… if any of you didn’t know this bald idiot could Bankai, you’re stupider than I thought. We’ve got 3 empty slots for Captains and this guy refuses to fill one of those posts because Paperwork is scary and he won’t get to fight as much. Like I said, you’re all idiots. Fighting isn’t a game. It’s not the cool thing. It should always have a purpose and that purpose is to either protect or to kill. That’s it.”

“Self Imposed limits are great ways to train. Letting monsters and traitors pound on you isn’t.” I looked at the lieutenant. “Child of Slaughter. Snack Thief. You I’d very much like to fight. But I don’t think you’d take the fight seriously, preferring to let Kenpachi do it for you. And Captain Zaraki… well, even I’m not insane enough to think I could beat him… but I’d very much like to try to last as long as I could. Yet it grows late. I think I’ll return tomorrow at dawn. Ikkaku, Yumichika, if you fight me, you’ll have fight me with your Bankai. I won’t accept anything less. Yachiru… if you fight me with all you’ve got… I have one hundred mortal chocolate bars for you. And tell your captain, if he’s ever interested in actually learning how to sword fight instead of just… hacking at things with a sword… I could use a student.”

I turned to leave. “Oh… and if any of you comes looking for me after I leave, wanting a little revenge or payback… I went easy on most of you.”

I did go back the next day. I had to. I’d given my word. It was like walking into a den of hungry jackals. I sighed, “Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me,” I said to the senior officers, then turned to face the crowd. “If any of you… or all of you… feel hard done by what I said yesterday, please, feel free to attack me, all at once or one at a time. But know that, if you do, you’ll miss the entertainment.” Some 60 or so took me up on my offer. I signed my name in Kanji with their unconscious forms.

“Well, I’m warmed up. Who’s next?”

Question: Was I able to defeat Ikkaku or Yumichika? Answer: They’re highly powerful fighters… no I wasn’t. Not without using Shikai, which I wanted to save for something important, or Bankai, which I hadn’t mastered, or using other powers. Not without demonstrating advantages that would demonstrate just how little I was an actual Soul Reaper. I didn’t have the raw power and even with Ura Flashsteps I was having trouble keeping up with their footwork. I was supersonic… they were hypersonic. There’s a reason the Arrancar version is called “Sonido”. Still, I was beginning to see the nature of Shunpo and how to use it. But I hadn’t come to actually defeat them. I’d come to fight them.

I did kick 4th seat “Who Cares What My Name is”’s ass. After the sixth day of returning every day to fight either Baldy or Peacock head (day one prelims, day two Yumichika… good fight… day three 4th seat von no name… day four Ikkaku… day five Yumichika out of the hospital, forced him to use his fake Bankai on me, more fun… day six Blady again, still haven’t gotten him to Bankai, guy’s pretty decent at hand to hand so we did that instead of actual swordplay) I commented while tossing individually wrapped snack cakes at Yachiru to see how fast she could cut the wrappers off and eat the snacks without actually touching them with her fingers or letting them hit the floor, “It’s a long walk back to the Squad 9 Barracks.”

Ikkaku grunted, “You’re not a bad fighter, you could join our squad.”

Yumichika snapped, “She uses a Kido blade…”

“You don’t know that… She doesn’t even use Shikai.”

“Neither does Kenpachi.”

“He’s the Captain.”

“Boys. Please. Don’t beg. It’s entirely up to your Captain.”

A shadow loomed over me… a shadow with many pointed spikes sticking up from its head. “You think you’re good enough?”

“To qualify as a member of the “We Fight a lot but don’t know how to do it well squad?” Sure. There are probably some grandmas in the Ryukong that would pass muster. To fight you? Yeah, sure, why not. But you’ve got to promise not to go easy on me.”

It’s a good thing I heal fast. I got a lesson in having my ass handed to me by Kenpachi Zaraki. Once I’d proved that, yes, my blade could actually cut the Captain, even without revealing my Shikai, he stopped letting me hit him… and went on the offensive, forcing me to defend with every ounce of skill I had. Kenpachi was as far from being my equal in swordsmanship as I was from being his equal in raw spiritual power… and both of us were holding back.

“You’re not fighting with everything you’ve got!” he growled.

“Neither are you, Captain,” I responded.

“Yeah… but I’m trying not to die of boredom.”

“And I’m trying to be all mysterious and cool.”

He laughed. Then kicked me through a dozen walls. It was like… well, like being booted in the tits by an 8 foot tall psychopath with near infinite spiritual power. The walls barely hurt at all by comparison. I lay in the rubble and groaned.

“Fight over?” Yachiru asked, sounding a little disappointed. I summoned a Snickers Bar from my sleeve. “For today.”


“Just because you people are slackers doesn’t mean I’m going to go easy on the lower seats once you offer me the 4th seat.”

“Who said we’re offering you the 4th seat?”

“Well, Baldy would get mad having to go down to 4 and Featherface would get mad having to go up because he’s a looney who’s afraid of his friends hating him for something he can’t control. Wow, great shades of transgenderism.” I sat up, having regenerated from the beating, shocking them all with just how fast I was recovering. They hadn’t seen the hydrotap from the warehouse pumping superfluid saltwater for me to drain of its chill.

“You make me 4th seat and I’ll teach those morons in the double digits how to actually fight monsters. And in exchange, we’ll fight and I’ll teach you how to actually swing that stick in your hand like a sword.”

Kenpachi growled “I know how to-”

I arched an eyebrow, then flicked my sword from its scabbard so fast there was a sonic boom that knocked the Captain’s sword from his hand and flattened his hairspikes, ripping the bells from their tips. “You know how to fight.  But you rely entirely on power, not technique. I did that with technique… and a little bit of power… believe me when I say, there is almost certainly no one in the entire Soul Society who can match me in pure swordfighting technique.”

The big man got my point, I got a transfer, and that’s what I did until the start of the Hueco Mundo Arc, besides turning Uriel into an Arrancar, as he was technically dead… I’d always assumed he’d been saved by the Medbay… but becoming a Shinigami allowed me to see the truth… Uriel was very much dead, as in Sovngarde dead, a ghost that the medbay had given a body to match his genetic code, but the Warehouse was Uriel’s Sovngarde and the body he was using was a very adaptable gigai essentially. Turning him into an Arrancar was almost too easy.

By the time Aizen kidnapped Orihime, I’d gotten very good indeed at Kido, especially without the incantations (it wasn’t that much different from unvoiced spells at Hogwarts). I’d also gotten damned good at Shunpo, which was highly compatible with Ura Flashsteps, and I looked forward towards observing a full Arrancar using Sonido (Ahab was pretending to be a kid living with Joy, who was in the Kido Corps.) But that wasn’t the only change. Battling high energy opponents had taught me tricks with Reishi I’d never have imagined and that probably wouldn’t work anywhere else.

First, let’s clear up something… Reiatsu is Spirit Pressure, like atmospheric pressure except radiating out from powerful spiritual entities. Those entities possessed “Reiryoku” or Spirit Power… think chi but purely spiritual. Reishi was the building block of everything in the spiritual world. In direct contact with someone I could bend their Reiryoku, though it was easier to do to mortals than to Shinigami who were more aware of their spiritual nature. I could also, through energybending shape the Reishi around myself into a shield or armor or… well… anything else I could think of. If that Reishi was in the form of Water, Ice, Fire, or Lightning, my control quadrupled. Deflecting Reishi and Reiatsu attacks was getting easier and easier with every passing battle.

But I wasn’t spending all my time training just against the others of Squad 11. I’d made sure that everyone in the soul society knew of my boast to be the greatest living swordsman in the Soul Society, and that had, at first drawn the curious… and then the experts… and finally the masters. The rules were simple. No sword powers, no Kido, as pure an expression of swordsmanship and footwork as was possible. With each opponent I faced, I learned more and more of the tiny elements each had worked into their Hoho, and my own footwork improved more and more rapidly.

And I had potential students coming out the woodwork. Four hours a day I trained entire groups of Squad 11 members in group tactics, coordination, shield work (oh yes. I taught the Shinigami to use fucking shields… morons). They bitched, said I didn’t use one. I just glared at them and summoned another Psuedo-Hollow. I was drinking pure sugar syrup to keep up the strain of crafting so many of them, but there too I was getting better about making my creations more and more dangerous and intelligent. “When you have mastered fighting as a group, you can complain about my tactics.”

Of course, in the depths of the Night, I wasn’t just napping either. I had, after months of scouting… and finally just calling in Zane to get him to ask the Spirit of the Soul Society’s City where exactly the entrances to the Wandenreich’s secret lair might be found… finally managed to find my way into the hidden side of the Soul Society. Thankfully, the Hidden Empire was massive, and drastically under populated… then again, the inner area of the Soul Society was pretty underpopulated too, essentially consisting of huge swaths of labyrinth, massive villas, and pointlessly empty buildings.

And so it was, that when Ichigo and company headed off to Los Noches, I instead headed into the realm of the Wandenreich to… prune the branches. Yhwach had a power called “Auswahlen” that would allow him to transfer energy from impure or less important Quincies and give it to ones he felt were more deserving… or even himself. Thus, reducing his potential pool of energy would be useful… and if I could take out a Sternritter (his elite Guard) or one of his inner circle of guardsmen, his Schutzstaffel (seriously, could he be a bigger Nazi?) it would take a huge chunk out of his offensive force. Ultimately, my goal was to take out Lille Barro (aka X, the sniper who killed Zanpakuto guy) and Jugram Haschwalth (Yhwach’s second in command, and possessor of Yhwach’s power when big Y is napping.). Of course, to kill either of them, I’d have to strike absolutely on target without giving them a moment to respond… they were that powerful. Then again, that’s how I was planning on killing any of the Quincies in the first place.

By my calculations, Yhwach hadn’t reached the end of the 9th year yet. If he opened his eyes before that time, all his followers would, in theory, be stripped of their powers. The best way to defeat him then would be to do so before he could use his knowledge of the future… but when Yhwach slept, Jugram had his powers… and vice versa. Which was the only thing I had going for me, because Jugram’s normal powers… assuming I’d understood what I’d read… were to turn every misfortune against his attackers… and then return the damage they’d tried to do to him.

But that was for later. For now… I haunted Silbern, the ice-frosted citadel of the Wandenreich, murdering Quincies one by one and dissolving their bodies into nothing but dust. Coming for me… oh yes, the Leader of the Quincies would be coming for me… but the drawback hadn’t said anything about it being a fair fight or him having any special knowledge of me. For the time being, I waited to face the masters of the Wandenreich, doing my due diligence and reading the minds of all I passed, learning the natures and weaknesses of their gifts from their own thoughts… so very very few of them had any protection at all against mind readers.  

By the time I’d cut their numbers by 20, there was a general outcry. By the time it was 50, there was a total lockdown. I took another 10 just to prove I could and returned to the Soul Society after leaving a calling card… a Z slashed into a tapestry in the front hall.

Before the fall of Aizen, I returned twice more, each time destroying another handful of the Quincies. I’d have done more, but I had to help in the battle of Fake Karakura town… Orders were Orders. The day after Aizen was returned from Los Noches in chains, I was summoned to the Soul King’s Palace…. Or rather one of the five floating cities surrounding it. Nimaiya wanted to see me.

“Okay. Aizen’s been captured. No Oken made in Karakura town, fake or real. What’s going on?” he asked.

“Have you found a way to do as I asked?”

“Maybe. Not certain it will work. Needs damned powerful mortals.”

“I have faith in you.  And that’s why I’m going to tell you, and only you… and Ichibei who is over there in the corner hiding in his ink, erasing his own presence.” The massive shinto monk laughed as he emerged from his hiding place.

“You’re good, kid.”

“I’m better than that. And I’m an order of magnitude older than you are. But that’s neither here nor there, and I didn’t come to measure dicks. Ichibei, you’re out of my league… which is a problem… because the one who I’ve come to warn you about is out of yours as well.”

He sputtered, “Nonsense… I am the-”

“Yhwach is returning. And unless we find a way to stop him, he will kill the Soul King. He will kill the Soul King, bring about massive destruction on the Soul Society, slay you both… though Ichibei might survive being slain… hell, both of you might. I never saw confirmation of your death either Nimaiya.”

They glanced at each other, then back at me. “How do you know this?” the monk asked.

“I read it in a picture book… what the mortals call “Manga”.”

“How could a Manga tell the future?”

“Because to me this isn’t the future… this is the past. I come from a time when those things were already accomplished. Look… Yhwach’s power allows him to see everything that will happen… but not everything that has already happened… He can’t change the past. I can. I am an anomaly, and any day now he’s going to figure out that I’m a threat to him and send his minions after me. I have a plan to deal with it… but I need things in place before that happens.”

“Can you tell us how to find him?”

“I can. But if I do, there is a very real chance he’ll attack immediately. I need you to figure out a way to stop him, or at least slow him down.  But I will tell you this… When Ichigo Kurosaki returns to Los Noches… that will be the most likely time for the attack. It will be sudden, overwhelming, and extremely nasty… And Captain-Commander Genryusai will almost certainly be killed in the opening stages of the invasion.”

“You’ve gone from absolutes to qualified statements,” Nimaiya pointed out. “Why?”

“Because I’ve already changed enough variables that things may not go as I saw. I have… erased… nearly 75 of the Quincies of the Wandenreich. If all goes well, I will be able to kill two more, including the one who killed you, Nimaiya… but… and you must know this. If you kill one of the Quincies, it is possible for Yhwach to sacrifice a less important Quincy to restore a more important one to life…. More powerful than before. Also… if I can’t take out the one named Lille Barro… his bullets cannot be blocked and will hit even if you dodge them. Reflecting them back at him is the only way, and it will take a very powerful spirit mirror to do so.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes. Yhwach can empower even what you erase, Ichibei. I saw you erase his voice, half his power, and erase his name and he still decapitated you. Now, Nimaiya… I have some friends I’d like you to meet.”

Sniper duels are a tradition as old as the sniper game. Two hunters stalk each other across a wilderness of covers and blinds and roosts, waiting for the other to make a mistake. I had no interest in having such a duel with Lille Barro… For one, he was bug-fuck insane. But I did have a plan.  

Jugram’s best friend as a child had been Bazz-B… stupid name, I know… and Bazz would try and kill Jugram once he realized how little Yhwach cared about his followers. Time to accelerate that battle a bit. I hunted down Bazz inside Silbern, and… with a flick of will… drew him inside the Theater of the Palace of my Mind.

“Hello Bazz.”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“I am… Yhwach’s enemy. My name is irrelevant.”

“Where are you?”

“I am in everything you see and everything you hear and touch.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“True. Regardless, Yhwach thinks you are nothing but expendable assets, tools to get him where he wants to be.”

“Lies! You lie!”

“Oh. I do. I lie all the time, in little ways and big ways and ways so enormous your tiny little mind can’t comprehend them. But I’m not lying about this.” I threw up images from the manga… but these images had been recreated out of my memories using the actual people in the actual places. These were pictures only in the purest sense of the term. They were the next best thing to real. “This will happen,” I said, showing him the moment where Yhwach would pull the life and power out of those Quincies he’d deemed worthless.

“How… he wouldn’t… you don’t know him,” the hotheaded Quincy said, sounding almost plaintive.

“I know you,” I replied, showing him the moments of his own past, drawn in equal parts from his own mind and from the pages of the comic. “Only Jugram has value to him. The rest of you are only of value until you aren’t. Loyalty, Honor… these mean nothing to the man who would be god.”

He trembled, finally falling to his knees. “What can I do?” he asked after an hour of motionless silence. I told him to bring Jugram to a place just inside the walls of the Soul Society at midnight, where he’d show him the person killing all their fellow Quincies… and then, together, we’d take him down, then move on Yhwach. “Why at night? He can see what will happen at night.”

“Yes, but he can’t turn our luck against us. There’s a small chance, but just because you can see everything, doesn’t mean you can stop it from happening.”

Bazz is, for a Quincy, well meaning… but he’s a moron of the first water. He showed, as I’d known he would, with Jugram in tow. Jugram had to know this was a trap. I was hoping he would. Which is why I was perched atop the highest point in the Soul Society and about to do something insane.

One of my creations, one who looked like me and had a similar soul signature entered the square, and promptly attacked. Bazz, seeing that as the signal, attacked Jugram from the other side. I closed down all my senses into the moment, the butt of Soul of Ice’s rifle form snug against my shoulder. I was not breathing, my heart was not beating. I was, all together, in that moment. And then I fired.

The bullet raced the speed of light towards Jugram’s head, crossing the intervening miles in hundred thousandths of a second. And yet he turned towards the shot, the shot that must have passed out of my unpredictability field and I saw him raise his hand to block the Reishi Bullet with the Cero field, a Quincy Bolt loosed from a bow never made by a child of the Father of All Quincies, that glowing pulsing, glaring ball of death. And then, with all his power and focus fronting on the bullet…  I plunged my sword into his back.

“Predict this, mother fucker. Ban… Kai.” and a billion monomolecular snowflakes exploded out of Yhwach’s other half’s form. The area froze solid in an instant, froze and quaked and shattered, just like Jugram. Just like the bullet of energy fired from Lille Barro’s rifle that was targeted right at my chest. I grinned “Just as planned.” and grunted as thing punched a hole the size of a baseball right through my chest. Fuck… that hurt.

In the moment or so I had before I blacked out, I summoned a doppleganger with an identical wound, set to die spectacularly, and shunted myself into my medbay. Having 80% of your heart, most of your solar plexus, and bits of your lungs and esophagus vaporized is not fun, even if you’re a spirit at the moment. Good thing I had two hearts.

Clutched in my hand, however, was the soul of Jugram Haschwalth, the letter B that formed his power, that had been inscribed upon his very essence by Yhwach himself. Quincies… gotta love em… reality is a playtoy. Well, let’s see you raise Jugram without a body or soul, mein Fuhrer,

The next 14 months were… dull. Very very dull. I spent them in the mortal realm, wearing a different body and just being a normal nobody. Couldn’t let Yhwach suspect his hitman had failed. So I waited, and waited, and waited. No practicing, no… nothing. Normal Joe Mortal (I was going male for this bit, just to be more confusing. It had been a while. My male human form was as big as Kenpachi… wow… hunky.)

But if I wasn’t practicing… my followers, my Maskadors were.  A little bit Quincy but without the link to El Psycho Supremo, a little bit Shinigami, and a little bit Hollow… and all eager to cause some mischief. RayRay’s Bankai was… well… if using Dragon Ascent made her Mega Rayquaza… this was Giga Rayquaza… on steroids… with a Cero Heilig Pfeil breathweapon. The Six-Armed Asura Metagross could fire six at once. Zane, for reasons surpassing understanding, had a Zanpakuto shaped like Squall Lionheart’s Gunblade… and yes, it too fired Quincy Arrows. Kendra’s Windbow could now mow people down with scythe-like windblades. It was… to be honest, terrifying to watch the dailies from Velma.

I’d paid in kind for Nimiya’s Guide to Shinigami Creation. I’d traded plans for defenses designed specifically to keep Quincies out of key places, chambers that were my best guess at how to make Dune-Type No-Rooms, rooms that defied precognition. They weren’t perfect, but they’d haze things up a bit. I also lent Nimiya my Aura Booster to study and try out. And just to be a sport about it, I cleaned up his mental landscape for him, sorted his emotional baggage, cleared the Psychic Cobwebs, the usual. I owed it to him.

Eventually the Invasion happened, as it always does, and Joy called me with the two word message “Go Time.” Ultimately I hadn’t changed much, over all. The invasion went off much as it had in the manga, but this time as a much less of a one-sided curbstomp. The Wandenreich took hellish losses just to delay the prepared and eager Shinigami. Allied losses were a third what they had been, and Yhwach was pressed more and more to accomplish his goal before interference stopped him.

But still, things played out in a similar fashion. Genryusai died. No great loss. Others died as well, which was sad, but it happens. And still I didn’t make my move. I waited, and waited, until Ichibei faced off against the man of the hour, waiting until the forgone (known by all involved) conclusion to their fight. And then I confronted Yhwach.

“You cannot stop me!” he shouted.

“You cannot know that,” I countered, centered and calm.

“This is Destiny! It has been foreseen!”

“No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.”



“Get out of my way.”

“Or What?”

“I’ll swat you.”

“Heh. You and what army?”

“Once I know a power, I am immune to it.”

“I love that about you guys. Every fucking idiot in this world has to explain, in battle, how their power works. Seems to be a god damned law of reality. I dunno about you, but whatever my power was, I’d lie.”


“Yeah. Lie. Like I did when I killed Jugram.”

“You lied?” He looked confused.

“Oh. Yes. Very much so.”

“How so?”

“I said Bankai.”


“That wasn’t my Bankai. That was my Shikai. You’ve never seen my Bankai. No one ever has.”

“So what? You can’t beat me! I am Yhwach!”

“Yeah yeah yeah, you’re a pretty princess. Daddy was mean to you and didn’t give you enough presents and so you’re going to kill billions of people just so you can feel special. Fuck a duck, you need help.”

“Silence!  I will not be-”

“Oh yes you will be.”

“I shall destroy you! You have made a mistake facing me alone!”

“Alone? Who said I was alone?” I drew my sword. “Watch carefully. You’ve never seen anything like this before. Bankai… All of Me.”

