World 4+: Housing & Docking


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Thought I’d take a break to describe the housing. Zane & the Mons have their own rooms… not as nice as mine, but pretty decent.  Plus, their own bathrooms… even Ziggy.  Ziggy used Potty, it’s super effective.  We’ve got running water thanks to Warehouse magic, ditto for extranet, and an internal data network thanks to Vivian.  Electricity thanks to a very large number of Mass Effect era power cells and a starship’s power core. Central Air thanks to starship technology, and when I say Central Air I mean it, the whole Warehouse has a nice airflow, though the house’s airflow is nicer, and humidified.  Also got gravity controls, though I mostly use them for the gym.

Got a kitchen, with plenty of freezer space… really should get those cleaned out some day. Got a couple of bars (one inside, one out… ish), a library… though who needs books when we have computers loaded with all the digital media I brought from home, plus everything I picked up in Infamous world and all the stuff I picked up in Mass Effect World… I’ve actually taken a liking to Asari Holodramas.  Turians make decent action movies too, but the motivations I just don’t get.  This pretty much applies to Music, Movies, Videogames, etc.  I’ve been collecting it the whole time.  Ditto for Trophies.  What I have in the physical form is mostly nicknacks I’ve plucked up and stuck around the house or in the warehouse.

Getting stuff built with no questions asked is easy when you’re a Specter.  Got a shooting range and a gym… got a bunch of game rooms. I’ve upgraded them several times since I built them.  Got to keep all the old systems… so they can be hooked to an Omni-System. OmniGel… good for fixing stuff, good for compatability.  Got an Entertainment Center… Everyone needs a home movie theater.  But that’s what a bunch of Sofas and a large projector are for.  I’ve got a freaking warehouse.

Got a Garden, inspired by the one where Shepard fought Saren.  Pretty standard, nice grass, maintenance bots to keep it… green.  Nice. calm.  Relaxing.  Outdoors is good, especially considering how much of the last 10 years was spent in spaceships or on space stations.

I’ve upgraded the medical bay and turned my workshop into an Engineering Bay… still don’t used it for much.  All the rooms have psuedo-windows & phones, plus everyone has a cell linked to Vivian.  Got a closet full of cleaning supplies too… note to self, find a Maid.

A little negotiation with the boss and it’s set that as long as my companions are active inside the warehouse I can either leave them frozen in time or set time to move at 1/10th normal, where they can watch my adventures on the big screen… or even teleport to my location (or nearby)… hey presto, Instant Krogan.  


And speaking of the boss…

I read the specs on the screen for the fourth time “Drydock Size: 10,000 meters square”.

“Ummm… Boss… this is crap, you know?”

“WHAT?  I be all generous and give you a space to store your ship and you’re calling me out?”

“Well, first, space is, you know… 3-D.  The drydock is 100 meters on a side… how tall is it?”

“Ummm… 10?

“Great… still crap.”

“Oh good me… another lecture.  Look, you wanted to keep the ship, I’m letting you keep the ship.”

“Yeah… well, the Normandy 1 wouldn’t fit in here.  It’s like 160 meters long.  And I’m sure you’re going to give me a list of embiggening options, but… like… how much you want to bet that even if I sank every point you gave me into a bay, I couldn’t fit a Galaxy Class Enterprise into one of these bays?”


“They’re 640 meters long, and 200 meters tall, give or take.”

“Oh.  Right.  I knew that.”

“Err… I think you meant to make the base drydock 1000 by 1000 by 100.  Cause clearly, you’ve got no sense of scale.”

“Yes… well… fine.  Multiple the dimensions by 10.  See if I care. It’s just empty space.  And remember, this place isn’t like the Warehouse.  It can be found in whatever setting you’re in.  In theory.  It’ll be someplace accessible… but just barely. But no taking advantage of that and trying to fit multiple ships inside one bay without getting multiple Docking Ports.”

“What if one ship is a carrier and there are other ships inside it?”

“Grumble Grumble. Wiseacre know it all.”

“Love you too boss.”

  • Drydock Alpha: 2,160,000,000 m^3 (6,000 x 6,000 x 600) [50]+Fueling Station [20]
  • Drydock Beta:10,000,000 m^3 (1,000 x 1,000 x 100) [50]
  • Capacity: 12 Starships
  • Docking Ports: 12
  • Containment System: Magnetic Anchor Hooks
  • Defenses: Shields [20] Deflect All Known Attack Forms
  • Mobility: None
  • Upgrades: Maintenance Drones [15] 200 floating robots to automatically clean and repair and vehicle stored in drydock. Fueling Station [20] Replicates any fossil, nuclear, or energy based fuel used by your vehicles. Extra Docking Ports [10]: Adds five additional docking ports to every dry-dock on your station. Crew [25]: 200 Humanoid Robots to fill any crew position assigned.

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Resources: Build, Docking Document

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