World 1+ Warehouse & Body Mod

WORLD 1+: Cosmic Warehouse

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I have to say I was expecting to reappear in the darkness of 10 years previous, but I didn’t. Instead I appeared in an almost empty warehouse. With my enhanced spatial awareness, I pegged it at being right around 200 feet long and 200 feet wide, and about 30 feet high, give or take. A black Monolith, right out of 2001 was standing in front of me, just off from where my cabin cruiser was resting on its cart thing… which it hadn’t been anywhere near the last time I’d seen it.

The Monolith boomed, “This is your warehouse. It is for the storage of your random junk. You may outfit it as you like.” And then the Monolith turned into a Quicksilver Vending Machine (™), and 15 10-Choice coins bounced out of the coin return. I flipped through the options as Ziggy and AJ wandered around the vast emptiness.

I decided to go with the basic Utilities; Electricity [10], Plumbing [10], and even Local Net [30] (just in case I couldn’t find Wifi outside.). I didn’t think I needed the ForceWall or GravityLink for any real reason. For structures, I gratefully accepted the free Shelving… 2,000 square feet of shelving is damned big, especially when it’s two stories tall. I passed on the Terminal and Robots but snagged the fully functional Medbay [20] for emergencies. In the Miscellaneous category I selected The Portal Option [30], just so I didn’t have to worry about finding a door in an emergency… plus, an 80 square foot hole would make launching my boat much easier.

That left me with 50. I considered the Heat & AC and the Housing (after 10 years in the tropics, it would be nice to have a cool place to come back to at the drop of a hat. Not to mention a bathroom instead of finding a convenient bush) but with the plumbing and electrical hookups I could easily just back an RV in until I could get a house built or build one myself. That pretty much discounted the Workshop too. I mean… I could raid a Home Despot if I needed to. And I’m not exactly handy. Same with the Loft. I could build one of those, right? MMM… come to think of it, did I really need Electricity [-10]? I could just grab batteries or run a generator, right? Something had to be scrubbing the air or the CO2 would kill me before long. Same for heat. That’s 60.

I used that to double the size of the Warehouse for [30], and grabbed the Return option for another decade in a setting if I really wanted it. That was another [20]. With my last 10-Choice, I selected the Food Supply. A constant food supply for 5 people would almost definitely come in handy… Ziggy has a big appetite.


I was, once again, expecting a return to the darkness, but the machine just pinged, then changed into a kind of body pod that said “Climb In”. I figured, what the heck. The Boss could have screwed me over at any time, no point being paranoid now. The pod was fairly comfortable, if a bit claustrophobia inducing, and it projected menus on the inside that said “Welcome to the Body Mod Shop. You have 600 Choice in credit. Please select a Build Type. All choices are subject to change until you hit confirm.” The Builds were Light, Medium, and Heavy, all of them free. I decided to get back to my roots and selected Light. Up next were Body Types: Bodybuilder, Athlete, Charmer, and Bestial. I steered clear of the Bodybuilder and Bestial, waffling between the Charmer’s Charms and the Athlete’s Athleticism, before deciding I’d rather be healthy than busty. That cost me [100] Choice.

Next up were the stats; Strength, Endurance, Speed, Dexterity, Appeal, Shape, and Sense. Athletic Body had apparently given me two ranks in Speed (Run at a constant 15mph, Olympic level, not shabby) and two in Dexterity (Which would have granted me Basic Parkour skills… but I already had those from the Pokeworld. I asked, half joking, if I could cash that in for something else, but I was informed the Dex mods would increase my already perfectly serviceable coordination by about 30%… whatever that means. I decided not to argue.) I decided not to boost my Strength, since I was already damned strong from Physical Fitness, easily crossing the Strength 3 line and probably the Strength 4 too, for that matter. My Endurance was similar, so I left those as they were and decided to focus on the other facets. Appeal 3 was good for me, giving me beauty without being too much. That cost me [150]. Shape 2 gave me good proportions, but again, nothing too extreme. Another [100]. I didn’t need much to be happy. Sense 1 was 20/20 vision… I wondered if it was like that for everyone, or just people who’d needed glasses in the real world. I took it, just to get rid of the hated things. Who knew if I’d end up in a world without optometry in the future.

That just left Perks. I thought about Height, but decided to stick with the default range. 5 foot, give or take a couple inches was fine. Flexibility 1 was free for Athletes, which was nice, and I decided to splurge on Metavore [100] to keep me healthy no matter how many tacos or icecreams I ate, and Evercleansed [100], because more than once in the last 10 years I’d been a bit… ripe. Blame it on the jungle and the lack of soap. No body fat, No Acne, No BO? Eat as much as I wanted… this was the best vacation ever. If only I wasn’t so alone.

I reviewed my options, then shrugged and hit confirm before I tried to figure out how to afford something silly like Winged or Genderswap. 2 sex switches every 10 years sounded pretty fun, if only for experimentation, but… not worth it. Too aspensive.

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6 thoughts on “World 1+ Warehouse & Body Mod

  1. I like that you included the body-mod and warehouse, though your purchases are different from my own musings on what a character I would write would choose.

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