And the world… exploded. This wasn’t an Ice Age. This wasn’t anything that nice. This was an Ice Epoch. Two hundred me’s, all throwing off Icy waves of power exploded onto the scene, each wielding a different Soul of Ice. This wasn’t just my true Bankai… this was my Semblance… and the true form of my limit break… all rolled into one. This was the nature of my soul… Winter, in all its facets, a storm of Ice and Snow and winds that made absolute zero seem like a summer’s day. This wasn’t just cold… wasn’t just Winter.. This was the Winter of the Soul. I could maintain it for 13 seconds.

It was long enough. Cast a big enough shadow and you can hide anything. Yhwach could see everything, every action… but he wasn’t god. He could not see inside people’s souls, could not know why they did what they did. But I could. I could be inside all those minds, planting suggestions, ideas, memories of conversations we’d had that had then been erased from history… except in memory. I could edit the timeline, jumbling things, making a mess of precognition.

In effect, I’d hacked Yhwach’s future out from under him. As the ice tightened around him, sealing him in crystal just like the Soul King, I whispered into his mind “And on the 7th day, She ate his eyes.” and the demonic cryogenic ice-fish I’d created to live and move within my eternal Ice, began gnawing at the Usurper’s eyes. They would never, ever, stop.

“You wanted to be god. Those who plot to overthrow god get frozen in ice and sealed in a pit.” I waved my hand and we were inside his Palace, before his throne. “I’ve moved Silbern. Ichibei has created a separate realm for you to rule. You should feel honored. We call it the Oubliette. There are no souls here, no reishi, and no power can enter without the key. There’s one copy.” I held it up. “It can’t be used from the inside… so once I leave, no one will ever enter it again. But, don’t worry, you have plenty of space here… after all, it’s bigger on the inside. We left you a window. Enjoy the view.” And I dropped the key in front of his icy prison and left him there, staring out of the Soul King’s left eye… forever.

As for what happened next? Filler Arcs. Lots and lots of Filler Arcs.

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(note, this uses the older Bleach Document, not New Bleach or Bleach Reborn, neither of which were out at the time.)


World 35: Redwall


Previously: War Crimes

Themesong: These Dreams by Heart

When I saw that Redwall was the next jump in the sequence I almost wept. Might have too, had I not so completely internalized the emotional control techniques I’d gained from being a Vulcan. It’s strange what sticks with you, but while the treacherous voice of doubt and self-loathing was speaking in my head, whispering that I’d make an utter hash of this too, the voices of my better… selves… pointed out that a) dwelling in the past was unproductive and b) I had a pretty good track record for not fucking up royally, and c) while there would almost certainly be pepper grinders in Redwall, they were unlikely to be wielded by mad scientists with a fleet of psychic tanks. Unfortunately, it didn’t do much to lighten my mood, but moping didn’t earn the CP needed to keep the lights on.

Also unfortunately, I’d never read more than the first book of Brian Jacques’ sprawling series, although I knew the names of a couple of the latter books. It was all very… Secret of NIMH without the madscience… lots of woodland animals living together and being medieval in the ruins of a Human built abbey or something. The details hadn’t stuck too firmly in my head, especially not with the voracious way I used to consume media… not that I’d slowed down, of course. Sure, I hadn’t encountered any Jump setting that wasn’t linked to something created on Origin Earth, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t ever going to happen. And sure, I was spending a lot more of my time pursuing other hobbies… but thanks to my reading glasses I could read 18 times faster than before. Shame I couldn’t process audio files 18 times faster as well. Someone should invent 18x Galeforce hearing aids… or maybe that would blow out your eardrums and core your brain… but probably not.

According to the Wheel of Locations, I would arrive a few miles from the ancient mountain of “Salamandastron” (a name I’d heard but never known to be a mountain), currently the dominion of Lord Stonepaw (whoever that was), just as the armies of the wildcat Ungatt Trunn (whoever that is) are marching towards it… though I’ll have a head start. A few seasons (out of the 40 we’ll be stuck in Zootopia) from now, a warrior named Luke (etc.) will set out to get revenge on some murderous pirates… are there really any other kind? Age and Gender are both free pick… huh… and, all the backgrounds are free. Well, that’s something. Neither Warrior nor Scoundrel appeal to me in my current state, and the relatively pacific Abbey-Dweller seems like a warm hug… emotionally speaking.

Up next was the choice of species. Maybe it’s girlish of me… maybe I was just counting on there being a Stewart Little, Secret of NIMH, MAUS, Mouseguard, or American Tail jump sometime in the future, but being a mouse now, with so many other choices, no matter how prevalent Mice might be in the books (although, as I’ve said, I’ve only read the one), seemed silly. Shrews were out for the same reason… a mouse by any other name and all. Moles have terrible vision and live in dirt… Hares… as much as I love bunnies… I dunno, the lack of binocular vision would get to me, I think, no matter how good the hearing is. That left Squirrels (poofy tail!), Hedgehogs (spiiiikes!), Badgers (growf!), and Otters (weeee!). With all due respect to the Herbivores… I’m not one. Sure Hedgies are mostly insectivorous and Squirrels are tree rats… they’ll eat anything… but I’d rather go with something higher up the foodchain.

Of course, Badgers and Otters are both relatives of the Ferret, so there’s that. Sure, I could go Vermin and take Weasel but Weasels weren’t Abbey-Dwellers. Birds were tempting, but… not free… and Badgers were very cool, but not free… so Otter it was. Drawbacks were to be avoided… at least for this jump. Too many bad thoughts.

Otters gained “Born in the Streams” free (You’re better at swimming than almost anyone else, able to swim upstream against a raging river, or keep your head above water in a hurricane. This also comes with an overall boost to your strength, and makes your belly a bit sturdier.) which was certainly nice… not that I wasn’t already lean and… tight. Abbey-Dwellers got “With Open Arms” free (Community. Security. Family. You may not have always had such things, but you’re good at finding them… or, if necessary, founding them. You know how to make a good first impression, and how to quickly find yourself integrated into any sort of loose hierarchy you may be invited to join. This is no guarantee that you won’t find yourself an outcast for egregious crimes against the community, but you’ll probably be given the benefit of the doubt on a first offense.)

It was a good start, nice, wholesome, the kind of thing a world weary veteran of the Psychic Wars… not to mention several other kinds… would want. While I was at it, I figured I might as well check out the rest of the Abbey-Dweller line… and having checked it out, I figured I might as well take it. Wholesome Home Cooking [100] (900/1000) made me a culinary genius, able to whip up a delicious four course meal on a moment’s notice, or to keep a whole Abbey fed for weeks under siege conditions, with knowledge of all the various local cooking styles and the ability to make vegan substitutions nearly indistinguishable from the real thing (ha… I’ll believe that when I see it). It was even future-proofed, allowing me to learn the most popular meals no matter where I was. It was, all in all, a fun little boost to my steadily growing art portfolio.

Expert Healer [200] (700/1000) was another no brainer. It gave next gen folk medicine and medical skills across the board, plus the ability to integrate more advanced medical knowledge with the down home style of this pre-industrial world. That would be good in this jump, helping me hide futuristic medicine in Redwall’s more folksy ways… but I figured it might also work for future jumps, helping me hide advanced treatments from the primitives… and maybe I’d learn something. Athelas did contain a potent and fairly generalized antitoxin after all.

JITTAGALL [300] (400/1000), an initialism that barely qualified as an acronym, stood for “Jumping Is The Thing A Good Abbey Leader Learns” and made me the embodiment of the seven virtues exemplified by the great leaders of Redwall Abbey: Humility, Patience, Wisdom, Understanding, Kindness, Friendliness, and Strength of Character. It didn’t manifest as a visible glowing aura, but as a faint smell of lilacs (which could, thankfully be suppressed at will… I detest lilacs). It meant that those who shared my values would quickly come to regard me as a veritable living saint, and even my mortal enemies would hesitate to hurt me. Saintly virtues… I could use that right now… Humility especially, but Kindness too… I put a hard lockout on the Medbay pods containing the Kihara’s. They could not be opened by anyone for ten years and 40 days. If I decided to forgive those psychos, it would not be under the kinder, gentler, pacifist me.

Companion Import [300] (100/1000) was next, the package coming with 8 slots, each gaining a free background plus 300 CP for Perks, Abilities, and Gear. Zane, Toph, Yoiko, Ryoga, Bao, Uriel, Joy & Ahab. One of these days I was going to find a jump that those two wouldn’t be helpful in (that still had companion imports) but this was not that jump.

Still, that seemed to be all the Perks I wanted, maybe there was Gear worth grabbing… not that I anticipated it… this was a feudal society… Of course, right away it proved me wrong. Free to everyone came a Sturdy Haversack… and not a useless oldtimey one, but a large, rigid-framed backpack with several pouches and compartments (all substantially bigger on the inside for extra excellence). They each came with a bedroll and mess kit, and could, in a pinch, be used as a surprisingly effective bludgeoning weapon.

Still, all that paled in comparison to the ultimate prize, free to all Abbey-Dwellers… Infinite Cheese. “In a world without livestock, where exactly do the dairy products come from? Probably best not to think too hard about it. Rest easy though, this cheese comes from endlessly refilling barrels in your warehouse, rather than anywhere ethically questionable.” I cackled with glee as a list of cheeses hundreds of items long scrolled across the window of the VMoD…  Sure, I had near infinite sandwich cheeses already, but they were sliced for sandwiches… and there are plenty of cheeses that don’t go on sammies… the Infinite Cheese was six massive oak barrels, one full of brine and brined cheeses, the others full of wax sealed or paper wrapped cheeses, ranging from semi-soft all the way to very hard.  Mmmm behold the Power… I knew I’d chosen right.

For the low cost of [100] (0/1000) I could also buy an Abbey Kitchen, a fully-stocked kitchen, pantry, and cellar, equipped with hot and cold running water, many ovens, stoves, and cauldrons, the best cooking utensils available, a large deep fryer, fermenting and distilling equipment, and even refrigeration facilities. Once a season, my supply of fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables would refill automatically. And after the jump it would become an attachment to my Warehouse. What more, really, could I ask for?

Still, I had to check the Drawbacks. It was… necessary. I’d done one jump without looking and always regretted not knowing what was on the list. Always consider your options, even if ultimately you reject them. Knowledge is power.  Ack… all these drawbacks are heavy hitters… but for once I think the amnesia perk  “Child of the Storm” sounds good. Though I have no idea what I’d do with the extra points. It’s a 300 point Drawback, but unlike many similar ones, it doesn’t actually seal away any of my powers, simply makes it so I will have to discover for myself what powers I have and how to properly use them. When Zane asks why, my only response is, “Think of it as a test. Without my history and memories to guide me, will I still be a good person?”

Unfortunately, taking that rules out the ‘Prophecy’s Puppet’ Drawback (guided by the Author’s Hand) or ‘This is a Peaceful Place’ which would inhibit my freewill. Always Hungry was right out… No way was I going hungry for a decade… especially not with limitless cheese… though I’d have to remember it was there. Dibbunsitting (which meant I’d be saddled with the care of infants and toddlers… i.e. dubbins…) might be a fitting punishment… but it was a fail state waiting to happen since even one death… in a world often rife with violence… would end the chain. It also sounded vaguely like hell.

And speaking of hell, Relentless Riddles (+200) sounded excruciating… but might be worth it. In fact, the challenge of endless cryptic answers and riddles amused me… and it amused me right up until I thought about how Ryoga and Yoiko might take to the lack of straightforward answers… at which point it reaaallly amused me. Hopefully Ahab could keep from killing people in frustration.

To round out the make things difficult for SJ and test her patience to the limits, I picked up Incomprehensible Accents (+100) which would make almost everyone sound nigh incomprehensible to me and vise versa.  Which was odd, because I had no idea what I’d spend all these points on.

I settled on “A Little Light in Every Heart” [300] (300/1600), which granted me  “an unusual degree of insight into the content of the character of others”, a sense of when they might have nagging doubts about the correctness of their ideals, and the ability to (with a precisely chosen) kind word or two assuage those doubts… or cause them to bloom and grow. It wasn’t mind control or magical alignment change, and there wasn’t any guarantee that it would result in a convert to my cause but it probably couldn’t hurt. It was, apparently, particularly useful for promoting ideals of tolerance and nonviolence, but could almost as easily be used to spread paranoia and distrust, or whatever values I wanted to spread. It wasn’t wonderful, but it came with the added perk that would allow me and my companions to bypass the limitation on vermin species taking the Abbey-Dweller or Warrior backgrounds, or of the Goodbeast species taking the Scoundrel background.

I considered taking the serpent’s Active Camo perk.  It was tempting in the extreme, but so were the sensory boosts (hearing, vibration, touch) from the Mole’s racial perk. Also tempting was the Aerial Acrobatics perk for birds. But ultimately, I went with “Musician and Poet Extraordinaire” [200] (100/1600) which not only made me competent in the use of every sort of musical instrument common to the world of Redwall, and a virtuoso level of talent on drums, but gave me a talent for poetry and songwriting, especially when writing songs about my adventures or those of my friends. It even boosted my memory (as if I needed it), especially with regard to recall of verse, which probably meant increased memory access speed rather than capacity. Oral history is cool… and embarrassing your friends with heroic ballads seems like fun. It even came with a free Musical Instrument “A finely made and well-maintained hand-drum.” I wonder if I could teach Ziggy to play the drum? Belly Drum was a Linoone move… though I guess the question was “Can I teach Ziggy to play the drum without hurting himself?”

With the last of my CP I picked up the mousine racial perk “Heart of a Mouse” [100]… of course… In this world, that’s actually a compliment. They may be one of the smallest sentient species, but they produce a disproportionate number of heroes. It gave a great deal of courage even in the face of overwhelming challenges and a great deal of luck when faced with lopsided odds. I hadn’t had too much problem with courage issues, but a little good luck couldn’t hurt. Bad luck had utterly boned… well, not me, but the inhabitants of the camp and the surrounding zone of destruction pretty completely… but if I wasn’t the one boned, I was the one who had to live with the guilt and shame. Wasn’t fair, but life seldom is.

Zane, deciding to be a little different this time, went for an Owl Wanderer. A big snowy leopard owl too. Cost him all his points, but boosted his strength and gave him right fierce claws… but no hands to speak of. Aerial Acrobat was free for Bird(brains) which made him a veritable flying ace (or ass), able pull off amazing stunts and turn on a dime… not to mention making flying less tiring for him no matter what might be powering said flight… and Wanderer came with “The Open Road” which made him a seasoned traveller, at home on the road, able to travel farther with less fatigue and make himself comfortable almost anywhere. Came with skill at avoiding natural hazards and, in addition to his Haversack, he (and the other Wanderers to be) received the Abbey Records for free, a bookcase containing, among many older books and scrolls, signed first editions of the collected works of Brian Jacques. Also includes DVDs of all three seasons of the Canadian animated series, which cover the events of Redwall, Mattimeo, and Martin the Warrior… which wouldn’t do a Wanderer much good without a portable DVD player with a screen.

For Toph, it was something of a toss up. She’d been trained in Earthbending by Badgermoles… and unfortunately, had to now pick between the digging Moles and the fighting Badgers. This resulted in a lot of hemming and hawing and complaining about single natured animals, before she finally (day 20), settled on a Badger Scoundrel, since she was already the best at digging and didn’t want to sound weird. Personally I think she picked Badger so she’d be able to Hulk Out (at least mentally), as being a Badger meant you got Bloodwrath (both a perk and a drawback in one inconvenient package) for free. It was a kind of berserker fury, one raised by harm or threat against a loved one or the presence of a hated foe. It increased the Badger’s strength, speed, and ferocity, and allowed them to ignore anything short of an immediately fatal wound (as long as the fury lasted)… but shattered the Badger’s ability to concentrate on anything that wasn’t CRUSHING, KILLING, and DESTROYING… though, with great mental effort it was possible to direct what got Crushed, Killed, or Destroyed. Scoundrels just got Dirty Fighting (which was exactly what it sounded like) and some free basic weapons…. Plus the Haversack.

Yoiko, too, followed the Scoundrel’s path, but she went Wildcat (a vermin species as opposed to the normally valorous goodbeast Badgers… ah fantasy racism.). In addition to her free weapons, Haversack, and Dirty Fighting, the former otaku fangirl ended up with “Eye of the Tiger”, the ability to size up an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses at a glance and intuit how best to exploit or counter them. With time and contact, the understanding only got deeper and could be extended to inanimate structures or even hypothetical concepts. It sounded impressively… angry and damaging to me, but also extremely philosophical in nature. Introspection was often a trait Yoiko lacked.

I figured Ryoga, already master of the weakpoint detection, would follow suit, but instead he surprised me by going with a Shrew Scoundrel (Hell… I’m not even sure how Shrews are different from mice, personally.). When I asked why he went with something so… tiny… he smiled “For the Logic”.  At first I didn’t understand… then I remembered that the Shrew’s racial ability granted a “firm understanding of logic”… not to mention a stubbornness upgrade. “That’s… very wise.” I was impressed,  Ryoga… shoring up his weakness at last… even if it might make him a bit unbearable at times… after all, that racial perk is called “Argument for Argument’s Sake”. Warriors, of course, got the basic weapons… and the Haversack… and Dirty Fighting… but since Ryoga hadn’t blown all his points on his race, he could afford to buy Bully Pulpit for 100 (described as a “PhD in Mean”) which boiled down to a massive boost to intimidation skills (that guaranteed the target would be more willing to listen to you after you cowed, frightened, or embarrassed them)… thankfully, it could be used sarcastically instead of socipathically if one wanted to… I just hoped that would be the case.

He also scooped up “The Freebootin’ Way” for 200, a perk that ensured that Ryoga and his “mateys” would always be able to find a steady supply of plunder and drink for as long as he/they/we wanted to keep plundering and drinking. It allowed him to handwave away most of the less pleasant parts of the job, from scurvy to digging latrines, which would hopefully keep morale high…. but I wasn’t exactly certain how that would actually work… would the latrines just… be there when we needed them? Freebootin also guaranteed he’d have an easy time getting a gig as a corsair, mercenary, or the like in future Jumps. I can’t say that last sounded useful, but Ryoga seemed happy with it, so eh.

Bao, who’d been born in the year of the Rat, claimed he had no choice but to be faithful… not even when we pointed out that Chinese and European Rats aren’t exactly the same thing… Rat Wanderer was his choice. The Rat racial perk was called “The Scourge”, which made the Rats (who believed in the concept of Might makes Right) incredibly ferocious combatants, stronger, tougher, and faster than most races and tended to make and other beasts respect that strength. While it didn’t make them truly fearless, it tended to give them such a reputation. It also came with impressive facial scars and a badass story to go with them that could be redesigned or suppressed entirely at the beginning of every Jump, and Bao was already designing his scar and composing a tone poem about how he got it… I refrained from telling him that tone poems are not usually considered badass in European style Cultures… maybe in Redwall they would be.

As a Wanderer he got “The Open Road”, “The Abbey Records”, and the ever present Haversack… to which he added “Prince of Mousethieves”, a legendary talent for stealth and thievery, to the point of snatching the very whiskers from under a foebeast’s nose. If it wasn’t nailed down or on fire, he could probably steal it- and if it was, he’d just steal the nails and the fire as well. It came with a talent for picking locks, wriggling out of bonds, and ventriloquy, and made him a little more likable, ensuring that his reputation for theft would not be a barrier to people trusting him… great… a thieving rat… wooo.

Uriel’s choice of Hare Warrior, was, so he claimed based on the well documented valor of the Tamrielian Moutain Hare… As someone who’d slain over a thousand of those cowardly little food packets in Skyrim alone, I didn’t comment, but I suspected it was more about the Hare’s “Stiff Upper Lip, Wot?” racial perk, substantial increase to his stamina, toughness, and ability to recover from both physical injuries and emotional trauma… though relying on it tends to give you a prodigious appetite. With all the freebies (Weapons Training, Weapons, Haversack… have… a… sack… sigh), Uriel plucked up “A Welcome for Bullies” for 100, which would allow him (With the right motivation, and a little bit of training) to turn even a bunch of peace-loving farmers and monks into a formidable fighting force, either as recruits who plan to become professional soldiers or as citizen militias who hope to go back to their peaceful lives after the current crisis passes, and “EULALIAAA!” for 200, which made his voice much more powerful, able to carry over longer distances and be clearly audible over the din of battle. His battle cries would fill the hearts of allies (and himself) with the courage of a thousand hares, boosting their fighting ability and allowing them to persevere in the face of adversity. Apparently, Uriel just wants to be the British Bunny version of the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket… huh… hope that’s not a jump.

Joy seemed almost embarrassed to present her package (Squirrel Warrior), and it didn’t take a telepath to sense that she’d picked it because of the giant fluffy tail more than anything else. Good to see her being relaxed enough not to be the Iron Maiden around us. Her freebie pack included the usual suspects (Weapons, Weapon Training, Sack of Havering) and the Squirrel Racial Perk “Treetops and Timber”, a quintessential squirrel skill… forest freerunning that extended to rocky crags and urban environments, making her an almost unequalled climber and granting a moderate agility boost… it also came with a memory improvement for where she’d stashed things for later.

But with 300 left to spend, she picked a perk that had all but been made for her… “I Am That Is” which essentially allowed her to call upon the great warriors of the past in an internal capacity, pulling up ancient martial arts or the knowledge needed to defeat an implacable foe, or even the location of long lost MacGuffin when pushed too the edge. By engaging in meditation – or seeking them out in a dream – she could also converse with her predecessors directly. Each Jump to a new setting, she’d gain access to a new set of ancestral spirits, as appropriate to the setting and to her chosen background. And, if she should ever die for good (I’m not certain that’s possible), a fragment of her spirit would live on in each world she’s visited, to guide and advise other warriors for truth and justice… and, perhaps, to grant them access some shadow of her vast powers. This was, after all, the First Boss.  She’d already done that once, inspiring a generation of new Bosses… though none of them had her…. ovaries.

