World 7: Star Trek TOS-Intro


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Themesong:  Star Trekkin’ by The Firm

JUMPER’s LOG, Star Date 2265-July 31st-Dawn, San Francisco

I stood, time frozen all around me, looking out at Starfleet Headquarters, the Vending Machines of Fate awaiting my Choice Chits.  This time it was a stack of credit-card-like pieces of plastic in primary colors.  “Not the Alternate Universe Timeline then.” I said, smirking.  “Maybe that’s a later jump.”  I looked at the machines.  “I could be command school.  But that seems… Naw. I was that in the ME verse.  And I want to be invested here.  I certainly wasn’t in Elder Scrolls.  Operations… or Sciences.  Sciences.  Closer to “reality” for what that’s worth.  Oh… Medical.  Saving lives.  Very good.  I like Saving Lives.” [50].  I could pick Caitain and be a cat.  But I’ve kinda always wanted to be a Vulcan.  [50]… That should give me some emotional control and it says I’m the age equivalent of 29… so… double that I guess.  58.  Excellent.  Still younger than myself.

Training: Medicine for Free, of course.  That gives me skill in diagnosing, treating, and preventing damage to the mind and body, as well as a knowledge of pharmaceuticals.  Do I want to buy more.  Yes.  Yes I do.  Physical Sciences (understanding the natural laws which govern the physical world, including biology, chemistry, geology, and ecology) to make me a Xenologist (Specializing in Xenobology, Xenobotany, Biochemistry), and Engineering (The practical aspects of the sciences, including building, maintaining, and repairing machinery and computer systems, as well as designing new systems and upgrading deficient ones.) so I can build better medical systems… and maybe a Replicator.  (They don’t have those yet.) [300]

Abilities: Scientific Mind is Free (I now have a basic grasp of all scientific branches and with diligence, I can quickly pick up more specialized knowledge, even stuff alien to the Federation.)  Might as well pick up Highly Logical [150], it’s discounted for Scientists.  Mental Control able to put a Vulcan to shame.  Perfect awareness of needs and wants, plus emotional mastery (I still feel them, I can just set them aside as needed to make the best decision possible.) That might keep me from making rash choices in the future… but I doubt it.  I’ve spent 550, better check the rest of this stuff before I go way over.

Equipment:  Oh… damn.  A Cloaking Device?  A Runabout?  A Holodeck or a Replicator?  Two of those don’t even exist in this time.  But I might be able to build a replicator.  The tech is only… about 70 years early.  I’ll take my chances.  The Runabout might be nice… but it’s 23rd Century tech.  I want one from TNG or beyond.  Naw.  Save for the Holodeck.  I will take that 24th Century TR-580 Tricorder. [100] That should make things easier. That’s 650.

Well then, Technobabbler it is.  Let’s break this time curve wide open.  My creativity is astounding (duh) and my Mind is now filled with brilliant ideas and solutions to problems.  Moreover, I am able to easily implement these ideas, even in apparent violation of natural laws.

Crap. I have 50 Choice left and only three things cost that much.  “Hey, Boss.  That Hail Companion thing from the last jump.  Can I buy that?  Just for Zane and all.”  “Well, strictly speaking, you can always bring your 8 companions into the setting with you.  They just don’t… naturalize there.  I mean, they’ll look the part and all, but they won’t have pasts.  They’ll aways be drop ins.  But, if you want to spend 50 on Zane, that’s fine.  But you have to make him a Human.”  “Cool.  Thanks.”

Zane, Operations.  Human, Security? No… No… Bad… what the hell is my name again… Um… Crap.  I’ve forgotten… How the hell can I have forgotten my original name?  I have a Perfect Damned Memory!!!  Um… I know my initials are SJ. That’s a given.  Um… Frack.  Fine.  Bad SJ.  No making Zane a perpetual Redshirt… even if he can’t be killed. Better make him Engineering. Everyone Else can be a Redshirt.  Or a whole series of them.  They’ll love that.

“Zaaane.  Tell everyone they’re going to be constantly getting KO’d in dramatic ways to advance the plot.”  “Wooo!”  “You people are weird.” “We’re not people!  We’re Pokemons!”

I wanted to argue with him, but decided against it.  Strictly speaking, I’d been a Pokemon for 10 years too.  Not sure what I was besides “A Jumper” now.  

Let’s see, Ship Shape is Free for Operations.  Zane can now remain diligent and work hard much longer than normal and quickly familiarize himself with any area he’s working in.  Once He’s familiar with an area he should be able to quickly notice if anything has changed or is out of the ordinary.  Good.  maybe he’ll finally start cleaning his room.  I doubt it though.

And we’re good to go! I pushed the button.


“Ah, there you ensigns are!”

I turned, bumping into a tall human next to me.  I turned the other way. “Yes sir!” Zane snapped out as I was turning so I threw up a salute… the Klingon one instead of the Federation because I was a little off balance.  I quickly adjusted as I saw the Admiral’s raised eyebrow.  “Yes Sir, sorry sir.”

“Your shuttle for the Potemkin leaves in 15 minutes.  Why are you standing around gawping?”

“Sorry sir.  We were just talking about-” I’m not proud to say I slowed time as I raced through my new memories “Captain Kirk’s 5-Year Mission. And how he should be reaching the edge of the Galaxy any day now.”

“Yes, well, you can chat on the shuttle.  Get moving Ensigns.”

“Yes Sir” we said in unison.

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Resources: Jump Document, Build

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