World 27: Touhou Project Pink


Previously: Something Simpler

Themesong: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

“Touhou Project?” Zane asked. “What’s that?”

“I have no knowledge of a Touhou Project” VIvian responded.

“I…” I searched my Memory Palace, dredging up memories thousands of years old. “I think it’s a… bullet hell videogame… wait… we have one… no… two… Castle of Shinigami and Death Smile… has anyone played them?” I looked around to blank faces.

“Oh… right… no… I didn’t bring my original videogame collection with me… and I never bought copies of those games in any jump because they were way too obscure… ummm… I think it’s about lolita vampires and… ummm… bullets.”

“This jumptree is six kinds of fucked up.” Yoiko commented, messing with the Vending Machine. “It’s painting a picture of gods and quasi-gods just… totally failing to get along… but agreeing to settle things in a less than Reality Destroying way… like if big bro and Ranma agreed to settle their differences by… throwing marshmallows at each other. Even ki-charged, how much damage could a Marshmallow do?”

I thought about all the things I could do to weaponize marshmallows… then nodded… at most it would just hurt a bit.Anything more and it wouldn’t be a marshmallow anymore. Okay, an Anti-Matter Marshmallow would be fucking insanely dangerous, but again… strictly speaking… not the exact opposite of a Marshmallow.

“Ack,” said Yoiko as I considered the destructive potential of the Spiritual Marshmallow and the resulting Smorpocolypse…


“The import is expensive… 600 Choice.”

“Fuck… what do we get for that.”

“Everyone gets 600 CP.”

“Everyone… as in the 8, or everyone, as in everyone?”

“Everyone but you. All your companions gain 600 CP to spend for perks.”

“Shit. Fine… I can’t pass this up, can I… Let’s start on the damned DBs and work backward then. I want this for you guys… this jump is going have a fuckton of powers, I can tell.”

The system protested a little, but not too much as I skipped through the infoscreens and past the Origins. “I’ll be right back.” I commented. Apparently that’s when I made my mistake. I didn’t even know I’d made it. I was just checking if there was a CP limit when I must have accidentally clicked a Zero Point Option.

“Silly Hats and Frilly Dresses, +100 just for wearing hats? Okay… I can do that. Woman of Honor… +200 for eschewing tech and acting like an old fashioned lady? Wow. Yeah, I can do that. This is a no kill setting pretty much. I’m not seeing any fail states. Okay… All According to Plan gives one… no… no thanks. I may be a damned fine detective, but I’m not setting myself up for a Chain Fail if I can’t figure out who’s Xanatosing me. Incidental is +200 and means I will be the cause of a major incident that will resonate in Gensokyo’s history forever… for good or ill.. Nothing low key… Hmmm… Doesn’t sound too bad. Hmmm… Mists of Amnesia… +300…I… huh. I don’t know anything about this world… none of my companions know anything about this world… fuck it… let’s snag that one too.”


“Yes Zane?”

“That’s 800 points of Drawbacks.”

“Hmmm… Yes it is. Not nearly enough. Let’s toss in Reimu Syndrome for +300… Everyone will rely on me to resolve whatever comes up. It asks if I think I know the lore well enough… and I don’t know the lore at all.”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“You want to back out of that tasty tasty 600?”

“No… but… umm… right… never mind.”

That put me at 2100, more than I’d ever had going into a Jump… of course, my friends immediately ate [600] of that, so I was back down to 1500/2100… time to get me some goodies. I was going to need them.

Picking a Race didn’t seem to have any particular bonuses aside from the new form, but the top three races each were pretty damned powerful. Tengu (Spirits of light), Oni (Spirits of Darkness… with a deadly bean allergy), and Vampires (Powerful as fuck, blood-addicted, sunlight-allergic…)… Tengu it is. [300] (1200/2100) “Tengu are incredibly skilled at magic and are known for their incredible speed and agility that few could match. They are also fast learners that can easily adapt to unexpected or unfamiliar outcomes, and have a knack for tricking and confusing others to their advantage. Tengu also take both physical and behavioral characteristics, both good and bad, of an animal of choice, though Crows and Wolves are the most Common.” I thought about taking Ferret… and the DB Jumper Stole the Precious Thing… but realistically, Ferrets good qualities are that they are fearless and cute and very energetic/resilient/clever/flexible… their bad qualities are they’re kinda stinky and sleep aaaaalll the time… and are total kleptomaniacs. Then again, most animals are kinda stinky… scent’s a big thing to almost all of them. I assume Tengu aren’t stinky. Eh, what the hell. Ferret Tengu and Jumper Stole the Precious Thing +100 (1300/2200).