Ahab, smirking, said “I can’t match that, of course… but I can be… The Mole!” which earned him a bombardment of popcorn and couch cushions… we really need to redecorate… this house is soo… eight jumps ago. Ahab the Mole Wanderer. Haversack? Check. Abbey Records? Check. Open Road? Check! Gurt Diggins? Cheeeck? What’s Gurt Diggins you ask? Me too. It apparently gave him an instinctive understanding of tunneling and mining, whether using tools or his own paws, whether digging for jewels or root vegetables. It enhanced his senses of smell, touch, and vibration, allowing him to function just fine with eyes full of dirt.

Well, that explained the digging part, but what was Gurt? Maybe Ahab’s 100 CP “Book of Riddles” might help explain. It was a book containing a long primer on the underlying theory of riddles and puzzles, a spoiler-filled walkthrough of every riddle or puzzle used in the canonical Redwall series, and a showcase of some of the great riddles of history. The book was also enchanted with a magical cryptanalysis machine. Unfortunately, it only accepted input (and only provided output) in paper media, though I might eventually find a way to bypass that limitation. A note at the back promised that (In future Jumps), the walkthrough would expand to cover some of the most important riddles in that source material. While this wasn’t guaranteed to completely short-circuit any plots, it might allow us to take significant shortcuts. That might come in handy… at least once the jump starts.

As a companion to that, he also selected “Riddle Me This” for 200 to go with the book. This world of Redwall is chock-full of riddles, puzzles, and word games, and he felt he need the promised exceptional talent at both creating and solving them… if only to annoy others. That the perk came with elevated pattern recognition skills, talent for wordplay, and intuition (especially when guessing the intent of the original author) was merely a bonus, he claimed… but I suspected that was the real reason he took it… he plans to use it against me when I’m GMing! We have a no powers at the gaming table rule for a reason AHAB! He just smirked at me and said “Intuition isn’t a power.  It’s an attribute.” I glowered, but he was right.

I looked around the group and grinned “Okay, remember, once we drop, we’ll all be very confused. Try and not do anything stupid. Hopefully our implants will still function and VIvian will be able to hear us and learn the local language and then guide us back to the Warehouse, but it might take a little while…. And involve miscommunications, riddles, and who knows what all. And apparently there’s an army on the way, so… try not to get yourselves killed and I’ll see you when I see you. Do me proud out there. For the Honor of Team… we really need to come up with something that doesn’t have my initials or the word Jumper in it.” And with that non-sequitur of an ending, I pushed the button.

Wreck of the Merryweather, Churgeon’s Log, day one.

At least I assume I am the Churgeon of the Merryweather. I found this medical case washed ashore with me and the nearby wreck is, or rather was, the Merryweather. Aside from that, I have no idea who I am, nor where, save that there is a seaside mountain not far from here that, for some reason, I believe is named Salamandastron. I cannot explain my lack of memories, for I seem hale enough… indeed… I am far stronger than I believe is normal for an Otter… or even for a Bear. My clothes are unusual as well, as they shed water like fabric but are as hard as the most resilient armor… and they talk. Of course, they have no knowledge of who we are or where, but her voice is soothing, as if we’ve known each other a long time…

Through experimentation, we have determined that although I am (it seems) extremely strong, fast, and tough without her on, I am far stronger, faster, and tougher with her on. Indeed, I was able to cut myself with the edge of my bone saw (a small cut… it healed within moments… though it also took a few seconds for the wound to manifest… curious)… but the teeth of the saw would not even scratch the outside of… Aegis? I think I shall call her Aegis… and, until I find someone who knows me, I shall be… how hard it is to find something to hang one’s identity upon. I shall be Athena. She who bore Aegis… a shield of great power. Athena Bellweather. Now if only I knew where I was… if only I could fly. How would one test that?

Apparently by climbing to the top of a half wrecked mast and leaping off of it. It seems I can, in fact, fly. How odd. Is this normal? I would think not. A damage resistant, highly intelligent (I seem to have no problem doing extremely large sums in my head and I have little trouble remembering even random strings of numbers or random made up words… somehow something tells me this is not normal), flying Otter… at least that’s what Aegis and I believe I am. Whatever I am, it seems unlikely it is anything of nature. Indeed, I am writing these words, not with a quill (for I have none), but with ink that responds to my will… and I very much doubt it is a property of this ink, as… when I found this journal it was soaked through and the water departed its pages as if drawn from them by a strong force of suction… and I write this in front of a fire conjured out of the wood in much the same way.

I cannot say what tells me this, but I seem to instinctively understand that such things do not normally happen here. I slept, but woke before midnight, feeling refreshed, despite the strange dream I had about being some kind of blue-skinned she-creature in a place with metal walls fighting reanimate corpses. This too is very odd, a riddle given flesh… my flesh… to solve… itself? Then again, perhaps that is the nature of life. I take to the sky to see what I can see, and find ships, a great many of them, several days travel from the mountain. A pilgrimage? Perhaps… but it could be an army. Either way, they might be hostile… or simply never have seen an Otter before.

I land (if one can be said to land on the water) far from them, having left the haversack I found in the wreckage which seems large on the inside… and contains quite a number of chunks of cheese… and swim closer. I hear the people in my mind long before I hear them with my ears, a thundering cacophony that drives me under even as all the water around me is frozen by an unseen force, a shimmering globe surrounding me… a defense? I find I can shape the ice… lower it slowly and the… they must be thoughts, dreams, mental noise of all those people begin to leak back in… I have to struggle to find a way to turn the volume down again… a curious phrase… I wonder what it could mean… but it is appropriate.

Just before dawn I venture onto one of the ships, moving with a stealthiness that feels practiced to the point of instinct, the background thrum of mindvoices guiding me towards the encampment. Their words are almost gibberish, a dialect so divorced from the common tongue as to be patois, but the thoughts in their head are clearer… images instead of words… they are an army, led by a fierce Wildcat, heading to the mountain of Badgers and Hares to plunder and kill. I sense no motives beyond that and so I make to leave by flight… only to be attacked in midair by a massive snowy owl.

I sense confusion from him, a dazed scramble inside his head, with only the knowledge that somehow I have done this to him. The fight is hard, long, made longer since I have no desire to harm this creature who I have no memory of harming. Finally, I pin the owl’s left wing and snap, “Stop!”

Over the course of an hour, I manage to explain, carefully, that I have as little memory as this owl… Bubo, I name him… though I do invite him to join me on the quest to find out what has happened. We head together towards the mountain, the Owl asking if it is normal for Otters to fly, to which I can only chuckle. Although we both seem to be having trouble understanding each other in words, the intent comes through and we are able to make due.

A dozen miles from the mountain’s rise, we chance upon a Wildcat and a Badger engaged in a most curious fight. The Badger was scooping chunks of rock out of the ground as if they were soft mud and the Wildcat was causing them to explode into showers of pebbles. They were yelling incomprehensible things at each other and both looked as if neither understood the other.

And that is how I met Nike (the Badger) and Hera (the Wildcat). I had no idea where I was pulling these names from, but they too were missing their memories, smelling of saltwater, and possessed of strange abilities. They were not the last we were to meet that shared such distinction.

Before we reached the mountain, we came upon a Rat who I named Hermes, a Hare who I named Ares, and a Shrew who I named Apollo. We quickly became a bit of a travelling group, forming a mutual help society for the linguistically and memorially impaired. If only we’d been quicker to begin inventing our own language.

Just outside the mountain’s main entrance, we were set upon by a host of several dozen aged Hare Warriors. Things did not go well for the Hares and it took all of my ability to restrain my new companions to keep them from killing the chronologically blessed old timers, but not before all of them had sustained injuries ranging from simple concussion all the way up to compound fractures.

With great difficulty, I convinced the least injured of the Hares to limp back inside and fetch their leader, while I tended the hostages / my patients. Aegis discovered that she could see inside their flesh and somehow place that information upon my eyes so that I could see it but none else could. Setting bones was thus as simple as writing in ink without a pen, for the blood within these Hares responded to my commands as well. Indeed, the more I focused, the more I found I could manipulate their wounds to repair or restore flesh as well.

I looked around, seeing fear on the faces of these Hares (though they tried to hide it) as my companions demonstrated powers and abilities beyond the normal ken. Thus did the Lord of the Mountain, Lord Stonepaw, find me in contemplation. We were all of different kinds, some of us from the force preparing to attack, others of the kinds within the mountain, and still others foreign to both factions… all lacking memories… all lacking the ability to speak clearly to each other and to any local not of our kind (Ares seemed to have little trouble talking with the Hares)… and all possessed of strange powers and prodigious physicality.

Nike, our Badger spoke with Lord Stonepaw (who was also a Badger) and, as best I could make out, explained about the coming fleet and how we’d come to see if the people of the Mountain were worthy of our assistance. The Old Badger took some umbrage at that, but Nike was able to subdue him with relative ease… and then sit on him until his rage passed.

I spoke to the gathering of Hares and Badger, speaking slowly, clearly, and loudly so they could understand me as clearly as possible. “We. Are. Not. Here. To. Fight. You. We. Will. Help. You. Fight. The. Ship. People. If. They. Attack. We. Bring. Cheese. And. Our. Strength. If. You. Offer. Us. Hospitality. We. Shall. Pay. It. Back. Tenfold.”

That’s when a Mole dug up from beneath us and said “Oy, thas wa she sais, init?” We all looked at the mole in confusion, then laughed as an acorn bounced off his skull and a Squirrel landed next to me and said something else in yet another incomprehensible dialect. I wondered how many of these individuals we were going to collect, but this wasn’t the time. We had an enemy navy and the army it contained to fight off.

Wreck of the Merryweather Day 4

Have you ever tried to fight off a massive invasion of wode painted rats and spiders and other creepy-crawlies with 150 elderly warriors, a truly ancient berzerker captain, and 9 demi-gods… none of whom speak the same language and only vaguely trust each other? It is not a position I recommend. Thankfully, a collective enemy gave us something to focus on and we spent the day fighting back the forces of unrighteousness. It was, truth be told, strangely… familiar, as if I’d fought off waves of enemies on multiple occasions… but I didn’t bear any scars nor was I all that old… at least as far as I could tell.

It also seemed clear that we were rather unique, me and my memory challenged friends, for standing up to us, even unarmed, wasn’t safe. And yet, it was, for me at least, a strangely joyless experience. I longed to reach out to these creatures, these “Vermin” and to find out why they seemed so angry, so driven to brutality and cruelty…. But I could not, for I lacked the words.

I retired that night, wondering at that, sitting inside the stone cell I’d been offered, only my thin bedroll between me and hard stone, and yet… I felt at peace. I drifted into sleep… and dreamed of wars… so many wars… wars against dozens of different foes, foes who used sorcery, foes who used science, foes who used words, and foes who used secrets. Metal enemies, flesh and blood enemies, enemies wrought from energy itself. I saw through my own eyes as I commanded the very oceans to rise and crush enemy ships, saw as I stood on the bridge of a ship made of light and metal as it soared through the skies, saw as I cut down foes as they slept, saw the smashed bodies of deformed children and knew, somehow, that they had died at my paws?.

Wreck of the Merryweather Day 5

I woke, shuddering, and strode out into the early morning haze, looking down at the army arrayed on the beach before the mountain’s slopes. This would not be. I grabbed Hermes, who was standing watch and snapped, “Hera. Quick.” and he ran off to find the Wildcat. When they returned, I pointed down to the army. “We go. Find Leader. Teach… Lesson.”

We descended upon the encamped army just as they were readying for the second day of the siege, and smashed our way into their numbers, arrowing for the central tent. I ripped the canvas apart with a wave of my paw (I seem to be able to control the wind, but not as well as I can control Fire or Water… I also have some ability to manipulate Dirt & Stone, Metal, and Wood, though again, not as well as Wind… though somehow I sense my control of wind is part of a larger ability that I am only vaguely aware of and it certainly seems to drain me mentally while the weaker elements drain me… spiritually? And the stronger elements drain me physically and spiritually. I am unsure why, but this seems par for my course… though what Par is or what kind of Course that phrase refers to I don’t know.) and glared up the fierce Wildcat who was just pulling on his armor… though not that far up. I suspect I am quite tall for an Otter.

I pointed to Hera, “Tell. He go or we kill. Not his army. Him.” she relayed the ultimatum, but Ungatt Trunn (their Wildcat) seemed unimpressed. In fact he smirked, saying something. After I asked Hera, she said “He say “Us and What Army?’.” I laughed, then snapped the enemy cat’s whiskers off with a thought.

His eyes narrowed and he muttered something that didn’t sound complementary, so I called up the wind and, eyes actually glowing (though I cannot tell how I knew that) shaved the cat bare. “Tell him, come back with bigger army. And bigger…” I mimed testicals and Hera laughed, then spoke to the warlord. He glowered, then nodded understanding, hate radiating out of every pore.

The Blue Horde sailed with the evening tide. I knew they’d be back. We would have to be ready.

Day 20

The central problem facing us was our lack of ability to communicate readily. To solve that problem would require collecting a “Speaker”, a normal member of each of our 9 different races, who would be able to speak for us and interpret, but that would slow things greatly and be useless in combat. Still, we sent to the nearest communities seeking an assistant for those of us without one (we had plenty of Hares and too many Badgers would be a bad idea) but while that was brewing, we communicated in a hodgepodge of mime, yelling, and the written word, something that each of us understood, though even then our handwriting was all different enough to cause annoyance.

We also began working on basic pawsigns for basic things, and reviewing the mountain’s defenses, trying to find ways to multiply the effectiveness of our Hare allies. The mountain contained housing for thousands, and a war forge the likes of which few might have ever seen. It was a foundry of staggering proportions and when at full heat must make the volcano look still active.

Part of the communications issue is that no one here knows how to give a straight answer. Ask what time dinner is and you’re likely to be told about thrushes and winds of autumn. Ask how many days worth of stores the Hares have laid in, find out it’s as many as white stallions graze on yon red hills. Ask what’s for breakfast and get an ode to lidless treasure boxes. Allegory, metaphor, riddles, allusions… straightforward speech is alien to these people…. But at least the Hares are no longer pretending not to be scared of me.

Day 81

Lord Stonepaw’s son, Lord Brocktree has arrived, having heard that his father is being held hostage by strange invaders with stranger powers. Thankfully, I have my faithful speaker Urvo, a local Otter, to translate for me when I explain who we are (as best I can) and why we are here (in the immediate sense… existentialism notwithstanding). He brings an army with which to reinforce the mountain, and though there is tension between father and son, it is clear they have affection and mutual respect between them.

Brocktree is suitably impressed after each of us demonstrates a few of the things we can do, and begins flirting outrageously with Nike.

Day 85

It seems Brocktree’s arrival was well timed. A larger fleet than before has just been sighted bearing towards the mountain. A small squabble broke out today between five different Hare Maidens all claiming that they were walking out with Ares, who didn’t even have the grace to look abashed as he assured us all that he’d never told any of the lasses that they were his only special friend. For some reason, this annoyed Hermes and the two got into a bit of a scuffle. Stars forfend I even succumb to the call of nature. It seems to make fools of us all.

The fleet will arrive in 3 or 4 days according to the scouts who reported it.

Day 88

We met them on the beach, a tidal wave of rats and voles and weasels. We stacked them up like kindling, and yet they came on and on. Finally I flew up into the air, enemy arrows bouncing off my armor and raised the sea itself to push their landing boats and swimmers and even their ships back out to sea, smashing all the wood together to create a jumbled floating island trapped in a growing sheet of Ice.

I called up Urvo, outfitted in as many defenses as my companions and I could muster, and landed upon the first ship. “Surrender or face the ice,” I commanded, trying to be both regal and demanding. Ship by ship, the vermin gave up their weapons to me, and ship by ship I took the officers hostage against their crew’s obedience.

There were 131 ships, carrying over 30,000 vermin. Ungatt Trunn had been joined by his brother Welak Trunn and the dark furred brother did not look pleased to be captured by an Otter. I spoke, through Urvo, to each leader and each captain, seeking a reason for their invasion, be it climatological, famine, or simply lust for battle. While the latter was foremost, also prevalent was overcrowding of the lands they called home, a rocky, snowy peninsula to the north east.

I explained to the captains that their men would be allowed to come ashore in small work parties to build a compound, a town… to my specifications… which would be both their prison and their home. Twice now has the Blue Horde dared come against lands under my protection, and twice had I spared their lives. Now they would farm and mine for the Lords of this land and in exchange they would learn to embrace peace… or they’d feel the embrace of the sea.

I could feel the eagerness of these treacherous creatures to be allowed into the forests and fields of the countryside, where they would no doubt pillage and burn… but I had a surprise for them. At the far end of the beach from Salamandastron, upon the very stones the Merryweather had wrecked, I had had those of my companions with the power to shape and control dirt and stone, raise a causeway a mile or more out into the sea and at the end of that causeway to raise up a low island, bare of all greenery but large enough for a camp of 30,000.

The leaders were shocked, aghast, demanding to know where they’d find wood or stone to build with, and I pointed at their ships, still trapped in ice.  “As for stone… you will have to earn that… as well as farmland… and the causeway will flood every day except at low tide.” And I pointed to the stone fortress that was, even now, rising at the shore end of the causeway. “That’s ours. Work well, earn our trust, pledge peace, and you’ll get all you need to survive.  Don’t… and the sea will take you… and don’t try swimming from your island, it’s surrounded by reefs and shoals of knife edged rock and undertows.”  Indeed, the entire island was braced by just 13 pillars of stone and could be sunk into the waves with relative ease.  It also had no natural source of freshwater or soil in which to grow crops… and winter was coming.

Day 205


Day 374

I look stupid in a dress. Why do dubbins need a party to celebrate their birth? Stupid horney badgers.

Day 600

If I smash my head against a stone wall enough, will it make these Vermin stop pestering me? Stars… it would have been easier to just kill them all.  Now they want to form an assembly and elect leaders… but every racial faction thinks they should be in charge. The groups with small numbers, foxes, spiders, voles, think every group should have an equal number of speakers… the groups with lots of members, rats and weasels, think they should get more speakers. I point out, through my spokes-otter, that while the rats may have numerical numbers now, that might change, and they’d be at a disadvantage.  To the weasels I point out that the more spokes-weasels they had, the fewer they’d be able to keep an eye on… even weasels don’t trust other weasels.

Three per group, all reporting to the Wardens… the council of Brocktree, myself, Watch Captain Ares, Educator Hermes, and Scout Captain Bubo. Politics… so much more hassle than just killing everyone. And it is a problem. Vermintown has more people than the surrounding countryside does… and they aren’t great farmers, though they’re getting better at it… there is a lot of crime, which to me is crazy, poor people stealing from other poor people.

But internal problems are to be handled internally. They respect strength, inasmuch as they respect anything, and the less heads we (The Great Ones) have to crack, the better. The threat of us has kept the peace these last 5 seasons to a large degree, with each successive mutiny getting less and less popular. The vermin aren’t slaves, merely prisoners working on parole and to support themselves (and pay taxes and tithes).

Hermes wants to create a formal school for the younger crowd, while Ares is trying to make builders out of some of the more enthusiastic and trustworthy of the rats and spiders. Hephaestus and Artemis are doing their best to train the local soldiery up to a higher standard, but ultimately, we’re still out numbered.

Day 681

Unrest in the camp. A work detail of some two dozen weasels went out with three otters and a squirrel scout two days ago and the entire group have now disappeared. Both groups are blaming the other and rabble rousers are hard at work drumming up trouble.  Nike and Bubo lead search parties sent out to find the missing beasts.

Day 683

Unrest has become alarm. Nike and Bubo have returned, Nike alone, Bubo missing half his scouts. Both parties ambushed, ambushers unseen, arrows out of the trees, archers gone by the time Bubo could swoop down to ground level, Nike barely surviving several dozen arrows thanks to Bloodwrath. Although the others advise against it, I shall go and have a look.

Day 685

Have searched the woods most carefully, looking for campfires at night, cannot find anyone. During the day, I see signs of movement, but when I investigate, I find only empty woods.

Day 686

Something is wrong, smoke on the wind.  I rise from the hilltop vantage and see the Catchpole Otter Village burning. I arrive too late to save them, the people slaughtered, dubbins missing. Boats missing too. I move a moment too late, a pair of saber-like fangs sink into the exposed skin of my neck and seering heat floods into my veins. My backhand shatters the teeth, leaving them sticking out of my neck and a sword springs to my hand unbidden.

I cannot see my foe, cannot hear his breathing or thoughts over the throbbing of my veins as something within me pushes the fangs out, black metal forming across my neck and hands. The blade is cold, so very cold in my hand, but right, very right, a familiar vibration, one from hundreds of dreams.  I know this blade… this is Soul of Ice… and I know what those fangs mean…. And I unleash winter upon the dead village, the temperature dropping from the height of summer day to the burning chill of the Heart of Winter.

There is a groan to my left and a figure, covered in frost… long, serpentine body, falls to the ground. I place my sword to his throat. “Speak.” I command, hoping to be able to make sense of his words in time. I bring fire burning on my other hand close to him. “Or Die Screaming.”

