World 1: Pokemon Trainer

The Story Begins

Theme Song: Right Now

Details: I was just minding my own business, browsing the net as usual, when I got a IM from my mom. “Honey, I know you’re looking for work. Found this listing, might be worth looking into.” With a mental shrug, I opened the link. “Quicksilver Adventures. Travel, Excitement, Wonder. Offices everywhere.” I’d never heard of them, but what could it hurt to send them my resume. Figured maybe I’d hear back, get some office job answering phones for prospective tourists. My phone rang literally a moment later. “SJ? Just read your resume! Looks very nice. Would you be available to take a personality test ASAP?” I said, “Sure. Is it online?” After getting the link and promising to do it in the next hour, I hung up and logged in.

Strangest damned thing ever. The personality test was all about pop culture, ranging from videogames to tv-shows to roleplaying games to movies. Not that it wasn’t cool, and seriously geeky, but not what I’d been expecting at all. I figured it had to be a joke, but just in case I finished it off and sent it off to Quicksilver, already composing a sternly worded “Haha. Very Funny Mom.” note. But as soon as the little sending widget appeared, my monitor rippled, shivered, and transformed into a swirling vortex. I may have made an unfortunate noise at that point, as, with a roar, I was sucked into my computer monitor, along with half the junk on my desk top.

I found myself floating in blackness, clutching my keyboard defensively, as a voice said “Ah! Hello. I’m Quicksilver, and I’m happy to say you’ve been selected as one of our special class Tourists.” I may have said something snarky at this point, but the voice just laughed and explained the rules. Ten years in some exotic setting. Ten years in another life. No time would pass back on Earth. I’d be returned to the moment I left. Die in setting and I’d be returned to Earth at the moment I left. Make it all the way through and I’d be rewarded. I asked what the catch was, of course. Momma didn’t raise no fools, but the voice just laughed and said “No catch. I’m doing this purely for my own amusement of course, but I won’t drop you into Hell or anything. In fact, we’ll start off pretty simple for your first trip.” And then a Pokedex appeared in front of me, a wheel with 8 sections marked with the names of Pokemon Regions (and a Free Pick space) and another with numbers between 10-17. A stack of poker chips, 20 of them in 50 Choice Point denominations (I didn’t bother asking what a Choice Point was). 1,000 CP. Great.

Free Stuff: Earth Wallet, Earth Cellphone, One Set of Earth Clothes, Pokebag (Bigger on the Inside), Pokegear (Can be Muted), Pokedex (Already Filled), Pokeballs (x5, Standard), Potions (x5, Bandaid in a Bottle), Hat (Red, kinda floppy)

The Basics: Hoenn Region (My second to last choice, since I’m not much for hot tropical climates, but maybe I’ll come to like it. I’d have rathered Sinnoh or Unova, but at least it’s not Orre. Desert, ick.), Age 16 (a little older than I’d have liked, but keeps most of the growing pains and hormonal flux out of the way), Gender Female (Duh), Drop In (not sure I’m ready for someone else’s memories in my head.)

The Starter: A Male Ralts with the Egg Move “Mean Look” (a little pricy, but worth it. I’ve done enough Pokecatching to know that Gallades are the only Pokemon that get Mean Look and False Swipe as well as Hypnosis and Thunderwave. Sure, Gardevoir is cuter, but Gallade is… dashing.) [150 (rare) + 50 (Egg Move)]

Skills & Abilities: Physical Fitness (Healthy and Strong, but not quite in the Captain America range…. I’ll take it!), Free Running (Toss in the dexterity and situational awareness of that girl from Mirror’s Edge? Yes please.), Savant (Perfect Memory, Mental Math like a calculator, and Spatial Awareness tacked on to absolute marksmanship with a firearm? At a discount? I’m sold!) [100 (PF) +100 (FR) +300 (Savant)]