“Shut up Zane.”

“Didn’t say anything. That was Toph moaning in pain.”

“Was not! Lying dog!”


“Children! You have perks to buy, stop annoying me.”

I considered taking Drop-In Origin for the Soar and Doctor perks… but I didn’t like anything else they got. I considered the Mage Origin, because they had the Elemental powers… but again… nothing else I wanted. Which left me with Servant or Ruler. Servant had a time manipulation Capstone which was awesome… Ruler had… more. I went with Ruler [100] (1200/2200). Leader of the Ferret Tengu… here to steal the Precious and Fix all the Things and having no clue about any of it. This was going to be… interesting… or so I thought then. Note to self… 1200 points of Drawbacks are not good… but sometimes it’s the Zero point ones that screw you.

Free Touhou Sound Track… yay?

Pick up Soar… says it’s crucial. Sure, I can already fly… fuck… this is [100] points… I overpaid in Buffy. Still, can’t say it hasn’t been useful… could use a little boost. (1100/2200) The ability to levitate and fly, with full speed sharp cornering and reverse. 100 miles an hour in reverse… okay, that’s just scary.

But not as scary as “Third Eye of Satori” [200] (900/2200) “The ability to read the hearts and the minds of any being, no matter if they speak a different language or even if they are animals, though only in their immediate presence. This power also grants the ability to hypnotize others by manipulating their conscious minds. Furthermore, if your targets are in a compromised mental state where mental resistance is minimal, are unconscious, or if they simply allow you to do so, you can tap into their memories to experience them for yourself.” The potential for abuse on this one is so high I can taste the darkside calling from it. I remember loathing Emerald for pulling even half this shit… but the ability to scry into the heart and mind of any being and to memory surf are too attractive. I’ll just have to watch how I use mind control, yeah? Not like I couldn’t do it if I tried with all my psy powers already.

And speaking of abusable… Hakutaku’s Gift (300) (600/2200) grants “The ability to affect memories on an extremely wide scale, concealing the truth by planting your own false information. However, this power can only extend back in history for so long, unable to alter any memories past a certain date. Creating vivid and believable memories is also quite difficult. Once every full moon however, you may change one specific historical event in the recent past to another of your choice, changing the course of history from that point onwards, reflecting into the present time. This however cannot ever stop a life from being lost or take a like as a result of your changes.” The ability to manipulate individual memories or even rewrite history… ouch… hard to pass up. Though it does mean no time manipulation power.

Now it all comes down to either picking up the Ruler Capstone, “Scarlet Destiny” which would allow me to manipulate the fucking strings of fate, grant me massive luck and make my enemies suffer misfortunes… or snag the elemental powers. Both are tempting. But as hard as it is to pass up an 800 point fate manipulation ability, I fear what I’d become with that kind of power. I’d become the spider in the web, a pure supervillain or spymaster… and it would also reduce some of the fun. Some of the danger. I like luck… but it’s… relying on it can be a crutch… and I prefer active abilities rather than reactive.

I go with the Elemental’s Secrets [400] (200/2200). It’s the Eastern Elements this time, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. I can already manipulate 3 of these directly (Fire, Water, Earth) and the other two indirectly… So I could take all five… but a boost to my Icemagic… Hard to say no to. I don’t remember much about Touhou… by I do remember the Ice Fairy’s name was Cirno… she had wings… 3 foot long shards of ice really, floating behind her. She was cute.

Atura grumbled about lacking Balance. I chuckled. “Fine, we’ll stick to the balanced wheel. A small boost to everything is better… more creative control, right?” Atura agreed. “But don’t forget… I’m still the Winter Witch. I can steal fire.”

Elemental’s Secret was powerful, control over the Wu Xing Elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water… as well as the power of the Sun and the Moon, handy since my Firebending relied on one and my Waterbending the other. Each of the abilities is said to have a lot of individual potential, but that they shine brightest when creatively used together to manipulate the world all around me.