It isn’t easy, it isn’t good, it certainly isn’t nice… but I get the information from him. Padraig, Lord of Poison, has brought an army of the Warriors of Summer to reclaim the mountain of the Fire Serpents… And to feast upon the folk of the long coast.

I freeze the toothless viper into torpor and fly as swiftly with my load as I can to Vermin Town. I do not see the stolen boats along the way, but they are there, somewhere. I land in the assembly square and lay my prisoner at my feet as the crowd gathers. Urvo was not there, but his cousin Radd was and he served as my speaker to rally the people of the town.

“We do not ask you to defend the mountain, where we, your overlords live. We do not ask you to defend the mines that bring forth metal to make our weapons, nor the farms where you toil to bring forth our food, nor the woods that provide nuts and berries and wood for our boats. We do not ask that of you, for that would be madness. Instead, we ask you to defend the walls of your town, the forge and mines where your tools come from, the farms and fields and woodlands where your food and the wood for your homes comes from. You came to us as conquerors, and we welcomed you as countrymen. Fight now for your homes, for the peace you have learned is possible. For if you don’t… the serpents will feast upon all our bones. All they have is poison, while you… have me.”

I lifted off into the air, a jump of over a dozen times my height, willing my sword into my hand, and brought it down as I landed, cleaving the Serpent’s head from it’s neck. “Place this above the gate to show the Serpents what we think of them.

Day 744

Today Padraig, Lord of Poison, was brought in chains to the hall of Lord Brocktree, his fangs shattered, his wicked eyes blinded. The brothers Trun bested him in mortal combat, at the cost Ungatt’s life. Tomorrow, we shall lay him in state, a cruel man who nevertheless died a hero’s death. Though the serpent horde seems unending, perhaps removing their leadership will cause internal strife… which it will, if I have anything to say about it.

Day 902

I had a most peculiar dream last night.  I dreamed that my flesh could melt and flow at my command… and when I awoke, I found myself in a form most alien, that of a catlike creature, but of more refined, less animalistic form than a Wildcat, and with soft and silky fur. No sooner did I wonder if I could return to my native form… than I transformed again… but not, as it were, into my otterform, but into a smooth-skinned nearly hairless being much shorter than my normal form. Was this, then my natural form? I had seen these strange paws in dreams before, but to actually feel with them was fascinating indeed. They had so much more sensation than my paws and the skin was shockingly sensitive to the touch.

I sought to recall all the forms from my dreams, annoyed that my otherwise nearly perfect memory (baring the whole lack of a past thing) did not seem to extend to my dreams… when I found myself inside a dark, winding labyrinth of dank stone. The pillars were massive, towering vaults a giant could lose themselves in, and there were semi-luminescent clouds everywhere.

To my astonishment, I discovered that, if I peered into a cloud, I saw dreamlike images flowing past. Indeed, they were familiar, for they were my dreams. A Labyrinth of Dreams? Was there then a Library of Memories? If only I could access that… though with my luck it would be…

I found myself in a hall, brightly lit, full of signs and symbols and memories of my life, both before and after the wreck. The rooms of new memories were orderly, clean, and organized… the other rooms, the older past, was a storm-lashed ruin, everything tumbled and tossed. I did find my name however. Symbeline… how odd to know my true name… or was it? For Symbeline seemed to be the name of an Otter… not whatever I was. Was I then an entity of some cosmic realm, manifest for a mortal lifetime as Symbeline? I could not say, but it seemed likely.

I tried to leave the hall, but the door at the end was locked shut, strange symbols writ upon it in a language I had seen in my dreams but did not now know. Mysteries and riddles.

Day 1140

I am really getting sick of killing Serpent Chieftains. It seems like a new one shows up once every 100 days or so… with a longer gap for the colder months. Maybe if I can find out where they’re coming from….

Day 1260

Found out where the Serpents come from. Lots of swamp. It’s a massive bog that stretches from the south-east coast of the island we’re on to part of the northern coast of a larger landmass. Oh… and the world is definitely a sphere. Go up high enough and you can see it curve away from you. Very cool. Can totally understand why Bubo spends all his time flying super high… that, and the high speed swooping must be incredible.

Turns out that that far to the north is an island covered in rocks and snow and big white bears. Looks lovely in a stark kind of way. If only I could get the Serpent Chieftains and sub-chieftains there, they’d have loads of fun. That gives me an idea.

Day 1300

Today we poled the massive pleasure barge “Poseidon” into the edge of the bog and called for a summit, just us and the Serpent Leadership… but we sent flyers to every clan and sept of serpents. Let them figure out their own order of precedence.  

Day 1312

We have plied the Serpent Lords with wine and sweets as more and more of them arrived, explaining that we are waiting until all of the Serpents have arrived until we discuss the Terms of Surrender. The feel of their minds is cold, unpleasant, and full of slow wickedness. On the day of the talks, a thick mist rolls in, blanketing the marsh and warded off only by the torches we have burning all over the barge. For hours the Hares, under Ares leadership, tangle the Serpents up in establishing proper hierarchies, pitting them against each other until the entire thing dissolves into a shouting match, only to repeat.

Finally, one of the Serpents, the most likely candidate for Warlord of the season demands to know when we plan to get around to actually surrendering. At which point I motion for the Hares to leave and the hall soon contains just me and the Snakes and a very brave Urvo.

“Oh. It’s not we who shall be surrendering. It is you, oh venomous ones.”

That got a few laughs… until at my second motion, the mist turned to snow and through the billowing drifts, the Snakes beheld that the Poseidon, rather than being moored by the edge of the swamps, was deep in the middle of the open sea. It might look like a barge, but underneath the surface, it had ratpowered paddlewheels, eight of them, churning away nonstop, pulling us smoothly through the water.

“You could fight me, but then I’d get to fight back. You could try to swim… but I doubt any of you would make it… the water is pretty cold and none of you know where land is. Or you could surrender, pledge peace with the warmbloods, and all that… or not.”

A few of them decided to break the peacebond and attack. Their frozen shattered forms were left on deck amid the finery and spilled wine to remind the others of what I could do.  A few others braved the sea and quickly succumbed to the cold.

Day 1320

We arrived on the Island of the Snowbears… I do not think the Serpents are enjoying their stay. Most of them are huddled very close to the warmth of the braziers. In fact, once I’d explained that they’d be staying here for the next 16 seasons and, if they wanted anything from back home, we’d be happy to ship it up to them… as long as they surrendered…

Of course, it was possible their relatives would just write them off, but that would hardly be our fault, now would it.  

Day 2001

As it turns out, loyalty is not a snake virtue, and no shipments were ever made.  But without their leadership, the various snake clans… ate each other.

Day 3649

For weeks I have been having dreams of going down to the sea. I am no longer a young otter, perhaps 60 or 65 seasons, and my companions are all of an age. I have remembered many things of my life before the wreck, but it seems mostly like a dream. The Frogs came against us, but we turned them aside and directed them into the marshlands once held by the Serpents. The Crows came against us and we captured their rookeries and held their eggs for ransom. There were other smaller hordes, but we either converted or destroyed them all. Vermintown is a thriving city now, it stretches all the way along the coast between Point Vermin (the original town) and Salamandastron. Lord Brocktree passed some seasons back, but his daughter, Lady Cassandra, sits as overlord of the Coast. Tomorrow I will go down to the sea, the sea and the shore… and perhaps something wonderful will happen.

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World 34: Psychonauts


Previously: Eye of Gold

Themesong: Going Under by Evanescence

The note posted on the circus tent surrounding the VMoD alcove said “A decade long vacation? Hope you rested your brain. What do you think this is? Summer Camp?” I groaned.

Zane mmmed? “What’s up?”

“I just recognized this tent.”

“It’s a tent.”

“It’s from the final level in Psychonauts… The Meat Circus… that’s why it looks like marbled meat.”

“Oh… Gross.”

I stepped inside and was unsurprised… and a little terrified, to be honest, to see the Psychonauts logo hanging over the machine. I read the premise and winced… 10 years… 10 years at Psychic Summer Camp. It wasn’t that big a camp. Maybe there’d be field trips? It did promise crazy psychic adventures.

There wasn’t an age die or a location where, so I checked the origins… Camper, Instructor, Random Drop-In. It wasn’t even a close choice. I had to have two of the three capstones, but Campers got 2 companions free… and if I bought a third, all three of them would have 900 each. Oddly enough, it wasn’t Choice Points this time… but rather “Cranial Points”.

Basic Braining was free for everyone “You have training in mental obstacle courses, an ordeal that instructed you in the basics of acrobatic feats (jumping, trapeze, and the art of the double jump), psychically-assisted hand-to-hand combat, sorting another’s mental baggage, and accessing someone’s mental vaults. As an added bonus, you are less disoriented by astral projecting or entering someone’s mind.” as was a Merit Badge Belt “This camp sash will allow you to display your Jumper powers/skills as merit badges. This has only a cosmetic effect, but might impress some people if you explain that each one is a superpower, area of science/magic/martial arts, or other skill. Despite being properly fitted to you at all times, it always has space for each badge.” So that was nice.

In the free with purchase for Campers [100] (900/1000) category was a Dowsing Rod “This will help you find buried deposits of psitanium buried around the world of Psychonauts and, out of this universe, it will point to large concentrations of psychic energy.” which could certainly be useful, as well as one Psychic Specialty ”You are really good in a particular area of psychic powers. You might be able to go Invisible for a full day before having to recharge, Telekinetically wrestle the bears at camp, telepathically talk to plants (a rare ability), or your Oarsmanship might be strong enough to let your treat a canoe as a speedboat with nothing but the push of your mind! Keep in mind you’re not the best at your specialization, and to keep your area reasonable (use the cast of Psychonauts as an example). Can be taken more than once (doubling up a specialty will put you among the top 3 in that area with little practice) for a maximum of two ranks per specialty. Remember, this is just your baseline in that field and that with the amount of time you have as a Jumper to practice (not to mention learning and training perks) you will notice you have further to go to reach your limit than most.” I selected “Precognitive Invisibility”… i.e. resistance to being anticipated with Precognitive abilities.

The two Must Have Abilities, and thus the lion’s share of my CP, were the Drop-In Capstone “Astral Layers” [600] (300/1000) (Every version of you, at least one from each jump, resides in your mindscape, as an independent layer of who you were and who you are. Within your mind they are able to act as independent Psychonauts, defending your mind and dealing with any disturbances that arise. Outside of your own personal mindscape the only effects of this perk is the increased mental fortitude from the bolstering of your identity. Within it, however, your mind is a fortress garrisoned by the many aspects of yourself. These aspects have their own unique perspectives that could prove to be a valuable source of advice and insight, although not without their own biases. Speaking with your Id would prove impossibly useful to resolve any repressed issues you might have, but less so when seeking aid in dealing with the nuances of high society.) and the Camper Capstone “Three Pounds of Dreams” [300] (0/1000) (Your mind is that special one in a million psyche destined for mental greatness. Your mental defenses compare favorably to a tank’s armor, its strength to a battering ram, but it all pales in comparison to its pure potential. Learning and mastering new psychic abilities and skills takes less than a few days. Given sufficient motivation, challenges, and training to push your development could see you mastering eight different psychic abilities within one. Your mind never seems to lose its ability to change and evolve, meaning that even after years you’ll find yourself able to make noticeable improvements as long as you’re putting in the effort to push your limits) A psychic learning boost and a psychic defenses boost and a psychic strength boost. I wasn’t passing this up… but I wondered… if I jumped to Babylon 5 next… just how close to transcendence would I be? Could I fight a Vorlon head to head? That’s for later, but still I had to wonder.

As I locked in Astral Layers, I could feel my mindscape coming alive as more than 30 Jumpselves and 169 Magi Manifested, as well as a double handful of beings I recognized as aspects of my original psyche… my sense of justice, my rage, my lust, my competitiveness, and others… coalesced out of the various clouds and populated the once empty halls of my Mental Palaces. Librarian of Memories, Cataloguer of Dreams, Conservator of the Mental Gallery, Custodian of the Forgotten… they formed slowly but deliberately, establishing a hierarchy before the Throne of Me… a throne awaiting a future self who was not yet come. It was a throne for she I was becoming. And the hierarchy had room to grow, since it would clearly be doing so for the foreseeable future.

And speaking of planning for later, some of the gear was incredible… a regenerating cache of Psitanium, a mental cobweb duster and psychic loom two pack, and my very own psycho-portal? Collectively they’d cost me 400… which I didn’t have… and I really wanted to buy a third companion import. At 2, Zane and Velma would get 600 apiece… but with 3, Zane, Velma, and Francy would each get 900. But all that would cost 500. I could aim for 600 points of Drawbacks and take the Instructor Capstone… but while that would improve my brain-diving to the point where I wouldn’t need the Psycho-Portal, I’d have to pass on importing Francy and the Psitanium… I certainly wasn’t willing to go too crazy on this jump, even though the Molotov Milk sounded awesome… I already had a regenerating supply of grenades.

Still, I was going to have to dip into the well of suck to afford anything else. “Let’s hear it for Jumper! Yay!” (+100), which would saddle me with two eternally upbeat psychic cheerbrats, was merely annoying. I could cope with annoying… I was a middle school teacher.

“One-Jumper Camp Staff” (+200) was almost certainly a bad idea, (as it would fragment my mind into a set of alternative, job specific, personalities… but the text specifical said that as long as I have a large chunk of Psitanium I’d be able to remain stable and cohesive… and I would be using the points to buy a giant lump of Psitanium… which instantly respawns in my warehouse if I lose it or it’s destroyed… I suspect it can’t be that easy… but it’s there in green and yellow. Will have to experiment with how much Psitanium is enough… then use more.

And for the last bit I took “And Now I Have to Wear this Special Hat” (+200)… any Drawback that requires a hat, tinfoil or otherwise, was a taker in my book. Hats are cool. Limited psychic control when not wearing a hat made of tinfoil. I can do that.

And that was 500… now back to my regularly scheduled shopping. Psitanium [100] (400/1500) “A 50 lb. chunk of Psitanium (also available in arrowhead collection form), an extraterrestrial psycho-reactive metal that makes psychics more psychics (and unstable people more unstable) over prolonged exposure, appears in your Warehouse each year. If not worked into a new item and instead carried around, it will instantly return to the Warehouse if it has become lost or destroyed. Arrowheads can be spent at the Camp Store.” Cobweb Duster [100] (300/1500) “This device allows you to collect mental cobwebs while inside another’s mind. This has the benefits of clearing up their mind and memory, not improving their mental faculties as much as dusting off old skills and uncovering old memories. Includes a Psychic Loom attachment for the Warehouse.” and Psycho-Portal [200] (100/1500) “You get a personalized Psycho-Portal of your very own! This miniature doorway to the mind assists in diving into the mental world and allows for multiple users to enter a single target at the same time. You could place it on your own forehead and draw willing subjects into your mindscape (typically for training purposes) or you could attach it to others to dive into theirs. Note that it does come with built-in blocks preventing you from entering the minds of minors (due to laws protecting underage minds) and it is possible to establish mental blocks preventing access with this device.”

Which left 100 to import Francine, Zane, & Velma. I’d briefly considered Ziggy instead of Francy… but a psychic ferretoid would be… is bad news too mild a descriptive? And Francine was a psychic… sure, so where AJ and Petra… but both of them had physical skills too. Francine was the purest Psyker on the team. With their 900 points, the three of them would each get an origin free of cost. Hell, when you tossed in Ahab and Joy I could practically restaff the camp if I wanted to.

Zane went with Drop-In, which, in addition to Basic Braining & Merit Badge Belt, got him Ran Away From The Circus “You have the skills of an exceptional circus acrobat, having mastery of the trapeze and tightrope with juggling thrown in for good measure. Beyond the agility, balance, reflexes, and strength you gain from that experience, you also have a better knowledge of showmanship.” and Complete Collection of True Psychic Tales Magazine “Every issue ever printed, with a subscription for any new ones as they come out. Out of universe, you will continue to get new issues with articles based on the current universe’s Psychic events and community. This may include articles involving your adventures. Somehow the mail-in orders in the back of the magazine still work as long as you follow the mailing and payment instructions. In the event one gets damaged, simply burn it and a replacement will appear in the Warehouse.”

With his points he picked up Psychic Speciality Mental Shielding, Psychic Speciality Precognitive Invisibility (figuring it was a good idea), and Astral Layers because more Zane is always a good thing, right? He also picked up the Molotov Milk Crate [100], since, as he put it, it would complete the collection. He was right. This was the first time we’d ever managed to buy every item of gear available in a jump. “You have a basket from which you can pull bottles of milk that can ignite into Molotov cocktails. It is fortified with what the world wants. What the world deserves. When not ignited, it is very delicious and healthy to drink. The basket never runs out and you can share the milk, however only you can ignite it.” Nutritious and destructive. What more could we want?

Velma, ever the pedant, went with Instructor snagging the tetrafecta of Basic Braining, Merit Badge Belt, Department of Paranormal Education “You are fully trained in the art of educating young psychics. This gives you better methods of developing the present psychic abilities within your students (no matter how small), the ability to set up psychic training grounds within your mind, improved control over your mental censors (wouldn’t do to have your censors trying to evict your students, at least until combat practice), and the willpower to deal with a summer camp full of hormonal kids. Note that control over your censors is something you should pay attention to, as they are your mind’s immune system”, and Cobweb Duster…

“You know, Ess… You should cash your Duster out and take something else.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Dusters can be bought with arrowheads, right?”


“You’ve got a rod to find them, a block of Psitanium, and can theoretically borrow one of ours… and we don’t need two.”

“Three,” interjected Francine.

“You’re going Instructor too, Francy?”

“Yes, they get a discount on Psy Specialities.”

“True. Anyway, we don’t need three Psychic Looms, which is the major point of buying this item.”

“You sold me.”

Since I couldn’t afford a second Psychic Specialty to boost me to the top tier, I decided to trade in my Cobweb Duster [-100] for “Department of Paranormal Education” [100]… if nothing else, it would give me better mental health and willpower.

As for purchasing power, she picked up Psycho-Science “You are familiar with everything from the cutting edge to the earliest tests of the Psychic Sciences. You know how a Brain Tumbler works, how to construct a Geodesic Isolation Chamber, how to make your own Psycho-Portal (most available ones will include a built-in block to protect underage minds from being entered), how to build Psychic Death Tanks (and properly store brains so they stay alive and can be easily transported), and how to make people sneeze out their whole brains and stay alive using nothing but a pepper mill! That last one doesn’t work on people with a stuffy nose though. Also comes with knowledge of how to put brains back inside a person’s head.”, Psychonautics “Your skill at diving into the psyche is unparalleled, with the insight to truly understand the mind at its core levels. You have the full training of a Psychonaut and the field of Psychonautics in general. You know how to truly explore the human condition, the various methods of achieving the altered states of consciousness to do so (and in your case can do it through will alone), and you make connections through the Collective Unconscious easier allowing you to visit the minds of those you have a connection to over any distance. You can even explore the Collective Unconscious itself as well as Crowd Psychologies! As an added bonus, you also have an increased ability at understanding truly alien, inhuman minds.”, and 4 Psychic Specializations… Levitation twice, Psychic Transparency (mental attacks and scans might simply pass through her), and Psy-Suppression… a general dampener.

Francy as promised also went Instructor, Basic Braining & Merit Badge Belt, Department of Paranormal Education, Cobweb Duster… yada yada yada… but she grabbed 9 Psychic Specializations… Psychoportation twice, Psychic Void (the ability to absorb psychic attacks and probes), Instance Heightening twice (the ability to make people do what they’re already doing, only more so… focus on watching sports, sleep, look for the source of a noise, etc.), Domination twice, Telekinesis, and Psy-Stun. Ouch.

“Are you sure you don’t want Three Pounds of Dreams? It’ll cost you six of your picks, but might be worth it in the long run. It guarantees you’ll never stop growing.”

“You doubt my ability?”

“Not doubting you, Spoongirl. I’m saying that biology hits a limit of diminishing returns. Three Pounds removes that limitation.”


“You’re thinking that quantity is better than quality. But you’ve got three doubles, you’re already a TK and Stun master, and can Dominate with the best of them. That’s six. Toss those and all your psychic powers, not just the ones you get here, will be able to improve as long as you make the effort.”


“Don’t trust your old trainer?”

That earned me a hard stare, then she sighed and nodded. “Very well. You are probably right. I shall put my trust in your judgement.”

“I’m sure the camp has some lovely spoons. And maybe we can make you some out of psytanium.” That cheered her up.

Ahab and Joy decided to join me and Zane in the ranks of the Camper Elite, thus getting themselves Basic Braining, a Merit Badge Belt, and a Dowsing Rod… with Ahab picking Psychic Specialty (Sensory Invisibility) and Joy picking Psychic Specialty (Technopathy). That all squared away nicely, we dropped in.

What can I say about Whispering Rock Summer Camp? It’s Summer Camp… deranged teens and tweens doing hokey things like wrestling bears, assassinating squirrels, and performing psychic surgery on mental patients… what do you mean that’s not normal for Summer Camps? What the hell kind of summer camp did you go to?

I’d like to claim it was all fun and games. I’d like to say it was fun in the sun and hijinks all the way… but… I… I made a mistake. I… shit. I killed them all. Well, not all. Not Clem and Crystal, little psychopaths cheering as I obliterated the camp and its staff.