Gear: Laptop (Sure, I might be able to scrounge up enough dosh to buy this on my own, but I’m going to be doing a damned lot of hiking about until I can get enough cash for a bike and i freaking know those are for sale. Never actually seen a laptop for sale in PokeWorld. Better get one now.), Masterballs (x3, Can’t be certain I’ll ever freaking find a Legendary, but I’m gonna be ready when and if I do. Fuck yeah, three for 1!), HM Collection (Hey, gotta be able to give my little fuzzy dudes surf and fly and rocksmash and cut. Seriously important. Don’t wanna go begging, now do I? And it’s pretty cheap. Wonder if I’ll be able to use it again down the road.), 50k Pokebucks (I know, I know, it’s just money, but I’d rather have it than not. I doubt people are just going to hand it over and the more time I have to spend working odd jobs the less adventure there will be. Have to see how far it goes. Pokeballs seem kinda expensive at 250 a pop, but that may be because they actually are pricey as fuck… then again, Lemonade is like 50 PB… so is this like, 500 dollars in yen? Seems likely. Damn… but I don’t have much to spend 50 on, so better than nothing.), Thrust Pack (Double Jump? Long distance Wall Run? Allows me to fall a good distance and land okay? Yeah, that’s worth it.) [100 (Laptop), 100 (Masterballs), 50 (HMC), 50 (50k), 100 (Thrust Pack)]

Flaws & The Future: Swarmed (Got to have one flaw, don’t I? Crippled defeats the freerunning. Silenced would drive me bonkers. Scared? No thanks. Cursed? Yikes. Marked or Wanted might not be too horrible, but… honestly, it’s gonna be hard enough making friends in this strange new world. Hunted and Damned…. Super duper mega eeep. Nonono… I’m good with my annoying Zubats. Plus, training practice and a good metric for progress, no matter where I go, right?) [-100]. As for the future? Might as well move on. Maybe I can find a way to bring some of my old world friends into the game at a certain point.

I went through the vending options, feeling a little overwhelmed. “What about my friends… my family… my pets?” I asked, but then I remembered… no time would pass. They’d be waiting for me when I returned from my little 10 year daydream. I was a bit scared. Could I cope with being all by myself for 10 years? I’d miss everyone horribly. Would I even be myself when I returned? Could I pass up this opportunity? I couldn’t. Not and be true to myself. And it wasn’t like I was leaving them behind, right? They’d never know. It would be like not inviting them to watch a movie with me… right? I confirmed the last choice and then said “Hey, it says I can bring my cellphone and wallet, right? They wouldn’t do me any good there. Can I take… like, a copy of all the files on my computer in a format that could be used in Pokeland? I mean… I have a backup of all of the important stuff… my game notes and writing in my wallet… but I’d… I dunno. I’d feel better with them with me.” Quick considered, then laughed “Sure. That seems reasonable. Can’t understand why so many people want to bring Angry Birds with them anyway.”

And then the world went away and I was standing outside Littleroot Town in Hoenn, on Route 101, watching a bunch of Taillows pecking away at an outnumbered and wildly flailing Ralts. I waded into the birds, smacking them away with my backpack and checked on the little green… thing… creature. It was bleeding a little and that brought the stunning realism of the place into sharp relief. I’d been expecting… I dunno… something like the Anime, I guess. Not that I’d watched a full episode ever, but I’d seen clips and stuff, and I’d certainly played a bunch of the games… over a thousand hours actually, across the 6 generations… or is it 7… but I hadn’t been expecting everything to be pixelated or anything, but still… I wasn’t expecting the high fidelity of absolute realism. The grass looked like grass (albeit really tall grass) and the trees looked like trees and my skin… was tanner than I’d expected it to be. And I was apparently Japanese.

I looked down at myself… and blinked. I’d been expecting my own body, I guess. Just in better condition. But it wasn’t like that. I was… farmgirl buff. Toned. Toned like I’d never been before. And my face. I felt it and it felt different. Younger certainly. But also the shape was a little different… and the eyes were bigger. Bigger than anything an Earthling would have, but not cartoonishly large, I guess. A compromise between Anime and Realism? Hard to say. I checked in my bag, noticing with interest each item. I’d have to study them more in depth, but right now I was looking for… yes… potion. Three of them. I pulled one out and handed it to the Ralts “You know what this is?” He… somehow I was certain this was indeed a male, nodded, then grinned up at me and jumped like a tiny greenish Michael Jordan and snatched it from my hand and tried to gnaw on it. I chuckled and took it back, then sprayed his wounds, watching as they closed up in seconds. “There, all better. Stop picking fights with birds.” I told him, then pulled the hat out of the bag and dropped it on his head “Looks better on you than it would on me.”