And with my last [200] I scoop up Doll Maker of Bucuresti, which makes me an indisputable genius in terms of mathematics and science in a realm ruled by magic. My abilities with technology and engineering is so great that I am able to adapt to handling, repairing, modifying, and even reverse-engineering completely foreign devices I have little to no background on. My connection with both practical technology and magic allows me to unlock the secrets to true magitech, given enough time.

I turned to the others “Okay, What you got?”


“Lunarian Drop-In.”

“A Moon Bunny?”

“That’s Militant Moon Bunnies… and eh, why not. Says not all of them have bunny ears. And I took Soar, because I’m sick of being grounded while you get to enjoy the skies.”

“Aww… poor puppy. You could have borrowed the carpet, or used your broom.”

“Not the same. I also grabbed that booze pot and the hammer… you know… for party reasons and because funny.”

“I love you like a brother… you know that right? But you’re mental. You mean the Ibuki Gourd & Hoshiguma Dish that together transform water into high quality sake and the Miracle Mallet which changes the size of whatever is bonked by it?”

“That’s them. And I wuv you too, shrimptoast. Also Magician’s Mind and Apparitions Stalk the Night. Cause the first makes magical skills never fade and generally all around better, and the second cause I am the night!… why are you banging your head against the wall?”


“Ziggy follow momma!”

“Do you?”

“Yesyesyes! Follow in sky! weeeeee”

“Flying ferret… scary.”

“Yes! Scary! Weeee!”

“Anything else?”

“Ziggy like trees!”

“Forest Fairy? a Tanuki?”

“Is treat?”

“You get to wear a leaf on your head.”

“YAY! Sleep now.”

“Focus Undivided and Elemental Secrets Wood so you can pay attention in battle and make a nest to curl up in… right. Sleep well baby. Good Ziggy”


“I am your right hand, mother.”

“You don’t have to call me that, you know. You’re my friend.”

“It’s a formality. You have proclaimed yourself our leader, I shall be your servant. A Grass Fairy Servant for a Ferret Tengu Overlord.”

“I prefer to think of myself as more of a First Among Equals Lady.”

“As you will, mother.”

“You took Focus Undivided too, didn’t you.”

“I am your sword… or in this case, your Scythe.”

“You took the Shinigami’s Scythe… the one that makes makes everyone assume you’re a Grim Reaper and makes them open to the idea of accepting death?”

“Aye. And the Oduda spirit papers to ward and protect you from mischief.”


“Mischief from external sources.”


“And Tai Chi Master, so I can see and harm ghosts and spirits more easily.”

“Well then… sounds like you’re… commited.”

“I am your right hand. Plus I got some spending money for snacks.”

“I’m so proud of you.”


“AJ’s being a little suck up again, isn’t he.”

“Be nice to your brother.”

“He tried to convince me that we should be your loyal servants. He your right hand, me your left.”

“You objected?”

“I saw no reason to play along with his game. Though he was right that Focus Undivided and Tai Chi Master would be useful. I have incorporated them into my build… Along with Magician’s Mind and Soar from Zane’s.”

“Huh. So mostly just basic utility stuff? Nothing from the “POWER OVERWHELMING” category?”

“Unnecessiary. My intellect is already superior. Magician’s Mind will simply speed the rate at which I learn new magical abilities. I did pick up one of those adorable Alice Dolls. I can have it polish all my spoons.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the strongest psychic in the group… because it’s cute.”

“I get to be a Moon Bunny Mage! Why are you hitting your head with that that book?”


“Lunarian Servant. Flying for tactical superiority. Spell Card Pact for non-lethal combat and conflict resolution. Eyes of Death and Pain… for the swift destruction of your enemies.”

“Dyna… it’s called Lunatic Red Eyes.”

“My optical organs are blue.”


“And my mental processes are not impaired.”


“Does this build please you?”

“Does it please you?”

“Pleasing you pleases me.”

“That’s it, you’re getting hugs.”

“I do not require… please let go… I am having resperatory difficulty.”

“You are not, I’m not squeezing that hard.”

“I think I smell something burning. You should go check.”

“Hugs will not kill you.”

“You have no proof of that. Best not to test the theory.”

“Would you like me to call Yoiko and have her hug you instead?”

“I shall be silent.”

“Good Dyna.”


“Boss… why are you snuggling Dyna?”

“I amuses me to do so.”