My companions had a place to go, a place to hide until the storm passed… Curse that Loboto… can’t hold a Psitanium Chunk when you’re a brain in a tank. Can’t wear a tinfoil hat when you’re a brain in a tank… Brain in a Tank Me had only one mission, one task… destroy… obliterate… no controls. Nothing… all my powers unleashed by a single sneeze. Fucking Loboto, stole my Psitanium / tinfoil helmet, then hit me with a pepper bomb. Probably just wanted to see what would happen. Fuck him so much.

And fuck me. All this power… and all it took to take me down was a pepper grinder. The worst part about it? Part of my mind is trying to tell me that they were little psychopaths, too dangerous to be allowed out into the wider world, that the camp was a production facility for psychic weapons… maybe the voice is right. Maybe I did the… necessary thing… but I didn’t do it for the right reasons. They may have been weapons, but they were also kids… and even if I didn’t willingly kill them… I failed to save them.

My friends tried to come for me, to put me back in my body, but I was too out of control. All they could do was try and keep me from doing too much damage. I have hundreds of conflicting memories of that period, each persona doing its own thing… or at least thinking they were, and the primary persona trapped in a mechanical mindscape of pain and induced paranoia, gunning down abominations and computerized targets, no way to differentiate reality from unreality.

After the jump ended and I found myself whole, collected, me… and in my own body, I spent the next week or so doing my impression of curling up into a ball and sobbing uncontrollably. Too many years, too many layers, too much shielding for me to break down completely, but there was a guilt I could not shake, could not without discarding the memories… And the worst part of it was… I didn’t know if I’d have been as deadly without the drawbacks… I suspect I would have, but can’t be sure. I guess it was a part of me I’d have to either come to terms with, or not. At least I hadn’t killed them knowingly or willingly. That was something… A thin branch to hang one’s sanity on, but when that’s all there is, that’s all there is.

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World 33: Alan Wake

Eye of Gold

Previously: West Wing Side Story

Themesong: Because the Night by 10,000 Maniacs

The next jump made me scratch my head in confusion. I had played a little of Alan Wake (I even had the DLC…) but I’d never gotten further than the first act and it didn’t seem like there was enough story depth to really take more than a couple days… and even then… the reason it was called Alan Wake was because it was an intensely personal story… so what was the point of the jump? I examined the machine more closely, reading through the introduction. It wasn’t set in Alan Wake’s story… just in his world, his version of Earth. There was no indication of timeframe, just a descriptive of a world where the Darkness and Light waged an unending war for the… souls… I guess… of artists… and artists could call upon the darkness.

The title card was a strange little poem “For he did not know, that beyond the lake he called home, lies a deeper darker ocean green. Where waves are both wilder and more serene. To its ports I’ve been. To its ports I’ve been…” Felt a little Cthulhu-esque. The introduction said simply “You arrive in a world much like your own, only not quite. Things in this world aren’t as static as they are normally, when “Darkness” seeps into the world it renders the world… mutable… and protean. Talented artists can influence this, though doing so has a steep cost and every time someone does, the door to the Darkness opens just a little wider…”

Well… that explained the lure of the world, I guess, though the melancholy of the creative-depressive type eluded me. I’d always been the opposite, the creative-manic. I was blinded by the light of creation, not drowning in the darkness of it. This world was not my jam, as it were.

Still, I casually tossed the age die… a small black thing that felt unnatural and slightly too heavy and slick… 23. And the wheel of locality gave me Free Pick for the first time in… eh… didn’t matter… I didn’t know any of these places but aside from “The Dark Place”. I imagine they’re all within fairly easy walking… or at least hiking distance of one another. It’s all one town after all, Bright Falls, Washington. Did it matter if I started at the docks of the town, on the shore of Cauldron Lake up in the mountains where the dark presence lurked or at its Lodge (a retreat/asylum for the mentally damaged), at the Biltmore logging camps near the town, at Gray Peak Gorge, a nearby ghost-town, or at the Anderson Farmstead? I’d just come from Washington DC… I’m certain that city and its suburbs covered more area than Bright Falls and it’s environs… and if I was wrong? Even the entire state of Washington was less than a couple minutes flight by broom or shuttle craft.

All the Backgrounds are free, but Drop-In and Taken are clearly traps… and trouble. The former promised that “the Darkness has sensed you and may yet give you some of its power, if only to further its own goals…” and the latter said “One night a strange darkness seemed to cloud your vision and you feel… changed. Now, light blinds you but the darkness protects you. The Darkness compels you forward…” Creator isn’t my thing. “Recently, you have notices strange happenings, as if your stories have become prophetic and your art has come to life…” Sounds worrying and possibly trapish. I think, rather, I’ll take the Investigator “You have received fragmented and strange reports that seem to detail a crime spree in the works. Strangely enough, it takes the form of a horror novel and, as time goes by, more and more of the happenings detailed in the novel start coming true…” and then assume it’s a trap as well. I’ve been a detective before… I know the routine… and my skills are a little rusty.

Investigator comes free with “Bright Falls Finest” (It becomes easier for you gain acceptance to any law-enforcement organization you wish to join. You are also granted more autonomy in your work than you would otherwise have.). As well as a Flashlight with the unique ability to automatically recharge its battery over time… though batteries can be replaced manually should light be needed immediately… interesting toy… hmmm… I wonder if I can somehow alter my eyebeams to be more light and less… blast. Must work on that.

In the meantime, however, I skip “Trail of Clues” and opt instead for the Investigator Capstone “Touched by Darkness” [300] (700/1000)… You have been touched by the supernatural, giving you insight into its nature. Thoughts that would tear a normal mind asunder can be understood by you. Nothing is too strange or horrifying for you to understand. How can I pass up the chance to gain immunity / resistance to Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know? (which I don’t believe in, but taking chances is insane). Suck it Necronomicon Ex Mortis.

And the light side has one more perk for me that I must claim as my own “Champion of Light” [400] (300/1000)… with apologies to Atura… I can’t really afford both the light and dark uber abilities, as the dark one is 800 more. “Under any bright light, you regenerate health extremely quickly and can even come back from the brink of death. You can also focus any projected light into a stronger, more focused beam, which will destroy beings comprised only of darkness and dark enchantments. This does burn through power faster however.”… wonder if that will work on a lightsaber. I assure Atura that I’ve nothing against normal darkness… merely darkness that hungers to consume the light instead of merely being the light’s absence.

I consider the Poet and the Muse, a 300 point import, with great perks… but it would put whichever one of my companions I imported with it in dire straights and I could not, in good faith, do that to any of my friends… and no way am I giving the Dark Presence… whatever the fuck that is, one of the Kihara’s…. This world is fucked up enough already… I can sense it.

Speaking of senses, I do buy “That Was Close” [200] (100/1000) “You gain an instinctive and uncanny ability to dodge attacks that were clearly meant to kill. When attacked unexpectedly, time appears to slow down to you, better allowing you to dodge the attack… also works in ambushes!” Excellent… more defenses!

I look at Trusty Blade… but I have many swords, not the least is my Shehai Soul Blade. I looked at everything… then decided on Artist [100] (You gain an innate talent in the art style of your choosing.)… which I bought twice, once for drawing & painting, and again for sculpture…. If I got good, maybe I could make my own Figmas… I’d gotten somewhat fond of the things.

That put me 100 over but I balanced that with “Daylight Savings” which meant the nights would seem longer and the days shorter. As handicaps go, it was annoying, but unless there was an axial shift, it wasn’t going to be more than 18:6 or so.

Ahab seemed almost happy when he looked over his options, then opted for Drop-In, which allowed him to pick up Suave. “Always wanted to be one of those handsome glamorous types.” and, with a perk like “You give off a vibe that makes you appear dark and mysterious, but also handsome and refined, expect to be a big hit at parties.” he would be… and Trusty Blade “A sharp blade of your choice ranging in size from a kitchen knife to a sickle, it always seems to find its way back to you either by returning to your pocket or being placed conveniently in the environment. Impossible to lose and useful for throwing at enemies. Always sharp.” Believe me when I say a happy Ahab is a worrying sight.

Joy meanwhile, chose to embrace her softer side “I’ve been a spy for centuries darling. I want to be a terrible artist now.” We all laughed, but she followed through, took the Creator Option, took pottery as her art style, and tucked her free Flashlight into her cargo pants.

“Everyone ready?” I asked.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” Zane said.

“You can go when we get there.” I shot back, then hit the button.

I stood at the edge of Cauldron Lake. Hmmmm… very pretty. I turned my back on it and looked back towards the road. A black suited secret service agent stood there. “Ready to go, Agent James?”

I nodded “Yes. I think so. I’ve seen everything I need to see here.”

“Where next?”

“Oh… back to the airport I think.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

The Secret Service Agent didn’t ask any other questions. As far as he knew, his superiors had told him to drive an FBI Agent from SeaTac to Bright Falls. And now we were going back. The Agency had given me an assignment… he didn’t need to know it would never be done.

Back at the airport, darkness falling outside, I bid the Agent farewell and sent the limo back into storage… then flashed my badge to get on a flight bound for Mexico City. As far as I could tell, I wasn’t on The Dark Presence’s radar… and I had no desire to put it on mine. If it came after me anyway, there’d be a reckoning, but for now… I walked out of the airport in Mexico City, walked into the parking lot, and boosted the first luxury sedan I found. Left the city doing 140 and still accelerating, my high beams slicing through the night.

Ditched the car in Cancun, found the most ridiculously large yacht in the harbor and asked the owner if he’d mind terribly dropping me off in Montego Bay. Once there, I met up the others, save Ahab who was off on his own Darkness related adventure. “Ladies and Gentlemen, and Ziggy… Welcome to Jamaica. Take turns, enjoy yourself… don’t bring people back to the warehouse. We’ve got funds, but if you need anything more than reasonable food and gear, you’ll have to work for it… or earn it another way. Try not to destroy the island. We’ve got 10 years here… Let’s make it count.”

Jamaica… land of rum, music, dance…. It became our home town, our den of debauchery, our way of avoiding the existential ennui of saving the world and leaving friends behind. There was darkness here too, it was probably unavoidable in this world, but like vampires, powerful clusters were rare and there didn’t seem to be any real point in doing more than purifying any Taken we encountered. We lived like a crime crew, SJ’s 18 (a good number according to Judaism… and incidentally 6+6+6… making it a contender for the number of the beast).

Joy got a gig as a nightclub singer… she was… terrible. Ahab (when he finally showed up) got a gig as a bouncer… he wasn’t. Velma and Bao did PI stuff, Uriel opened a surf shop. Cirno ran a shaved ice hut on the beach. It was a vacation, a way to avoid the rest of the world.

I… made comic books… based on my adventures… or just random doodles or doujinshi. I had no responsibilities in this world, no one to kill, no one to cripple. There were the usual bad things happening in the world, and I certainly could have gone to, say, Zaire and topped this world’s version of Robert Mugabe… but someone one would take his place. He was a psychopath, but he wasn’t in my way and dealing with him was for his people. Same for the other tyrants.

The local police avoided us, the local crime bosses too. I flared the Slice of Life hard. I didn’t want any trouble. Joy and Ahab had given me the idea… Ian Fleming, James Bond, bungalow in the Caribbean. Just… drift away in margaritaville and find my lost shaker of salt. Short hot days… made short because I slept through them, long nights, drinking, painting, zero responsibilities. It couldn’t last forever… but 10 years would do. Ten years to leave not so much as a ripple on this world, made for artists to struggle with their inner demons.

Well, I had no inner demons. I knew who and what I was, and never stressed when the words didn’t come or the picture didn’t form. There was always tomorrow, always rum, and wine, and seafood. Always a jungle to explore or a fortune to be won or lost at the gaming tables. I found that, when it really didn’t matter, the warehouse really didn’t care how many of the others were out and about. They were just… chillin. I suspect that if there were too many in scene, things would be different, but at parties, at the beach, it really didn’t matter.

I know you’re hoping the Dark Presence tracked me down, drew me back to Washington for a final showdown. But it didn’t. We’re talking about a stealthy dark spirit that had trouble with normal writers (I did do some research on the foe). It wouldn’t have had a prayer in hell of fighting me… Velma could have handled it by herself most likely. I was a damned big gun to bring against something like the Presence… and maybe it knew it. Certainly, the way I dispatched what Taken I did encounter by simply purifying them and returning them to their normal lives might have helped demonstrate to the entity just what the balance of power was.

To be honest, I had more trouble with the FBI, wondering why one of their agents was in Jamaica, running up a monstrous tab for coffee and take away… and how come I was being chauffeured everywhere by a succession of what had to be highly bemused Secret Service agents, but just because the beancounters weren’t cleared for Operation Jumper didn’t mean the paperwork wasn’t in order. Still, I was collecting a paycheck from them, the least I could do was to… you know, do investigate local things for them. It was something like “X-Files: Jamaican Nights”

In the end, the final showdown was with Alan himself. Lord knows how he found me, but somehow he’d become convinced that I was “interfering with the plot of his book and stealing all his inspiration.” and apparently, that meant I had to die.

Of course, the fact that he was trying to kill me with a flashlight and a revolver made the whole thing… Laughable. Even if he managed to hit me with 6 consecutive headshots, by the time he reloaded, I’d have regenerated back to full health… especially since he kept shining that flashlight at me and boosting my regen.

“Wh… where am I?” he asked, once I allowed him to wake up.

“Sailfish,” I answered, knowing it wouldn’t mean anything to him. It was a nice bar and grill, good food, fairly touristy, but nice enough. “Try the rum punch.”

“But I… this doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yeah? Have you realized that you left your wife at home and flew off to a tropical island to shoot a total stranger?”

“No… I mean… I was fighting you and then… we’re here.”

“Oh… yeah. I whammied you.”


“Ensorceled. I’m a goddess… witch… spirit… what have you. I’m not of this world. You know the Dark Place? I’m the other. Want to see?”

He nodded, still a bit dazed, taking a long pull of his punch.


He nodded again, then asked “how does this work?”

I didn’t answer, simply took him into the Palace of My Mind. I’d redecorated. The Palace sprawled across nearly three dozen mountain peaks, silver clouds swirling below and, above, massive storm clouds full of lighting and glory.

“Are… these buildings made of frozen fire?” my guest asked.

“To one way of looking at it.”

“Where are we?”

“Call it ‘The Light Place’. These are the palaces of my memory.”

“And that massive one?”

“12,000 years worth of civilization.”

“But where is… you?”

“I am in everything.”

“Why did you bring me here?”

“Why not? Not everything has a reason.”

“Are you the Light?”

“If you mean, am I the anthesis of the Dark Presence? No. It is beneath me. Beneath my notice really. It’s your demon to defeat.”

“But you could, if you wanted to?”


“I don’t understand.”

“You lack perspective,” I said kindly.

“You lack compassion!” he snapped.

“You cannot comprehend the strangeness that is me or the terrible weight of my compassion,” I said without rancor.

“People’s lives are at stake! If it returns again it might destroy another town.”

“Tell me, Alan… do you worry about the lives lost in your books?”

“No… they’re fictional people.”

“How about the lives lost in other fictional works?”

“Well… I guess… sometimes… when I connect with a character and they die.”

“So it is here. I see an entity struggling to free itself. It doesn’t take children…doesn’t outright kill… it’s an enigma… I am disconnected from it… for me crushing it would be like a man kicking a dog… and it’s not my dog. If you want it gone, write it gone. You’re the author. Yours is the power.”

I returned him then to the bar. We talked a bit longer, but it was merely noise. He was gone when morning came, back to his world of gloom and darkness. I wondered if he’d go the way of Hemingway. But for me, it was a couple more years of Oscar Wilde.

On the last day of the world, I found Kendra looking out at the bay. “Conflicted?” I asked.

“You don’t have to ask, you can read my mind.”

“I try not to do that to my friends…”

“Is that what I am? I know you didn’t mean to bring me along.”

“No. I didn’t. I wanted to save your life and I forgot to pull you out of stasis. Honestly, I never found a time I thought you would be safe.”

“I’m a lousy Slayer.”

I shrugged. “You clashed with the theme of the show.”

“It’s very hard, sometimes, to think I am a fictional footnote, a character created only to die ignominiously.”

“Better than the fates of many fictional characters. You had lines.”

She laughed dryly. “I sometimes think about….” She waved her hand vaguely.

“Going home? I picked Jamaica because it was your home.”

“You thought I might decide to stay?”

“Of my 17 companions, 14 are gifts of the chain, if you want to call it that. It would be unfair to claim absolute free will for any of them, though of course they’re free to go if they want. Uriel invited himself… and I owed him… since I accidentally killed him. Toph… Toph I invited… but you? I never asked. You could return to Buffyverse if you wanted… but you’d have to be insane to do so… you could have left on any of the other Earths as well… but this is a nice enough one… you might be happy here. Fulfill your Slayer nature here battling the Darkness and the Taken and other things.”

She hmmmed. “No… I… I… I’m not unhappy. Just… who said “You can Never Go Home Again”?”

“Thomas Wolfe.”

“Well, he was right. I thought about staying here…. But it’s not my home. And no, I don’t want to go back to the Buffyverse… I was… am… Nothing there. With all the Slayer potentials awoken, I’m not even The Slayer… at best I’d be The Ugly.”

“The Ugly?”

“Good Buffy… Bad Faith… Ugly…”

I nodded “Gotcha.”

“But with you… I’m The Jumper’s Slayer. I get to help save worlds. Sure, I’m… third fiddle? Is that a thing?” I shrugged. “Third fiddle to you and Zane…. But we kick butt and do stuff. Plus, if I ever do go back, I want to be so powerful I can just punch Angel’s pretty boy head off. I won’t, but ooo… if he hadn’t made Drusilla.”

I laughed and put my arm around Kendra’s shoulder. “You’ll be fine. Let’s go get some Rum.”

“I did want to ask… why did you stockpile quite so much rum?”

“Planning for a Pirates of the Caribbean Jump.”

“That’s an in-joke, isn’t it?”

“Oh… you might say that.”

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World 32: The West Wing

West Wing Side Story

Previously: Whoops, No They Don’t

Themesong: Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

Sometimes the boss is too nice to me. I know, many of you will disagree, but when I heard that themesong playing on the VMoD… I squealed. I love Sorkin. Best dialogue writer … or maybe tied with Mamet, but with much nicer themes. I may have started singing.

“SJ… why are you singing West Side Story?”

“Because it’s so nice to be in America, Okay by me in America, Everything’s Free in America!”!

“Yes yes… for a small fee… but-”

“In Amer-Eee-Kaaa!”

“Look, you insane goofball, the cabinet says West Wing, not West Side Story.”

“Yeah, well… It could be West Wing Side Story.”

“You don’t like West Side Story… it’s based on Romeo and Juliet, which you don’t like.”

“I like the Baz Luhrman version. It’s bonkers.”

“Fine… I don’t remember it.”

“Come on… we’ll watch it now. We probably have a copy in the archives.”


“She can’t help you, dogboy.”

“I wasn’t asking for help, I was being sarcastic.”



“Anyway, I love West Wing. It’s all about how awesome politics could be!”

“For ten years? Politics? For ten years?”

“Awww… is the big Lucario crying?”

“Nooo. Shadup… You’re crying.”

“Very mature.”

“I may be 13,000 years old, but I can be as immature as I want to be.”

“I acknowledge your right. But we still are going to be politicos for 10 years… or at least I am. If you’re very nice, you can be my secretary.”

“Oh? Would that entail any combat?”

“No… your task would be to bring me the finest muffins and bagels in the land… and answer the phone.”

“Noooo…. Way.”

“But you’d look cute in a skirt!”

“Not listening.”

So, while being pointedly not listened too by Zane, I checked out the VMoD. “Can you work with some of the brightest people in the world? Can you last where so many have failed? Can you survive the crucible of American Politics for ten years? You have a 30 day grace period, if you decide to quit your current job (or get fired) to find another job or a candidate to run for the presidency… oh… and don’t think you can go flashing your nifty superpowers here. The Secret Service gets upset when they find Shoggoths in the Press Pool. You begin, of course, in Washington DC, in August of 1999, the first year of the Bartlet Presidency… and the day he rode his bicycle into a tree.”

I rolled the Presidential Die of Aging and found out I was 28. The Drop-In option was cool, based off of and working with Charlie Young. The Senior Staff option was the Hard Mode, but you’d get to work with Leo, CJ, Josh, Sam, and Toby… World Class people doing World Class jobs… The Press Corp option I dismissed; I didn’t feel the need to Clark Kent it up by playing Lois Lane, Ace Reporter… but there’s no way I could pass up the “Sir John Marbury” option… Ambassador [200] was just too cool for School House Rock.  

“Thank God they sent for me!” I am now a distinguished ambassador to the US, and have further reaching responsibilities than I probably know. Whether I take my job seriously and work toward improved relations, goof off and drink all the President’s beer, or help as much as I offend, I’m bound to have an interesting time here. Plusses… Do my job well, and I could prevent major political disasters. People will be afraid to reproach me, since I represent an entire nation. Minuses… When the White House does summon me, they probably have a major problem they’re expecting me to fix. Britain already has an ambassador, and his job is harder than he makes it look. Hmmm… I flipped through the options list… Israel? Too small… Japan? Not quite uptight enough to land that gig… Ditto China. India might be cool, but I don’t know much about India. Sinnoh… wait, what the fuck?

Ambassador from Sinnoh? The Asari? Lothlorien? What in the name of Chuck Lorre? Then I noticed small text “If you have an embassy populated with supernatural creatures which anyone in another universe will think are normal, that doesn’t count as supernatural and doesn’t panic society. You could be the ambassador to that embassy.” I considered that, then chuckled… Sure, why the hell not. I anoint myself her excellency, Silence Jumper of the House Infernape, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from the Sovereign Nation of Poketopia to the United States of America, Court of Eagles. My form shivered as my Infernape form became the default for the jump.  Note to self, do not burn down the White House with my hair.