I pulled out my gear, studying it, confirming that the nearly bottomless bag did indeed contain some kind of strange crystal looked as if it could plug into my Pokegear. I tried it and indeed, my data appeared to be there in all it’s digital glory. I chuckled, then found the music folder and dropped the data into the gear’s music app. “Ten years without my tunes? Without my audiobooks? I’d go crazy.” I considered, then set it to play “Ready Player One” instead of music. “Right. AJ, you coming?” The Ralts looked up at me, pointing to itself and saying “Raaalts?” I nodded “Yup. Ralts. AJ. You. Come on. I’ll buy you a… snack in Oldale.”

Getting used to the world of Hoenn wasn’t easy. Took me weeks just to get used to walking everywhere. And I quickly began to regret signing up for the Zubat Harassment chain. Anytime AJ and I were outside during the night we’d be attacked. Sometimes twice a night if we were someplace near the caves they called home, but they were always there. The little differences were also a hassle. The Japanese style toilets took a bit of getting used too, especially in the small towns. The lack of familiar foods too. And the prices. Arceus Christ, the prices. I took up challenge fighting just to make ends meet. Picked up some nice gear along the way, but I wasn’t trying to complete the Dex or anything.

I was hunting for specific Mon and trying to level AJ into a lean, mean, fighting machine. Picked up a Poochyena because they’re cute, and a Zigzagoon for pretty much the same reason, plus they can use Surf and Cut and Rocksmash when they level up, but I wanted my favorites, and I was going to find them. I made a list, half from memory, half from the picture files and notes from back home. I wasn’t certain things would be the same, but I was pretty certain most things would be. I needed an Abra. I needed a Magikarp. I needed an Aron. I wanted a Zangoose. I wanted a Bagon and a Beldum… and I wanted the Regis. Didn’t know if I could get them… or any of the legendaries, but I was going to try. Especially if I could get Rayquaza or Deoxys. I had ten years. And nothing better to do with my time.

To that end, I cultivated my reputation for hunting and catching dangerous pokemon. Especially rogues. The games and animes don’t talk about them a lot, but apparently that’s a big thing. Dangerous fire monsters attacking wooden towns. Insane ghosts haunting supermarkets. Swarms of frickin Zubats! My team evolved and grew. AJ became a Kirlia around the same time I picked up my Magikarp… Doomwaffle… and if you think training one of those things to become a freakin Gyarados is hard in games, you’ve no idea. The reason they just flop around is because they can’t freaking breathe air! You’ve got to have a lot of fights in water… and they’re freshwater, not seawater. Toss them in the sea and they do okay, but they get kinda… slimy in salt water. But I persevered. Taught my Zigzagoon… who I named Ziggy because I’m an idiot, to Surf, but he was just too small to ride. Finally picked up a Spheal… named her Bubbles… couldn’t ride her either, but I could hold on as she bounced over the waves.

I want to claim I went through the Gyms like they weren’t no thing, but the reality is different. They weren’t no thing. Getting those badges? Yeah. Not a big deal. And it costs pokebucks just to try. You’re not really saying “I beat the master of Petalburg Gym”. You’re saying “I was good enough to qualify there.” It’s nothing like the games. It’s a business. People come and watch you challenge the gym leaders… and they mock you when you lose. After that first time… I didn’t lose. I was… ruthless. I trained all the time, my newfound strength and stamina meaning I could go practically anywhere in Hoenn and (without a home) I did just that. Just me and AJ, Doomwaffle (which was a name I was beginning to regret), Ziggy, and Lillith… the Mightyena. What a bitch.

Getting my Abra took the longest time. I didn’t like wasting Pokeballs (those things are really pricy) so I waited, and waited, and waited. Picked up a tranq rifle from a ranger in exchange for dealing with the Slugmas trying to burn down the local bamboo plantation. Might be cheating, but that’s what brains are for. With the normal pokemon, that’s what nets and physical strength are for too. Getting it to stop biting me every time I woke it up for battle was also a challenge they don’t cover in the game. Turns out they like gummy candies and pretzels. Who knew. Named her Fancy.

My team was getting a bit full round this point, but after 5 years… just after I’d thrown a Second 21 party for me and some of the friends I’d made who totally didn’t understand the concept of a 21 year old throwing a party to get drunk at… I had my Gallade (AJ), my Gyarados (just Waffles now), Fancy the Kadabra, Lillith the Mightyena, Ziggy the Linoone, and Bubbles the Walrein. I had to make room. Reluctantly, I found a good home for Lillith with a pooch fancier with a big ranch and I released Bubbles back into the sea. That left me with four, though Ziggy was getting a bit old for fighting, he was still good for snuggling and playing around with.