“I see. Very well. I shall be brief. A Human Mage background suits me, and I shall be taking Magician’s Mind, the complete Elemental’s Secret, and the Spirit Camera scrying ability. Reconnaissance is important… plus, it will allow me to locate you if you wander off.”

“I don’t usually do that, do I?”

“You don’t… but you are a going to be a Ferret Tengu… I assume that means you will be napping in almost completely random places at all hours of the day or night.”

“Valid Point… I think you’re a few points short.”

“I will also take the Sorcerer’s Sutra Scroll, which is both of infinite length and can cast any spell or perform any ritual inscribed within it by itself. Nor will it work for others, so I don’t have to loan it to my siblings.”

“Ah… well… Ziggy can’t read anyway.”

“That has not stopped him in the past.”

“True… here. Give Dyna a four armed hug and tell RayRay to come in.”


“I refuse to debase myself by being any of these lower lifeforms.”

“That’s fine, you don’t have to be a Youkai.”

“Humans are lesser too.”

“You know, you’re a little bit bitchy sometimes.”


“Did you buy anything?”



“Maiden of the Worshipped Wind… If I am reading it aright, it will give me a direct line to the Powers That Be of any world we’re in, and the ability to negotiate on our behalf for their myriad and various blessings.”

“And not because you’re functionally a wind goddess and couldn’t pass up the title?”

“Irrelevant… but potentially true. I have also selected the Sword of Hisou, a golden jian crafted by Celestial beings in Heaven that can gather and store ambient spirit and convert it into power. It can tailor attacks to an enemy’s specific spiritual energy, transforming the ambient energy into whatever that enemy is weak against.”

“That’s fairly blood thirsty of you.”

“I need no other weapon than my breath and claws… I merely thought you could study the enchantments and potentially replicate them.”

“Awww… thank you sweetie!”

“Humans are stupid.”

“I’ll remember.”


“Are you going to be okay in a realm full of what are essentially demons where you’re not allowed to kill any of them?”

“I have considered this and decided the best way to control my instincts is to deal with a competing set of instincts.”


“Yes. I will be a Common Youkai myself for this evolution, a demon, albeit a minor one, myself. A Servant one as well, the desire to serve competing with my basic instincts to cause harm.”

“Ah. Makes a certain kind of sense. So what did you get for yourself?”

“Focus Undivided to keep me controlled, Tai Chi Master to keep me centered and aware, and Apparitions Stalk the Night… for those times I am neither centered nor controlled… but very much wish to be aware.”


“It seems a good place to deal with some of my… anger issues.”

“Not on me, I hope.”

“No. Though I did pick up Roukanken and Hakurouken, the swords of someone called Konpaku Youmu. One is said to be able to cure confusion in human or spirit, the other to slay ten spirits in a single stroke.”

“An upgrade from Mr. Pointy?”

“Indeed. I do wonder if they could kill the demon within one of my home reality’s vampires without harming the host’s body.”

“It wouldn’t have a soul and would just die.”

“Ah. True… but it would die human, yes?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps. Though I’m not keen to go back.”

“You do not miss your sister?”


“Never mind. I can see the topic makes you uncomfortable.”

“…Tell Joy I need a few minutes.”

“I will.”

Joy & Ahab

“SJ, Kendra indicated you needed a little time to yourself, and so Ahab and I have prepared a short report on our choices, rather than force you to interview us. I have picked, as I’m certain you understand why, to be a Human Leader. I have also picked up Focus Undivided, not that I particularly need it, but because it cannot hurt. Soar, because why not, and Third Eye of Satori, for what I believe is the same reason you took it. Ahab has decided to be a Servant Youkai, partly because he misses the action, and partly because it fits his darker nature… as does his selection of Apparitions Stalk the Night and Lunatic Red Eyes. Focus Undivided merely serves as an augment for skills we already possess, but such augment is never wasted.


“Feeling better?”

“Not really. Sometimes I miss those I left behind… and that list grows longer with every jump. Some of them are just waiting for me to return, unaware time is passing… others are gone forever… it’s the hard part of living forever. Maybe we’ll go back and visit your daughters sometime.”

“They’re big girls. They’re fine without me.”

“You don’t miss them?”

“They’re in my heart. I take them with me wherever I go.”

“Good philosophy.”

“Plus, they’re too clingy when I’m around.”