That produced several astonished outcries from the House as my Pokecompanions reverted to their original forms en masse. I did note that we were all dressed in clothing, even RayRay, who looks… strange… in a suit. Petra had leg-skirts and a hat. Dyna, Zane, Francy, AJ, and I were wearing fairly normal suits, though mine was more a skirt-suit. Ziggy just had a big ribbon round his neck.

Okay. What’s Next? Heh… well, apparently, What’s Next is what is next. A universal Free Perk, What’s Next? Allows the user to carry on highly technical conversations about policy, plan what they’re going to say in a meeting, and quip to nearby colleagues without losing their train of thought. (It’s essentially mental multitasking.) and it allows the user to power walk without breaking a sweat.  Well, I guess Joy and Ahab will get that. They aren’t Pokemon, but they’ll be swapping in and out as my Human Protocol Officer. One by one I entered my Pokecompanions into the system to see how they’d be naturalized, since there wasn’t an import option.

Rayray du Legendaire was to be my driver (from the former French Quarter of Poketopia) apparently. Francine alAkazam was my intelligence officer (and apparently there were muslim Pokemen). A.J. Gallade y Gardevoir my charge d’affaire / attache and from the former Spanish Quarter). Dyna des Oxydes was my bodyguard. Petra van Metagross, from the Dutch Quarter, was my secretary slash Personal Assistant, and Zane Lucario would be my head of security. Ziggy would be Ziggy.

Stats and figures are already pouring into my head about the trade balance, balance of power, debt ratios… christ… Poketopia is a military powerhouse, but our industry is for shit… and we have crime problem… A map comes to my head… Poketopia is Lemuria… well, smaller, but… it’s right in the middle of the Indian Ocean… about a third the size of India… population 216 million… humans are second class citizens. But they rank higher than Commons. We have a government of “Starters” and a landed gentry of “Legendaries” although “Ubers” (also called “Demi-Legendaries”) make up a growing class of wealthy and influential up-and-comers who are granted special legal exemptions due to their support of the government. The country is divided into 18 states, though almost all Starters come from only three of those states (the highly volcanic Aesh, the largely jungle Esev, and the mostly submerged Mayim), though there is one Starter family from each of Hushi, Offel, and Kerach, and two from Hashmal. I blinked… rifling through my memories… Ah… the names of the States were in Hebrew, oddly enough… and, aside from the House Raichu, all the non-Aesh, Esev, and Mayim Starters belonged to the Eevee Tribe… who were hated and feared since no one knew how their highly fragmented Starter Houses would vote… or even what they’d be when they grew up.

The nation itself had been partly colonized by the French, Dutch, British, Spanish, and Portuguese, then invaded by Japan during the Second World War before being liberated by the United States Navy.

I did find it fascinating that there were 7… wait, 7?  Huh… Sun & Moon weren’t even out when I left Origin Earth, Starter Houses from each of the big three. In August of 1999… hmmm… I don’t think there were more than the original 4 Starters… ah… that had to be why. I was an Infernape… and Zane was a Lucario. We came from later generations, thus more generations… and why stop at just what was published then? Time was, in theory, frozen back home until I returned or decided not to. But I’d gone far afield. Back to the Perks.

“I Suppose It’s Possible I was Drunk” was free for Ambassadors (and awesome!) “Everyone treats you like a distinguished guest, whether or not you’re playing the part. You can act zany, quirky, whimsical, and occasionally offensive behind closed doors, and it’ll come off as charm rather than a lack of respect for the presidency. This doesn’t protect you from being an asshole, but you can treat the executive branch (and any similar governmental branches in future jumps) like it’s full of old college roommates and nobody will mind.” Hah! I was an Exiled Princess and a Drunkard! Courts of future worlds, beware! You will love me for my eccentricities… I have poses for days of the week.

I had to take Diplomatic Immunity (which really should have been the freebie, but what can you do?) [150] (650/1000) “Scandals and mishaps have a way of avoiding you. You can hang around the White House, talk regularly with the President and his staff, and you’ll find yourself without a subpoena when it’s revealed he’s been hiding a degenerative illness. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re not looking for trouble, trouble won’t look for you.” I was sooo going to abuse the shit out of that.  Parking Tickets? Me? I’m sorry, I have Diplomatic Immunity. Kleptomania? I’m sorry, I have Diplomatic Immunity. Talk to the State Department. Sure, that was the legal version, which I’d have either way, but the Perk Version practically guaranteed that if I decided to lay low in a future jump, drawbacks willing, I could and that would (most likely) be the end of it. Not sure there will ever be a jump like that… but better Immune than sorry.

And the Ambassadorial Capstone “Lucid Moments” [300] (350/1000)… sure, it wasn’t the most powerful thing ever, but “You may not command the same respect as other major political players in a heated debate, or they may have decades of experience that you lack, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold your own. You can get your point across using philosophy or history rather than polling data and political clout, and can defeat the likes of Leo McGarry in private debate. Enjoy watching the shock on your opponent’s face as you destroy his argument by waxing philosophical about the nuclear arms race.” wasn’t bad… plus, I loved the idea of being a koan quoting Firemonkey. Dispensing wisdom and wisecracks and drinking all the whisky.

That took care of the must haves… in Perks… but in the realm of Gear was “The Rolodex” [300] (50/1000)… it was the holy grail of political tools… a listing of contact information and addresses and alternate methods of contact for… everyone… The President, the Chief of Staff, the Paramount Leader of the Chinese People or an Indian sub-cabinet member for water reclamation in Kashmir… cellphones, pagers, vacation homes, aide’s cellphone numbers, mistress’s numbers… and it updated automatically with each new jump!”  Oh, I was sooo going to abuse this…

And among the other things… the thing I’d been hoping it was on the list… and it was! “The Finest Muffins and Bagels” [50] (0/1000) Which not only gave me the number of every fast food and coffee place in DC, it gave me a federal account to put purchases on… and applied to future jumps as long as anything like a fast food or coffee place exists there.” As they say… Gravy.

I could have stopped there, but at it’s heart, West Wing was both drama and comedy… I needed Zany Wackiness. And that meant pointless complications. Complications like “Big Block of Cheese Day” (Every year, the Chief of Staff opens the doors of the White House to groups that may otherwise have trouble being heard. Occasionally these meetings can be enlightening, but mostly they’re pointless and vaguely amusing. Leo will find a way to include you no matter what your job is… even if you don’t work for the White House at all.  It wasn’t worth anything but laffs, but interesting laffs), “I Had Woot Canal” (which meant that once a year I’d be faced with an annoying family or medical emergency that would make my job very difficult for 3 or 4 days… during which time my staff would helpfully and over confidently offer to do my job for me.  Nothing terrible, but cleaning up the mess wouldn’t be fun.) and (a play on, and my own personal creepy Internet Fanclub which will cause disaster if I talk to them and give the press corp a field day).

Those three netted me an additional 200 CP, which I promptly sunk into perks like “Sharp-Dressed Closet” [50] (You can have all the political capital in the world, and nobody will take you seriously if you’re dressed like a wizard or magical girl. Never pay for another suit or uniform again!), “Armored Limousine” [50] (You own a limousine built for a head of state, and either the Secret Service or your home country’s intelligence service will drive you anywhere you want to go. Might be more useful than you think.), and Jack of All Trades [100] (Life in the West Wing isn’t predictable. One day you’re briefing the press, the next you’re caring for a wild turkey. This skill gives you the ability to roll with the punches, learning enough on the go to avoid seriously messing something up until someone else can take over.)

Ahab & Joy took Senior Staff… which came with “I Work With The Smartest People in the World” (You have the same level of skill that a graduate from a top college would in one field of politics. Ahab went Law. Joy… Geopolitical Engineering.  I didn’t even know that was a thing. They also got a Red Rubber Ball to bounce off things and make them more creative… one each. I was going to have to shoot one of them. I knew it.

Still, with my snazzy new suits and my classy new Limo and my shiny new Diplomatic Immunity, I dropped into the world of “The West Wing.”

This is how Day One goes. Sam, Bartlett’s senior speechwriter, sleeps with a Call Girl without knowing it, Josh, the deputy chief-of-staff, insults some holy rollers, and several thousand Cuban refugees in makeshift boats are caught in a stormfront off the southern coast of Florida… There’s no way I can help one or two, those are both done deals, and will be resolved with minor problems, but I can offer to help with refugees. White House security doesn’t even blink as I enter the building, doesn’t try and stop me as I step into the Oval Office as if I owned the place. The President, who does look almost exactly like Martin Sheen, raises an eyebrow as I help myself to some whisky and sit on the back of one of the chairs. “Jed… I can call you Jed, right? Jed, you have refugees off your coast… little fishes swimming to the big pond. Bunch of them are in the path of a storm, Jed. Not good. These fishies can’t swim…  But you can’t look like you’re being soft on illegals, right Jed?  I have… I say… I have a ship in the area, shipping container bound to port of… what’s that little town called… I am I? Something like that.” I edited the past to actually make that true without even thinking about it… I guess I could have done something about the other two events.

Bartlett raised an eyebrow at me, “And then what?”

“Do a little fishing… pick up some extra crew… can’t get back to you… but… how do the little fishies get into the pond from my little shippy ship?”

“I can’t order immigration to look the other way.”

“Indeed, no… but once they get onto land, they can claim asylum… that’s your rule right, once on dry land? Someone could make a call to those nice people with the blankets and all the press. My captain, she’ll claim she didn’t know they weren’t Americans… humans all look the same to us… very regrettable.”

“You’d do that, Silence?”

“What are friends for, Jed. This is good whisky… very nice. Smooth…” I poured some on my head and it sizzled as my hair flared blue for a second. “Mmm… Oaky.” Jed shivered. “Gives me the willies when you do that, Silence.” “That’s just the Catholic in you. Visions of Demons… or is it Devils? Strange Concepts. What’s so strange about someone who’s KO’d getting better again?”

“Your people worship a Flying Centaur,” he said with a laugh.

“Well, sure. Arceus is the Great Unifier… of all Clades and None. He is the Diamond and the Pearl, the Gold and the Silver, the Ruby and the Sapphire. Plus, he’s a very powerful Flying Centaur. Do you have any Oreos?”

“My doctor tells me I should cut back.”

“Which one, the military one or your wife?”


“Ah… well then, I should be off. Give my love to Abby and the kids. Oh, and go easy on Josh, he’s a good kid.”

“He’s older than you are.”

“Is he? When does he evolve?”

That earned me a laugh and I sauntered over to CJ’s office to listen to her rant at some people… the boat was already on the way. This was going to be fun.

Of less fun, however, was figuring out how to deal with President Bartlett’s Multiple Sclerosis. I knew how to cure it, of course, but that knowledge was predicated on 23rd century technology and, more specifically, nanotechnology. Furthermore, it would raise too many flags if his disease simply disappeared, or a nation of 90% non-humans developed a spontaneous paradigm shift into human medical tech. So I had to work around.

My background was that of a Medical Doctor, specializing in human ailments and epidemiology. It was the area in which I was most confident I could make lasting and important changes, and a decent background for an Ambassador. My wealth, having grown massively in They Live, manifested in this world as part ownership in a Pharmaceutical Corporation, allowed me to slip a few development programs into the works, and was, within the year, to produce a working HIV vaccine, a near comprehensive Malaria Vaccine (there are five strains and our vaccine offered immunity to four of them), and a first stab at a general remission agent for Multiple Sclerosis that caused regeneration of the Myelin sheaths that MS damages, while lessening the severity of attacks. Documentation on this last was arranged to cross Abigail Bartlett’s desk and, as I’d known she would, she approached me about it.

Being myself, I allowed her to view the data, the clinical trials and initial findings. As a professional courtesy, I made a supply of the drug available to her, no questions asked. Meanwhile, I made the research on the two vaccines public… a gift to the world from the nation of Poketopia… not that the humans of our country didn’t suffer from both diseases. I figured that was my good deed for the year, and helped balance out the simply insane amount of coffee drinks, lox and bagels, and pastrami reubens I was putting on my expense account… and the pranks I was playing on the Republicans in congress.

Little did I know that I was providing an enemy I didn’t know I had with ammunition that would make my pleasant little stint as Ambassador much less pleasant. That enemy was the Poketopian Ambassador to Canada, one Bonaparte de Champlain… of the House Empoleon. I have to admit, without Zane (and his connection to the city of DC itself… a strange composite of Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, and John Adams) and Joy (with her… ways), I would have been blindsided.

Little things started going wrong, rumors circulating among the Starters back home of my incompetence, my corruption to “Western Values”, my rampant carnivorality… it was a concerted push to discredit me among the political elite, and a good one. One of my junior aides apparently committed suicide, photos on his body appearing to show me having sex with a human… not that I hadn’t, but certainly not with said aide… but Joy was first on scene and made the pictures disappear. It was clear I was in a war of intrigue, and as yet I didn’t know with who or why.

Still, I have resources the likes of which no mere mortal could conceive, and there were a relatively finite number of people that had the clout and potential to gain by my disgrace. Indonesia, China, India, South Africa, Malaysia… all had reasons to want to hurt Poketopia, diplomatically, but not to hurt me specifically. Many people in DC would have reason to hurt me personally… but wouldn’t have the clout to do so back home. That meant someone in or from Poketopia… and that meant a Starter or Legendary. If it were one of the Trainers of the Church of Arceus the Unifier (and the attack would have to come from one of the Champions, as Final Fours and Leaders were State and City level clergy), the attack would have been religious, not political, though I had no doubt from the nature of the propaganda that the intended audience was our nation’s more traditionally minded crowd.

The advantage of any oligarchy is the basically limited ruling body, which made eliminating potential enemies very much a checklist. It was like a murder mystery… Means, Motive, Opportunity. Eliminating those without Means was the easiest, though they weren’t so much eliminated as… moved down the list… same with Opportunity… but Motive… that was the hard bit. What could I have done to piss of someone this bad?

The answer, as it turns out, was nab the golden cocoanut of political appointments… the US ambassadorship. The shortlist for the post had had only three members. The contenders had been me (from the ruling Red Valor Party… though unlike American Politics Red was the color of action, liberality, and the war party), a token Green Instinct (our collectivist, ecco party and not part of the current power block), and a Blue Mystic (our traditional, peaceful, and reactive party)… and that blue was Bonaparte de Champlain… hard working (i.e. corrupt), voice of the people (i.e. reactionary), and upright (i.e. egotistical as fuck). He was everything I wasn’t, politically speaking… and he’d been up for my job, and a front runner to boot, until someone had mentioned that I’d done my medical internship under the brand new US President’s wife.

It was a wake up call for me. I know, naive perhaps, but I’d never been an Ambassador before! How was I to know there was actual “politics” to it instead of just diplomacy and the fate of nations? I was going to have to guarantee I didn’t get recalled by my government… and that meant intrigue, blackmail, and shenanigans… It also meant I needed to maintain my relationship with the Bartlett… and after that… Santos… Administrations… all without appearing to do anything at all. And to make matters worse… I couldn’t actually assassinate Bonaparte… because we were still pokemon and we didn’t die from that kind of thing… we just went KO’d. And Pokeballs were banned by the Geneva Convention… Anyone caught with them would be stored in the SPC vault until they’d learned their lesson… i.e. forever.

But now that I knew, I could prepare my defenses, and give as good as I got. Pictures of him gorging himself on smelt, rumors of him leaving eggs at daycare, mating with Dittos… and actual testimony from his Poffin dealer all hit the wires in rapid succession. Publicly, I expressed nothing but support for my good friend Bonnie… I could call him Bonnie, right? But privately, I was cooking his penguinoid ass. No way was I, Dr. Silence Jumper, going to be Frank Underwooded by a Water-Steel Surfer. No one flings poo like a flaming monkey.

Still,with me distracted dealing with him, the MS scandal broke and I found myself, not in my capacity as Ambassador, but in my capacity as Chief Medical Consultant for Pokepharm, subpoenaed by congress.

“Miss Jumper-”


“We haven’t summoned you in your political role, which has diplomatic immunity.”

“Doctor then.”

“Very well, Doctor. You were aware of the President’s illness?”


“How did you become aware?”

“I could smell the presence of Betaseron on him.”

“You can smell Betaseron?”

“You can’t?”

“Please answer the question.”

“Yes, I can smell Betaseron, and before you ask, I know what it smells like because my company has worked with the chemical in our research.”

“Your company largely deals with anti-virals… why were you developing an drug for treating MS, a disease your people don’t get.”

“We weren’t.”

“But your company just applied for FDA approval for a new, and many are saying, revolutionary new treatment for MS.”

“The drug grew out of our research on AIDS.”

“I don’t see the connection.”

“Viagra grew out of heart medication, I believe, go figure.”


“Look you silly man, AIDS, Lupus, MS… they are all related to the human immune system. That’s why they are called “Auto-Immune Disorders.” Doesn’t make them similar in structure or harm to the body, but sometimes a drug developed for one purpose helps another. Happy accident.”

“And you provided these drugs to the President?”


“So you admit to interfering in American Politics?”

“You are a special kind of idiot, aren’t you?”

“I beg your pardon.”

“Not granted. As I am not here today as an Ambassador, but as a private medical professional, let me point out that I have sworn an oath before almighty Arceus to help those who need helping, so I swear upon my Rescuer’s Badge. A living being needed help, help I could provide. And I gave it.”

“And in doing so helped perpetrate a fraud on the people of the United States.”

“There you go again, being stupid. Your President Roosevelt (the first) had asthma, the second… polio… JFK was a womanizer, LBJ a pervert… What business of the people is any of that? None of it has any impact on the person’s ability to do the job.”

“What if he were to die from his disease.”

“Do you actually think before words come out of your mouth?”

“You can be held in contempt of congress.”

“I have your wife’s hairdresser on speed dial.”

“What does… never mind. What’s your point?”

“MS isn’t fatal… and if it were, so what? Presidents die. You have mechanisms to replace them.”

“But don’t the people have the right to know the President might die at any time?”

”Again, because you clearly weren’t listening… (and I leaned in close to the mike) Multiple Sclerosis isn’t fatal.”


“Anyone might die at any time. I could walk out of this hall and be crushed by a falling light fixture. I could cross a street and be hit by a taxi. I could eat some bad shawarma. Nothing is certain.”

“But you did administer an untested, unapproved, highly experimental drug illegally to the President of the United States.”


“You just-”

“I didn’t administer it. I distributed it to Dr. Bartlett for her evaluation… as a college.”




“I brought the samples in legally, then turned them over to a licensed medical professional for review. At no time did I administer, prescribe, or advocate their use on a human being.”

“But you knew they would be.”


“We could ask your country to recall you for this.”

“Yes. You do that. Explain to the world why you’re condemning a medical practitioner for worrying about the health of a human being. I’m sure that will do wonders for your country’s reputation.”

In the end, I got a slap on the wrist, Pokepharm got hit with a fine we could pay out of petty cash, and that was that. And later that year I won the Nobel Prize in Medicine… I gave the prize money to the African AIDS Relief Fund.

I didn’t tell Congress that I’d somehow tapped into Whitehouse coms and found out when and where they were going to take out Ibn Abdul Shereef… then offered to remove the terrorist Ambassador from Qumar for my good friends America in exchange for the President’s support for an increase in the fees remitted to Poketopia for Voltorb Services in the US Power Grid. The plane broke up in midair from a massive lightning strike…

Also didn’t mention that Secret Service Agent Simon Donovan, who’d died senselessly (maybe Mark Harmon pissed off Sorkin, maybe he really did just create the action hero type just to kill him) in the original timeline, was saved by Zane happening to be in the same shop at the same time.

I didn’t tell them that I hadn’t saved Deloris Landingham because it forced Bartlett to become more himself, something the old woman would have wanted. The number of things I didn’t tell congress increased over the years, little things… like using a human Alter-Ego with American Citizenship to campaign for Sam Seaborn in the California 47th, arranging for him to win against all odds, a massive upset brought about by the total collapse of his opponent on TV, ranting about Alien Mind Control, shapeshifting lizard people, and proclaiming that the rapture was upon us.

I volunteered my services a third time upon the kidnapping of Zoe Bartlett, to keep the President from stepping down. Qumari sleeper cells aren’t really a match for The Bosses in action and it was nice to see them shine again.

As the years passed, I pondered what to do about Leo. If he didn’t have his heart attack, he’d never step down and allow CJ to take over. He’d never join the Santos Campaign in the VP slot. I knew he’d been killed not by the writers, but by the death of his actor on Origin Earth. But here… I could interfere. Of course, that meant getting invited to Camp David for a Peace Summit between Israel and Palestine (Probably the least realistic thing about the series) that had nothing to do with Poketopia. So I went in as a beverage cart, having tagged Leo with a tracking chip.

I found him first, appearing as my most angelic (tengu) form, and injected him with a stabilizing agent and nanopaste solution which would slowly mend his heart, then vanished as soon as I heard others coming to Leo’s aid. Now all I had to do was make sure Vinick (which had been the original plan if John Spencer hadn’t passed away.) didn’t win the general election.

The fundamental problem with Vinick is that he was a decent guy… because in the Sorkinverse, such a thing as a principled Republican existed. Then again, in the Sorkinverse, Democrats were actually liberal and not centrist. But then I remembered what the idiot in Congress had said about influence… and I started making calls.