I began hunting my heavy hitters. A Bagon I could evolve into a Salamence and a Beldum I could evolve into a Metagross. I was still aiming for Rayquaza and Registeel, but knew I’d need a top tier team to get there. Not that I could tell how powerful my friends were. The Real Pokemon world doesn’t have handy stat and level guides. Had to guess. And that meant taking risks. I also began running into the Teams. The games make it seem like they’re all local, but they are in the same way terrorist cells are. They’re trading with each other all the time… and they didn’t take too kindly to my research or my turning them down when they tried to hire me to capture Latias and Latios. Or when a group of us “Concerned Citizens” shut down their attempts to raise Kyogre and Groudon.

Eventually, by year 8, I figured I was ready. My team was five strong, Rocky the Metagross, Freya the Salamence, AJ the Gallade, Waffles the Gyarados, Fancy the Alakazam (turns out, you don’t need to trade a Kadabra to evolve it. You have to give it a second spoon. Who knew?). Ziggy was with me for moral support, but he would have been punching waaay above his category to try and take down a Legendary. I tested myself against the Final Four. 6 times that year. Failed each time, but was getting closer, even though they were learning my routines too. Then I broke through to the Champion on my 7th try, 8 days after my 9th birthday. The fight went on and on. I was hampered because I didn’t have a full six roster unless I sent in Ziggy, and he wasn’t a spring chicken. And I lost. Came down to the last mon for each of us, Rocky against the Champion’s Milotic. I tell you, I could not have been less prepared to go up against a leader with all Water Pokemon, since I had almost nothing typed to defeat his minions, but I almost did it. I’d try, one more time… right before the year was up… but for now, I had three masterballs that needed filling and the team to get me where I wanted to be.

I’d thought about hunting a Jirachi, or a Celebi… or maybe heading across the sea to one of the other regions and finding one of their legendaries, but I always kinda wanted a giant steel robot, so I tracked down a Relicanth and used it to bribe Wallace (the Champion) to bring along his Wailord and promised to show them something cool very cool… as well as promising him that he’d get to see RegiIce. We dove down, down, down, into the depths of Route 134, searching until we found the Secret Chamber. I have to say… Not a huge fan of being that far underwater, nor of caves to tell the truth, but we found it and I deciphered the ancient language of Braaaaiiille! And we unlocked the secret chambers. Then it was just a matter of following the legends and my memory, perfect ever since I’d arrived in this world, to the domain of the three titans. Together, we managed to capture Regirock, though it took quite a number of tries, but we’d agreed we’d turn him over to Professor Birch for study. Next was RegiIce, which I watched (and shivered in the cold) as Wallace managed to capture by himself. It was a matter of pride. I bid him aduieu, then went hunting my own Regi… Registeel. It was a short fight.

Next up was Rayquaza. Getting to the Skypillar wasn’t hard… I promised Wallace I’d show him how to find the Ice when you’re hunting a God, right? My team, thanks to liberal applications of bribery, grooming, pokepastries, good tasting berries, and lots of potions, made it to the top. All I had to do was get the big Ray to attack and hold still long enough for the ball to lock on and I was golden. I was not expecting it to be so… loud. I dropped the master ball. Good thing Ziggy thought it was a game and scampered after it, chasing the ball all around the tower top as my team battled the quite enraged skydragon. Finally Rayquaza noticed Ziggy however, and loomed overhead of the utterly unimpressed ferretoid… who nosed the Masterball right towards the green giant as if asking “What? You want to play?” In a moment that could have been scripted by Rumiko Takahashi, the ball popped open and, with a woosh and a clatter, the Skydragon was caught. Ziggy got much tummy rubs that night… but the fight wasn’t over.

See, the Skypillar is on the edge of space. Sure, it’s easy for me to say and for you to think “Yeah, yeah.” But it is. Freaking really high up there. Only the ancient machinery of the tower keeps atmosphere there at all. And that’s where you can find Deoxys. Who is one very very fast Mon. But since it’s not a very loud mon, I wasn’t freaking out and didn’t drop my Masterball. Three up, three down.