“Heh. Toph, you’re such a misanthrope.”

“Eh. I don’t like spirits much either. Anyway, you want to hear what I bought?”

“Sure. Go for it.”

“Tai Chi Master… so I can punch spirits.”

“I don’t think that’s its purpose.”

“Can’t hurt, can it?”

“Suppose not.”

“And since I’m a Human Mage… Elemental’s Secret.”

“Which element.”


“Oh? You went for all five?”

“No. I double dipped. Earth and Metal.”

“Wh… you can already shape those!”

“Damn straight! I’m simply the best! Better than all the rest! And fuck elemental purity making metal unbendable! I shall reign supreme!!!!”

“I think I need a drink.”

“Course you do! My awesomeness is better with booze.”


“Hey. I brought the wine you asked for. Hard day?”

“Personality clashes a bit, introspection… reflecting on the past. These periods of being purely myself once every decade or so are… intense. I don’t have a mission, nothing pressing, besides the month deadline. But one on ones… they can be tricky… emotional landmines, good or bad. How are you doing?”

“Oh… We’re… I’m good. We… I… Hmm…”


“Just wondering how much will happen while we’re under the effects of the amnesia that we’ll regret.”

“Ah. Yes. Letting go is always scary. This is like freefall. Worried about Uriel cheating on you?”

“Oh… yes… frankly. He… She… has had many more… relationships than I have.”

“Biologically, he was about 90 in his first life when he died. You barely reached 30 in yours before you joined us. And you were… more restrained than he was.”

“I know. And I don’t begrudge him the experiences… I just… we’ve been together for so long, yet we’re still dating.”

“Eternity does that. Puts a damper on the concept of “Hurry Up.” And you’ve been busy with projects and stuff. Haven’t been bored have you?”

“N… No.”

“Then don’t worry too much. Things will unfold as they do. Worrying about it won’t change that.”

“True enough. Well then… I shall change my race choice then.”

“Oh? What was it?”

“Common Yokai, lesser dragon.”

“And you’re changing it to?”

“Fairy… dragon.”

“Ah. Well… that will make a difference. Mage background?”

“Of course. Magician’s Mind, Doll Maker, Border of Life.”

“The thing that lets you, in theory, kill anything?”

“That is the one, yes.”

“That’s a scary ass power. Don’t raise any zombies around me please.”

“I shall endeavour not to.”


“He’s worried.”

“He’s always worried.”

“He loves you.”

“He thinks he owns me.”

“You don’t approve?”

“It’s nice to belong to someone… but also feels a little… like prison.”

“Have you told him?”

“Many times. We fight. We do not speak for weeks or months… then we get back together. It is a cycle.”

“You can always talk to me about it.”

“No. I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“You will try to fix it. It isn’t your problem to fix.”

“But you’re my friends. I want you to be happy.”

“Your wants are irrelevant in this matter.”

“I… good point. I’m your friend… not your master. If there is anything I can do… you know where to find me.”

“I do. We do. But you cannot fix everything. Somethings are merely human nature. Try and interfere and all you’ll get is sorrow.”

“… So… what did you take.”

“Drop-In… Human… Dollmaker and Pandemonium.”

“Why those?”

“I… think I did it to piss Bao off, to be honest.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Neither do I. I’m going to go… now.”

I watched him go… sometimes human beings baffle me.

Ryoga & Yoiko

“So then, she was like “No way! and I was like “Yes way!” and then-“

“Hibiki… if you don’t get to the point soon I’m going to have Ziggy bite you someplace you might not be numb to pain in.”

“Oh… right. Where was I?”

“You said you were an Oni Mage because they had a cook write up in D&D and then you started talking about the arguement you were having with Yoiko.”

“Riiiight! So I was saying that U.N. Owen was You is totally like Bakusai Tenketsu… but it works for everything. I just… find the breaking point and destroy it and boom!”


“Right. Destroyed thing. As long as it has a weak point that is.”

“Doesn’t it require effort proportional to the strength of whatever you’re destroying?”

“Sure… but so does Bakusai Tenketsu. It’s always easier to destroy a point than the whole… and then let the whole self destruct.”

“Fair enough. Now send in your sister.”

“Can’t. She’s in the bath. But I know what she picked.”


“Wanna know?”


“Servant, Human. Scary eyes or something… and the hellish solar power.”