One by one, several prominent figures began to voice their support for a Vinick Presidency… ones who’d be anathema to the Republican mainstream… or foreign leaders who would be seen as trying to sway the American voting public. Meanwhile, my fiery Human Alter Ego was working on Getting Out The Vote and fundraising for Santos. Together all my efforts and convincing Will Bailey to get on board with us early so Bob Russell dropped out faster, secured the White House after a very close run election. Still, Santos had his mandate, if only by less than 1%.

What can be said of the three years of the Santos Presidency I was there for? It was better than the Bush Jr Presidency? So would a Vinick Presidency been. So would have practically anyone been. Did the man from Texas bring the US into a golden age where the Great Recession never happened? Did the peace in the middle east last? Hahah… no.  

Bartlett’s Middle East plan was good, but it put Americans in harm’s way and when the Extremist Fundamentalists attacked, it drew the US into a war… a war that rapidly spread across the middle east, bringing Pakistan and Afghanistan in with the fundamentalists, who rapidly overwhelmed Iraq and Syria’s security forces. Arab Spring came right on time… but this time it was the harbinger of World War III. India came in against Pakistan… China came in against India… Japan came in against China…  Russia moved on the Ukraine, Greece fell into economic ruin… and the US and the EU were trying to hold things together, trying to act as peacemaker to a world that was no longer listening. This was a World War in the Third World and it was all the main players could do to keep things from boiling down to nuclear weapons.

In the end, it failed. A terror cell detonated a dirty bomb in Mumbai, killing thousands and poisoning hundreds of thousands. In retaliation, a rogue Indian General glassed Mecca. The Muslim world went… mad. Dunno if there was anything I could do to stop it, but I tried. I tried like crazy… but when there’s that much hate built up over this long, it’s hard to keep it down any more. Did the Bartlett Plan make things worse? Did it bring things to a head? Did it just delay the inevitable by putting off 9/11 and the Iraq War and the Afghan War? I don’t know if I’ll ever know… or even how this war plays out. It’s the last day here and I’m watching squadrons of Metangs and Nosepasses getting ready to lift. China’s sent a fleet against our waters and the Trainers have declared that China Shall Not Pass! I silently watch the boys, girls, and things march off to war and sigh. “Love to Stay, Hate to Go… but I’m not getting stuck in this. Good luck Josh… you’ll need it.”

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Hidden Purchases: because VIvian and VIctoria wanted toys and didn’t tell me about them

Conspirator (+200) Get caught up in the MS conspiracy for supplying illegal drugs to the President

The Other Side of the Coin (+300) Canadian Ambassador Bonaparte d’Champlain, an Empoleon, was apparently up for my position, but didn’t get it and is out to destroy me.  Frank Underwood in Metal Penguin Mode?  Oy.

Untraceable Laptop (200) A laptop registered to someone named HEROnymous. It comes with several encryption cracking tools preloaded, and can’t be detected by monitoring software once it’s entered a network. Good for uncovering conspiracies (or covering them up). The battery is recharged normally.

Untraceable Phone (200) A cell phone with the ability to make direct calls without being detected, and listen in on other forms of verbal communication. Useful for listening into calls that aren’t on the White House call log, or staying under the radar. The battery is recharged normally

Anything You Want to Talk About? (100) you are a gifted journalist and political writer, able to ask the tough questions while entertaining your readers. You have about the same level of skill as a graduate from a top college, but you’ll still have to learn on your feet. You become skilled at picking up bits of political news and gossip, and can call out misinformation with a reasonable degree of success.

World 31: They Live


Previously: Hack the Gibson

Themesong: Countdown by Deltron 3030

Oh… my… god… I have… How the hell did I get this many FIGMAS?  The warehouse is swimming in them. I don’t even know who half these girls are… and I have a memory palace larger than the fucking Pentagon! I have a throne made entirely of Figmas in lexan boxes. I have a giant lifesized figma of myself… made out of broken or malformed bits of Figma. If there were multiple ways to set up the same figma… I have all the combinations. I have 14…. 14! Containers of unopened Figmas… because I didn’t have time in jump to build them all. Oh… my… me… I…. no…. Best not to think about it… or why I have way too many cute things… or a doomsday device painted to look like a black pig. Or why I seem to have stolen Index’s habit. So much of my memory of the last jump doesn’t make logical sense… And not just the Esper stuff.

I seemed to do things that were cute… because they might be cute… not because they… I am a being of logic. I was so when I was prepubescent… but Twin Cannon… she was… moe. Soooo moe. My brain hurts. I need coffee… all the coffee… and porn. And sex… and… I haven’t had sex in a decade.

Took me three weeks to decompress after that and we’re out of Romulan Ale now. Fuck. Need a TNG jump to restock… also to get a Replicator. TOS’s fabricators and food synthesizers are okayish… but they’re big and clunky and not 70 years advanced like TNG’ll be… no matter how much I upgrade them.

Finally I look at the VMoD… They Live? They… Live! I laugh… Note to self, do not run out of bubblegum.

“Zane. Speed Run.”


“I betcha we can resolve this jump in a week. Speed Run.”

“You’re on.”

I check the Origins… in this case called Backgrounds… Drop-In of course, Drifter… which might as well be Drop-In v2… at least if you’re ‘Merican…. Which I was… once upon a time. The other two are an Alien and a Human Sympathizer…. Yeah… not gonna be one of those fuggly aliens or a race traitor… no thanks. Drop-In or Drifter it is… not much difference on the front end, have to check the discounts. Huh… screen just glitched… but now it’s back to normal. Whatever… A quick glance lands me with Drifter [100] (900/1000). The perks are just right.

That gets me Situational Sharpness for free, “You’ll always come up with the perfect insult, joke, or comment to the current situation.  You will also never lose your cool and look like a badass in the process.”  It also came with Bubblegum “Might run out.  Refills after kicking ass or an act of badassery.” and Special Sunglasses… which I could pretty easily reverse engineer I suspected. To that I add Incredible Wealth for [100] (800/1000)“You’ll have a constant income of money directly deposited into your warehouse each year you spend inside a Jump. This money can be taken from the warehouse with ease and is automatically converted to the local currency.”  First Bank of Warehouse. Excellent.

I also snatch up the Drop-In capstone, Brainwash-Proof, even though it costs a cool undiscounted [400] (400/1000). “You don’t require the special sunglasses or contact lenses at all and you are always immune to the alien propaganda… Brainwashing you is impossible.”  Resistances are always nice… Immunities sooo much better. And (after another glitch) I grab the Drifter Capstone “Hero Sense” [300] just because “You can feel when shit is about to hit the fan and react accordingly with ease, always turning around just in time.”  

That left me with 100 and Zane asked “You’re not going to take any drawbacks, are you?”  

To which I replied “Oh. yes I am!”

To which Zane asked… “Why?  You’ve got every we need.”

“Because, Zane old boy, you’re coming in with me… plus, this scenario is bean and toast. We need to ramp up the difficulty.”

“Nooooo… stupid movie is stupid!”

“Zane, that’s what I love about you… thousands of years old and you’re still a duffus.” Of course, sometime early on in Raildex World, I’d hit my 13,000th year as a jumper, and I’d been busy obsessing over plastic miniatures and animal ear hoodies, so I wasn’t exactly one to talk.

He glowered as I took Bollywood Fighting (+100), because a) hilariously long fights are funny and b) because absolutely no one in this world was going to be stronger than me. He fumed as I picked up Sudden Realism (+200) which promised to add drama… like running out of bullets at the worst possible time. And then got down right pissed when I took “They Know” (+400) which would make the Aliens aware of my true identity or at least suspect it in some way, and will know what my plans are, in general. “I thought we were going for speed run here.”

“We are.”

“SJ… you just bought the thing that lets them know we’re coming.”

“Yeah? Good. They will know I encompass their doom. Let’s kick this anthill!”

“Won’t that slow us down a bit?”

“Really? Have you seen the movie? The Aliens get taken down by Rowdy Roddy Piper. And some sunglasses. We could cakewalk this scenario and be home in time for tea without some conflict.”

“We caught it on cable in Buffyworld… and you’re mental.”

“Yes… well… that’s true. Have you seen the Figmas?”

With 800 in the bank, I imported Zane for 600 (silly expensive, but there wasn’t much else to buy), also as a Drifter, which nabbed him Situational Sharpness, Bubblegum, and Sunglasses too… and he took the Brainwash-Proof as well (momma didn’t raise no dummy), and both of us picked up Hip Fire with our last [200] (You can aim and shoot rifles and other similar weapons from your hip without losing any considerable amount of accuracy and without the need to use the sight.)… I mean… I’m a crack sniper and this meant I could be a reasonably decent sniper firing a sniper rifle from my hip. That’s just… insane.

And what is up with these damned glitches! machine went down the moment I locked in my build and it was 28 hours before Ahab and Joy could finalize theirs. And speaking of them, they came in as Human Elite (the race traitors), partly for the contacts, partly for the fact that Human Elite got not only Incredible Wealth for free, but 100,000 dollars US as starting cash… but no bubblegum… poor them.  Still three yearly deposits to the group fund would be nice.

Found out what the Glitch was the moment I dropped. I knew this body. I’d spent 11 months in it way back in my first century of jumping. I was back in an 80’s action movie for the first time and… I was back in the psyche of Lt. Sam Jones, LAPD, Retired.  Five years had passed since I’d left Sam, who’d spent most of those years sitting on his porch and drinking beer and yelling at local gangbangers to get off his lawn.

That had lasted until a recent Earthquake had cracked the foundation of Sam’s house, causing a gas line break that had resulted in a massive fireball taking out the entire structure… and then the insurance company had found Radon, and in trying to clean it up had found an ancient Indian Burial ground, and so Sam had been rendered homeless as one thing after another kept his… my… home from being rebuilt. I was 69 years old, and the intervening half decade had not made me any less grumpy.

I felt the full force of the drawbacks from the aborted and heavily glitched previous jump reasserting themselves, especially “Get Off My Lawn!” which made me cranky as hell, all the time and locked my age at what it was. Twice in a row I was agelocked, just at different ends of the spectrum. Fun. And “One Riot, One Ranger” meant that I had good reason to be grumpy, since I was the one who got called when shit needed fixing. It didn’t make a lot of sense, but then again… 80’s action movies.

However, being in “They Live!” made the third of my old drawbacks make sooo much more sense. “Suburban Hellhole” meant that the world was in a sorry state, with wars and crime rampant and guns everywhere and a steady rise in “Big Brother” type nonsense… not the lame TV show, the surveillance state.

With the negatives came the positives, “Do You Feel Lucky” (which boosted my intimidation factor while holding a gun, but didn’t work on non-punks, non-mooks, or non-civilians), “One Bullet Left” (which gave me a final round in the chamber of any weapon once I ran out of bullets), “Beyond the Threshold” (which made me sarcastic, as well as tougher and harder to kill, when being tortured), “Hidden Talent” (which made me a skilled Sushi Chef), and Old Age & Treachery (which kept me in peak physical condition no matter how old I got)… which was good, because I was immortal. I also got a small dufflebag full of mundane tools for any one job and the job could change from day to day. It was called “The Right Tools for the Job”.

I did get to find out what that Glitched item was, though, at long… looooong last. 800 points had gone into “If it Bleeds”… You have a truly unnatural talent for killing. You can kill things that normally don’t die. This doesn’t grant any special weapons, or any other skills, but even things like gods and immortal beings will, for some reason, lose those protections in combat with you. If you can beat them in a fight, you can kill them. Permanently. Of course, you can’t just wish them dead: you’ve got to do the deed with a handgun, a knife, or your bare fists. Some really big gods might die and stay dead if you kill them by ramming a ship into them or piloting a huge mechanical war machine, but it’s gotta be a pretty fair fight: and you definitely don’t want to find out you were wrong and they can still come back. If there’s no dramatic tension or huge struggle, it’s probably a sign that you messed up, and you’ll have a very angry (and prepared) immortal after you soon.

It wasn’t bad… but I was still cranky as sin and I might have taken it out on the Aliens. 37 minutes. That’s how long it took. 37 minutes. I want my god damned money back. We took out the Alien threat in less time than the movie ran. Sudden Realism or not, They Know or not… I had Zane pull Black Jenny out of the dock while I communed with the electron flow of LA. A broadcast of that order was going to be using and beaming a non-metric fuckton of energy. I isolated it, then painted it like a christmas tree, backing up the electron flow and watching as the building simply… came apart at the seams.  

We isolated the other regional control broadcast centers by signature, took them out as well. Alien ships started lifting off from all over the planet, but Zane and the Jenny were up there, blasting the skull-faced gits to kingdom come like some bizzaro inversion of space-invaders. Meanwhile the Bosses were capturing alien techs and storing them for interrogation.

“You realize we just took all the fun out of this?” Zane commented.  

“Zane old boy. I did no such thing.” I glowered at him, “I added fun.”

“How do you figure?”

“Look, the reality of the setting is that the movie takes an hour and a half… covering a week or so… Even assuming RRP wasn’t around to bring down the mess, we could scarcely do worse than half-rate rebels led by a day laborer. We were always going to take down the aliens in a month or two tops… unless we fucked off to the forest and went camping for a year. Now the real fun begins.”

“What fun?”

“Society is about to collapse. There are going to be wars, there are going to be purges and witch trials and six kinds of fucked upness. That’s why I took Sudden Realism. I wanted the world to react like… well… like the entire planetary leadership and most of the corporations and celebrities were either alien or alien conspirators. And… if we’re incredibly lucky… the aliens will try and come back!” I bit the end of my cigarette off “And we’ll make them get off our god damned LAWN!”

Spoiler Alert. They did. Double Spoiler Alert, cloaked mines. Boom. Triple Spoiler Alert… I reverse engineered their teleport watches. Interesting. Portal tech… fairly sophisticated. I stored it back in the tech banks, then we stepped through onto an Alien World. Did some sightseeing, checked out the local hotspots, met interesting people… and killed them. Did some readings of the night sky, leveled a few major cities, stepped back through the gate… They didn’t have FTL. They used gates… gates with relays. Relays linked with quantum entangled bits, FTL Coms, creating and linking portals.

Good system… vulnerable as hell… and they used ion drives… nice… but no match for my assault shuttle, let alone the Jenny… I should write a book… how to bring down a trans-stellar colonial empire in four easy steps… plus lots of battles that went on too damned long. Best Drawbacks ever.

OH, and Earth? Soooo fucking messed up when we left. Seriously. Think Africa after the colonial powers pulled out… on a global scale. Inner me wanted to do something about it… but Joy pointed out, and rightly so, that these people had just come through an era of being told what to do by aliens. Outer me just wanted everyone to go fuck themselves. And we were, appearance aside… just more Aliens. So we left them to it. All the petty squabbling and bitchery… let them worry about it… it was their birthright after all. Though I did have Joy issue a firm blanket statement than anyone who tried to turn this into an excuse to conquer or commit genocide or other atrocities would find themselves and or their countries experiencing the full brunt of Big Sister’s wrath. Big Sister was my anti-Alien defense grid, and while I wasn’t going to become the world leader pretend, but, at least for the next 8 years and change, this Earth was under my protection… and that meant from enemies within and without.

Wanna know the worst thing about “They Earth”? All the movies sucked… and there weren’t any good figmas… I checked. And no damned internet… even the videogames sucked… if I hadn’t been busy killing Skullhead Aliens and drinking too much, I might have gone stircrazy.  Hope the next jump’s more exciting.

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World 30: A Certain Scientific Railgun


Previously: Turn Turn Turnabout

Themesong: Mambo Italiano by Bette Midler

“SJ… your angriness has been rewarded.” Kendra announced as we reentered the Warehouse.

“Oh yeah? How so?”

“Next jump is Railgun.”

“Railgun… as in pervy teleporter and frog obsessed electromaster?”

“That would be the one, yes.”

“Excellent. Madscience ho!”

“No mad scientist option.”

“Awww… that’s no fun.”

“Drop-In, Student, Magical Spy, Experiment… all of them Espers… and you can’t use manna with Esper abilities in this world.”

“Huh? Why not?”

“Causes a near fatal amount of pain, apparently.”

“Well… fuck. Have to see what’s limited and what isn’t. This better wear off after this jump.”

I strode over to the machine, examining the four options and their discount options. Very little would be useful outside of this Jump, but Experiment’s capstone “Malleable Reality” (You’re more imaginative than usual. Though you’ll become quite eccentric, you can change what you believe in, or your Personal Reality, more easily. Your powers grow slightly faster (1.25x) now and don’t have to make sense any more. As a result, you could probably do some crazy shit, such as making homing ball lightning or creating constructs of fire that act as matter. With enough training or practice, you might even be able to stave off some of the side effects from using magic as an Esper by imagining something else to be part of your body and having the sides impact that instead. If you’re willing to become even crazier though, the sky’s the limit for what you can do. After all, the more insane you get, the stronger your Esper Powers grow. That said, a little eccentricity can go a long way. Screw being scientifically correct.) is a freaking reality manipulation power… while Student’s Capstone “Hard Science” (You have knowledge of Academy City’s science and technology to rival a scientist with a doctorate and several years of experience under her belt. You’re much more intelligent, analytical, and can easily keep your cool under pressure and rein in your emotions. You also gain a doctorate’s worth of regular scientific knowledge in the discipline of your Choice. You know the inner workings of recoil mitigating systems and powered armour, but your true speciality is the esper creation and development process. Given enough time, you might just figure out a way to get rid of the randomness inherent in the process and give X person Y ability. Training an Esper to help him or her reach their maximum potential is child’s play.) would allow me to give others Esper Skills and Training. I had to have them both… but that would eat either 950 or 1000 of my points.

That means it all comes down to the freebies… Experiments get Formal Training, and a discount of Doubled Growth Rate… which would be fine… but all they do is increase the speed at which the Esper Powers from this Jump improved. There was no continuation of ability. Students get Slice of Life (which makes things in general more cheerful and bright… not a bad thing in this fucked up setting) and a discount of Motivated (as if I needed more of that). It wasn’t much of an improvement, and I wasn’t sure Slice of Life would carry over to other jumps, but after the messed up crap of the last couple jumps, I could use a little Slice. Plus, being an Experiment would put the Mad Scientists of Academy City inside my brain… just where they shouldn’t be. Student cost me [50], and set the jump on “Easy Mode”.  It also got me an I.D. a school to go to… probably Tokiwadai because I am teh awesomeness that is me… a weekly stipend (woooo!) and an apartment to live in. Double Woo. That’s my catchphrase, by the way, my thing that can mean anything to my allies. Woo. It’s all in the inflection.

That settled, I rolled the bones and got… 11… and Meltdowner.  Christ, an 11 year old mega genius with Meltdowner? Meltdowner… effectively Electron Waveform Manipulation… the answer to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty… How can you know an electron’s location and vector… when it’s locked in place by an Esper. Oh… christ on a crutch… I was a walking bomb. I considered buying something else from the list… except I already am a Telepathic, Telekinetic, Teleporting, Pyrokinetic, Electromaster… of the 8 abilities on the list… I already had 5 of them, didn’t want one (Imagine Breaker… because it sucks and absolutely kills your other abilities as well as your luck)… and between Clairvoyance and Meltdowner, I guess I’d rather have Meltdowner… though I hardly needed another way to blow people up. I casually juggled grenades, had eyebeams, breathed fire, knew magic, and was a damned good sniper.

So I stuck with Meltdowner… also known as Particle Waveform High-Speed Cannon. The Laws of Physics are stretched by Espers, but this takes them almost to the breaking point. In Essence, this ability allows its users to fire particles beams of electrons that pierce through objects at the same velocity they were fired at, defeating such pesky things as armor. Its users can also redirect electricity with it, create shields that disintegrate things on contact, or turn themselves into living rockets… though that’s pretty much all they can do. However, it can be stopped through energy shield or massively thick / strong armor (Beyond this jump’s tech level)… and is incapable of rapid-fire or area saturation. Regardless, this is the most destructive Esper ability… and can be made dramatically worse if you remove the mental limiters preventing you from damaging / killing yourself.

Being a Student got me a free set of Micromanipulators (These Rather Delicate Gloves were meant for Scientific Purposes.  They’re reinforced with tiny motors and electrically contracting artificial muscles to allow one to perform delicate work on the scale of one millionth of a meter.  While they’re definitely more suited to scientific experiments, they can be put to use in any situation that requires steady hands… like aiming a rifle, conducting brain surgery, cooking, defusing a bomb, or even bypassing some redirection or shielding abilities.  Or modeling.) as well as the aforementioned “Slice of Life” (Your daily life unfolds like a Slice of Life anime. In theory, this wouldn’t do much and you probably won’t notice the difference. However, your life becomes a lot more cheerful and enjoyable that it was previously. People are much nicer to you than before, and you can get away with most minor wrongdoings and have no lasting consequences even for some severe transgressions. You’ll be able to live in the present without being bogged down by your past and enjoy your life without getting hindered by conflict too much. Regardless of the situation, you’re somehow capable of always looking on the bright side of life, even though you may face an invasion, your impending execution, or the like. You take things for granted less and something like a sweet dessert never fails to put a smile on your face.)

Seems too relaxed for me, but maybe I’ve been too high stress for too long. Regardless, I was up against the CP fence and needed to secure a loan before I spent any more. Two of the high cost Drawbacks are… contraindicated (Memory Loss isn’t fun and Keikaku Keystone is just yerg)… but Permanent Loli is imminently doable. Clearly, it will be a bummer losing most of my physical strength, but if I was using it on this jump, clearly something has gone wrong. That gets me +300 (350/1300) and I scoop up the +100 “Obsessive Esper” to give me an obsession. Might as well be a slightly insane Slice of Life permaloli. (450/1400) … yes, why thank you, I would like a cookie.