The rest of the year went… well. I used my new “friends” to absolutely wreak havoc on the various teams. I wasn’t using Ziggy for anything but companionship by this point, and most of my team didn’t spend much time in their balls, unless they were injured… and I’d finally drummed up enough dough to buy a damned bike… as well as some basic combat gear to beat up the Team Trainers who really deserved it… but I knew my time was coming to an end. I had one last chance at beating the league and getting into the Hall of Legends, and I was going for it. With three gods on my team, I breezed through the Final Four, and Wallace and I squared off one last time. It was a good fight… but I still lost. Ah well. I had a heck of a party, blowing every last Pokebuck I’d managed to get my hands on over the last decade. As the party wound down way past midnight, I stepped out into the beach, Ziggy drapped across my shoulders, Fancy and AJ arguing in the background, the others asleep in a mostly dragon pile, and waited for the sun to rise one last time… and fought off some damned Zubats!

Three pillars rose from the sand around me and time shuddered to a stop. The pillars said… “Well Done. We are most… entertained. Chose your fate, Return Home, Stay Here, or Move on to the Next Adventure.” I tilted my head, thinking of the future, and the past. I missed home. But knew it was right where I’d left it. I knew I’d miss the people here… but not as much. I still thought of this a little as a game, and had tried not to grow too attached. I patted Ziggy’s sleeping head. “If I go, who will take care of my… friends?” I asked.

“You may take 5 of them with you, plus AJ. And you may, of course, keep all the skills, abilities, memories, and equipment you’ve picked up along the way.” I looked out at my small cabin cruiser and raised an eyebrow “Even the boat?” The Pillars displayed a grinning face, “Not a problem.” I considered, then sighed “Okay. Moving on, I guess. Any hints as to where’s next?” There wasn’t a response, so I turned to my friends and considered. AJ and Ziggy were coming. And Rayquaza and Dynamo (My Deoxys)… that was four. I considered long and hard the remaining five; Registeel, Gyarados, Salamence, Metagross, Alakazam. I said “Give me… twenty minutes more here?” The pillars said nothing, but the sound of the surf told me time had resumed. I called forth Waffles and had him bend over, kissing the giant fishdragon on the nose. “Go on. There’s a big sea out there, waiting for you. It’s calling your name big guy. Go, find a nice girl fish dragon and make… I dunno, something better than Magikarp.” I can’t tell if he understood, but he swam out to sea, making his strange cry as he went. I tried not to cry.

Next, I went inside and shook Wallace awake. “Hey, Do me a favor. Find a kid who’s coming up and give her this.” I handed over the ball with Freya in it “It’s my Salamence. She likes Anchovy Pizza.” And then, giving up my dreams of having a robot butler, I handed over Registeel’s Masterball. “And give this to Steven. I know how much he loves Steel Type.” Wallace wanted to ask, I could tell, but I just shook my head and headed outside again, stepping back into the pillars. “Okay, Boss. Next assignment ho.”

And the world went black around me.

Next: The Supplement

Resources: Build, Document

Post Jump Report

Companions & Pets: AJ (Gallade Trapper), Ziggy (Linoone Fuzzbutt), Fancy (Alakazam Teleporter), RayRay (Rayquaza Skydragon), Dynamo (Deoxys Warrior), & Rocky (Metagross Tank)

Skills & Abilities: Physical Fitness (A Body that is Healthy and Strong, not Captain America Strong, but close.), Freerunning (The Ability to pull off Acrobatic Feats very few Humans and not many Pokemon could Match), Savant (Mental Enhancement, Granting Perfect Memory, Calculator-Like Mental math, and improved Spatial Awareness. Also grants Aim with a firearm better than Annie Oakley and Simo Hayha Combined.)

Gear & Loot: Adaptive Datacrystal with all the files from my home PC, Adventuring Outfits for mostly tropical and desert regions, also caves and aquatic terrain, Pokethemed Bag of Holding full of Poketrainer gear, Pokegear, Pokedex, 20 foot Cabin Cruiser, 2 speed Pokebike, Thrust Pack (Titanfall Style, Grants Super Long Wallrun & Double Jump), Pokelaptop, HM collection (Dunno if they work on anything not a Pokemon… will have to find out.), Combat Baton, Light Body Armor. Alakazite, Metagrossite, Galladite, Gyaradosite, Salamencite,


5 thoughts on “World 1: Pokemon Trainer

  1. I am really glad to find this jump chain here. I have only been able to find a few, and most of those were on Spacebattles. I love this genre, and seeing all of this story here makes me smile to read. I have to say that I really like the character picture, as well as all the nicknames for your Pokemon, as well.


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