“Infernal Sun? Lunatic Red Eyes?”

“That’s it! She wanted to be a walking nuke.”

“It lets you control nuclear fission and fusion… but it’s hard to control.”

“Yeah. Sounds dangerous!”

“We’re talking about your sister here.”

“I know! She’s going to totally blow something up by accident and it’s gonna be hilarious!”

“I just hope it’s not a city.”

“Nawww… her aim’s not thaaat bad.”

I had to wonder


“So? You’re the last. Made up your mind?”

“Yes. I don’t think I want memories of this place… it sounds too strange. But being on the other side of the Ghost divide should be interesting. I took Magician’s Mind so I can learn some magic from all you magic types… and Doctor of Miracles… because you guys really need a second healer. And your medicine isn’t very good at mixing science and magic… not that you’re a bad healer with each on their own… but DoM mixes them both… and alchemy too.”

“Good choice… what species are you going as?”



Nice… sweet… Velma… Ouchie.


“You did not ask me what I selected.”

“Atura? I… I didn’t even realize that was… I… sorry. I think of you as part of me… but you’re right, you’re a companion as well. What did you pick?”

“I selected Leader, since it should allow me insight into the choices you make and why you make them. But since I have no physical form sperate from you, selecting a race seemed meaningless. I took the Spirit Camera… I assume you will not mind if I use your HUD or the pools of your Mind Palace to scry on things that interest me?”

“Err… no… that’s fine. Anything else?”

“Yes. I took the Scarlet Destiny power you were interested in. The fate manipulation one. It seems like it might be useful to help maintain the balance… I shall not tell you when I am using it on your behalf… unless you ask it of me… but mostly I think I shall use it… when I do at all… to influence others in subtle ways. A small effort can nudge things in surprising ways I’ve learned.”

“Riiight… wait… why haven’t you asked to import before?”

“Because I am always part of you. I go where you go.”

“So why this time?”

“Because the jump grants all your companions CP points. Including me.”

“AH… wait… so did Scooby-Doo… well, a running perk, some clothing, and a perk of your choice.”

“Indeed. The running perk is not needed… I do not move like that. Nor do I wear clothing… but I did take Ventriloquism.”


“Yes. It might come in handy.”

“Great, the voices in my head are going to be talking to other people now.”

“Yes? Is that a problem?”

I just laaaughed.


I hit the button, watched the scroll of data showing everything… as everything went dark I wondered “What does Secondary Canon Mean… and why does the term Dark Canon fill me with dread?”

Okay… I… ummm… the fans of somethings suck. Suck hard… apparently there are… at least three different Touhou Canons. There’s the Game Canon… there’s the light and silly fluffy Fan Canon… and there’s the Hentai Canon. Sooo much Hentai… oh… dear god. Ten years of… um… look… I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just say there were lots and lots and lots of penalty games… and that immortal perverts can get very creative… especially when their victim is highly flexible and has just tried to walk off with a priceless and insanely dangerous shiny thing for no good reason… and wears a very silly hat.

I really don’t want to talk about it. Or the fact that I really should read things I don’t plan on buying. Apparently Cirno found the idea of another Ice Elemental super big (Dark Hentai Canon) fun. I… umm… don’t want to talk about it… or the epic fights between Yoiko (Nuclear Otaku) and Cirno over who got to do what to me… not talking about it… but now that the jump is over… why the hell is the Icy Fairy Twit following us around? Answer… apparently, when you’re a Ruler… you get a canon companion for free… When I got back to the warehouse, I found a receipt for her… from Reimu. Which I guess is good, because it could have been worse. I could have ended up with a Scarlet… or Wriggle Nightbug… don’t like bugs… there was this one battle… never mind… don’t want to talk about it.

I spent way too much of that jump erasing traumatic, embarrassing, or horrifying memories from people’s minds… sometimes my own. Not enough to make me question what was deleted in my case… just enough to forget the details… I sooo don’t want to talk about the details. Word of advice, never strip yourself of memories and reliable power usage… and power armor… before going into a world full of High Power Perverts who like… asserting their dominance… right… anyway, don’t ask…

Next jump, moving on. Oh, god… I can’t believe I spent a decade answering to the name “Squirmo Jukki”.

Next: Word 28 – In Which I Accidentally the Whole Guild

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