Back in the flush, I scoop up the last of Student’s Skill Tree, “Motivated” [150] (300/1400) (You’re much more motivated than before. You find it easy to dedicate yourself to things and self-discipline will no longer be a problem. You also rediscover your love of learning, and will be more than willing to spend weeks studying a subject, stopping only to eat and sleep. As a bonus, you have godly research skills and will almost always seem to find information you’re looking for as long as you search hard enough. In addition, your memory is also improved to help you keep up, with perfect Memory (Already got that) and highly efficient memory indexing (don’t have that).  Given enough time and effort, almost everything will be within your grasp.) If Hermione could see me now.

I plunk down another [100] for the MSR-001 a recoilless, upgradable, utterly silent coilgun.  Which leaves me with 200 to spend on Companion Imports, one for Zane and one for Velma… she could use a treat.  Joy and Ahab import for free, so that’s a squad of 5. Zane rolls… and ends up with Meltdowner… greaaat.  I guess we’re the Twin Cannons (though I’ve got more potential than he does… poor boy.). Velma rolls and gets Teleporter. Woo… as long as she doesn’t go full perv, it’s probably okay. Ahab decides to go Spy (netting him Darksider, complete knowledge of the underside of Academy City… useful this jump, but not any other… as well as a totally screwed up Vending machine that apparently dispenses disgusting experimental juices… but serves as a source of income.) and rolls… getting Pyrokinesis.  Joy goes Drop-In, getting True Grit (a willpower buff the scary lady barely needs, and Media Collection… which is all the To Aru Merchandise ever… which might be cool to read… also comes with frog commander guy toys.).  Her power roll nabs her Telekinesis.  Fun Fun Fun til daddy takes the T-Bird Away.  They all get an I.D., a School to go to, a weekly stipend, and an apartment to live in.


Do you know what ten years of slice of life shenanigans are like? Especially in Academy City? Let me set this up for you… massive japanese city, full of Espers and mad scientists and secret conspiracies. Full of plots, gangs, racism, classism, anti-magic sentiment, experiments that leave 10,000 clones of a 13 year old girl murdered, networked minds to make a computing collective, experiments that result in the deaths of dozens and the permanent coma states of a dozen more little kids. This is like… Hogan’s Heroes but somehow stranger.

Spending a decade obsessed with Figmas was interesting, but weird. Spending a decade with no sex drive was… just weird. Zane got caught up in that, poor kid. Apparently me calling us “The Twin Cannons” made us twins again, and he was just as stuck in ageless limbo as I was. And the city’s PTBs used us to their advantage. Invasion? Call the Twin Cannons. Meteor? Call the Twin Cannons. Aleister Crowley has a hangnail? Call the Twin Cannons. Yes, that Happened… twice.

Also learned that Hogwarts Magic, Buffy Sorcery, FF7 Materia, and Fairy Tail Spells are all “Magic” for the sake of this world, as were my eyebeams and shapesifting… But Bending and RWBY Aura? Not so much. And my divine powers… not at all. So… huh. Then again, the pain only hurt for a short time until I regenerated… still, the pain was cerebral, so… ouchie.

My goals for the jump was to eat lots of candy, watch lots of anime, Railgun duel against Miska (the titular Railgun). Of course, I couldn’t Esper a Railgun, but I could Bend one. There was almost certainly a way to use my Meltdowner power to boost my Railgunning, but I hadn’t found it yet. Of course, there was one major and many minor issues that needed to be addressed… not the least of which was the pending murder of 10,000+ little girls… and if they survived, their use as an antennae array as part of a plan to destroy all mages.

That gave me a hitlist… with Crowley at the top, but at least two members of the Kihara clan as well… Therestina and her grandfather Ginsei… two of Academy City’s biggest power mad mad doctors. It was something of a race against time in all three cases. I also decided to help one Dr. Kiyama, who, sure, was a bit of a mad scientist, and not above using people, but had (arguably) good reasons.

Finding Therestina and Dr. Kiyama was easy. Both were relatively public figures. Therestina, I decided, needed a special lesson in only the way the Jumpchain could prepare it… so I had Joy and Ahab snatch her up and put her into a cryopod. I wasn’t sure where I’d drop her… but eventually I’d end up in a horror or zombie or death world jump… and when I did… she’d find herself there… for as long as she lasted. We slapped a “Do not Wake Until Doomsday” seal on her pod… after I drew in marker on her face.

Dr. Kiyama, who needed to wake her former students, I helped by…. Waking her former students. The central problem she was having is that any attempt by one of them to wake up would be suppressed by the others, subconsciously of course. The solution lay in a red crystal known alternatively as “First Sample”, “Ability Body Crystal”, and “Crystallized Esper Essence”. Regardless of the name, Therestina had known the location and what she knew, I knew. She also knew a really good bakery, which took a few hours out of the plan… but we got Kiyama her crystal, she turned over all her data on Level-Upper (a combination Esper Power increaser, coma inducer, and networked subconsciousness generator), and then she read me a story. She’s nice… if a little deranged.

Gensei was harder to find, but Ahab and Joy are very very good at their jobs, and they located and brought him before the Figma Throne (it’s a throne made of crystalline boxes that each have a perfectly preserved Figma inside them, but with padding on the arms and seat to make it comfy. It is awesome.). I searched the old man’s memories, looking for a scrap of remorse. I found none. He honestly believed that everything he’d done had been justified and that there had been no victims of his experiments.

There’s a funny thing about blackmail. You can use the information gathered to gain money from the perpetrator… or you can use it to find every living person connected with the perpetrator’s victims. And if you are a high power telepath with the ability to mentally record psychic impressions… you can save quite a lot of pain and suffering… and then make a present of all of it to an old man who had spent his life inflicting it. I’d learned quite a bit about aware comas… I put him inside one and then unleashed all that darkness into his still conscious mind. The life support systems of my med bay’s long term care module should serve him well for the remainder of my time in this world.

Unfortunately, I learned that the Accelerator-kills-lots-and-lots-of-clones process had begun several years ago… something I should have figured, and that he was going through them at the rate of about 10 a day, give or take. He’d already gotten into the mid 9000s. With that depressing news, I became a little conflicted. Did I take out Accelerator, if it meant only saving a couple hundred of the clones instead of thousands… On one hand, it would save hundreds of lives… but would also mean the others had died for no reason. Killing Accelerator would only prohibit his heel-face turn and if Last Order could forgive him (and through her the rest of the Sister Network), I could do the same. That didn’t mean, however, that I was going to let him kill the others. I’d stop him… somehow.

That somehow was a third Kihara… Amata, who just got a bullet to the brain, after I stripped out the knowledge of how to get through Accelerator’s guard. That’s what you do with mad dogs. You shoot them. Of course, I couldn’t kill all the Kiharas… Well, I could, there were only about 5000 of them… but they weren’t just a bloodline, they were some kind of self replicating quasi-mystical meme. One became a Kihara by being intelligent and having both too high a regard for science and too little regard for human life. Essentially it was a Mengele reproduction process… Wiping it out would require more mojo than I could deal with… but I could try and minimize the condition.

I went on the assumption that it was either a contagion or a form of possession. Thus, I tattooed myself and my companions… and even Dr. Kiyama with invisible ink since she seemed susceptible… with anti-possession tattoos. I also gathered blood samples from as many Kihara’s as I could… and tried spirit bending on a couple of the minor members of the family.

It was interesting (and a little frustrating) being in a city where my pet AI couldn’t scythe through the local information systems unchallenged. The Academy had “Tree Diagram” as its central processing unit, something that wasn’t close to VIvian’s pure data storage capacity, but could come close to rivalling her in processing power, with some very interesting predictive properties. But that made finding Mr. Crowley difficult. I had to find Dr. Frog Face, also known as Heaven Canceller. If anyone knew how to find Crowley, it would be the man keeping him alive. I also found Accelerator’s location from Frog-Sensei… and we had cocoa! I like being in stealth mode… I have bunny ears on my stealth suit.

Once I knew Accelerator’s weakness, though… I had to laugh. It was painfully simple, at least in theory. His power, Redirect, worked by controlling vectors. Any vector, even a passive one. That meant that any blow that had it’s vector change just before it hit him would get through his defenses… or attacks that had no vectors. Knowing that, it was relatively simple to build a drone device to administer a tranquilizer dart that had a retrorocket that would fire a moment before impact, changing the dart’s vector, but not enough to keep if from administering its dosage. My backup was even sneakier, it was a clown-adorned skin patch that was fired from a gun in such a way that it would arrive at Accelerator’s skin with functionally zero vector, and then adhere simply through the action of the glue.  

The second wasn’t needed… which is good, because there were a damned lot of variables for it, but albino boy went down for a napnap and I went inside his head to plant a mental block against actually killing the remaining clones. Yes, he could beat them up, but only until they were unconscious. He’d have to strategically limit himself. I even made sure it would seem as if it were his own idea, a way to Level Up faster by making the fights deliberately harder. I supplied him with many tracker tags to place one to a clone which would transport them into the ever growing racks of stasis pods that were filling containers in my warehouse. No idea when I’d need to cryo 600 people, but I’d have the capacity.

That just left Crowley. But before I confronted Crowley though, I had to take out his major driving force, the reason why the Science Side was obsessed with creating a Level 6 Esper as fast as possible… namely, the leadership of the Magic Side… who were just as bug nuts fucked in the head as the mad scientists. Topping my list were members of the pope’s inner council, “God’s Right Seat “ Primarily Vento of the Front (since I’d taken out her Kihara counterpart) a woman who referred to non-catholics as Heathen Monkeys (I like Monkeys, they’re silly) and Terra of the Left who actively considered non-Catholics to be subhuman. The other two were redeemable… though biased as hell.

But… before I could do anything about any of the magic folk… I had to find a way to block the most telltale sign of who and what I (and my companions) were. Espers in this world generate AIM Fields (An Involuntary Mechanism) which was shaped by the Esper’s Personal Reality. Invisible it might be to humans… but special machines could view it… and I’d be a fool to assume that the innermost layers of the Magic Community would lack a way to sense their primary enemy’s largest tell. And shutting down my AIM field should, in theory, allow me to use magic… and there I was, I was fairly certain, a match for anyone on this plane of existence.

The device to detect AIM fields wasn’t hard to steal. Having stolen, replicated, and replaced the machine I set to tinkering. It took me three weeks… It would have taken two, but they released a new line of Figmas that I had to hunt down all the variants of… I had to build a device that allowed me to scan Figma boxes to see what was in them to detect variations. Stupid randomization. I had a set up in the apartment for cleaning them and my micromanipulators allowed me to build them inside a nitrogen environment box and then seal them inside lexan cubes for display. Figmas is serious business… Good thing we have limitless sammich material… extra funds for Figmas. Plus the local gangs are nice and enjoy contributing to my Figma Fund… AJ and Francy said so. I haven’t met any of their members.

Anyway, with my FRED (Friendly Rabbit Esper-Suppression Device) ready, I sent agents into mage held lands to locate my targets, while I wrote my speeches… I had speeches. Writing them was fun, I got to lay in bed with my bunny slippers on and Ziggy acting as a pillow and we dictated the whole thing to my Bear-recorder… it’s a recorder shaped like a bear. “You know… in another world, I erased your God.” That was a good line. When I finally confronted Terra of the Left with it, it made him sooooo cross.

Of course, the fact that I also claimed to be the Antichrist might have had something to do with it. I did him a favor though… I nailed him to a cross. He didn’t seem grateful though, so I summoned Ifrit and hit him with fire until he stopped complaining. Some people.

Vento of the Front however was another kettle of fish entirely. Her magic “Divine Punishment” required only hostile will towards Vento and worked at any range. As such, I had to consciously suppress all hostile intent towards her… a relatively easy task as I saw her more as a problem to be solved than as someone to be destroyed. Thankfully, as a Trickster, I could send homunculi against her that had no intent or emotions nor need for oxygen.

Still, I’d have to wait until she opened her mouth in my presence to get at her weakness. I can’t ever express just how useful the ability to slow time is. Sure, my movements may be hampered a little as well, but watching the rest of the world flow by at 1/10th its normal speed is incredibly useful… especially when your opponent’s power resides in a cross attached to a tongue stud. She made a great deal of scream type noises when I Expelliarmus’d it from her face. Then I gave her the speech I’d prepared for her “Heathen Monkeys? We were here long before your bastard of a saviour got himself nailed to a cross. We’ll be here long after the last of you papists gives up the ghost… I made a joke there, did you like it? You like the bible, let’s get biblical. I shall not suffer a witch to live.” and I shut down all her higher brain functions… just as she’d done to countless others. “Divine Judgement that, bitch.” then I had to put 100 yen in the swear jar.

I also stole from her the location of the sphere that powered the Queen of the Adriatic Sea… if anyone should have a fleet of giant Ice Ships, it should be me. Finding a place for a 7 meter sphere of magical ice isn’t easy. I’d have to heavily reprogram the damned thing… it was built to destroy Venice and had failsafes built in… and was powered by human sacrifice, because christians.

That left me with two. Finding Fiamma wasn’t hard. Bonkers git that he is, but I had no intention of killing him. Instead, I simply snuck up behind him and whispered these words “Saving the world isn’t important if the people aren’t saved. Caring for one another was Christ’s message, not vengeance. You have forgotten that.” And I teleported away before he could turn around. I didn’t even bother with the mostly mercenary but fairly ethical Acqua.

My Italian Vacation took two weeks. It was very hectic… and Italy doesn’t have any good figmas… but I got a statue of a lady with wings and a sword standing on a snake guy’s head and a pair of little bronze David’s from the Vatican Vault… I might have forgotten to pay for them… but then again, there weren’t any price tags.

Back in Academy city, I had to make up the assignments I’d skipped… yes I has PhD but they still make me got to school. Big meanies. Like anyone neeeeeds to know history or… or geography or… or… how to play the piano. And so what if I draw smiley faces on my calligraphy homework?

The problem with getting to Crowley was just how insanely (and justifiably) paranoid he was. Of course, he didn’t count on someone with extra universal knowledge and telepathic skills. There wasn’t any way to judge, of course, but it was likely I was a Rank 6 Telepath… or at least a very strong Rank 5. I’d had a lot of practice over centuries… I was, at the very least, the equal of Mental Out (the Fifth ranked of the 7 Rank 5’s of Academy City, aka Shokuhou Misaki or “The Queen Bee”) though I was significantly more subtle… then again, she was in middle school and I’d had centuries at this game. She also used her abilities for direct control, while I used them for deep scans, domination, and neural… tweaking. I’d taken care of her as soon as I’d located her, tranquing her and then deep diving to put a block in her mind that kept her from even trying to influence me or Zane.

Still, what this meant is that I knew how to find at least one person who knew how to get to Crowley… the teleporter Musujime Awaki, and from her mind I was able to find others who’d been into the inner sanctum and read them as well. Still, it wasn’t enough. There had to be wards inside the building to keep what I was about to do from happening. So I did the most insane thing I’d ever done… I had Musujime teleport me and Big Piggy… that would be a 500 megaton pulse atomic metamagically amplified and shielded bomb… painted like Ryoga… into the inner sanctum, having preemptively erased her memory of having done so.

“Before you consider siccing your security on me… I’m just here to talk. This is a bomb. I know your building can take a blast from a normal nuke… in theory, from the outside… but this is inside. I’ll take it with me when I go. You are Aleister Crowley, the magician. I knew you in another time and place.. Though you look different. The questions is… are you different. My apologies for hijacking one of your students, but I needed a vessel… and she’d built such a nice bomb it would be a shame not to use it.”  I poured out a strange draconic aura, redolent with magic and lacking my normal Esper signature, doing my best to appear possessed.

“Who are you, demon?”

“I am Marduk of the Fifty Names. I am Alpha and Omega. I am the Inbetweener. Do you think I’d be so foolish as to Give The Crowley my true name? I am the God of a civilization both dead and thriving. I am she who erased the gods. You can call me… Wintermute… And I would ask you a question, oh prideful man.”

“Ask then!” commanded the upside down mage inside his cylinder.

“Why should I not erase you from existance?”

“As if you could.”

“Be not prideful. I tell you in all honesty that I have erased gods and angels and demons in my time. I level no causal threat here. You have allowed abomination and horror to thrive inside your Scientific Faction, all to gain the upper hand against the magical faction. Instead of trying to use your knowledge for the betterment of all humankind. I see no reason to allow you to be the caretaker of Humanity’s future. I’ve already removed two of the four directions for their crimes… and three of your Kihara’s for even worse acts… as well as many of those… monsters who participated in the deaths of so many children. So tell me, Magician? What shining world would you build up with such a disgusting, such a depraved foundation?”

“My enemies would do so much worse! They stand in the way of progress and preach litanies of oppression and fear of cosmic punishment!” His tone was light, as if he found the entire process amusing.

“Yeah… that old saw. If they yell Deus Vult enough, that justifies what you do?”

“They serve a tyrant and fool of a god and must be… as you said… erased.”

“They protected knowledge for centuries. For time past knowing, religion and science worked hand in glove. This growing schism between the spiritual and the material is good for neither. All Magic must work on fundamental principles, just as Espers do.”

“My plans-”

“Your plans are the machinations of a tyrant and fool.” I said, throwing his words back at him. “You have become a god in your own private world, divorced from the world you claim to rule, served by angels and ghosts.”

“And you would have struck by now if you thought you could take me out.”

“No. I could take you out with a thought. I do not strike because I do not know if that would give too much advantage to those other lunatics. I am not asking you to cease your fight against the church… I am asking you to open your doors and arms to other elements of the magical world… for the betterment of humanity. Or I can erase you and hope your replacement is more interested in coexistence. Oh… and stop fucking allowing psychopaths like the Kihara’s to act without controls or oversight. Do that, and I might be reasonable. Don’t do that… and I’ll be back. Tell Aiwass and Kazakiri I said hi.”

And with that, I tapped the floor and Big Piggy sank out of reality as the warehouse absorbed it. I switched my magic off and my Esperism back on, wobbling as The Palace of my Mind went into Lockdown Mode, leaving only this persona and my core nature as everything besides the “Foyer” became inaccessible. I blinked up at the upside down man, having no conscious memory of who he was or where I was.

“Why are you upside down, Mister?” I asked, rubbing my eyes and looking around the strange chamber.

“What is your name?” He asked.

“Ummmm… Sasaki Junko… Twin Cannon Sister.”

“Ah yes… Tokiwadai Junior High. Rank 3.”

“I’ll be Rank 4 by next year.”

“I’m sure you will.”

And with that, I found myself transported back to the street, where a nice man gave me a limited edition Figma and drove me home. Sure… I’m sure you’re thinking “Oh… goood. Get yourself on the psycho’s radar.” Well, two things. There wasn’t any way I was going 10 years without getting on it… and second… you forget that I had Dr. Kiyama’s Level-Upper program. I’d modified it it so that, rather than putting people into a coma to act as a linked computing network… it operated as a massive distributed gestalt personality. In essence, I’d infected any subconscious mind that could generate an AIM field with a tiny part of a vast… conscience. If people were going to be throwing out this kind of power and meddling in this level of science, I was going to make the Collective Unconscious of Humanity into its secret police… and it would choose random units, often impressionable ones, to call out the injustices… and woe betide anyone who harmed those messengers… because everyone would know…  everyone.

I couldn’t save the world this time… there was no easy solution. It was all politics and schemes… but I could strive for a Balance… at least from the shadows. And perhaps it worked. Or at least I forced the lunatics to work deeper in the shadows where they could do less harm. But Wintermute never slept, never stopped feeding it’s information to Tree Diagram… once I’d stolen the satellite (Index was going to destroy it anyway. It seemed like a waste of a perfectly good predictive system.)  and renamed it “Neuromancer”… After all, Wintermute was the conscience, feeding Neuromancer all the predictive information the system would ever need… all to the one goal of making sure humanity didn’t fucking knife itself in the back.

Collective ethics, baseline logic, don’t use children as pawns, don’t experiment on people, don’t try and murder everyone related to your enemies, help each other… Wintermute wasn’t programmed to enforce its own ethics, it drew them from the totality of humanity’s better natures, polling millions of minds on which actions crossed the line and which didn’t… and there wasn’t any lying to the system because no one knew it was there.

I did tell a little fib there… it did have one ethical subroutine… it really didn’t like Kihara’s who acted like Kihara’s. They suffered… mischief. Crowley hated god for the crimes of humanity, I gave him a humanity who hated him for the crimes of his creations. And I released all the Misaka’s I had managed to save back into the wild, much to the confusion of the Misaka Network.

I did hit Rank 4 by the next year… and Rank 5 by the end of the 6th year… Training wasn’t super important when you understood the secrets of being an Esper and could manipulate AIM fields… It was, in many ways, like turning a dial. I very carefully didn’t try pushing it further. I saw no need to see how dangerous I could be… but I could feel the ability to control protons at the edge of my awareness… and with it the ability to possibly generate and control positrons as well. I knew the name of that power… I’d named it to Crowley… and I wanted none of it… Creation and Destruction… Alpha and Omega. No one should have that… and what I had was already getting insane. Carefully, I walled off that part of my memory, labeling it “Do not open unless in Existential Extremis.”  I couldn’t risk damaging my Figmas.

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